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We know Dolphins needs, not their priorities

The Dolphins will not say what their draft needs are. Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland won't say they have holes at OLB and CB and WR that demand 2009 draft attention.

“We have needs at a lot of different positions," Ireland said cryptically. "To give you what those exact needs are goes into strategy which we are not going to talk about. Our greatest needs are players that fit our system. Our greatest needs are players that think the way we think; that want to be here and have high passion and high character. Those are the greatest needs that we have on the team.”

I find it interesting the Dolphins won't give you even a hint of what they think their needs are although everyone knows they need a starting CB because Will Allen cannot start at both LCB and RCB. They need a starting OLB that can improve the overall pass rush because Joey Porter cannot do it by himself. And they need a wide receiver that actually scares the defense because no one on Miami's receiver corps does that.

The Dolphins also need help at other positions like nose tackle and ILB, but those needs are not as dire and can be addressed in later rounds.

So even if Ireland and Sparano won't say what the Dolphins need, we pretty much know. But where they show brilliance in keeping internal information, well, internal is in refusing to to give even a hint what their priority is. We know what they need, even if they refuse to confirm it. But we don't know in what order they think they need those things.

Miami's priorities, rather than its needs, are the big secret.

In other words, no one outside the Dolphins knows if the team sees CB as a bigger need than WR. Or maybe OLB is a bigger need than the other two. I love that the Dolphins are able -- so far -- to keep this under wraps because that helps their cause in playing draft day poker against other teams.

But our purpose here is to break it down a little to get a better idea which of the three areas of need is the area of greatest need. So here goes ...

The case for OLB: The Dolphins had 40 sacks last season but 17.5 of those came from Porter. The team will not allow itself to rely on one player for 43 percent of its sacks. Yes, Cameron Wake was signed to address that problem and that might alleviate the level of need, but what has Wake proven? Is his presence enough to let the Dolphins go elsewhere with their top pick? Remember that a great pass rush is at the core of what Bill Parcells believes makes a great team. Remember that a great pass rush helps erase flaws in the secondary. And there are mathematical studies done by folks with, like, analytical minds, that state a sack is worth 3 1/2 points in an NFL game. Yes, the study shows a sack is more valuable than a field goal. So the case for finding a young, outstanding, pass-rushing OLB is strong.

The case for a WR: When Ireland was asked to name his No. 1 receiver last week he stumbled. "It is Teddy (Ted Ginn, Jr), it’s (Greg) Camarillo," he said. "Those are the receivers that are number one and number two, or number two and number one right now. We obviously need to upgrade a lot of positions and receiver is a position that we need some depth at for sure.” For sure. The Dolphins do not need a deep threat in the traditional sense. Ginn is capable of becoming that player that catches passes over the top of the defense. But Miami lacks a player that can turn a 7-yard slant into a 56-yard TD. Miami lacks a guy that can make the first defender miss, breaks the next guy's tackle, and is gone to the house. Miami lacks a guy that brings the YAC (Yards After Catch). Such an addition would open up the running game. Such an addition would slow a defense's desire to blitz. Such an addition would make any QB look a whole lot better.

The case for CB: Sparano has said he doesn't know that there are any lockdown corners anymore. The fact is the NFL game is made for offense and, except for the rescindment of the force-out rule, the fathers of the game are always trying to help open up the passing game. That does not change the fact Miami's best candidate for starting opposite Will Allen is Eric Green, who Sparano says, "has something to prove." Yeah, he's got to prove he can be a starter. Regardless of whether that happens or not, the Dolphins have three corners scheduled to become unrestricted free agents after 2009 assuming a collective bargaining agreement is reached. And even if it is not, Allen is scheduled to be unrestricted. So this position requires attention in this draft -- and perhapswith the selection of multiple players. Jimmy Johnson used to say you draft four positions in the first round. He wanted left tackles, pass-rushers, quarterbacks and cornerbacks. (Wish he had remembered his own rule relative to the Yatil Green selection). But the point is cornerback is a championship position. And the Dolphins are lacking there.

So there you have it. That's the case for each need. Which one is the Dolphins' priority?

You tell me. I'll give you my opinion tomorrow.


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A) Regarding taking a Cb's in the first round would be a mistake to fill most glaring need. First your quote of Sparano is right there are no cover Cb's left anymore but what he is saying is that there is no first round CB talent (you can make a case for Malcom Jenkins as first round talent)maybe but, he wont last that long...so you go after the best available player. Picking OLB would fill the pass rush need and because the dolphins are going to have to replace Porter this would solve two birds with one stone so to speak. Then a cb in round 2 would be good like Sean Smith
B) Dont forget Cam Cameron chose Beck with our second pick 2 years ago and he is coaching the Baltimore offense. Beck may not have alot of trade value but teams that have QB issues would be interested.
C) JT lovers need to get over him!
No really need to let this go, I don't see him coming back but if he does so be it.
D)Of course Dolphins wideouts are not on par with the other wideouts in our division but not many teams are! More reason for the Dolphins to draft a player who can put the QB on his ass in a hurry. Do not say that is why we need a CB first we just whent over the talent level of CB's in the first round, R None.
There is lots of value for good recievers in the 2-5 round. Robiskie, Barden, and Turner form USC are some wide outs who will be available later after round two.

Heres a diamond in the ruff seventh rounder:
Vaugh Martin NT: NFL.com
We have all heard of the small school prospect. Perhaps a player like Marques Colston will emerge from a school like Hofstra, or Steve Smith and Chad Johnson both emerge from the same junior college.

The NFL, however, has never seen anything quite like 22-year old Vaughn Martin. An intriguing article on NFL.com prompted me to take a look at this "mystery" prospect.

Martin is a red-shirt sophomore out of Western Ontario University, a school not known for producing many NFL studs. In fact, Martin would become the one and only Western Ontario player to grace an NFL field in 2009.

So why bring this kid up? He's just another NFL hopeful right? Wrong.

At a recent pro day held just across the border between the United States and Canada, Martin wowed scouts with his athletic ability. He measures at 6'4" 327 pounds, and ran the 40-yard dash in 5.04 seconds. He also threw up 225 pounds on the bench press 32 times.

Even though he passed up a chance to play defensive tackle for the Michigan State Spartans coming out of high school, he still plans on playing professionally nowhere but here in the United States, even forgoing three years of college eligibility to do so.

“I’m raw, but I am extremely athletic,” Martin told NFL.com. “I am bigger than most of the guys already playing those positions and I’m tough. With me, you get a blank canvas to mold into whatever you want to mold me into.”

Martin's passing on three years of eligibility doesn't affect him with Western Ontario, and even if he goes undrafted, he can still return there and play football again. However, he has no intentions of pursuing that option.

It will be interesting, at the very least, to see what happens to this "diamond in the rough" come draft day.

I figure we can take a player based on need or best player available based on upgrade. We NEED a CB WR and OLB, we can upgrade ILB TE and NT (albeit for the future), and we could use depth at O-line S and CB. I could see us using the first pick on a best player available... if that player so happens to fit CB WR OLB ILB TE and/or NT. I dont see us drafting a QB RB S or OT regardless of who is on the board.

How about a curve ball ? I recently read the Dolphins will have twelve unrestricted free agents next year. So the Trifecta wanted to end up with twelve picks this year. Are there realy any CB, WR, or OLB worth the No.25 pick?Not realy. Could the Dolphins try to replace players they won't keep next year this year?Exit Ronnie Brown hello Knowshon Moreno at No.25 ? Good-bye David Martin hello Cornelius Ingram at No.56. You could take a OLB at No.44, a CB in Rd 3, and take WR (Brandon Tate) in Rd 4.

I realize that to everyone else it makes total sense to bring JT back and fill the "need" AND "priority" of a pass rush guy. So why the hell is this not happening? What draft pick could possibly be better than JT, especially when we have other needs and priorities who we've already established are equally important?! It makes no sense to me.

The only CB that I would take in the first round is Sean Smith and he very well may still be around when the Dolphins pick #44. So if they go after a player like Ayers who is a monster getting after QB's and plays well against the run or even Clay Mathews we should try to get Smith next.
Smith Bio:
Smith arrived at Utah in 2005, Kyle Whittingham's first year as the Utes' head coach, though he did redshirt. When he finally began playing in 2006, he actually played receiver for the first 11 games and was moved to cornerback for the final two a last-second loss to BYU and a victory over Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl. In 2007, he started in ten games for the Utes, nine at cornerback. He had four interceptions, which was the best for a single player in the Mountain West that year and tied the Utah single-game record with four pass breakups against the New Mexico Lobos toward the end of the 2007 season.

However, 2008 was definitely his year. Smith started in all but one game for the Utes, finishing First-Team All-Mountain West defensive back. His five interceptions on the season were the most on the team and tied for first in the conference. Smith's best performance, though, may have come in the Sugar Bowl, where he had six tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and a huge pass breakup in Utah's stunning 31-17 victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide.
Drafting Mathews or Ayers and Sean Smith with our first two picks would make us a potentially great team in the coming years.
I like what I see and I trust the Trifecta. I will enjoy this draft very much and more soo than last year.

I LOVE reading what you guys are talking about, keep it coming,i learn a lot really.

I see your point about JT, but hear is the thing:
JT may play for one or two more years then the Dolphins will have to replace him. If they can pick a pass rushing OLB now when we the Dolphins are still in the rebuilding mode then they should.
If Taylor signs with Dolphins and gets hurt then what?
Taylor was taken in the third round by Jimmie Johnson do you think that other teams thought there were better DE in the draft? Meaning you don't really know how a player turns out when you draft them, you only speculate based on the numbers on the field, potenial and the combine.

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All good points, except taking a wideout in the late first round is every bit as much of a crap shoot as taking a CB in round one. In fact, it is a well known fact that very few receivers are polished enough to come in an make an immediate impact at this level. Ultimately, if what you say is true about JT, and I tend to agree that the Dolphins are lukewarm at best with him, I would like to see an impact OLB in round one, a CB and WR with 2a and 2b and another one of all three positions later on. Of course, I still think JT can make an impact as an outside pass rusher, which would alleviate the need to press in the draft. That's why I hope BP is not done filling in the gaps in FA with a corner and a player like JT, who I think can still play at a high level if healthy.

Depending solely on the draft is short-sighted IMO.

And, oh by the way, if you want to alleviate the immediate pressure of hitting the jackpot on a Wideout in the draft, why the heck aren't we looking at a guy like Tory Holt? There isn't a single wideout on our current roster with more talent than him.

I never mentioned the need to take a WR in the first round for the Dolphins. There is better value in rounds 2-5 for a WR.
Taking a wide out in first round is risky. I love Hakeem Nicks and hope the Dolphins might take him but won't its just not the Parcells way and I understand that because Defense wins championships and I believe that. So taking someone to pressure the QB with our first pick makes sense because you still have to replace Porter and if the Dolphins sign JT you still have to replace him. So why rely on him (JT)when you can solve that two headed problem NOW.

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What news can you tell me today about the Miami Dolphins, my favorite team, and the reigning champions of the AFC East?

We need to rush the passer!.... DT/WR/OLB.... then CB.
Dolphins should look at WR/KR Roscoe Parish for a low, low draft pick, Bills are looking at the possibility of trading him.....


I guess Miami is picking Gort as a Defensive Lineman and Predator as a cornerback. You know Predator from Alien vs. Predator. Hey Carlito, I'm Benny Blanco from da Bronx. I always wanted to say that.

Armando, any chance the Dolphins will update their uniforms to the 21st Century?..... We need to upgrade Phins are still in the 70's.... which was the last time we won a Super Bowl..... coincidence? lol

Oh gort and predator, I haven't heard that news yet. I thought we were trading Ricky Williams to Jamaica for Usain Bolt (wr), singing Dwayne Wade at Cb and Emilio Bonifacio for kick returner

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Only the brains of the team know the priority. We all think we know but too many factors are undetermined to know what will be there when 25 comes around. For all we know they could trade back because they don't like to pay first round money. They also don't like to draft WR or CB in the first.

Maybe they throw us all off and try to trade up but I really doubt it.

They will stick with the blueprint of inside-out and I really believe if they go at number 25 it'll be a Defensive player. LB most likely with DT the 3rd pick in Rd 2. Sorry to disappoint but CB/WR is being used to throw us all off. Last year the majority wanted someone other than Jake Long.

Just because we view it as we are set at a position doesn't mean they won't take an upgrade at a position we feel is good to go. It would be a shock to some to see them draft someone to replace Roth or Ayodele in the first. Two guys and 5.0 sacks between em last year. Fact is if the Phins get rushers and they are always in the grill of the QB then we won't need that big time player to cover the opposing WR it'll just need to be a functional CB which we have. Just my feeling and thoughts. It can't get here soon enough!! GO PHINS!!

1st round: Peria Jerry (he can play both DE and NT on 3rd down...... he will be the best pass rusher of the down three lineman).

Skins 2nd rounder: Connor Barwin OLB

Phins 2nd rounder: Hopefully a reliable CB

everyone is sold that beck is a trade, and not even a third stringer, or what? also why do most feel so confident about henne? mich. was far from great with him, they were not a complete team, but for so many people to think already that he is a soon to be starter, not to mention our #2 qb i say he is a question as well. i guess i just wish you could see more of them.

It's all a smokescreen for Brandon Pettigrew.

"But Miami lacks a player that can turn a 7-yard slant into a 56-yard TD. Miami lacks a guy that can make the first defender miss, breaks the next guy's tackle, and is gone to the house. Miami lacks a guy that brings the YAC"

The only three players that will go in the first round who have this abilty, and have proved it are:

Crabtree, Maclin and PERCY HARVIN.

IF the Dolphins are determined to draft a WR in the first round, their best bet is to trade up infront of Minnesota and draft Percy Harvin.
The rest of the receivers in the first round (aside from MAYBE Heyward-bay, who still isnt proven) DON'T HAVE THAT ABILITY that Armando is talking about.

I think the Dolphins should otherwise go with WR Robiskie in the 2ND Round.

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You forgot to mention JJ's pick of Jon Avery in round numero uno

i long for the days of john avery being picked #1.

>I find it interesting the Dolphins won't give you even a hint of what they think their needs are although everyone knows they need a starting CB because Will Allen cannot start at both LCB and RCB.

Really? Interesting, that they wont discuss their war strategy with the press????????

The Dolphins are in need of a lot of positions. I dont see why you would go after a receiver this year because the quarterback cannot throw that far down the field. This being Chad's last year, so they say, I think you still need a quarterback this year, in order to make things happen!!

Best player to don a Dolphin jerzey? Please. You have lost all your rights to this discussion until you go reprimand yo self.

Seriously - Jason WAS a great pass rusher, Jason was always a liability against the run in any big game I've ever seen. He can get around a block but struggles bigtime shedding them once a lineman locks on.

Age factor big problem. Not enough effort (getting the work in) required to be a member of this regime.

My prediction. Watch for trades a few days before the draft to screw with everyone's priority lists. Yeah

In regards to stategy, the ones with the big mouths are usually wondering why they keep getting wupped.

We'll see how good the coaches are this year...


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