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What's right, wrong with draft predictions

Everbody's got an opinion about the NFL Draft, although for the Dolphins, the only opinion that truly matters is that of football lord Bill Parcells.

But since Parcells isn't sharing his opinion and some others are, I figured I'd share with you what people are thinking the Dolphins are thinking. And then I figured I'd share with you what is right and wrong about their opinion since I know more about the Dolphins than they do anyway.

The opinions today come from Mel Kiper of ESPN, Todd McShay of ESPN, Pat Kirwin of NFL.com, Don Banks of Sports Illustrated, Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com and Clark Judge of CBSSports.com.

So what players are they predicting will come to the Dolphins in the first round with the 25th overall selection?

Kiper says Malcolm Jenkins. What is right about this prediction: As I write in my column in the Miami Herald today, Jenkins could drop as far as Miami because there are serious concerns about his speed, which is not only the kiss of death for a cornerback, but the kiss, hug, date, marriage proposal and wedding of death for a cornerback. What is wrong about this prediction: Jenkins is too good despite his slow 40-yard times to last this long. He may run slow, but he doesn't play slow. Look for New Orleans (14) or Atlanta (24) or San Diego (16) to snatch him up before Miami. 

McShay says Vontae Davis. What is right about this prediction: Well, the Dolphins do certainly need a starting-caliber cornerback and Davis seems to fit that bill if you study his size, speed, and potential. He also could be available at No. 25. What is wrong about this prediction: If one studies Davis' production and demeanor, he doesn't seem to be a fit for the Dolphins. He was benched last season for not living up to his potential. He has a reputation for not getting along well with coaches. I'm not sure, but I don't think an underachieving problem child is high on the Dolphins list of critical factors they seek in a cornerback. 

Kirwin says Hakeem Nicks. What is right about this prediction: The Dolphins desperately need a wide receiver that can break tackles after catching the ball, turning a seven-yard catch into a 57-yard TD. Nicks can do that and I predict he will do that in the NFL. What is wrong about the prediction: He mysteriously gained some weight right after the combine -- 14 pounds by some accounts -- which is a red flag for Miami despite the fact he soon lost it. What was it, bloating? He's also a wide receiver, which Parcells has historically translated as "a player never to be selected in the first round of the draft." We'll see.

Banks says Kenny Britt. What is right about this prediction: The kid played in New Jersey and so Parcells loves him already because he's a homeboy. He's tall, he's athletic and he will probably be available. What is wrong about this prediction: He's a receiver, and at every critical factor -- vertical speed, ball skills, separation, hands, etc ... -- he's pretty average which suggests he's not really a first-rounder.

Gosselin says Clay Matthews. What is right about this prediction: Well, he plays defense. He has the genetics working as his dad was an NFL player. He's tough and won't accept failure as he walked on to USC, made his mark playing special teams and then blossomed. What is wrong about this prediction: He's only done it one year and the name will get you in the door, but not keep you in the room.

Prisco says Larry English. What is right about this prediction: Parcells loves to unearth little-known players on draft day and turn them into stars. Think DeMarcus Ware. The Dolphins also want pass-rush help. What is wrong about this prediction: This kid is extremely raw and his level of competition at Northern Illinois is questionable.

Judge says Davis. What is right about this prediction: See above. What is wrong about this prediction: See above.

By the way, Salguero says Rey Maualuga. What is right about this prediction: Already a great down hill linebacker who has excellent blitz skills from an inside LB spot. What is wrong about this prediction: He might not be there when Miami picks.

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nj wasent starks used at nt when soli and fergie were injured?

well suspended and injured.

sean smith

Joey Deville,

You're right, but Randy Starks got pushed around and ran all over when he played T

You couln't go wrong with Kenny Britt he has all the tools as well as Nicks

Statistics No Yds Avg TD
2008 87 1,371 15.8 7
2007 62 1,232 19.9 8
2006 29 440 15.2 2
Career 178 3,043 17.1 17

Statistics No Yds Avg TD
2008 68 1,222 18.0 12
2007 74 958 12.9 5
2006 39 660 16.9 4
Career 181 2,840 15.7 21

thats right against the ravens i belive.

starks played nt the 2nd half of the baltimore game only and do you know how that turned out ? baltimore ran for over 120 yds in the 2nd half only. fergir came back the next week and soilai was suspended for that balt game not injured. starks will be competing with merling for the starting de position left by holliday. He's definitly not a nt. Miami needs to draft one because if fergie get hurt miami is in big trouble.

nj whats up with that florida state guy who was a beast in the weight room that was added to the practice squad last year?

I do think Britt will make it in the NFL, I just don't think he is as polished as Nicks is right now. I think Nicks could start right away and I think Britt will have to work on a few things.


Mick Mayock was left out why?
He's probably the best draft prognosticator in the biz.

If Rey Maualuga is there I say the Dolphins snatch him up, but thats doubtful he will still be there.

The pick will be Robert Ayers out of Tennessee the next great LB pick by Parcells.

If neither Ayers or Maualuga are there I beleive they go wide out and I know Parcells loves Kenny Britt also, Nicks would be good choice here too.

Sean Smith is going to be a good one: He's a convereted wide who's played CB for the last 2 and half seasons. Has great ball skills and attacks the ball at the point of attack, but the the main element about the guy is that he has more upside than all the corners in the years draft. Best corner in the draft is probably going to play safety Malcom Jenkins and hes just about reached his ceiling at corner. Smith in one or two years will be thought of as the best corner from the draft.

Now everybody who is on this Anquan Boldin wagon and want to get him at all cost get out!
You don't go after a player who will cost the Dolphins draft choices, strap the teams salary cap, and may end up being hurt sooner or later because of his hamstring porblems and propensity to go over the middle and get KNOCKED out!

Terrance Taylor is very strong but to short to play for Parcells and co. He would fit the 4-3 better than the 34

Mando, what about James Laurinaitis? Would the Dolphins pick this kid up if Rey Maualuga is gone?

Joey. Joe Cohen played at florida. he's super strong , but nobody knows what's up with him including the dolphins until he plays on the field.


Did you see the numbers? Britt is ready to play pitch and catch with any team that takes him and he's had a better more consistent 2 years than Nicks.
Dont get me wrong I love Nicks but they are both ready to go and i lean to Britt because he did not gain weight over the last few months like nicks. and Britt is bigger and sheilds defenders a little better than Nicks.

hvk didint leonidas die at the end of 300?


Don't forget Fili Moala DT, he may still be there day two round three.
But the guy can play NT and is not to small weight wise because he has a frame to fill out still and he's 304lbs now and can add more muscle to his frame under the Parcells weight room program.
"This is why you lift all them weights"

mcshay writes that"massaquoi is an underated route-runner with the ability to get into and out of his breaks fluidly. also dont be surprised in two or three years is one of the two or three most productive from this class. at all accurate?

My picks for the draft :

CB : Alphonso Smith or Darius Butler
OLB : Brian Cushing or Larry English
WR : Kenny Britt or Hakeem Nicks
DT : Ron Brace or SenDerrick Marks


Fili Moala played DE with USC in 3-4 system or DT in 4-3.

My guess is they'll take 1 of the following...


Hakeem Nicks
Kenny Britt
Brian Robiskie
Darrius Heyward Bey


Larry English
Clay Matthews

I think they'll draft a CB in the 2nd at 56

NJ Phin Phan,
Sorry i didnt elaborate on what i meant by physical Specimen. Butler is graded higher because of his athletic ability, not so much on his instincts. He has a 41 in. vertical and ran a good 40 I i believe. I compare him to tye hill. He was tiny but he had a huge vertical and ran one of the best 40s of his draft. His production was lacking though. Butler i believe has been pretty productive though, but he isnt as prepared at the moment for the NFL. Im NOT anti butler or sean smith, im just more pro Dj Moore and Alonso Smith. I dont like Vontae Davis. His analysis reminds me a alot of Jimmy Williams. Tall, strong, but inconsistent and shoulda stayed his senior season.

Hackeem Nicks over Kenny Britt. Kenny Britt over Darrius Heyward Bey. I dont even want a WR in the first round unless its hackeem nicks or Kenny britt. Draft Larry English over Clay mathews if Hackeem is gone. Cushing will likely be gone along with Ray Maulauga.

Lets go Dolphins for:

LB - Matthews / Laurinaitis /Barwin
CB - Sean Smith / Alphonso Smith
WR - Barden / Iglesias
DT - Sammie Lee Hill / Terrance Taylor

Others: Pat White / Frantz Joseph / Victor Harris

1.Larry English OLB
2a.Clint Sintim OLB
2b.Sean Smith CB
3.Ramses "The Pharoah" Barden WR
4.Mike Mickens CB

guys the cardinals have lowered offerings for boldin and miami aint in the mix what the f$%^


English AND Sintim??

and the jets are in the mix

cards just want a 2nd rnd pick pull the fu^%&* trigger tuna ill suk yo di^%

forget britt or nicks for a minute the possibilty for them to produce immidiatly like boldin is very unlikely........

Fag-atron. It's a 2nd round and considerations. The problem is the contract that boldin is going to demand. Something like 10 mil a year.

FAGatron. What about the 10 mil a year boldin is going to demand ?

sorry nj fan its all over espn news the titans are trying to get a piece right now of boldin reduced offer to a 2nd and considerations.

arizona just lowered their price for boldin....they want a second round pick and "other compensation" is there ANY reason why miami would not do this?

I can't wait to see the Jets fans cry when they don't get Sanchez... Thats the most entertaining part of the draft, watching the Wets fans throw temper tantrums

gets going after boldin, this coming from jet's team offical that i know and that's enough to know

thats true ...... the only way would be to trade a player damnit...

1-15 or 6-10,,,,dead fish fans

Todd. See post to FAGatron at 4:10 as to why.

now u guys have to deal with boldin for 2 games this season no rest for ur db's lol....

Rand moss, Boldin, T.O THREE MONASTERS to play against the dead fish this coming season.meanwhile the dead fish is holding on the joke Ted Ginn

lmao camarillo bess lmao just sad..just sad

jet in lube is the best post ion this blog.he's not a dead fish fan.

jet in love is an icon i would worship your shrine on a daily basis cause you too my freind are not a dead fish fan..

where's the korean meance ? i heared of him and i like to ask OF the secret behind the "hands of stone" phrase .GO JETS

where is the cucumber mayonaise i heard he dreams of being between the tuna's man bust.. lol J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.

Jet in lube, the dead fish were freaking lucky last year, your best guess for their lousy team next year ?
p.s...their draft will suck in no time, they think they are going to get REY OR NICKS.poor fans

3-13 and only because teams will rest starters for the playoffs and im being genorous love. lol

even spielman knows that nicks and uncle ray ray wont be there at 25 lol miami must be on pcp.

Yeeeeeeeesssss it's Jet in love.

jet in lube , you write with such smart not to be found on this blog of menace, catlo, nj fish dead fan from our beloved NJ ,bungto,and d4life my beef,we should show them the way.

my god , my best person on this blog, mr buglito himself is here,you honor all of us jet fans to be in your company sir

love we will be there guiding light into reality. AND THEY WILL KNOW OUR NAME IS THE JETS AS OUR VENGENSE WILL BE BROUGHT UPON THEM.


MR. bungalito its an honor to be in your prescense sir.

i was reading what the fish fans were talking all day about and it's a comic relive .in fact thay are talking like all the good fraft players will be sitting on dinner table for fish to pick from them at lousy nuber 25

There will dinner scraps at there dinner table leftovers at the least.

this is MADNESS

Jet in love/lube. Same here.

what mr bunglto thinks ? plase honor us and speak loud if you are a fish fan or jet fan ?we respect you any way.

Mr bung there is no way i could dishonor u in such a way why why that would be treason...

mr bung will u grace us with your honorable prescense and enlighten us with your knoledge.
I beg of thee

ESPN says boldin now available for a 2nd rounder!!

Parcels do your magic and bring him home!!

Maualuga and boldin?? that be really nice!!

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