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Would any team yield a high pick for Brown?

While several online reports, including this one at the National Football Post, have backed into saying that possibly, could-be, maybe, we hear through unconfirmed anlow-level sources, that Ronnie Brown is trade bait, no one has outright confirmed he is on the trading block.

I am not able to confirm that at this time, either.

I would not doubt that he is available if any team is eager to give up a low first- or second-round pick in this Saturday's draft (yeah, it's that close). But let's attack this from a different perspective, let's work the issue this way:

The Dolphins would require, at minimum, a mid second-round draft pick for Brown. To trade him for less is a risk given the team is expected to pick a running back in the coming draft anyway and trading Brown would raise the stakes to the point the Dolphins would have to pick a running back early in the draft, probably using that pick on a RB.

Having said that, I have serious doubts any team will give up a second-round pick for Brown.

Although he earned his first Pro Bowl selection this year and stayed injury-free for the first time in his career, Brown remains a good but not great player. He is signed for only two more seasons, according the NFL Players Association, and he would not come cheaply as he would probably have to be signed to a contract extension because no team (outside the Redskins) give up a second-round pick for a player they are only renting temporarily.

Finally, any team needing running back help -- such as Arizona, Buffalo, New Orleans, Houston, and Denver -- would rather draft a running back before trading for a running back who has gained 1,000 yards in a season only once, that in 2006 when he gained 1,008 yards. 

The top running backs in the coming draft include Georgia's Knowshon Moreno, Ohio State's Chris Wells, and Connecticut's Donald Brown.

The only caveat I see to this scenario is if the Dolphins trade Brown for another veteran player. Would they trade him for Anquan Boldin? Would they trade him for any of the number of veteran players currently on the trading block?

Depends on the player, with Boldin being the most intriguing.

But draft picks? They become more valuable, not less valuable as the draft approaches. And that makes trading them away a difficult thing for some teams to do.


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I would be seriously pissed off if the Dolphins traded Ronnie Brown...

would u package him and beck for boldin and 3rd rnd pick things that make u go hmmmmmm.

i love ronnie brown but he has had a major injury and a 1008 rushing season? And with ricky and cobbs and perhaps a draft pick i mean it would a major blow to the offense but it would pressure the miami offense less with boldin out there.

I think Ronnie Brown is going to have his best season this year. Remember, last year he didn't even have a full offseason or preseason, because he was coming off of that injury. He was supposed to be a question mark for the beginning of the year, but he ended up playing in every game and having a great year. And this is while sharing time with Williams and working behind a patchwork offensive line.

Its not like Brown is injury prone, he just had that big one in 07. He is going to be coming off a full offseason and will be behind a healthy, rebuilt offensive line this year...

i hear u beats i would not trade him for draft pics but for a proven probowl player like boldin and perhaps a draft pick? Or even brown for boldin str8 up what do u think? i mean boldin is tough as nails didint he have his jaw like wired and miss what 3-4 games and came back he is the perfect reciver for pennington other then bolding i wouldnt trade ronnie brown for 1 draft pick cause they would use it to replace a proven back.

i meant bolden not bolding lol sorry.

Keep Brown. He will have his best season, the breakthrough year that the injury kept him from in 2007, in his second year post-ACL surgery. He had a very good year considering he was in his first year back from that same surgery; check out how Edgerrin James did under those same circumstances in 2002, for example. Then look at James from 2003 to 2005.
IMO Brown's stock will go up, not down, this coming season. Trading him now would be buying high and selling low.

i just want to see boldin in a dolphins uniform but i do understand that might be very hard to happen. Either way i was thinking of the new cb green i mean this kid went up against boldin and fitz in practice im sure he will be ready for anything even though he was put as reserve halfway through the season. Im feeling good about our chances Miami plays in the east imo they play 8 tough games every year and miami will be put to the test this year if miami can get in the playoffs they can take on anybody.

We should just trade our 1st and 4th for Boldin, draft 2 DBs and a NT Saturday, and sign JT.... Ronnie Brown is too good to dump for a 2nd round pick.... I don't see why we can't trade the 1st rounder this year to complete the offense with Boldin and wait till next year for tuna to try to find the next LT.... We're going to be torched if we don't get a starting CB out of the draft.

I see what your saying from the business side. They can get younger and cheaper at RB. However, ya don't trade your best offensive player who is entering his prime for a 2nd rounder.

That seems like making a deal only to save money and not making the team better. The RB's in the draft aren't on his level and don't have the potential to be.

There may be trades to be made but not Ronnie Brown. I also, don't believe it is a given Miami takes a RB this year. Brown, Williams, Cobb, Hillard. No room. Maybe Ricky Williams gets moved?

Ronnie Brown for Boldin. Fills both teams needs.


Ronnie Brown is entering the proverbial zone part of his career. When an athlete is at his best playing years I like to call it the "sweet spot" when game in game out that player is at their best for a given time. Like Tiger Woods winning the every other PGA tourny. Or Dan Marino's pro career. Yes, Brown is not great but, in this league, on this team, he only need be good to help the Dolphins contend for a championship.

Brown has yet to play his best football. Now with a stronger line and possibly more offensive weapons, things can and will open up. Remember back to when the "wildcat" was unvailed, Brown had a monster game while sharing the load with Ricky Williams and co. One of the main reasons Brown has only onced rushed for over a 1k yards in a season is because he always shared the carries with other players mainly Williams and Patrick Cobbs this past year. Also, missed about half the season in 2007.
That 2007 season Brown, was statistically having that great season that catapults a players career from good to great. He was for most of seven games in the zone. Leading the league in yards from scrimage. To trade him now would be like cashing your chips early, when the pot is about to bust wide open and you have the winning hand. You damn well better be sure that you play it out.

If you do trade Brown the Dolphins better be staring at something on that table that is sooo frkn good that it makes the hair on your skin stand.
Who knows Brown may still be a great running back yet. This would be the year for Brown to prove it.

Boldin for Brown would work, but no way the Cards pull the trigger!! Brown will b 2 yrs rehabbed from his injury and he will K.A. This year!!

Trading for a mid second!!!!!!! Wasn't he 2nd pick overall?? I know previous regimes sucked an egg - except spielman - who traded a 2nd rd pick for the Eagles 5th qb in practice squad, but c'mon man!! This isn't Satele or Beck were talking about!!

as much as i would hate to see brown go, i would consider brown for boldin, i mean we'll probably pick up a RB anyways and we got ricky and cobbs so i would think long and hard about it

I thought it was interesting that the Trifecta used two picks last year on running backs. With Ronnie, Ricky, and Cobbs there, it wasn't even close to a position of need on team that had a ton of needs; yet they spent two picks on RBs. It kind of makes you think didn't see Ronnie in their long term plans. Ronnie such a likable guy and he's a beast when he's on his game. I'd hate to see him go.

No way in the world do you give him up for a 2nd round pick. That's what we got for Welker and now that trade has turned into a 6th round pick with Setele being traded. It's too easy to miss in the 2nd round to give up a talent like Ronnie.

Ronnie for Boldin is as Armando said "intriguing". Arizona is contemplating drafting a RB with their 1st round pick. Miami has to be contemplating drafting a receiver for their 1st round pick. Swapping those players sure would fill big holes on both teams. Remember the last receiver the Dolphins got from Arizona.....David Boston?

lets put aside the brown for draft pics talk we all know thats unlikely i hope. Lets talk brown for boldin probowl player for probowl player what do u guys think?

Getting anything less than a 1st rounder for Brown would be another patented miami dolphin donation to the rest of the nfl

Are you absolutely bonkers to even suggest or think about trading Ronnie Brown, he is my favourite player!!

The season he got injured he was having a monster year and just imagine if he did not get injured that year he would have big numbers rushing and receiving. He came back last season and was good, but watch out he is going to have a monster year in 2009.
I would be absolutely annoyed if they got rid of Ronnie.
Go Brown and the Fins Gang!!!

I for one think that if they can get a high draft pick and it will make the team better, trade. No doubt.
It has been said that he was having a monster year the year of his injury. We were still 0-8 when he went down. I realize that it wasn't his fault. Opponents were playing it loose on the running game because they were kicking the crap out of us with their passing game. So they sat back and waited for cammoron to run the ball, run time of the clock and tackled Ronnie. Big deal if he picked up 8 yards. We couldn't get the other 2 and if we did score they would score twice. So thos stats are skewed.
Besides a couple of real good games, he really didn't impress all that much last year.
We need a gamebreaker at this position. Remember when Ricky would break a game open. That kind of player.

Three facts for finding trade partners for Brown:

A) Ronnie is on the final year of his rookie contract. Only an insane NFL GM will be throwing away high picks for a one year solution.

B) There are doubts on him, as he makes tons of outshining plays, but only has one 1000+ yards on his resume. That makes him a franchise hero, and somehow increase his local value, but it isn't what the rest of the league fells on him. He's seen as product of a system, not the classic tailback.

C) Ronnie needs to prove he can avoid injuries. With repaired knee, broken hand and having issues on ankle mark him as injury-prone and nobody likes that stuff.

I would trade Ronnie for a 1st and a 4th...He is worth it. If Jason taylor is worth a 2nd and the Detroit Lions got a 1st for Roy Williams from the Cowboys, then yeah, Ronnie is worth a 1st and 4th easily...

The tuna should not dance with Jason Taylor again. He picked up Cameron Wake and that is the other half of the sack attack. JT would just hold them back.

Keep Ricky and trage Ronnie? Have you followed the Phins at all?!? I can't believe some of you guys are suggesting this. Ronnie is the heart and soul of the Wildcat and until we get a real offensive line in place we'll be using it (and him) regularly. Who are you going to draft that can do all the running and trickery of the 'cat right out of the gate? No way. You need two guys and Rickey is a top backup at this point.

As a few posters have already said, I think Brown is set for a breakout season this year. ACL injuries still take two years to fully come back from. During your first year back, you're healthy enough to play, however, you lack the explosion.

Lets not forget that in 06 or 07 this guy was going to be a 2,000-yd back. He was running over and passed defensive players. If he returns to that form this year, he could end up being the player that makes us forget about adding a WR to this team.

In addition, he's the perfect weapon for Pennington-a qb that doesn't throw the deep ball well-because he can take those dump off passes and turn them into big gains. I don't think you trade that potential away. Especially, when he showed it consistently that year, before he was injured.

Anybody that would trade Ronnie Brown, I'd call a d... err.. a Rick Spielman.

This is the dumbest rumor I've heard in a long time. NFP...who are they anyway?

I don't see the Dolphins getting what they want for Ronnie, they should look to trade Ginn and Beck first. Ronnie will have another two productive years at least, so hold onto him this year, then draft a RB next year to replace him if he doesn't re-sign the following year. This year in the draft we need to continue to build up the line, and add a WR. If we further improve the line, add a WR than can stretch the defense, then the running game should be easier for Ronnie and should have an even better year and make him more attractive for a trade next offseason. Trade Ginn and get what you can for him, maybe a high third?

According to "several online reports"? Never mind - this story has no legs. Way to go Armando ... in fact the one site you did cite (pun intended), the National Football Post, looks like worse than Yahoo sports. On the front page mixed in with draft rumours is a review of Peter Drucker management books that I had to read in biz school and a story on the fat lady on Britain's got talent. You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel Geraldo,err I mean Armando. I know its only a blog, but get a clue or get a scoop. Jeez you paper is a fishwrap and this scap is even worse. You stink.

i honestly think cobbs is more versitile then ronnie .. ronnie is more of a powerback imo and ricky is mix of both. Now imo i would only trade ronnie for boldin i would not trade ronnie for draft picks cause there gonna be used to replace him anyway i belive we manage with what we have.

i wonder how the cowboy fans felt when jimmy traded hersh walker what did the vikings give like 10 picks for him. Now an awsome scenerio would be ronnie and beck to arizona for boldin and a 3rd round pick and miami would use the 3rd for pat white isint he like a wildcat guy or something like that. IMO

Interesting link on Brown's contract status. I thought for sure he was unsigned for 2010. Guess not.

that guy , did you like this lady on Britain's got talent? ? did you notice she's missing some of her teeth or am i wrong? brown will not be traded ,they can't afford to mess with the team further.

great voice though

great voice but limited to certain kind of music not hip hop.
seems right now that fins will not be able to get nicks at 25 and that could be the one reason they need to get Boldin at high price.

dinner under 15 wtf just go molest the $1 menu and save the time of cooking. The key is Greatly improve defensive pressure everything else is secondary.

i could see her doing some r@b singing for usher or something. Why would people be against boldin for 25th pick str8 up.

joy, can't you keep clean please , we still early in the day.

im sorry mike yo comprendo. here is a vid from the verizon guy norm chow and jaws telling us phins fans how its gonna.


At 25 fins will not be able to get any body of note.fins fans were dreaming for months and now is the time to get real,the most funny dream they had is getting Crabtree at 25 when he's going for sure by the 6th pick and Nicks will not be there at 25 if this happened.

thank you joy for the info,I comprendo every thing

settle for what britt cause thats all that will be left at 25?

brown for boldin will be one of the dummest moves anyone would make. Mando you really don't have anything to write about do you

Trading Brown right now would be a mistake. He's primed for big things considering the way he's coming back from injury and the way the Dolphins have worked to improve their O-Line.

after a deep thinking,
1-if brown gets injured again,how long before he comes back
2-without very good WR in the fins mix ,dolphins will go no where jose
3-when brown was out last season ,the team did Nice.
4-no way on earth nicks or hicks what ever his name will not be at 25

You have to be kidding me that this team would trade Ronnie Brown. Brown has made the pro bowl. He is the center piece of the wildcat offense which was largely responsible for a signficant turn in the team's fortunes last year. This would deplete one of the strongest positions on the team and it would place a large burden on a RB who is one positive drug test away from a life time ban. I think this is either a smoke screen by the front office as the draft approaches or just some beat writers who have nothing else to talk about and just want to generate some buzz. It makes no sense and I would be extremely surprised if this happens.

i belive if u build up the o-line well enough you can pull a denver bronocs and put armando to run a 1000 yard season.

I honestly believe that Miami has everyone on the team except for a few young quality players available for any team to trade for as long as we get good value. I would not be surpriced to see Ronny Brown, Joey Porter, Will Allen, Ricky Williams or perhaps even Chad P. (not until training camp gets going and if Henne is close or winning as other teams will need a veteran QB) traded if the right offer comes along as we try to get younger.

Armando, this is Crazy Talk. He is the key to the wildcat and I love to see him run over DB's. Is he the best in the league, not yet, but we can't get a replacement as good as he is for a 2nd round draft pick. He is the ONE player on this team I would not trade.

Ken, what center piece, we aren't decorating a dining room table.

whats the key to wildcat hand off and run up the middle i dont belive he pass all that well i love ronnie just as much as everybody here. But for boldin i mean come on...

Brown is a top 5 back, im sick of people saying he's good not great. He was leading the league in yards from scrimmage when he went down. i would be very dissapointed if they trade ronnie, i agree that this will be his best year, ronnie brown is a very very underrated player in the NFL.

If they're thinking about it, then unthink about it. He's one of the best we have on the team. He only got less yards this season because he was sharing the ball with Ricky. He's much too valuable to give up. I say we bait out Cobbs. He's a good player, but dispensable.

Even the Boldin name sounds stronger and faster than ronnie,plus he will look better in the new uniforms.

P.S, every fan should picture Boldin breaking runs 20-30 yards to help out this team WR of hands of stone.


just check out this vid if u want expert analyssis ..by ron jawarski aka jaws and norm chow x titan offensive coordinator and matt lienart and the verizon guy.

So why on earth would the Dolphins trade away one of their best young players for more draft picks? Ronnie may not be a superstar, but he's a solid young player. And who would be the starter if they did move Brown? Ricky Williams? Please don't tell me that we are going to place our hopes on this aging veteran who's one failed drug test from being out of the league. Let's not get crazy here. Bring in another RB if you want, there's room for another on the team, then if he pans out, Ronnie can be his backup and let Ricky go. His best days are behind him.

what are you thinking people and this includes you armando.. This would be crazy and it would be very bad for the dolphins.. he is our franchise player and our best overall player..
now when hes finally healthy 100%, he finally haves a good offensive line and a good quaterback and NOW YOU WANNA TRADE HIM?!! give me a break man!

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Fin fans should pray to god that Boldin's agent is telling all teams that Boldin only wants to play for dolphins and that will make it possible for fins to get Boldin without giving much for him in ronnie.

P.S. MAKE sure when you pray to god you don't say you are a fin fan, cause he knows all you .

Terrible topic suggesting our best offensive weapon is trade bait. Lets try writing somthing positive for a change?
Maybe on how the Dolphins can work a trade to get BOLDIN and filling up the final pieace of the offensive puzzle, which could in turn focus the draft energy to building the best young defense in the league! Lets try that..

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