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Would any team yield a high pick for Brown?

While several online reports, including this one at the National Football Post, have backed into saying that possibly, could-be, maybe, we hear through unconfirmed anlow-level sources, that Ronnie Brown is trade bait, no one has outright confirmed he is on the trading block.

I am not able to confirm that at this time, either.

I would not doubt that he is available if any team is eager to give up a low first- or second-round pick in this Saturday's draft (yeah, it's that close). But let's attack this from a different perspective, let's work the issue this way:

The Dolphins would require, at minimum, a mid second-round draft pick for Brown. To trade him for less is a risk given the team is expected to pick a running back in the coming draft anyway and trading Brown would raise the stakes to the point the Dolphins would have to pick a running back early in the draft, probably using that pick on a RB.

Having said that, I have serious doubts any team will give up a second-round pick for Brown.

Although he earned his first Pro Bowl selection this year and stayed injury-free for the first time in his career, Brown remains a good but not great player. He is signed for only two more seasons, according the NFL Players Association, and he would not come cheaply as he would probably have to be signed to a contract extension because no team (outside the Redskins) give up a second-round pick for a player they are only renting temporarily.

Finally, any team needing running back help -- such as Arizona, Buffalo, New Orleans, Houston, and Denver -- would rather draft a running back before trading for a running back who has gained 1,000 yards in a season only once, that in 2006 when he gained 1,008 yards. 

The top running backs in the coming draft include Georgia's Knowshon Moreno, Ohio State's Chris Wells, and Connecticut's Donald Brown.

The only caveat I see to this scenario is if the Dolphins trade Brown for another veteran player. Would they trade him for Anquan Boldin? Would they trade him for any of the number of veteran players currently on the trading block?

Depends on the player, with Boldin being the most intriguing.

But draft picks? They become more valuable, not less valuable as the draft approaches. And that makes trading them away a difficult thing for some teams to do.


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Ronnie for Boldin...then draft Knowshon Moreno at 25!!

Terrible topic. Suggesting our best offensive weapon is trade bait. Lets try writing something positive for a change?
Maybe on how the Dolphins can work a trade to get BOLDIN, filling up the final piece of the offensive puzzle! Which in turn would allow us to focus our draft energy on building the best young defense in the league! Lets try that..

okay how about this

we need boldin

2 draft pics for boldin
ronnie brown str8 up for boldin

or in imo beck and ronnie for boldin and a 3rd rnd pick which i would get pat white to help out on wild cat and to back up henne in the future.

if it were to go down hows it gonna be?

Trading Ronnie Brown for a 2nd round pick would be stupid. He's a lot better than that. There is nothing he can't do at the RB position. He's one of the best backs in the league. Try giving him the ball more than 15 times per game if you want to see what kind of numbers he can put up.

I think souljabeats had it right with post #1 "I would be seriously pissed off if the Dolphins traded Ronnie Brown" I don't think I could have said it better myself.

This Brown for Boldin scenario is a pipe dream that is never going to happen for the following reasons:

1. There will be no straight up trade the Cards are seeking a 1 and 3 for him. Even if the phins wanted to make the deal they would have to give away at least a #2 with Brown to get Boldin.

2. Parcells and Co. want to stockpile draft choices and not give them away which they would have to do in any scenario to land Boldin.

3. There is not a great crop of RBs in this year's draft. Moreno is the best but there is no guaranty he is there at 25. Wells can dominate at times but has injury issues and can give inconsistent effort. Donald Brown I think will be a very good back but I am not certain he is an upgrade over Ronnie Brown.

4. The team has too many needs on defense to expend the necessary draft choices or talent on the offensive side of the ball in order to land Boldin.

Boldin is a great talent and ideally I would love to see him on the phins, but there is no way this going to happen. If the phins were one player away I could see the deal happening but they are not, the cost to get him would set the team back too far.

tjh, who cares if you get pissed. did the 1-15 season pissed you off then?

Joey deville. Can you please get a clue ?

Armando, why are you wasting your time with this tripe.

well come a lil closer clue...

whats the diff between ronnie and lamar smith ronnie can hand off a reverse and run up the middle from the shotgun.. I belive he is a good player but u guys act like he is ireplaceable.

oh wait didint lamar have a couple of 1000 yard seasons too until wanny rode him to death behind a half way decent o line.

Why would the Dolphins even think about putting ronnie brown in the trading block, he is our star running back

For those who don't know; Boldin is a Florida boy from the Muck(the best football area in the state and possibly the country)! He would love nothing more than to be a Dolphin! He's not all about the money like a TO or a Moss would be, he just wants a respectible pay for being a top 5 receiver in the league which I think he is. The Dolphins need to show interest and lock this guy up as our #1 receiver, its simple to see that he's exactly what this offense needs to be complete! He's young, loyal to his team, team mates and state, there for he would be a Phin for the rest of his career.
Its a great marriage waiting to happen, I hope management realizes the importance of this and is doing all they can to make this happen! We don't have to do anything stupid like give up Ronnie Brown (our best offensive weapon) thats ridiculous; but we will have to give up a #1 and possibly a #2 either one this year and one next. Theres no one available in the draft who can come close to impacting the team NOW as much as Boldin will! He's a proven star in the league... and listen up people; He's still young! Only 28 Its not like he's 38! For me its a no brainer to try to do whatever possible to get this guy!

joey deville,

If you don't see a difference between Ronnie Brown and Lamar Smith maybe you'd be naive enough to send me all your money.

joey doesn't have any money,he doesn't even have cable tv

this is pointless anyways because miami wont trade brown and wont give up pics for boldin all this talk is what if and everyones opinion .

" Miami plays in the afc east IMO that's 8 tough games a year " posted by Joey deville.. LOL . Try 6 games. Then " Brown and Beck for boldin and a 3rd pick " LOL . In other words you're trading beck for a 3rd. Who in their right mind would trade a 3rd for beck , especially arizona who already have Matt leinart. LOL . Like i said , GET A CLUE !

i guess mike... im sorry i said that about brown he is the greatest running back to ever wear a dolphin uniform and he should be untouchable .., there mike is ur tampon dry now.

can we trade Joey Deville and Armando to the Seahawks (because it is the team that is farthest away) for one of their sportswriters and one of their clueless fans?

joy, i never heard this word tampon before i seen it here,thank you joey tampon boy.

Yeeeeeeesssssss it's carlitooooo !

ur right clue buffalo gives us there 2 games every year and im sorry for underestimating ur gming skill and ur expertise in nfl trading and drafting.

yessssssss, carlito maldito

yeah send them now and trade joy for a hasselbecks dirty jock strap maybe he has more hair there then on his scalp.

Joey Deville . OH MY GOD ! You can't be that stupid . Can you ? LOL . There's 4 teams in the afc east including Miami. so that leaves you with 3 teams to play twice a year. That makes 6 games including the buf. games. GET A CLUE.

HEY klndry,

I do not think that Ronnie's stats for the first half of '07 are skewed. Teams were not playing back and letting Ronnie run! Are you serious? The Dolphins lost 3 of their first 7 games by 3 points. In those games, Brown had 436 total yards and 4 TDs. He finished that 6 1/2 game season with 991 total yards and 5 TDs. He actually produced MORE in close games! Besides, teams were not afraid of being burned by Trent Green, Chris Chambers, or Derek Hagan. They knew if they stopped Ronnie Brown, they would win, so that was their area of focus.

armando you're an idiot.

i would be pretty pissed off if they traded ronnie brown. he's still young. he's what? 27? he could so much upside. and this whole thing about whether he's injury prone? give me a break. that acl tear in 07' was because he had to make a tackle when that garbage quarterback lemon threw another of his famous interceptions. running backs are not meant to make tackles like that. brown is a keeper in my opinion.

ok guys im sorry alright i forgive me dont send me to seattle with armand i love ronnie brown he is the best fin back he is the wildcats key i didint know what i was smoking it 4/20 guys please give me a break....

Ginn is more valuable here than anywhere else, he has been developed as WR more than KR/PR and his sexy value was on that line. He's nothing more than another receiver for most teams, but could transform into star here. Believe me, the only team willing to trade for him something like a 2nd round is Seattle and that reduces your options.
Beck on the other hand is older and less experienced than desired, so as he hasn't shown he can compete to start at this level, that means nobody is wiling to throw a draft pick for him. Maybe after watching his status during pre-season action, there could be a trade partner among those teams lacking of depth at QB.
Ronnie on the other side looks as sexy trade for teams willing to use his Wildcat skills but having 3 of 4 season with injuries including a pair of surgeries he's under microscope and represents a risky move. As Ronnie has only one season with 100+ yards, he's still object of doubts.

i declare that Cet a clue is smarter than joey Deville for now unless joey comes back with a knock out punch.

yea i know clue ill prob have to buy a clue now i just mentioned that buff plays miami hard twice a year i was aware that i made a human mistake im sorry if i offended u.


no give it to clue i dont stand a chance against his intelegince i made a mistake and i should pay for it clue.. clue if u want i can give u culitos number he seems to hate me more then u. My dolphin brother could u find it in your heart to forgive my ignorance?

joey deville, you just won the show down with Get clue with you humor, he's full of football but he has no humor at all, there for i declare you the winner.

P.S, please the people who take cheep shots at armondo try to stop that,he try every to keep you informed about your team ,some it's good news and some day isn't.his job to report it to you to sugar coat it for you.

Joey . Yes I can. Culito( you mean carlito ) is a good man. He's not a azzzzzzzzzzzzz!

thank u my dolphin lover i mean brother.

NOT to sugar coat it for you

i mean its everybodys opinion its like i said earlier ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN im sure boldin will get traded just maybe not to miami. And going into this bill wont trade pics i belive we all know this.

i love to see my joey happy

The trade R Brown for any reason at any time is at best lunacy in action. Even for a first round pick what do you gain? You give up a proven performer who is ultra versatile and what do you get in return? You get a big question mark.

There are 3 people on this roster who have no chance of being traded this year. The two Chads and R Brown.

This is Just crazy talk.

thanks cupcake :)

Its hard to take anything you say seriously Armando! If you had your way we'd still be coached by that clown Cam Cameron! You still never repealed your "Cam deserves another chance" article! YOU were CLEARLY WRONG!!! You never apoligized for that article and until you do I don't think anyone can or will take you seriously! I still laugh and think of that article every time I see your name. Admit you were wrong about Cameron and you just got caught up in your emotions and MAYBE we can take you as a serious sports writer AGAIN!

I think Ronnie for Anquan is a beautiful move, if Anquan sticks with the team for 4+ years... With Ricky Williams and Patrick Cobbs already on the roster, the team could go with a middle round RB pick... I think Ricky and Patrick can do a competent job without help if need be... Ronnie is a good player, but Boldin would mean much more to the team at this point... Boldin, Ginn, Camarillo, and Bess would look like a real recieving corps... Also, lets not forget about Brandon London... He has great size and good speed... That kid might still emerge... How great would it be for Henne, stepping in to take the reigns with a weapon like Anquan out there...? If Boldin can be had for Ronnie, PULL THE TRIGGER...! Worry about drafting another RB later... Or, find out who falls to you in the draft, then pull the trigger... Of course, you run the risk of losing the opportunity that way...

james ,are you saying that armando loved Cam Cameron as a coach? that's shocking to me and he wanted him to have another chance? i am glad i read you people cause i learn more every day.

this is horse poo can't believe this is news... Brown split carries and ran the wildcat this year. this is total rumor trash can't believe youd start this rumor less than a top ten number 1 would be stupid being he is the most talented player on the roster boldin straight up wouldnt even be a good trade at all

yess,joey de chilto in da house

Here's the mock draft I would like to see the Dolphins do that would probably make Brown seem like Earl Campbell in the next few years:

1. Alex Mack C
2. Duke Robinson G
2b. Fili Moala DT USC
3. Ramses Barden WR Cal Poly
4. Zack Follett OLB California
5. Dominique Johnson CB Jackson St
6. Jason Williams OLB Western Illinois

I believe each one of these guys have future Pro Bowl potential and are in our radar range.

With the addition of Mack and Robinson, heres our our future o-line looks:

Jake Long LT
Duke Robinson LG
Alex Mack C
Donald Thomas RG
Vernon Carey RT

So no, dont trade Brown if we can have an o-line like this. He'll look like the 2nd coming of Earl Campbell.

I really don't get this... whats the logic behind trading one of the players in a position that we relatively don't have a problem in, just to get an unproven rookie with a big question mark on his head? I understand that a rookie is younger & a lot cheaper but really, what are the odds that he'll become a significant player in one season or at all? remember Jason Allen?
I say keep Ronnie, and try to get more picks on the positions we can afford to trade players on, like QB.

why so many people like to use variations of my name?

To whoever it was that brought up Cleo Lemon and his int's in your post,

I just threw up a little in my mouth when you brought him up. The name "Cleo Lemon" should never be used again on this blog, unless it is an emergency.

I think we should package ronnie & ricky together for a 6 round pick,one's addict the other has never produced. Lets also get rid of porter he's old and couldn't get a sack in the last 4 games or the playoffs we should be able to get a 6 or 7 round pick for him,and since jake long can't handle true speed rushers let get a 2 or 3 rounder (may be asking too much) for him I'm sure we can find someone better in the 3 or 4 round.We should dump will allen along with jason allen for a 6 rounder too.If we package hands of stone ginn with bell we should be able to get a 7 rounder for them. Then we'll have enough draft picks to rebuilt the team,but only way we get Boldin is if we give all these guys and our 1st round pick to the cards, i say pull the trigger and git-r-done.

this would be so stupid

joeeyyyy ive beennn waiting...

ok guys im here now what.

do u have a big lemon for me.

Anquan is easily one of the top 3 recievers in the league... And, he might arguably be the best... Even missing time with a broken face last year he was #6 in total receptions (95), #14 in total yards (1144), had the 10th longest reception in the league (79), and he was #2 in total TDs (12)... He did all of that AND missed 3 games... Let's not forget that after he came back from the broken face he was the same guy... Not like a certain Dolphin #84 that got popped and never really regained his form... Anquan is the real deal...!

This is simply not happening. It is just a completely unfounded rumor that someone just made up to create "clics" and get cited elsewhere, knowing the unprofessional journalism in some media outlets. The thing that worries me is that this stupid rumor might reach Ronnie's ears and create something negative in the locker room.

boldin is a top 5 rec but... how would he do with out fitz double teams.???

thanks, joey tampon

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