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Would any team yield a high pick for Brown?

While several online reports, including this one at the National Football Post, have backed into saying that possibly, could-be, maybe, we hear through unconfirmed anlow-level sources, that Ronnie Brown is trade bait, no one has outright confirmed he is on the trading block.

I am not able to confirm that at this time, either.

I would not doubt that he is available if any team is eager to give up a low first- or second-round pick in this Saturday's draft (yeah, it's that close). But let's attack this from a different perspective, let's work the issue this way:

The Dolphins would require, at minimum, a mid second-round draft pick for Brown. To trade him for less is a risk given the team is expected to pick a running back in the coming draft anyway and trading Brown would raise the stakes to the point the Dolphins would have to pick a running back early in the draft, probably using that pick on a RB.

Having said that, I have serious doubts any team will give up a second-round pick for Brown.

Although he earned his first Pro Bowl selection this year and stayed injury-free for the first time in his career, Brown remains a good but not great player. He is signed for only two more seasons, according the NFL Players Association, and he would not come cheaply as he would probably have to be signed to a contract extension because no team (outside the Redskins) give up a second-round pick for a player they are only renting temporarily.

Finally, any team needing running back help -- such as Arizona, Buffalo, New Orleans, Houston, and Denver -- would rather draft a running back before trading for a running back who has gained 1,000 yards in a season only once, that in 2006 when he gained 1,008 yards. 

The top running backs in the coming draft include Georgia's Knowshon Moreno, Ohio State's Chris Wells, and Connecticut's Donald Brown.

The only caveat I see to this scenario is if the Dolphins trade Brown for another veteran player. Would they trade him for Anquan Boldin? Would they trade him for any of the number of veteran players currently on the trading block?

Depends on the player, with Boldin being the most intriguing.

But draft picks? They become more valuable, not less valuable as the draft approaches. And that makes trading them away a difficult thing for some teams to do.


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Superfin72. You Forgot akin O'dele . LOL . Also once again superfin72 shows how clueless he is. You have over 130 mil dollars tied up On OL after signing V .Carey and Grove and now you want to use your first 2 picks on the OL throwing more money at The position. Miami could draft a OT for depth in day 2. Fili moala is best suited as a DE in the 3-4 or dt in the 4-3. In any case He doesn't fit Miami's need or schemes. Drafting Ramses Barden in the 3rd is to high (Late 4rth or 5th ).

Brown for Boldin??? What the hell are we revamping the line for if were just gonna get rid of our BEST offensive weapon? Im all for picking up boldin for the ridiculus $ he will ask for but not at the cost of Brown. Package Ricky + a 1st or 1st + 3rd. Theres no way I trade a top 5 RB for a top 5 WR Ever......

why not joey tarpon

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well it depends are we talking pearl or reg pendejito from golfito..

mrmikejohnson David Boston started in arizona but we got him from san diego. Just thought ill throw that misfact out there

they could of gotten a better value pick had they used him more effectively late in the season. say maybe pushed that 1,000 yd. mark, instead of teetering on it



I sure would miss Brown, he's a true pro and a team guy. Remember when he ran over the Raiders safety in the endzone last season? Come to think of it, I hope that wasn't Wilson.

I'd hate to see Ronnie go and don't think the Dolphin's trifecta is as open to the idea as much as this blog is, but the addition of Boldin OR Ocho Cinco would be greater to the team than the little if any drop off between Ronnie and Ricky. Besides Ricky doesn't really start terrorizing defenses until after he inflicts 20 carries worth of pain (which he will never get the oportunity to do with Ronnie on the sideline.

I don't know why people are chewing out Mando... this was published on many other sites, such as the National Post and Rotoworld... he is only following up with those reports, which is basically doing his job.

You bunch of monkey's are clueless... I like Ronnie too, and I also expect a huge year... but don't make it sound like we're trading Marino in his prime. He still has had what... one season with over 1000 yards?? He was the 2nd overall pick, he should be top 5 in the league (instead of top 15).

That said... Brown for Boldin might not be so far fetched.

Nope - Ricky gets traded - b4 the 10/19 deadline - not b4 the draft. You'll always get more value for a vet then, not b4 the draft, because players get hurt in the opening weeks and teams make desparation trades. Check our opening 7 opponent' run defenses (or lack thereof) and (aside from San Diego)you will start drooling. Then in your head look at our starting 5 up front - Thomas, Smiley back. New center - no more swinging gate. Vern - check. The beast in his 2nd year. Sparano coachin em up... Best line in the East by far and best future of any line in the league.

1st 7 games finish before the trade deadline and the bye. Ricky gets 75% of the load, massive league leading totals and we trade his ganga 31 y.o butt when his stock is as high as it will get from here on out. Sorry RW - revenge is a meal best served cold. Yeah, but that guy, isn't he old and only signed thru '09? So what - his salary is bargain basement &o a desperate team will rent him for the stretch run for a 4th round pick. If its a 3rd or 2nd, then icing on the cake.

Speaking of the stretch run - enter Ronnie after the bye when we need him to run over dbs because they will be the only ones standing after the youngins demolish the opponents front 7. I see Henne after the bye week too.. we'll need him after the opponents start bringing 8 in the box. pats/jets fan - be afraid... very afraid ... bad things man.

Go pats,

Where you born in the US?

now im not saying trade Ronnie he's shown that when given a good line, he can be a top teir back.. however, just talkin over w/ my cousin doin our own "at home GM'ing" and i suggested trading brown and our 1 and 4 for Boldin and AZI's 1 what do you think?

Armando - still no reports on the Australian punter Miami signed SIX days ago?

Armando, still no report on the water boy Miami hired six days ago? Couldn't resist.

Trade Ronnie and a third for Boldin
Trade Boldin to Philly for one of their number ones 21 or 28 overall and third
We'll have the the 25th and the 21st overall and an extra third

Get a clue must have some glue and must be in love.

Sonny Burnett. You're just another example of the definition of CLUELESS. SONNY , Philly just traded 1 of their 1st round picks ( 28 Overall ) to buffalo in the Jason peters trade.

keep insulting people like you above it all njfan, try to be decent for a change.

OK WES aka ? .

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OK njfan aka ?

Ok, kids Its the Cuban, live and on the web,who will throw out the first Q to "la loco cubano???"

Ronnie is awsome and everything I want in a running back.... that being said so was Kevin Smith of last season's draft, Chris Wells, Shonn Greene, Donald Brown, and Andre Brown of this season's. If I could get a chance of actually drafting both Malcolm Jenkins and Connor Barwin, or Darius Butler and Hakeem Nicks, or James Laurinaitis and Brian Robiskie, I would do it in a heart-beat. But imagine, we have 2 2nd rounders already right, so another early one would mean we can draft four guys we really like such as Malcolm Jenkins, James Laurinaitis, Brian Robiskie, and Connor Barwin. Or Malcolm Jenkins, Hakeem Nicks, Darius Butler, and Connor Barwin. Any combination of said players would seriously work for me. Plus a later pick on a running back. Andre Brown any one?

kurtinSt pete-ocho stinko, give me a break, as if parcells would want that loser on his team. He`s old and washed.

I hear ronnie's a Parcells guy..(what ever that means.)

pick 2a duke robinson, you have to take a guy with a name like duke. Jake,Jake&Duke

yo voom, maybe, but he looked pretty good last time he came down here and he showed some respect while not clowning up to the cameras after each time he torched us...Boldin is a little knicked up also, seemingly becoming more injury prone. That being said, anytime one of those two are standing on the field Ginn would be locked up one on one against a much slower (#2 )CB. It could make for a fun season...

Gopats, I asked you if you were born in the US? Yes or no will do.


Are you some kind of know it all? Get a life loser!

Kurt, Please refrain from mentioning ted(feet of clay) Ginn and his clip board holding daddy... Thank you..

KurtainSt Pete, isn`t ocho like 35/36yrs old, I`d take a flyer on holt before him, but parcells is looking to get younger. personally i think we have that player in london, and have high expectations of him.

dont forget bess......

This story is ridiculous.

Imagine if a Brown for Boldin trade went down and then have the two teams possibly face each other in a Super Bowl! Talk about the game within a game! The media coverage would be drooling over that one!!
Thoughts, questions, concerns?

Trade Brown and our #1 pick for Boldin and another 2nd or 3rd pick in the future for E. James RB of Arizona..... then we have a great set of RB's (Cobbs, Parmele, Ricky and James) and an amazing WR.
* There is no way any team in the NFL would give up a #1 pick for Ronnie Brown * I do like him but I think he is an average running back at best.

I would trade Ronnie if the price was right, but then again, every player in our roster would be available for the right price.

Check out some innovative Phin's info on the coming draft and other things at phinaddict.blogspot.com

Armando are you serious. Ronnie Brown is better then any RB coming out of this years draft. We all know Ricky is getting older and as a fan who has been burnt by him in the past we really can't count on him (not sure how much longer he will be around). We would never take a second round pick for Ronnie- it would have to be a first round or nothing (the guy is a proven stud in the NFL (although I understand he has had some injuries- he still had no problem running over d-backs from NE). We have a great running back tandem in Ronnie and Ricky- we DO NOT trade him and should not trade him. Tough Schedule this season- One Game at a time Miami!! GO DOLPHINS!!

I've got a question for El Cubano! This is a hypothetical one, so work with me here. If there was a delicious, mouth watering rack of ribs on the sideline during a game, at just about the same time that Ted Ginn Jr was about to get pummeled by an opposing safety, who would get there first?
Junior or the The Big T??


Ted (no testicular fortitude)Ginn would win, Remember Aqua his clip board holding daddy is also on the side line , along with his cousin Earl(6 pack) ginn... there would be no contest with the Ginn family over on the side line..( Unless it was the opposing teams side line, then its any ones guess)

Easy there, Cubano! I think you better put that tequila bottle down before you blow another gasket. Sounds like you ate the mezcal and lost it!

Trading Ronnie would be an interesting approach to say the least. While I would not necessarily support the thought for Ronnie for Boldin plus us getting a third round pick (?), I will say that drafting Beanie Wells in the first round would be a great pick. I have watched Beanie for three years tear up the Big Ten and other great teams when healthy. He would be a great asset but we would have to be pretty certain to be able to draft him - if not, we lose a very good back with no one to really replace him. Ricky will be done in another year or two.


wild cat was used wayy too much & the defenses were on to it!!! trade em out!!! GO FINS 2009!!!

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Keith, dont forget not only does a team get Ted(hands of stone) Ginn but his clip board holding daddy and the blocking dummy Earl(six pack) ginn, what a bargain for any team.....


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El Famoso "Carlito"

If Ricky is done within a year or two, we might be able to replace him at running back with Ted "knee knocking" Ginn Jr. He would score whenever he'd take a handoff. Only problem is he'd be running toward our end zone!

WES. You sound like you get your salad tossed a lot. are you a azzzzzzzzzzzz.

Carlito, Excellent "Q" for the meance, there was a gathering of 20 to 30 stoners at the boardwalk on coney island but they were very peaceful, though it got a little ugly at "nathens world famous" as you could imagine.. No arrest today for evil weed smokers... L.O.L......

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