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Would any team yield a high pick for Brown?

While several online reports, including this one at the National Football Post, have backed into saying that possibly, could-be, maybe, we hear through unconfirmed anlow-level sources, that Ronnie Brown is trade bait, no one has outright confirmed he is on the trading block.

I am not able to confirm that at this time, either.

I would not doubt that he is available if any team is eager to give up a low first- or second-round pick in this Saturday's draft (yeah, it's that close). But let's attack this from a different perspective, let's work the issue this way:

The Dolphins would require, at minimum, a mid second-round draft pick for Brown. To trade him for less is a risk given the team is expected to pick a running back in the coming draft anyway and trading Brown would raise the stakes to the point the Dolphins would have to pick a running back early in the draft, probably using that pick on a RB.

Having said that, I have serious doubts any team will give up a second-round pick for Brown.

Although he earned his first Pro Bowl selection this year and stayed injury-free for the first time in his career, Brown remains a good but not great player. He is signed for only two more seasons, according the NFL Players Association, and he would not come cheaply as he would probably have to be signed to a contract extension because no team (outside the Redskins) give up a second-round pick for a player they are only renting temporarily.

Finally, any team needing running back help -- such as Arizona, Buffalo, New Orleans, Houston, and Denver -- would rather draft a running back before trading for a running back who has gained 1,000 yards in a season only once, that in 2006 when he gained 1,008 yards. 

The top running backs in the coming draft include Georgia's Knowshon Moreno, Ohio State's Chris Wells, and Connecticut's Donald Brown.

The only caveat I see to this scenario is if the Dolphins trade Brown for another veteran player. Would they trade him for Anquan Boldin? Would they trade him for any of the number of veteran players currently on the trading block?

Depends on the player, with Boldin being the most intriguing.

But draft picks? They become more valuable, not less valuable as the draft approaches. And that makes trading them away a difficult thing for some teams to do.


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They got the beat down.....see hotlanta winning in 5

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Besides a couple of real good games, he really didn't impress all that much last year. 1-if brown gets injured again,how long before he comes back.i honestly think cobbs is more versitile then ronnie .. ronnie is more of a powerback imo and ricky is mix of both. PLZ!!!! ...DIS IS MORE LIKE IT.....I would be seriously pissed off if the Dolphins traded Ronnie Brown...This isn't Satele or Beck we're talking about!! You have to be kidding me that this team would trade Ronnie Brown. Brown has made the pro bowl. He is the center piece of the wildcat offense which was largely responsible for a significant turn in the team's fortunes last year.IN CLOSING...This is the dumbest rumor I've heard in a long time. NFP...who are they anyway?

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Aquafina, Spanish, English and some russian,we have a lot of peeps from the former soviet union.

Aquafina, Spanish, English and some russian,we have a lot of peeps from the former soviet union.

Aquafina, Spanish, English and some russian,we have a lot of peeps from the former soviet union.

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Brown for a second round pick is absolutely crazy. I would be pretty mad if that happened.

i think the dolphins might be doing this so hey can aquire aquan boldin. you know arizona is looking for a running back.........but who the hell is gonna replace ronnie? questions that need to be in answered b4 the dolphins do something real stupid or we could be looking at a detroit lion rerun in miami!

Sorry bout that but my dogs tail apparently was wagging when i left the key board and i guess it entered in a couple times...

I would love to see Anquan in a Dolphins jersey. This trade with Ronnie could happen if the Phins believe that they can get Knowshon Mareno.If not, dont expect any of this to happen. Personally, I think the Phins will go with Ayers, one of the USC LB's, or Laurinitis with their first round pick. It will probably be Ayers.

I would love to see Anquan in a Dolphins jersey. This trade with Ronnie could happen if the Phins believe that they can get Knowshon Mareno.If not, dont expect any of this to happen. Personally, I think the Phins will go with Ayers, one of the USC LB's, or Laurinitis with their first round pick. It will probably be Ayers.

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Trading Ronnie would be a gamble-- remember what he was doing with that Cameron team before his injury? (He was a top 5 NFL RB on that terrible team). In addition, he was in a 2-back, pass-heavy system last year. How about what did DeAngelo Williams did in Carolina last year? Ronnie is capable of those numbers.

Boldin (already 28) might make sense if Henne is leading them to the Super Bowl in 3 years, otherwise... trading Ronnie is risky. We can't count on Ricky and Cobbs has a lot to prove.

Picture this:
(Tip toe in the backfield)Ronnie for (Hard nose, tackle me if you can) Boldin.
A backfield with Knowshon Mareno, Ricky Williams and Patrick Cobbs. A secondary with Will Allen, Jason Allen, Sean Smith, Gibril Wilson, and Yeramiah Bell. And a front seven that includes Wake, Porter, Crowder, Merling, Langford, and Ron Brace/Ferguson. Sounds very good to me.

Actually Bunglito, I don't think you are too much of a latino, as the "ito" suffix is used to denote a diminutive, and not a latin relation; hence my question.

In any case, no harm intended.

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No way the dolphins should trade Ronnie Brown. Maybe package Ricky in a trade, but not Ronnie. Shame on whoever made up this rumor. Shame on you.

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Sr. Bunlito, do i know you? Are you a fan of the Cincinnati Bungles? If so, why are you on a Dolphins blog. Also, do you think the Dolphins should trade Ronnie Brown?

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We do not trade Ronnie!!! We finally have an OL (especially if we draft Duke Robinson) so let him run.

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No, that was a fresh one, just for you. And you never answered my question. Do you think the Dolphins should trade Ronnie Brown?

ronnie is gone, that del rosal will pull ronnie down the street in his super sport youkon.

If you asked me to name three players the Fins can't afford to lose on offense it would be:
Long, Brown, and Pennington.

Marino could not win a championship because they simply could not run or defend the run well enough during his tenure. Knowing this, why would anyone even think about trading our best back for a WR? It is nothing more then then idiotic nonsense.

Brown may not be the best back in the NFL, but he is not a bad back and we would be terribly easy to defend without him. The kid runs tough and Parcells likes a tough team. He is in the perfect situation.

Obviously the intent is to replace Brown with a young running back that will be part of the system with Henne long term. Does not matter what Brown can do for the team currently, only what he can help get for Henne and the Dolphins' future.

mmikejohnson: they drated two running backs because they didnt expet cobbs to be an overachiever and ricky was getting up there in age

The Cuban sez:" keep Ronnie and get rid of the dead weight that's called the Ginn family.."

I wonder if Ricky partaken in the weed smoking on Monday??? Mando check this out kid....

Trading a second overall pick for a second-rounder is not good business. I don't see it happening.

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I think this a smokescreen by the Tuna gang.

I think we are taking TE Pettigrew if he is available.

Also, Mando will not update his blog this week because he is subsitute teacher for Sedano this week.

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