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Would any team yield a high pick for Brown?

While several online reports, including this one at the National Football Post, have backed into saying that possibly, could-be, maybe, we hear through unconfirmed anlow-level sources, that Ronnie Brown is trade bait, no one has outright confirmed he is on the trading block.

I am not able to confirm that at this time, either.

I would not doubt that he is available if any team is eager to give up a low first- or second-round pick in this Saturday's draft (yeah, it's that close). But let's attack this from a different perspective, let's work the issue this way:

The Dolphins would require, at minimum, a mid second-round draft pick for Brown. To trade him for less is a risk given the team is expected to pick a running back in the coming draft anyway and trading Brown would raise the stakes to the point the Dolphins would have to pick a running back early in the draft, probably using that pick on a RB.

Having said that, I have serious doubts any team will give up a second-round pick for Brown.

Although he earned his first Pro Bowl selection this year and stayed injury-free for the first time in his career, Brown remains a good but not great player. He is signed for only two more seasons, according the NFL Players Association, and he would not come cheaply as he would probably have to be signed to a contract extension because no team (outside the Redskins) give up a second-round pick for a player they are only renting temporarily.

Finally, any team needing running back help -- such as Arizona, Buffalo, New Orleans, Houston, and Denver -- would rather draft a running back before trading for a running back who has gained 1,000 yards in a season only once, that in 2006 when he gained 1,008 yards. 

The top running backs in the coming draft include Georgia's Knowshon Moreno, Ohio State's Chris Wells, and Connecticut's Donald Brown.

The only caveat I see to this scenario is if the Dolphins trade Brown for another veteran player. Would they trade him for Anquan Boldin? Would they trade him for any of the number of veteran players currently on the trading block?

Depends on the player, with Boldin being the most intriguing.

But draft picks? They become more valuable, not less valuable as the draft approaches. And that makes trading them away a difficult thing for some teams to do.


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Ronnie hasn't been bad. If i remember right he was leading the league from scrimmage when he got hurt, he was having a awesome season on a horrible team.

How is this even an option. Remember that little "Wildcat" formation that was revolutionized by the dolphins? Also, do you remember how it was tried across the league and failed? It wouldn't work with anyone else. Please don't toy with this dumb ass idea, Ronnie's best days are ahead of him.

You don't trade your best player away with out knowing for sure that you have his replacement.

 Ronnie for Boldin would be a nice trade but Phins would then need to draft a RB and Brown is Better than average, so Phins would likely lose in the running game.

PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE, Bill Parcells, The Cardinals are asking for a 1st and a 3rd rd. Draft pick for Boldin. Why wouldnt we consider a 1st or a 2nd plus say, Ronnie Brown if its a 2nd, or another player ? Boldin is a STUD WR and we need one of those! There are no guarantess that you get a STUD anything with a draft pick. The latest news says that the Dolphins are not even in the running for Boldin. WHY NOT ??

Ronnie is a good back but I believe that he would have been a 5 time probowL FULLBACK. Ronnie looked really good this year because of the wildcat formation which afforded him the desperately needed FULL second behind the line of scrimmage that he needs to get past the line of scrimmage. Ronnie is grossly unsuccessful running the football from traditional running formations. He needs a direct snap (which spots him a full second)to be able to break out and do some things. Parcells did a brilliant job in showcasing a mediocre talent as though it was an NFL elite. Convert Brown to a fullback or trade him for a speedy back who can put fear into defenses from the I-formation - then the play-action pass takes on a whole new meaning and Pennington takes that new meaning and passes to a wide-open Anquan Bolden....

can some one say loud and clear,get boldin at any price to get us moving deep in the playoffs.

Forget BOLDIN, We need a steve breaston type receiver. Trade him straight up for ricky+beck+solai+murphy+wilford+anderson

Lombardi has got to stop writing his stories during "Happy Hour"!

Jay. Pleeeeeeeeese put the pipe down .

UKnoe. Put Ronnie brown at Fullback. ? Are you kidding me ? Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You really need to put the pipe down. Lmao


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I LOVE RONNIE BROWN. Did you happen to see what he was doing on a 1-15 team before he got hurt trying to "do it all." Him and Welker were the only bright spots on that team. I think Ronnie is great when given opportunity. Having a back that can make someone miss in the backfield is important. They don't grow on trees. Brown for Boldin is the only deal I would consider. Straight up. No picks. However, I would lean against it. Ricky is a complementary back at this point. Ronnie is the man. He's going to have a great year this year.

I hope that's all just hype - Brown has been a pretty solid back on a very one dimensional offense - how coul he be great with 9 or 10 guys in the box on every play - keep Brown and get a deep threat

Wes Welker was not on the 1-15 team.

I'll trade you 21 dead polo horses for Ronnie Brown.

Dear MEK,
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Can we PLEASE stick toy the Blog topic of Ronnie Brown? This stuff is ridiculous.

Indeed and it was a funny article.

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I'd trade Ronnie for a minimum early to mid 2nd rounder and I'd look to trade Beck for at least a 3rd, maybe a 4th, but no less

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This story is so rediculous, you're exploiting your weakness as a reporter.

I do not see anything on here that stirs the pot indicating the Phins are even remotely looking to trade Brown.

So you're telling me that a Yahoo messenger conversation is a credible source? You're telling me facebook chatter is credible?

Dude, this article might get you fired in NYC!

Please already, write something worth reading

Come on PanmaNano, it's florida, they have limited excpectations

Keep Ronnie Brown, just change his number to Eighty something. interesting don't you think?

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Read this quote by Greg Cote...

"And just because the man making Miami's decisions might be defense-oriented, it doesn't make him blind to the fact his team adopted the Wildcat gimmickry largely out of desperation because the base offense wasn't scaring anybody.Which brings us back to wide receiver. Again."

That is sooo on point!!! He also shows Hakeem Nicks in action and mentions him as likely available at pick 25. It's uncanny how he read my mind. Which is a short book. (lol). FINALLY...someone understands!!!

The other postions like LB and CB can wait til at least round 2!! Go Greg!!!

Hakeem Nicks will not be there at 25 for two reasons;
1- Crabtree will be gone by the 9th pick if not the 6th pick.

2-few teams would love to have Nicks and they are picking before fins.
so fin fans stop dreaming cauase you will not get any one of value at 25

I respect your opinion even though opinion are like sphincters. Everyone has one!! But I respect "top" mock draft people and analysts a heckuva alot more, who disect this stuff for a living. Most have Nicks at or past 25!!

Whats with all the man love with Nicks? He was a complete non factor while Brandon Tate was healthy. The phins will go defense in the first round and the first pick of the second round. It will probably be LB in the fisrt and CB in the first of the second Rd. We wont see a receiver until the third Rd.

The menace thinks the post about bill(the big gas) parcells was extremely funny, i too also leaked out milk out of my nose.....

I would much rather see Clay Mathews with our first pick, Sean Smith with the second, and maybe Ron Brace with the other second rounder. If you want a big, strong receiver, Robiskie, Barden, Tate, Masoquoi (however you spell it) will still be available in later rounds. Joey isnt getting any younger, his replacement need to come in this draft! Defense wins championships!!!!!

I would much rather see Clay Mathews with our first pick, Sean Smith with the second, and maybe Ron Brace with the other second rounder. If you want a big, strong receiver, Robiskie, Barden, Tate, Masoquoi (however you spell it) will still be available in later rounds. Joey isnt getting any younger, his replacement need to come in this draft! Defense wins championships!!!!!

i just think people do things because they pay them and thats just really sad...

Dolfan4life Dude...

Did you read Cote's article quote I posted?? I've always known that the wildcat was smoke and mirrors to cover up for our passing game!! If we don't get a bonafide type #1 wideout your gonna be in for a rude awakening. Unless Britt slides into the 2nd, after the top tier theirs good depth but it's a crapshoot that they will become the # 1 WR that we need. I think there are more LB gems and some slepper CBs starting in the 2nd.

I misspelled sleeper. Or is it mispelled. LOL

I don't care if its with the 25th or 44th pick, but I hope the dolphins pick up Sean Smith...

Hey Armando! What did you have a brain fart!??
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