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Big day with two practices on tap

The Dolphins coaching staff will put the rooks through their toughest day of the minicamp so far today and I'll be right there covering it for you.

After mostly confusing the rookies with reams of information Friday, the staff will add to that with more playbook information today. Like coach Tony Sparano said yesterday, if they haven't gotten it, they need to study more because we're not waiting for anybody, we're adding more tomorrow.

It's tomorrow!

I will blog for you after the 10 a.m. practice and I will blog for you after the afternoon work as well. Meanwhile, please take a look at the column I wrote off of the rookie camp's first day.

It includes some interesting, perhaps only to me but whatever, information on how the Dolphins see the possibilities with Pat White. It also tells you the struggles of the first day of the first rookie camp. And it tells you a bit about Vontae Davis and what the Dolphins think of him as well.

It's really awesome stuff!

So remember to check back here for the updates. Yes, I know it's Saturday. Yes, I know most of the country is not working today. So what?

The Dolphins are working. And I'll be working for you as well.


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thank u mando!!

thanks mando! is it still a zero tolerance on live blogging at practice this year?

First! Working in sports is'nt 'work'!

yes good sir mighty great reporting armand..

I need a picture of the mohawk!! Get to work Mando....

Sounds like Tony Hitman Sporano will have them in mid-seasom form by Sunday...lol.
See if you can pick up more on the trifecta's plans for White. Seems very strange that Tony immediately started announcing him as only a QB, who may be ahead of Henne on day one of mini-camp. Plus the fact he mentioned only 2 active QB's on game day.
I find that bizarre since we drafted Henne in the 2nd Rd. last year to be the future franchise QB.
What the hell is going on???
Has the trifecta quietly seen something in Henne that thinks he won't cut it as the man or is this just a rouse to keep the focus of their new various Wildcat plays/formations?

keep focus off

Is Henne a bust or white is so good that Henne will end up like beck ?
i am just asking.

and i good sir, need a picture of pat white's glove's good sir.

armando, are you saying that pat white is better than chad henne ? but how that can be ?

ethen skolnik is reporting that there can only be 3 active qbs and if one is active in the 4th quarter then the other cant come back how does this play a role in pat running the wildcat..please explain good sir armand. And what does this do to henne and as i understand it well affect the depth of special teams.. Please explain mandito.

joan dont make me burn u alive evil lasse.I got this magic stick that wont quit.

thanks mando.


No live blogging. The Dolphins are even trying to have us turn off our cellphones which is NOT happening for me. But I will try to get the updates up ASAP.

Oh yeah, practice has not started yet although it is scheduled to 10 a.m.

armando, do like pat white so far watching him in practice ?

Dude, good work.

Vontae sounds and looks like one of the cheerleaders off of the Longest yard w.adam sandler.

I just dont want a qb dilema all summer long..

Mando, is Henne keeping close eye on pat white wishing he would injure himself,who you see now on the field ?do you see V.davis and wake our stars of the future and please no jason talk HARRY.

Harry, go back to your room and take your broom with you

Give us some info on JT

what do want to know angel of JT ?

Good work Mando....

I'm want to know how the big kid (NT) from Shaw Univ. is doing today!

i would jed if u remove it from your azzzzz

just ask Harry, her it's. now go to your room with the broom of today.

Any info Mando?

thank u jed off i go...

any vomiting passing out dehydrating ala harvin style.


Good work on the NFL network last week!

How does Nate Longshore look?

How about Turner and Hartline?

Any rumors of anyone interested in claiming Beck? He deserves a chance with a team.

do you see henne any where, i hear that he's worry about his claim on the future QB of this team i am sure pat white will be the future leader,seriously .

i highly doubt it pat white might take over but he's got a long way to go.

pat white is going to be the future Beck,he already had 2 interceptions in 1 practice.

no way beck is the most accurate qb of all time he never fumbles either Blashphamy is what your saying mike,

So Armando, are you actually going to be awake to answer the fans questions today?

Pat White is going to be a future Randal El, that's all, he may get a snap or two at practice by Henne gets first shot at keeping the QB job after Penington, no doubt.

i love beck he is going to be the future of miami...

Neither Vontae nor Chris Clemons act like they can put two words together.

people should be talking with smart when it comes to White,first he's a great QB ,second ,he's very amazing letting the ball flay out of his hand as sparano said and third he works like a horse not like Beck and Henne.

Any reports? The suspense is killing me.

ARMANDO But seriously i would like more detail on harry's question. On the 4th quarter that 1 qb cant come back after a diff qb enters and how this may affect the wild cat or hennes active status.????

Steve, this is a great news that Vontae nor Chris Clemons can put two words together and that's the way tuna wanted it,players to plea not talkers

IF vont has a molehawk and gold teeth grill then he might pull off a ocho cinco.,as long as he dosent dye it blond...

Once again, some of you need to realize 'Mando' is not the only source of information. Your inane questions make it tiresome to read the blog:

Beck signed with Ravens. Who cares anyway...


Hartline has an interview and is in some of the 15 minutes of practice highlights available to the World -- both of which are about as useful as asking a reporter's opinion after one practice in shorts.

There is no Pat White/Henne controversy ...not yet. Stop aking the same questions over and over. Please.


I'm most interested in Josh Ellis and Orion Martin as David Neal has observed. Difficult to evaluate in shorts + w/o film. Impressions? Also, as Sparano noted in responding to JT question: He's interested in T. George and Walden. George rushed well in Canada (not Wake like stats but well) and Walden is a STs demon. Can either stick assuming no JT? Any impressions on their potential pass rushing ability after this rook camp concludes...Thx.

Remember every season we have players in minicamp who look like Tarzan but when the pads go on they play like Jane.

Hey Armando, did Bill Parcells smash you over the head with your own computer yet or steal your cell phone?

Chris, your question to armando is a waste of time for him, at least we ask about the future stars of this team not your JASON dumb question for the million time.

MANDO how are becks passes are they looking sharp compared to henne or white.


Cam CamMoron will be reunited with his first love, John Beck, who has signed with Baltimore. Maybe Beck wouldn't fumble as many snaps if he just held the ball under the center's butt like Pat White, they should look into this in Baltimore, maybe that will be like the new wildcat, the no-snap formation.

do u think beck well shed some light on the wildcat to baltimore?

pat white is a QB who has high IQ not like Henne , it's a sure thing that he will be the future not Henne

Armando - If you ever make it up to the boring town of Ottawa - the beer is totally on me.

Thanks for the great stuff.


John Beck is going to get a chance. Good luck to the guy. http://deseretnews.com/article/705300968/Becks-release-a-blessing-in-disguise.html

Okay you can post minicamp stuff anytime now

just a rumor but

j peppers to san fran
e james to new orleans

just a rumour

First! Working in sports is'nt 'work'!

Posted by: Minge | May 02, 2009 at 09:29 AM

you must've never played any sports.....

Armando if u ever make it down to south texas here by the mexican border, south padre isand the swine flu is on me brotha..
(jk mark)

I played pocket pool is that a sport FsU..

I think some of you folks are misinterpreting why Sparano says White will be the No. 2 QB. Henne is only going to step in if Pennington gets hurt, but from game to game White has to be on the activated roster to get his 10-15 plays a game in. They feel they don't need 3 QB's on the active roster every week. I still believe Henne is going to be the future QB in Miami, he has only shown promise every time they have put him on the field.

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