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Big day with two practices on tap

The Dolphins coaching staff will put the rooks through their toughest day of the minicamp so far today and I'll be right there covering it for you.

After mostly confusing the rookies with reams of information Friday, the staff will add to that with more playbook information today. Like coach Tony Sparano said yesterday, if they haven't gotten it, they need to study more because we're not waiting for anybody, we're adding more tomorrow.

It's tomorrow!

I will blog for you after the 10 a.m. practice and I will blog for you after the afternoon work as well. Meanwhile, please take a look at the column I wrote off of the rookie camp's first day.

It includes some interesting, perhaps only to me but whatever, information on how the Dolphins see the possibilities with Pat White. It also tells you the struggles of the first day of the first rookie camp. And it tells you a bit about Vontae Davis and what the Dolphins think of him as well.

It's really awesome stuff!

So remember to check back here for the updates. Yes, I know it's Saturday. Yes, I know most of the country is not working today. So what?

The Dolphins are working. And I'll be working for you as well.


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