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Clearing things up for the world to understand

Welcome to Friday. Cue TGIF music. Or just play the video below.

Want to take this opportunity to clear up a couple of mistakes, misconceptions and misdeeds:

In my column on Ronnie Brown today, I allowed No. 23 to tell you where he believes he rates among the NFL's top running backs. Brown said he considers himself in the same conversation with Adrian Peterson and others. That's his opinion and I'm cool with it.

I hope to see more from Brown this season. He needs to turn routine runs into jaw-droppers on occasion. We want to see a couple of 4-yard runs turn into 16-yarders where Brown bounces off one tackler, runs over another, and gets to the second level. We also need to see more 50- and 60-yard runs. One per season isn't elite.

Three or four of those is elite.

Of course, the Dolphins need to do their part. They need to give Brown enough opportunities to make big plays. Between 12-15 rushes per game isn't enough. He needs 20-23 rushes per game to make it work.

I would tell you there was an editing mistake in my column and I want to clear it up. When I filed it I wrote that, "Brown wasn't even the best running back on his own team one year ago."

It was inexplicably changed to, "Brown wasn't even the best running back on his own team last season."

The change is significant. In May 2008, Brown was still recovering from his knee surgery, he was unsure in his running and uncertain about his prospects. Ricky Williams, meanwhile, was impressing the heck out of people with his explosion and pop and practice habits. Williams was at that time Miami's best RB.

That obviously changed during the regular-season as Brown healed and got stronger and had a very good season. Speaking of change, the wording has since been changed back by editors so that's appreciated by me. We're all human.

The next thing I'd like to clear up is the notion that Pat White continues to struggle in these OTAs, which I've heard around town from fans and other media.

So you understand, these OTAs are glorified classroom sessions. The team meets in the morning and goes over an "install" for that day's practice. An "install" is when coaches put in a set of plays the team has in its playbook and wants to use.

After two hours or so of that install, the team goes on the practice field at around 10 a.m. and works the install. This work does not include pads, does not include any hitting, is not done "live" or at full speed. There is no tackling.

This is basically flag football using plays the athletes first learned a few minutes ago.

So if Pat White, a rookie quarterback, struggles here and there during one of these practices, so be it. It does not mean he's over his head. It does not mean he's a bust. It means he's a rookie quarterback seeing something on the field for the very first time only minutes before he saw it from coaches for the first time.

Most of the rookies around the NFL right now are easy to pick out. They're the guys with the bulging eyeballs. They're the guys seeing scary things for the first time. They're the guys that seem a bit overmatched.

It's May, people. That's the way it's supposed to be. Get a grip.

Similarly, to suggest a guy is playing well based on what is happening in these OTA practices is a stretch because it's not real football out there. There were a couple of throws across the middle in Thursday's OTA session that seemed nice but really weren't that great because, were it a live game, they would have gotten the tight end or receiver decapitated.

I've also seen far too many players look like Tarzan during these offseason camps and then play like Jane when the real games begin. This doesn't mean offseason camps are a waste of time. They serve their purpose in keeping guys in shape, sharpening the players' minds, and establishing team chemistry.

But please keep perspective otherwise.

And thank God it's Friday!


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i forgive you armando for the brown editing mistake, remember to forgive me once in the future.

glad you cleared this up, Joe Rose was killing you this AM... and that if funny, cuz he is an azz clown.

Ronnie is constantly breaking tackles and pounds the second level when he gets there. Anyone with football knowledge should be able to see that Ronnie knows how to recognize holes and when to hit them. But I do agree he needs at least 20 touches in some form, then we can possibly speak of him with AD

What's a good beer anybody? I don't drink, but after reading this article on a Friday and seeing the video I was thinking of starting.

I don't always drink beer, but when I do,I drink Dos Equis.

I can hardly believe that anyone would doubt that Ronnie Brown didn't make a great recovery, played at a high level far ahead of schedule and destroyed a few safeties and corners on his way to the EndZone. Give the man a break, his knee was shredded.

Thanks for the post Armando. The clear narrative is appreciated -- particularly after the helter skelter numbering of updates from yesterday's OTA's.

Seemed to be some good information buried in there, but -- my goodness! -- it was like trying to crack the Da Vinci Code.

I never understood why fans doubted his production. I cant think of a better rb in the league that has better tools then Ronnie. 230wt and ran one of the fastest times at the combine. Hands, vision, etc.

Mando...couldn't get any football video to feature? Got to agree with Ronnie. Getting caught in the backfield is OL not RB. When he gets to the second level the DB's don't want anything to do with him. He was leading the lead before the knee injury and went to the pro-bowl last year. He needs to average 20 touches and stay healthy to get consensus elite status

Ronnie is legit... the interior OL is questionable. let's hope they are vastly improving

We's gots good edditors. The edditors at the Herald suck. Mando you should call them out by name and give us their email addresses. We'll get on them for you.

and to back up the ronnie brown recovery, he was not the starter on opening day last season.

Mando, wondering if you heard Joe Rose this morning. He is such an effing loser assclown it drives me nuts.

He's got no talent whatsoever and no ideas for a show so he's been picking on you lately. You should kick him upside his bucket head. It would be impossible for you to miss.

I can think of only two RB's I'd rather have than Ronnie, and I'd have to think long and hard about these guys before making a swap, LT and AP.

LT's been injured alot the last two years, who is to say he won't go down again this year, especially once the playoffs come around. AP, great runner, but lays the ball down far too often for my taste. Not a great pass catcher out of the backfield or blocker either.

Ronnie would be considered one of the elites today if he was not sharing the backfield with Ricky in the past, he'd have close to 1700 yards each of those seasons, if not more. He was on his way to rushing champ in 07 before the injury.

Let's hope the OL lives up to expectations, if so the questions re Ronnie will be put to rest, finally.

And I thought all of the stuff you wrote was gospel. I don't really think you are wrong or right about anything because in most everyone needs a few games under their belts to really understand the team.
This stuff is fun to read and comment on.
Ronnie is a good runner, but one of the elite? I haven't seen it yet. Even in his big year the opposition were letting him run, knowing he couldn't win the game by himself. They let him have a couple of biggies. In that year opposition would force a 3 and 7 and take the ball away. Every time. Even the third stringer had a big year.

I think that Ronnie Brown is a great running back that has really yet to prove his full potential due to things like weak offensive lines, injuries, and lack of carries... I think he will have a better year this year than in 08 and if given the opportunity he could be right up there with Adrian Peterson and LT.... The only complaint I have about him is that I have seen him tip toe behind the line a couple times, but I'll give Brown the benefit of the doubt that he was waiting for a hole to open up that the line couldn't make...

When I first read the comment about Brown, I thought you were blind, but then later on in the article you made it clear that you were speaking of this time last year. People should have been able to understand what you were saying - if they read the entire article.

Joe Rose should have talked to you before attacking you Armando. He strikes me as something of a p ussy, too cowardly to face somebody after saying something about them. Remind me to listen to 790 or Paul and Ron in the morning instead.

I think you guys are taking this Ronnie Brown thing out of proportion. I don't wasn't a player on my team who doesn't want to be in the top tier at their position. No one should settle for less. I think Ronnie wants to be mentioned with the best because he wants to be the best, thinks he should be the best, and that's good. I like how Ronnie plays. He gets 5-10 yards on many runs per game but is lacking the big 40-60 yard run.

Yeah Right ! lets throw the editors under the bus.

Oh and when I say you guys I mean the media.

go Ronnie. we know he can do it. should be a great season for him.

I'm constantly amazed by the Brown apologists; there's always some reason to blame for his lack of production. Barely breaking 1k yards in one season isn't elite. Putting him in the ranks of Peterson and Tomlinson is laughable.

Do you need editors to Ok a sport column .I thought they just make sure that it will fit the space .

what did Jon Rose say about Mando?

I like to take a big dump and stir it up and try to smear it on someone else's face. But mostly I just talk s hit. I should be fired.

Great to hear so many people backing Ronnie. The posts I keep reading in this blog promoting a trade really irk me. Especially ones I hear replacing him with E. James. I know this is Miami and all but James had so few runs of 20+ yards in his career.

Brown is a physical marvel. He will break the long ones now in his second season after injury. I think the administration protected him a bit last year. He needs to get his 20 carries. If they use him like Dallas used Barber when Parcells was there, watch out!

JOe Rose has had a hardon for Mando ever since Mando said he's mediocre -- which I thought you were being kind Mando. Joe Rose was lucky to be in the NFL and the only reason he was is because Marino liked doing drugs with him.

Gary can you please tell us which of these running backs you like more than Ronnie Brown?

1. Sammie Smith
2. Bernie Parmalee
3. Jesse Chatman
4. Lamar Smith
5. Kareem Abdul Jabar (remember him? not the b-ball player)
6. Travis Minor
7. Terry Kirby

The reason I stopped buying the Miami Herald is because there are so many mistakes and typos in stories. Your editors suck Armando.

I can think of five RBs I'd rather have than ronnie Brown:

Peterson MIN.
Turner ATL.
Jacobs NYG.
Portis WASH.
Slaton HOU.

Not to mention Thomas Jones, LT, Gore, Steven Jackson, McFadden and Willie Parker.

He's just average to me.

I wonder if we can bail out cecil collins, a tru elite running back.

Lamar smith's elite Run with 2 colts on his back looking like Mark from toronto (but he was carrying nude guys)for the game wining TD... Classic
Then wanny trying to molest Lamar after the game rubbing his stash all over the back of his neck...Maddness.

elite blogger my foot, ace again in action talking to Tellis Underwood aka himself

Good thing Tellis UNderwood is not a GM!

Brown is and elite running back. I had said that before the 2007 when people were saying he was a bust. Now I can't believe that I have to defend the guy again. If you look at the first two games of last season Miami went away from the running game pretty quick and I would assume that was due to the lack of blocking and Ronnie's injury. Than against the Pats they bust out the wildcat. Why did they do that? Because the run blocking was horrible. Ronnie Brown got great number out of the wildcat because n that formation he got the blocking he needed which goes to show if you keep defenders out of the back field he will get great numbers.

I'm pissed. My daddy said he doesn't want any more illegitimate children. Now I will really be lonely.

IM with elite on this one.


You wouldn't by chance have any video from the Dolphin's OTAs would you? I will pay top dollar. Free Kraft macaroni and cheese for a year. Think it over.


Mando, you need to talk to your boss about a raise. How do you put up with these no-nothings without going postal?

Apparently these people cannot read. Brown's stats are slightly above average. That's it and until he improves, that's all he is...above average. End of story.

Coco i will eat your children!!!

I fail to see the controversy. Ronnie believes he's elite and that's a good thing. Armando delivered to us the message that Ronnie thinks he's elite without siding for or against it. Nothing wrong with that.

What's the problem, people?

why i feel a lot people do talk to themselves here, any one agree.

feel ...lol

Good post Mando - I would love to see Ronnie tote for at least 15-20 a game - he didn't reach 15 in 10 out of 17 regular season games last year.

Did Ronnie read your blog and get pissed at you? Is that why you wrote today's blog?

So lets see, bashing other posters as no-nothings and can't read types by cacajoe is ok , but calling him out for it isn't and you will be deleted . OK!

With all due respect Armando, it kinda seemed like you just said we shouldn't care about what's going on right now...which would then mean we shouldn't be reading your stories or blogs...which would then mean the Herald should lay you off untill the season begins. In the big scheme of things, it does matter, because we are fans. Being a fan wouldn't be much fun if we took a "big woop, it's just..." approach.

I think Ronnie is a good solid RB, but he is a 2nd overall pick, so I would expect a lot more from him. Think all the players that we could have chosen instead of him.


Dear Mr. Salguero

"They're the guys with the bulging eyeballs. They're the guys seeing scary things."

Scary things like in the movie "The 6th sense" where that little kid see's dead people?
Scary things like the Big Tuna asking you to rub lotion on his back?

Anyhoo just wondering

Soiled :)

Mando U dont delete the guys that hate on u on this blog but u delete the schmo for talking about the poser that hated on u? Does not make sense.

I would be deadly in the wildcat formation.
Still you have a chance to sign me

Hi I am a delfin fan. I like very mucho Armando Blog.

I like very mucho to nice nice lady en la playa

Dear Mr. Optimus Past His Prime

I am sorry to inform you that your request of joining the Dolphins has been DENIED.

Although we appreciate your interest we can not bring in someone who has known oil leaks and constant transmission problems.

We have decided to go with Bumble Bee.

Soiled :)

Should we pick up Jon Jansen for OT depth?

Ronnie brown is better than every back except Ap from vikings and one has to wonder if he would be that good in the afc. afc is much more physical no gapping holes like playing against the lions and packers and the rest of the dogs from the nfc. happy happy hour scott from delaware go phins

Peterson MN is better than both ronnie and AP from Vikings

Optimus Is Still Avilable ? You just have to sign that bit@h now!

yeah Mando,
the way I look at it if your going to give Ronnie (the Cat) Brown 15 to 20 a game.Just make sure 75% of those are in the fourth. Thats when this Wild Moster gets going Running people over.

Jackasssin could be a good WR if Optimus wants to be RB

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