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Dolphins still mulling Jason Taylor scenario

A conversation earlier this week between the the Dolphins and Jason Taylor's representative was polite and inconclusive and so it is correct to say the team is not aggressively chasing the former Pro Bowl player now. But the Dolphins also are not willing to fully close the door on the possibility of signing Taylor, a club source said Thursday night.

So this is where we are: Taylor's representative Gary Wichard is continuing the job of finding Taylor a team to play for in 2009. There is interest from other teams, most prominently, the New England Patriots.

The Dolphins?

They continue to monitor the situation and reserve the right to become more active at any moment. Or not.

This is apparently not an easy decision for the Dolphins because there is more to weigh in bringing Taylor back to Miami than say, signing him for the first time as a late free agent addition.

Bill Parcells has studied tape of every single snap Taylor played in 2008 and came away believing there is still gas in JT's tank -- just not at the same high mark as a couple of years ago. Taylor has indeed diminished, according to the Dolphins source, so there is a serious question about how big of an upgrade he would be over say, Cameron Wake.

There are other things to think about as well. The Dolphins want to be absolutely certain they make a correct call on Taylor because he is something of a gamble for them. If they sign him and he proves drastically diminished in training camp, the team is concerned about embarrassing him and offending its fan base by having to cut him.

"How would that look?" the source asked.

The team is also concerned about the financial ramifications of adding Taylor. Although he will not come at a price anywhere close to the $8.5 million he was scheduled to make in Washington, he will cost some money and cap space.

And if Miami decides to keep Taylor and he either doesn't play well at the start of the season or gets injured again, as he was much of 2008, the money spent on him would be wasted. "He's a veteran, you know," the source told me. "And after Week One of the season his salary is guaranteed so there is no going back for us."

The Dolphins also want to be prepared should "another Chad Pennington" fall to them sometime between now and the regular season. If Miami adds Taylor, that would limit the team's ability to add another contingency player that would cost $3-$4 million against the salary cap.

Finally, the Dolphins are still weighing the question of improving now versus improving for the long haul. Suppose Taylor is better than the player he proved to be in 2008. Will he still be around in 2010? 2011? Probably not.

So the Dolphins are deciding whether giving those 2009 snaps to a younger player -- namely Wake -- is a better investment that would pay greater dividends in 2010 or 2011.

It's a fascinating scenario that is playing out because, frankly, it never crossed my mind guys like Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland would actually weigh things such as the potential embarrassment to JT if they cut him.

But again, nothing is concrete at this hour. Although the Dolphins are not being aggressive now, the source repeated time and again that can change and no final decision has been made. Interesting.

By the way, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com believes the Dolphins are feigning interest in Taylor for the sole reason of driving up the price the Patriots ultimately will have to pay. That would be cold. And cool. 


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Dont sign him. I prefer a super bowl run with wake in 2010 than some 3rd down rushes to the passer by JT in 2009

Sign him what the heck

Id love to see him retire a Dolphin but I don't think they can sign him until June doesn't have to be a year from when they traded him just a ???

I agree with Waterboy... this isn't the year anyhow... let`s give the young blood some reps... let them grow. I've seen Wake first hand... the NFL is a jump for him, but the last 2 years in the CFL, the guy was simply a freak.

is he worth 2-3 million when he isn't in the offseason training program? look what happened in '08. when i saw the skins, he didn't make a simgle stop or sack. actually, he looked like he was well contained.

2-3 mill keeps a few UFA's for the future. i loved JT as a fin but again his last year as a fin in november-december he looked out of gas in the 4th almost every game

He would have to come very cheap and be willing to come off the bench to even consider him. He wanted out, so let him be out.

I believe too that Jason has gas on the tank but I also believe we need to see him committed to playing football again. Now Armando what ever the say to me is an excuse to the real answer...which we dont know what is. There is no reason if this guy wants to play for you not to sign him, we did not get any passrush in the draft and certainly you cannot but all your eggs in one basket.

The reason JT was off last year is because he was playing out of position. Washington put him opposite the tight end on the left side, the same position Matt Roth plays. He wore down quickly and got injured.

Joey Porter had the same thing happen to him his first year in Miami and he played lousy. Last year he was back on the weak side and excelled.

If JT comes here it will be to play weak side. And herein lies the problem.

The phins have Joey Porter, his eventual replacement Cameron Wake, his backup Charlie Anderson, and perhaps even Eric Walden dividing snaps at that position. If JT came in, he would be taking snaps away from all of these players. And he will only be here for this year. Wake, Anderson and Walden will be here long term.

On top of all that, Parcells & Co. like to get players to come in on the upside of their careers. JT is definately not one of those.

Overall, I would say he does not make sense. I would be suprised if the phins sign him.

thanks for the report. Though, I don't think JT's 2008 performance is the best guage of his abilities given his motivation was down, he was injured part of the time, and he was playing out of position not to mention playing for a new team with a different defense.

If the Dolphins have so many what-if concerns, the thing to do would make the contract an incentive-laden type deal, the better he plays, the longer he plays, the more money he makes.

Sounds like the Dolphins brass are being way to tentative when it comes to signing veterans. You'd think that after their very positive experience bringing a great veteran leader like Chad Pennington that they would see the immense value of bringing in a similar great veteran leader on the defensive side. Really screwed up the way these guys view Taylor...

we need jason more than ever,we need a man of steel to bend and give guide to wake the man of the future, so sign jason for the love of god.

Although I didn't need convincing, very good reasons not to sign Taylor. Unfortunately, the JT crowd will go on and on and on and......

JT is not worth the trouble. What he did in the past is over. His skills are diminished and we should just let him go and forget about him. We can just run straight at him after the Patriots sign him and let Brown and Williams knock him on his butt. He didn't want to play for the Dolphins, so oblige his wishes.

Wow, Armando. Way to break it down. Obviously you have a pretty highup source that has you plugged in.

WTF? JT as a mentor? Come on. you have a mentor for WAKE ... Joey Porter..

You know, I was a firm believer on signing him until I read this article. You. Guys are right, as great as JT would sound on our roster and as good to see him retire In Miami, all it'll do is delay Wake's progress when he could be getting better with experience. I say forget him and to with Wake. He's our biggest opportunity.

Jason Tylor is by far the best fin player in history even better than dan marino, period.

When Armando writes that Parcells has studied every snap Jason took last year, it signaled to me that Miami's interest was serious. Unfortunately for Jason, he SUCKED last year.

So I understand why the Dolphins haven't been stalking him.

Wish we has sources. Wish we knows grammar too.

Water boy, no way jason is much better than Porter and much more cooler than any one in the whole world,come on water boy go and our best player in history

What ever happened to Jason Taylor's big acting career that was so promising he had to skip training camp and eventually lead to him being cut by the "loser" (in his mind) Dolphins?

...just saying...

Don't sign him. What more do you want to squeeze out of the old-timer? He WAS good. Leave it as that.

Excellent report Mando. Will you be blogging live from rookie camp? Are the Dolphins over their paranoia?


you never loved JT and you bad mouthed him all these years ,why ?
why don't you admit it ,he's the best looking player in our history.
go fins and sign the only JT

They should sign some UFA - DT help, like say:

Kendrick Allen, Minn (6-5, 328)


Damane Duckett, SF (6-6, 329)

Depth. Depth. Depth.

JT is a bit of a risk for the reasons described. Yes it would be nice to see him finish his career in a Dolphin uniform and not a NE one, but this is about football not sentiment. Miami should only sign him on their terms and not on his. If he is willing to accept a role as a situational pass rusher great but I doubt he wants to do that. Lets just hope that when Miami passes on him that Tampa steps up so that we do not have to see him in NE.

Is finfan13 a J-E-T in disguise?

Think about this though....would the tickets and sponsorships he brings to the team actually pay off as an investment so we COULD sign more inthe future.

is cameron wake a J-E-T in disguise ?

Florio is a tool.

willi is the perfect name for a red neck fan

Here's a pretty well written article that gives tells another side of the story on the Vontae Davis character hype. A little more substance than what I've read so far on the kid. I like him - he seems to have his priorities first - family then football. Can't fault him for that. It looks like Parcells /Ireland did their homework on this kid. I think I'd trust Parcell's judgment over what you hear from the 'experts' anyway, but this was a nice read that shows something the guys in the office might have already known.


Jason Taylor doesn't have time to play football this year, he will not sign anywhere... He is busy filming "The Flintstones Take South Beach", The next "High School Musical", and "Escape from Witch Mountain 2"... Look for them all to come straight to DVD...I've heard he is also working on a deal to appear on the next season of "The Real Housewives of Dade County"....

Sad as it is to see him go, I think it's time. It was hard to let Zach Thomas go too, but it had to be done. I hope they both get their names up on the ring of fame, and they'll both always be Dolphins, but it's time to find the next generation.

souljah, give the hate of JT a rest, he will be a fin again and guide wake to his stardom ,he will be the youth and the steel of this team in the next 3 years of sweat,blood and yeas super bowl win.
GO FINS and sign the man of all men

Doesn't the fact that arguably the best talent evaluator in the NFL (Belicheat) wanting him on his team raise some eyebrows?

Do not be fooled into thinking that JT doesn't have something left in the tank!

The guy would come in motivated and would be playing in a similar system which he flourished in under Saban.

Also... he has a chip on his shoulder and if utilized properly, would be fresh at the end of the season for a potential playoof run...

I say bring him in at the right price and allow for him to mentor the young backers and lineman... The guy is clearly only playing for a chance at a super bowl... Do it Parcells!!!

5-7 sacks, a pick or two, some caused fumbles, some defelctions, and QB pressures are worth 3 million a year!!! Also, if you bring him off the weakside with Porter coming in behind him like a rabid pitbull, what LT, TE, or RB can stop that?

It's risky, but what move isn't in this violent game?

the last thing the rebuilding Dolphins need is a pr nightmare with JT. it has been fun, good luck just don't go to the Pats

J-Rod, you loose the argument because you used Nick Saban's name in a positive way... shame....

JT over Marino? Wakey ... wakey... You're wet dreamin.
Jason Taylor (& Zach) were undersized and wore down at the end of games. Teams handled him late in games, and the Dolphins withered in the 4th quarters , especially in November /December. The collapses were pretty obvious. Parcells believes that good big people beat good little people.

I'd guess most of the people that rag on Marino on here were are something like 10 -15 years old and saw him in the 2nd half of his career Thats ok, too. Never got a ring - there were better teams than Miami but you could argue he was on the A list of the best of the best - ever. Even in his twilight he won a ton of games -and when it mattered - in the 4th quarter. The JJ era Marino was a shell of what was. If you didn't see Marino in 84 - we can't even begin to talk.

jason is the best player ever played this game and the best looking i might add

Nice writeup, thank you. I agree its interesting to get a peek behind the scenes like that and all the fine details (like Taylor's pride) that go into these decisions.

I am torn on this one too much to decide so I'll just not sweat it much and hope it works out, whichever way it goes. I admit though in my heart of hearts I think I'm leaning slightly toward them grabbing him, if for nothing else, to keep him away from the Pats. I hate rooting against Ex phins, especially good ones and Izzo and Welker were more than enough phin goodness being shipped to Boston for one lifetime thank you!

sorry to go off topic a bit but speaking of possible other acquisitions, do you know if Miami is at all interested in Larry Foote? I know at this stage it might be a bit much to expect him to be "another Penny" in terms of impact, but I know a lot of people felt let down by the shortage of LB picks in the draft and I think he's worth a look.

Amazing as it is to believe -- but without JT, the only players left on the Dolphins from the Wannstedtageddon are Ricky Williams and Vernon Carey.

that guy, who's better ,steve youg or dan {who never won any thing} marino ?
JT is the best fin player ever played this game and he looks better than dan .

In all seriousness, JT was a great Dolphin for many years, but the facts are that he is old, has his best years behind him, and he is not committed to football anymore... Maybe he can come back and be the choreographer for the cheerleaders...

With or without Taylor the Phins are not going to the superbowl this season. Making us better will only help this season because Taylor isn't in a position to help two or three years down the road when the Dolphins hit their stride. He could help them fight for another afc east title but that's it. Barring any significant injuries this season I see no reason why the Pats shouldn't be able to take the title. It makes absolutely no sense to sign him, taking development time away from Merling and or Langford, Wake, and Roth, the guys who WILL be in the NFL in two years. The cons greatly outnumber the pros so I really hope we save that money for someone that could actually help the team in the future.

Wake has not prove anything at this level JT is a former proboler and def player of the year..the money should not be a issue because JT will generate money to the team just by coming back. Armondo like usual your piont is stupid
Go delfines

i am starting to change my mind about getting JT back after i red NYScott post, it makes a lot of good points,i think JT should take a hike and leave our young team to move forward to their bright future.

Uhhhh, Jason Taylor is that Chad Pennington you speak of.

Who thinks old man Favre is coming back to the Vikings?

Thanks for spelling out the various considerations the Trifecta have to weigh, it is not a simple decision as many may think.

And thanks for not including "dislike for Taylor" on the part of Parcells over "Dancing" as one of the factors, since IMO it is not a factor. With Parcells, its strictly business.

Great report Mando - hadn't seen anything this detailed on the subject yet. Always enjoy your insight.

I say let sleeping dogs lie. As nice as it would be to have him mentor the young guys and have his skill on the field, I believe the risks/possible potholes outweigh the intended benefit.

I can't wait to hear your take on the camp this weekend.


LMAO. I've been telling everbody the same thing armando said about taylor for months. Some people will never learn. . Also this bring back taylor to be a mentor is to much already. You have porter and what the hell to you have coaches for ?. Soulja . you stole my FLINTESTONES TAKE SOUTH BEACH movie idea.LOL

Given that Parcells does indeed believe that Taylor still has gas in the tank, the biggest factor here has to be, will he stay healthy?

It's about money and cap space more than "holding back" Wake, IMO. Remeber the mantra, "you can never have too many good pass rushers."

who cares? he's becoming our brett favre.

If we can get him for a song and dance (yea I really said that!!!) let's do it. It must be base salary with incentives based upon meeting specific requirements. If he's serious about playing with us he should be be paid for performance---not attendance. End of story. Let him play elsewhere if he's looking for the big bucks again upfront.

I highly doubt they're concerned about what the fan base would think if they signed him and then cut him. If you sign him and he turns out to be playing at a lower level than you thought, then cut him. At least give him a try. Fans wouldn't care if you signed him and cut him. They'd be more concerned if you didn't sign him at all.

It comes down to this.......Do you want to beat the New England Cheatriots in 2009? If you don't care, then don't sign them. If you want to win the division, then sign him.

There's an added bonus in signing him. The Cheatriots won't get him! New England has a gaping hole at outside linebacker (the only gaping hole on the team). If you sign JT, not only does your team get better, your biggest rival gets worse. It's that simple. Do you want to compete this year or are you waiting for future years to try to compete?

"There's an added bonus in signing him. The Cheatriots won't get him! New England has a gaping hole at outside linebacker (the only gaping hole on the team). If you sign JT, not only does your team get better, your biggest rival gets worse. It's that simple. Do you want to compete this year or are you waiting for future years to try to compete?"
Yup. Very true. I hope the Dolphins front office is at least considering this. There's ongoing competition in the AFC EAST. If JT goes to NE and does well, it would be a huge psychological edge to NE.


Great article, been saying this all off season long. Taylor has been a great Dolphin in the past but his skills are eroding fast. You have to give time to younger players for their development. I think its great that Dolphins reserve the right or not as you said in you article Amando and just wait and see approach is the best.


Spelling fix

mrmike brings up an interesting scenario...Jake Long blocking Jason Taylor. I'd hate to see it, but it would be irresistable to watch.

>Taylor was cut by the Redskins in late March after he declined to hinge $500,000 of his $8.5 million compensation on participation in 25 of the team’s 39-day offseason program.

Let's move on guys. It's a new dawn.

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