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Dolphins still mulling Jason Taylor scenario

A conversation earlier this week between the the Dolphins and Jason Taylor's representative was polite and inconclusive and so it is correct to say the team is not aggressively chasing the former Pro Bowl player now. But the Dolphins also are not willing to fully close the door on the possibility of signing Taylor, a club source said Thursday night.

So this is where we are: Taylor's representative Gary Wichard is continuing the job of finding Taylor a team to play for in 2009. There is interest from other teams, most prominently, the New England Patriots.

The Dolphins?

They continue to monitor the situation and reserve the right to become more active at any moment. Or not.

This is apparently not an easy decision for the Dolphins because there is more to weigh in bringing Taylor back to Miami than say, signing him for the first time as a late free agent addition.

Bill Parcells has studied tape of every single snap Taylor played in 2008 and came away believing there is still gas in JT's tank -- just not at the same high mark as a couple of years ago. Taylor has indeed diminished, according to the Dolphins source, so there is a serious question about how big of an upgrade he would be over say, Cameron Wake.

There are other things to think about as well. The Dolphins want to be absolutely certain they make a correct call on Taylor because he is something of a gamble for them. If they sign him and he proves drastically diminished in training camp, the team is concerned about embarrassing him and offending its fan base by having to cut him.

"How would that look?" the source asked.

The team is also concerned about the financial ramifications of adding Taylor. Although he will not come at a price anywhere close to the $8.5 million he was scheduled to make in Washington, he will cost some money and cap space.

And if Miami decides to keep Taylor and he either doesn't play well at the start of the season or gets injured again, as he was much of 2008, the money spent on him would be wasted. "He's a veteran, you know," the source told me. "And after Week One of the season his salary is guaranteed so there is no going back for us."

The Dolphins also want to be prepared should "another Chad Pennington" fall to them sometime between now and the regular season. If Miami adds Taylor, that would limit the team's ability to add another contingency player that would cost $3-$4 million against the salary cap.

Finally, the Dolphins are still weighing the question of improving now versus improving for the long haul. Suppose Taylor is better than the player he proved to be in 2008. Will he still be around in 2010? 2011? Probably not.

So the Dolphins are deciding whether giving those 2009 snaps to a younger player -- namely Wake -- is a better investment that would pay greater dividends in 2010 or 2011.

It's a fascinating scenario that is playing out because, frankly, it never crossed my mind guys like Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland would actually weigh things such as the potential embarrassment to JT if they cut him.

But again, nothing is concrete at this hour. Although the Dolphins are not being aggressive now, the source repeated time and again that can change and no final decision has been made. Interesting.

By the way, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com believes the Dolphins are feigning interest in Taylor for the sole reason of driving up the price the Patriots ultimately will have to pay. That would be cold. And cool. 


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Alvin, you just forgot one thing,what if fins signs him and he suck big time ?

Lets sign a player just for the sake of keeping him away from a team. Yeah that's how you build a team . BRILLIANT ! LOL. Oh by the way , jake long will eat up jason taylor for lunch.

There are pros, cons, and unknowns associated with a Taylor return. However, from the standpoint of the majority of fans and I suspect team members, having Taylor back would provide instant excitement and hope for the coming season. Building for the future is judicious and will always factor in, but given the capability of a quick turnaround (see Cardinals)focus on winning now has become the dominant driving force. Bring him back in, have him compete, and give someone who has laid it all on the line for Miami in the past a chance to go out in style.

We just have to sign taylor because i still have his jersey and poster. Please!

Me too , maxx.

what about me ,i love him ,sign him before some one steal him.

me too jed, which poster do you have ?

if porter or wake goes down in camp/preseason with a season ending ACL tear or something, who fills that position next on the depth chart? and in your opinion, would that player be better than Jason Taylor?

good article!

Armando, good stuff. One point that Sparano made last year comes to mind: you can never have enough pass rushers.

Good points. I don't think we need to sign him. Save the cap money for a production guy. Someone that can work at least 75% of the downs. Jt may not be able to bring that.

On the other side of the coin we don't have to play this year anyway, so why sign anyone. Brady is back and think we should all run away and hide.

Dan Marino was by far the best player that has ever played for this team. By far, throughout the 80's and 90's he was great. If you question this you are too young or to dumb. Either way, go join a Jet blog.


your donuts make me go nuts.

Signing Jason will only put us back in time. His ability is diminished, not only because he's older, but because his heart's not in it anymore. Remember, he blew off the team, for his "Dancing" gig. He might be a short term answer for another team, but not this one. The Dolphins are building for the future. His playing time would take away from the development of our long term answer, our rookies.
I have the utmost respect for Jason (Taylor) and believe that he would still be on the team, if his heart was there. It was his lack of commitment to the Miami Dolphins that exited him from the team. We've moved forward since then and signing him, would be a step back.

kindry is not telling the truth cause he can't handle the truth that jason is best player ever played for us ,best looking player in uniform played for us and sweetest player who graced the dolphin nation with his steal of play.

the menace on deck,any questions for the loco cuban

Real maxx. I have the poster of him in just overalls and a straw hat with some farm animals. Which one to you have ?.

Great info Mando. I understand JT would take playing time away from the young players but would Ireland ever consider that JT could help us at that next level? He was a game changer and who knows what he has left. He might be what we need to make it to the playoffs this year and maybe even win one or two. What is better experience, playing almost every snap, or sharing time and having 2-4 extra weeks of games and practices? Isn't some playoff experience better then only regular season experience? Last year they brought in Torbor and made a big deal about his playoff experience right? Just a thought.

it's over johnny, it's over.

whats the big deal with signing him as a back up to wake or porter for 2 or 3 mil. thats how much ayodele and torber are making as backups, what about injuries to the starters?

and whos to say Belicheat isn't trying to raise the price for the Dolphins? He's trying to outsmart the master, parcells isn't going to play this game, thats why the trifecta is acting like they could care less.

Good article Mando. I was all for signing JT and was kind of angry they didn't already sign him. But your article makes a lot of sense. I still hope we sign him, because he is passionate and is one of the greatest Phins of all time. But I'll understand if we don't.

let´s wait and see wath happens by the time the season starts, let´s hope the best for the dolphins an JT, not for the cheatriots

I think most of the people who want to sign him want to do so because the Patriots are interested. I think we have to be more objective - if he is a gamble for us, then we must weigh the risks and potential benefits and see if it makes sense.

The patriots have a lot more established tools and, with Brady, are always contenders, so the short term benefit of a productive taylor probably outweighs the downside...

Although I was all for it, the more I think of it, the more I think, as I said above, I wanted him so as to keep him from the Pats.. not so much because it is best for us in the short or long run. at this point, he would have to be a steal.. and without drama (from being cut, low playing time, time on off position, or any other whining)..

please sign jason taylor i still have his mcfarlane figure which i worship on a daily basis!!!

does jason taylor come out in the bowflex commercial?
I have the jason taylor poster with him in a speedo at the beach with his hand on his forehead looking into the beach.

who cares sign him and if he isint producing by game 3 in the preseason or isint producing like his back ups release him end of story why is everybody crying over this i dont see the big deal.I dont think the money is guranteed if he is cut before the season, and as for embaressement well... i dont think tuna cares does he?

I say sign him!!! It is a gamble, but in the NFL everything is a gamble.At least with JT we knowhe has the heart of a lion. Since we passed up on Anquan Boldin a true #1 reciever and drafted a bunch "maybe's" in the draft, i say spend the money on a true Dolphin warrior. I love Pat White I think he was one of the best players comming out of the draft but i don't understand the pick. He's not a reciever, he's not a quarterback.....he's just a leader and athletic. why not solidify the WR position with Boldin who stated he wanted to be a Dolphin and enter the draft ready to draft the best available defensive players. Vontae Davis... let's see he's 5"11 T.O could get verticle on him easily, and Randy Moss won't be any different.So far he's all talk! Hakeem Nicks made more sense since we didn't take Boldin.


Most of the reasons for agonizing over JT signing are bogus. A "new" Pennington class player "falling" to them? Better than JT who is actually falling to them? Get serious. Who might that be?

JT has lost a step? So. A one-loss step Jason is still better than any linebacker on the team but Porter and maybe not him.

Competition for Wake? Since when has the coaching staff cared about injuring the delicate feelings of a player by bringing in competition.

At the very least Taylor is a very solid LB backup. If he's willing to accept an incentive-laden contract with a base close to the player minimum, AND participate fully in training camp, he should be signed in a heartbeat.


If there's ever a situation where owner Ross would try to influence any side of football operations, this would be it. He's trying to make the Dolphins the hot spot for all of south Florida. Who better represents South Florida over the past ten years than Jason Taylor? From his giant statue in London to Dancing with the Stars, JT has represented Florida and the Dolphins on the national stage. It would seem to accentuate Ross's plans if JT were on the team.

he is worth it just so the Pats don't get him. I would hate for that old guy to embarrass us twice in one year. It would be humiliating. Remember Seau? Welker? Evans?

you can't compare a great player like Welker to never won any thing JASON 1-15

taylor is a bum ! a premodona ! and is a waste of time and money.


I don't know why the Jason Taylor rumors continue. Write this down in stone: Jason Taylor will not be back in a Dolphin uniform ever again!
They don't want to bring in an old soldier that will take playing time away from Cameron Wake. He is the opposite number for Joey Porter now. Brett Favre has a better chance of being a defensive end for the Dolphins in 2009.

Marino was an apple, Jason Taylor was an orange. No comparison there.

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