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Dolphins have much to prove -- which is good

My Sunday column is about motivation and how coach Tony Sparano loves players "with a little chip on their shoulders" because he believes that gives them an edge.

It is hard to argue with Sparano about this because he is right. He's convinced a good football player is one with talent and work ethic and that little something else that makes people reach deeper or longer for that something extra.

And one way to mine extra intangible is having players that want to prove themselves or believe they must prove themselves. So in the column I take a look at part of the Dolphins roster and name some players that have things to prove in the coming season.

We're not just talking about undrafted free agents here. Miami's starting quarterback has something to prove. Miami's most recognizable player has something to prove. The entire starting secondary has something to prove because every individual in it is shadowed by someone's doubt or skepticism.

Read the column. Check out the players I name and the reason they have a burden of proof upon them. But understand I could not and did not name every player that has something to prove.

That's why this blog exists. That's where you come into the picture.

When you come back here (I hope) name the players I've missed that, in your opinion, have something to prove to themselves, the coaches, and yes, you, the hardcore Miami fan.

If someone has already named a player and given the burden of proof he carries you can repeat that name, no problem. But can you add to that which the player has to prove? Think!

And have a great Sunday!


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I think Channing Crowder has a lot to prove considering a lot of people thought the FO should have let him walk.

Also, if Wake pans out and is dominant, he will end up being one of the real steals in the history of free agent signings.

I love the fact that this guy will have a year of tutelage from someone of Jason Taylor's caliber.

Nj Phin if you respect people that work and don't take government handouts, how come you don't pay your employees for overtime so they have to get food stamps?

slime balls don't have to pay overtime

You were looking for a player that DOESN'T have something to prove? How about Ricky Williams? Somehow he has a big role but little expectations because (believe it or not) he has managed to remain out of the public eye. He isn't the starter (Brown) and he isn't the "next big thing" (White). He is just a complimentary back.

Interestingly, because Jake Long's agent was so good, now Long has the pressure of those salary bumps.

"marc and steve. 2 more idiots who don't understand the part in this blog that says the "PLAYER " with the most to prove.
Posted by: Mr Bunglito

Bunglikr, do you have anything constructive to add to this conversation besides: "First".....at 1:53 a.m.on a Saturday night?......poor pitiful retard. But hey, your the First retard! Do you gloat at being the first on your porn sites and dork blogs as well?
p.s. we knew Armando asked for "players" but CHOSE to progress the discussion to include coaches!

Ronnie Brown. please step forward and lead this team.

Mando, I liked your article it good journalism. (see I'm not just a hater) the only criticism I have is not just by you but others is, stop always saying comments about Penny being replaced soon, or that Henne is starting next year. Listen, I know that it's most likely is going to happen, but so does most of your audience. At this point, Penny is out starter coming off an MVP like season. There are no certentees in this league. Penny could back up last year with another great year, Henne might not be what we hope he is, Pat white might surpass Henne. Regardless, the point is that Penny is our starter and our leader, so I wish beat writers would stop disrespecting that fact. Even though I hope Henne is a stud and our next franchise qb, I cringe when I read articles and blogs that degrade CHad Pennington, considering he was one if, if not the biggest reason we won the division last season......coming off a 1-15 record non the less.

sorry about the typos, had too many Memorial day cocktails.......

spad13, pat white will be the starter , period,by the way, your english suck man,did you go to school ?

I feel pretty!

I feel pretty and i take it up the azzzzzz !

The whole organization has a big chip on there shoulders. They have alot to prove to the sport of football and the world. Last year was a surprise success. The coaches knew what they had last year and they made the players believe also.

There's big money involve here from the top to the bottom. Miami has a lot of good talent for this season. I feel they will rock there divion again. They will go all the way this year.

I got the inside scoop about what went on in Pennington head after the last game last year, from close friends of his where he grew up. This man felt so bad after that lost.

This team will not mish a gear in the season coming up. They have to step up and they will. I have been a dolfan since the age of 8 years old.

All of you just sit back and you all will see.


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