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Ross would examine Vick? Not necessary

A couple of days ago at the NFL mini-meeting in Fort Lauderdale (my home turf South Florida is) Dolphins owner Stephen Ross discussed the issue of Michael Vick with the NFL Network's Scott Hanson. According to Hanson's Twitter tweet on the subject, Ross told Hanson he "believes in giving a second chance," and would examine Vick if asked to do so by his football people.

Ross, at the end of the day, is still a rookie NFL owner and has some things to learn. First lesson, why get involved in issues that aren't issues for your team?

If Ross knew his football people as well as he needs to, he'd know the Dolphins are not interested in Michael Vick. Miami's football people, so averse to bringing attention to the team they don't even hold press conferences after signing unrestricted free agents, are not interested in having the Michael Vick circus pitch its tents in Davie.

And it's not just that Vick comes with unflattering attention based on his tainted history, it's also that there are legitimate football reasons the conversation concerning any interest in Vick was very short around Miami's braintrust.

Vick has been out of the NFL for 19 months, may be suspended by the league once his legal issues are resolved in a couple of months, and Vick wasn't exactly Peyton Manning before his troubles anyway. Miami also just invested a second-round pick on Pat White, by all accounts a player expected fill the same spot as what Vick might, so the addition would cause a logjam at quarterback for Miami.

So Ross discussing Vick is simply talk for the sake of talking. The owner should learn to avoid that as he gains more experience.

[BLOG NOTE: Want to wish you all a happy Memorial Day weekend. Take a second this weekend to remember the sacrifice of the military men and woman who died while serving the United States of America. Maybe invest more than a second and watch the video below. While most of us are not working, I remind you this blog will be in full effect Sunday with an update on my Sunday Dolphins column, which tackles the issues of Miami's' "hungry" players and why coach Tony Sparano loves them. So check back tomorrow.]


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First, good article mando, and yea ross should learn not to mess with those things as he gains experience

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Ross, at the end of the day, is still a rookie NFL owner and has some things to learn."

Do the Veteran owners have a hazing party for the rookie owners ?

At the end of an owners meeting does Mr. Ross have to carry Mr. Krafts wallet to his waiting limo ?

Is mr. Ross requiered to where womens clothing at all owners meetings for the first year ?

Does Mr. Ross have to pick up the check for all meals ?

Anyhoo just wondering

Soiled :)

Meh I would be more upset if He turned down a BP request thus involving himself in the football operations lawl =)

Of course Miami's players are "hungry" they are learning from the best, Parcells, the 500 lb tuna! How do you think Vernon Carey and Solai got so big? Learning from the master of course. Hakeem Nicks gained almost 20 pounds right around the time of his first workout with the Dolphins prior to the draft. Rumor has it that this was a result of a breakfast and interview with Parcells. I guess the fins didn't draft nicks becuz he couldn't hang at the all you can eat.

I hear Jeff Ireland is not very hungry and not a good eater. He only like acorns.

He mainly said this to show his support of his football decision people, mainly Bill Parcells. Parcells would never go after Vick and Ross knows it. This is what smart business people do.

Dear Mr. Carlito from Golfito

Jeff Ireland is a geneticaly altered Squirrel

Soiled :)

carlto from golfito. do you ever talk any football ?


soiled man, please don't post here between , 7;00-10-00 a.m----11.30 a.m-2.oo p.m,
5.300-7;30 p.m...........B, Lunch and Dinner time ,due to your ugly name

Dear Mr. D

I am sorry to inform you that your current request "soiled man, please don't post here between , 7;00-10-00 a.m----11.30 a.m-2.oo p.m,
5.300-7;30 p.m. "Has been denied.

Though your request did include the words "Please,Don't and Ugly" I am unable at this time to stop posting questions and observations.

You may resubmitt your request in 3 months


Soiled :)

Carlito from Golfito,

Take it easy you are not in jail/prison anymore>

Ross did nothing wrong. He was asked a question and gave a general, vague answer, saying that he believes in second chances and would look at him if the FOOTBALL PEOPLE asked him to. I understand you've had little to talk about and need column filler so you didn't go on a third day with the same blog post - but Ross did not do anything wrong in this instance.

"Ross, at the end of the day, is still a rookie NFL owner and has some things to learn." PLEASE STOP USING THE BAD CLICHE "AT THE END OF THE DAY" "AT THE END OF THE DAY""AT THE END OF THE DAY""AT THE END OF THE DAY""AT THE END OF THE DAY""AT THE END OF THE DAY" STOP STOP STOP!!!! All you terrible sports writers use it in every damn article and it is way overused and means nothing!!!! STOP PLEASE STOP!!!do us all a favor and yourself!

From the bleacher report! by mg

The race for the No. 1 wide receiver spot for the Miami Dolphins is on.

In my mind, Ted Ginn Jr. clinched the spot with his dramatic, game-clinching catch against the Seattle Seahawks last year when he was double-covered and had only inches to spare at the back of the end zone on a perfect throw from Chad Pennington.

Despite not getting the respect with Dolphin fans and the rest of the NFL alike, Ginn has made a major imprint on the return game alone since he was drafted by former coach Cam Cameron. That year alone, Ginn had four touchdowns called back because of penalties.

No one seems to mention that when they talk about Ginn taking over for a team that traded the popular and gifted Chris Chambers in the middle of the season. With Chambers having a lot of injuries since then, the trade looks good now but during a 1-15 campaign, it looked dreadful and forced Ginn into the lineup without a coach on the field.

Well now after a playoff run and a whole season at WR under his belt, it seems Ginn is poised to lead a young receiver corps that seems to thrive in anonymity. Let's go through the names and see if the average fan will know any without saying "nope."

Camarillo, London, Bess, Patrick Turner (rookie), Brian Hartline (rookie), Wilford, Armstrong, Lowber, Brennan Marion (rookie) and Chris Williams (rookie).

Are you stumped yet?

Believe it or not, they're a very talented and extremely gritty group that remind me of the 1970s Dolphins. The rookies will be tested very soon but the others do nothing but catch the ball and get "another Miami Dolphin first down."

Adding a QB like Pennington, who believes any one in his huddle can get it done, you have the makings of a solid offense with everything depending on a healthy offensive line to set up the run game, with above average running backs Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

It seems WR Earnest Wilford is being set up to be an all-purpose receiver, blocker, and h-back even though he was frustrated by not seeing the ball a lot in his first year with the team. The Dolphins' front office's strong point is loyalty, consistency, and the belief that every player can make a difference.

Keep your eye on this situation since the Dolphins have two good tight ends in Fasano and Martin. Don't be surprised if Nalbonne isn't given a shot to catch the ball because of his size and strength at 6'5" and 260 lbs. Ireland and Parcells haven't really missed on a TE in years.

Dolphin fans should be very excited, because the offense will be even more creative since the team has been together for a while and aren't looking to pay big money for costly stars like Anquan Boldin to come in and lack results. Now I'm not saying Boldin wouldn't be a good fit, he would. But at what cost?

Receiver coach Karl Dorrell is a former receiver in the NFL and was a head coach for the UCLA Bruins, so he has the pedigree to develop this unit into the top half of the AFC. With the "Wildcat" and a successful run game though, how good do they really have to be?

Against teams like their AFC rivals the Patriots, Jets and Bills, the Dolphins won with ball control and not high scoring shootouts. Therefore, the receivers just need

Ginn to be the superstar, Bess as the replacement if he goes down, Camarillo as the latest edition of Welker, and the rest to work hard and learn their roles in the clutch.

This particular aspect of the offense will be improved and the rest of the league will find it hard to defensively match the offensive playbook of the 2009 Miami Dolphins.

by the way that stupid video is GROSS propaganda. stop all the jackass politico stuff chipmunk face!!!


Sammy, I talking football right now. I'm talking about hungry players, acorns, 500 lb tuna, Solai, Carey, Hakeem Nicks, and Ireland. All of these are football things.

Michael Vick is not an acorn.

I have a question

Why are they acorns and not coconuts?

Armando it obvious what you percieved from the article. However, what I percieved was Ross "brilliantly" taking advantage of a golden opportunity to publically give BP&CO a full and complete endorsement on any pursuit they may have and even if it seems totally ludicrous to him they still have his full blessings.

Its a ringing endorsement of the present regime and nothing else Manny.

"Why are they acorns and not coconuts?"

I have just decided to look at the Dolphins Trifecta as "Gilligans Island"

Tuna is the Skipper
Sparano is Gilligan(Lil Buddy)
Ireland is the Professor(gathering coconuts to build a team)
Mr. Ross is Thirston Howell the third.

Soiled :)

Good one soiled culo, coconuts it is. Armando can you please notify Jeff Ireland that he is to stop looking for acorns and start looking for coconuts. I think he will be much more successful becuz the number of acorns in South Florida IS very small.

soiled do you agree that Michael Vick is not a coconut?

carlito, if you know football and up to the minute of football news since ross interest in Vick ,2 Q
A-what vick's most aggressive pit bull's NAME ?
B-what would happen for any pit bull who won't fight ?

Sammy I don't support any kind of dog fighting. It is disgusting. I have had pit bulls my whole life and the smart, loyal, kind dogs are made into monsters by idiots who fight them and give the entire breed a bad name.

THE imposter armando is a Left wing , looney , nut job Liberal. Have some respect you f'n asswipe !

They fight for your Freedom to be an asswipe!

we as fans we should know that vick loved his dogs ,his favorite dog his name was,Barbedue and jonny justice comes close second. the sad part is if you aren't up to fight as a pit bull you get shot.

Dear Mr. Carlito

I think Mr. Vick is an over ripe Banana thats only use is in Banana pudding.

Soiled :)



Adam you don't agree with Armando but seem upset he didn't post five times yesterday to keep you happy.

carlito nicks gained 20 pounds because he had a hamstring injury. that means no running no biking no cardio which increases your metabalism and burns fat. all he could do was lift heavy weights which add muscle and weight. muscle is heavier than fat. as to loyal pit bulls read the news papers archives and you will see even loyal pits turn on the kindest most loving owners. and their owners children. consider yourself and any loved ones lucky.

Didn't Ross say he wasn't interested in Vick a while ago? I'm sure he doesn't want to step on Tuna's toes anyway.

Nice blog I Heart Dolphins. I agree that Ginn has been dogged for no good reason. Maybe he wasn't our favorite draft pick at the time but he is proving that he can be a playmaker for this team.

I also want to thank Mando for the video of my fellow vets on our weekend. Have a great and safe holiday weekend FinFans and God Bless America!!

Armando, thank you for the video.

God bless our boys that carry the fight to our enemies and those that have died doing so. Special shout out to the marines who are always the first in the fight.


most pit bulls found after vick's was hand cuffed, they were the most dangerous but few of them went into homes, this one his name was ZIPPY who went to a nice family in CA where no dogs live near by,but one peaceful night he walk up,walked three blocks looking for LAB dog so he found him , gave him the vick treat and came back home and went back to sleep.

next day they put him to sleep, they loved him like part of the family



All you anti-semitic Ross haters can go to hell.

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Vick WAS miss treated. THis poor manlost all what he had for stupid dogs how can this be justice

vick was not sued by any one, he still have it all but Barbeque and Jonny justice ,his favorite 2 pit bull.

dogs couldn't sue him

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Well actually rookie or not I think he answered it correctly and the media people are pushing for a story that simply is not there. He said he would exam the issue if asked by his football people. Basically he says unless BP asks him to then he will not address it. Nothing is wrong with that. He basically said I will leave that up to his football people.

Thanks for the video. Very good.

I am a bills fan and it's disturbing to see the anti Vick in here since florida is number one state for owning dangerous and sick Pit Bulls in the nation.

It's amazing how little most of you posters know about football, specifically the NFL. Owners should not have anything to do with the team other than spending or saving money. They simply do not know enough and the ones who think they do are the real problem.

One other thing: this is not a chat room, go play with your gameboy. Carlito, soiled bottom are you listening? For the most part, we're grown men who are serious about our Miami Dolphins not some snot nose kids.

ohh lawd i love it when coco is all mad..

cocoajoe and mc culoito are just trying to get together for a picnic to play w/ each other popo and carlito's dangerous pit bull

Pitbulls are just DOGS. You people think that VICK really deserves to lose millions for that sh=t

I wouldn't want VICK but not because of anything else but we have WHITE.

afc east loves big ass, tell us why?

IF the day comes when Michael Vick ever suits up for ANY NFL team, that team will be the scourge of the league.

I believe a debt is already paid by Vick for his crime, but let's suppose a child molester is let loose after doing jail time, would you hire him?

I think this is not on that level, but it's close. Both are traumatized for life and both need therapy to get over it. And the animal is man's best friend-and he betrayed that trust that dogs put in us.

Vick's only salvation will be to volunteer time working with animals in earnest or starting a veterinary school for underprivileged kids who may not ever see the joys of owning a dog.

If we allow him to return to work as before, I will not protest. That is his right.

But would any animal lover PAY to see a cruel person like him play? Hell no.

The NFL has worked to very hard to now see its image be swept under the rug so easily by a thug just because he can throw a ball and run.

Great Post MG! But, it has nothing to do with this article. :(

Vick would be a waste of time for our team. And Ross did nothing wrong. He supported the people that have to make the football decisions. And he stated he believes in second chances. I don't see anything wrong there.

carlos, you have no heart, vick didn't kill any one ,he just let some pit bulls kill and demolish other weak pit bulls .it's all in family of the worst bread of dogs ever walked the face of the earth,the fact is that he high lighted the dangerous nature of that bread .

I hope the bonehead things Ross is doing are just rookie mistakes and not the path he plans to take for his entire tenure as owner.

CARLOS: Letme get this right you're putting VICK on the same level as a child molester.THAT's by far the STUPIDEST THING I EVER HEARD. So if I KILLED some one who was tring to kill me and my family in my house. I'm just as bad as the TALIBAND.OR if I J-walked means I'm suicidel. If I slapped the sh=t out of your dumb @ss does that make me woman beater

i find afc BIG DUMB ASS, he always take people comments and twist them with his low IQ that he's famous for.

Video broke my heart. It is so easy for us dolfans to forget what really matters. Bless our troops, honor them when they return, and never forget, regardless of your beliefs, what they have done for us! God bless our troops!

And this from a surely old dolfan.

MR.B: Yeah must confess I LOVE a big @ss but never put it in one. I LOVE smacking it and the way it moves from behind. Slim girls with no butt just don't do it for me.This might sound like BS but I WOULDN'T even hit BRADY's wife he she tried.Saw her in underwear add and her panties were more baggy than rappers pants.

ok, afc east champs, tell us the size pants for the ass you like so we can judge you .

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