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Ross would examine Vick? Not necessary

A couple of days ago at the NFL mini-meeting in Fort Lauderdale (my home turf South Florida is) Dolphins owner Stephen Ross discussed the issue of Michael Vick with the NFL Network's Scott Hanson. According to Hanson's Twitter tweet on the subject, Ross told Hanson he "believes in giving a second chance," and would examine Vick if asked to do so by his football people.

Ross, at the end of the day, is still a rookie NFL owner and has some things to learn. First lesson, why get involved in issues that aren't issues for your team?

If Ross knew his football people as well as he needs to, he'd know the Dolphins are not interested in Michael Vick. Miami's football people, so averse to bringing attention to the team they don't even hold press conferences after signing unrestricted free agents, are not interested in having the Michael Vick circus pitch its tents in Davie.

And it's not just that Vick comes with unflattering attention based on his tainted history, it's also that there are legitimate football reasons the conversation concerning any interest in Vick was very short around Miami's braintrust.

Vick has been out of the NFL for 19 months, may be suspended by the league once his legal issues are resolved in a couple of months, and Vick wasn't exactly Peyton Manning before his troubles anyway. Miami also just invested a second-round pick on Pat White, by all accounts a player expected fill the same spot as what Vick might, so the addition would cause a logjam at quarterback for Miami.

So Ross discussing Vick is simply talk for the sake of talking. The owner should learn to avoid that as he gains more experience.

[BLOG NOTE: Want to wish you all a happy Memorial Day weekend. Take a second this weekend to remember the sacrifice of the military men and woman who died while serving the United States of America. Maybe invest more than a second and watch the video below. While most of us are not working, I remind you this blog will be in full effect Sunday with an update on my Sunday Dolphins column, which tackles the issues of Miami's' "hungry" players and why coach Tony Sparano loves them. So check back tomorrow.]


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SAMMY: Pittbulls Are the most loyal of dogs the problem are the owners.They keep them in cages and do every thing in their power to make them that way.However this is something you can do with any type of animal.

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The afc east champs. Tell james harrison's son how sweet and loyal pit bulls are to people. The little boy was almost mauled to death . He's still in the hospital and this dog never did anything like this before. These dogs can snap anytime.

carlos. the same goes for you. This little boy will be traumatized for life and will probably need therapy never mind vick's dogs .

Dear Mr. Cocoajoe

"soiled bottom are you listening? For the most part, we're grown men who are serious about our Miami Dolphins not some snot nose kids."

I am listening and hear you loud and clear.
I will try my best to fall in line and get with the program.

If I dont shape up soon I'll throw my own ass outa here.

Thanks for setting me straight

Soiled :)

one of vick's dogs was placed in a home in CA and walked three blocks from his home by himself to mule a lab dog,then the people who had ZIPPY said, he's so sweet , we can't believe he pulled the lab's head of his body.

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Dear Mr. Farlito

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Dear Mr. Farlito

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Written like a true 10th grader.
Vick deserves second chance in life. Now he can use his college education and become whatever he wants....outside of football. Goodall is going to keep him on the shelf for 1 yr.
He wasn't exactly Peyton Manning before all this dog gone mess... pun intended... NO KiDDing,, never was that level, never will be. Running threat, that's it.
Atlanta doesn't want him back,,, they are better of with a Rookie QB than Vick in his prime.

"EDITOR'S NOTE: WHILE TEMPTED TO DELETE THIS POST BY SOMEONE POSING AS AN IMPOSTER, I DECIDED TO KEEP IT HERE SO WE COULD ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT HATERS OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD -- SUCH AS REMEMBERING OUR FALLEN HEROES -- LOOKS LIKE"...yeah they are real heroes that rape and burn teenage girls then kill their families. The real fallen heroes are the ones who don't enlist and have to fight for their innocent lives and then get murdered by the US military anyway!


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sammy. i thank you for your kind words. like al pacino said in the movie "Heat" . " She's got a greeeeeat ass and your head is all the way up it. fercious aren't I ? "

Like it or not Miami has a big issue at QB. Pennington is a good QB but not enough to in the system we are trying to run. Chad Henne is really a mystery to me, we know he has a strong arm and all but he is really an unknown quantity until he start some NFL games. Pat White is not Michael Vick AKA 3 time pro bowl selection. Vick may not be Payton Manning but who in the NFL is? Drew Brees and Tom Brady fit in that category and that's about it.

Michael Vick may have a bit of a circus that is guaranteed to follow him but he is literally made for the system the Dolphins had success with last season. I can see Vick lined up at receiver Ronnie Brown at QB, that is a major problem for opposing defenses. Vick can run and would be a dangerous receiver threat. Can the same be said of Pennington?

Vick killed a few dogs, ok he did his time and paid a HEAVY price, can we get over it? The guy would obviously be on his BEST behavior, me it's a no brainer. If he can't regain his for we cut him next year. What do we really have to lose? There are people in the NFL who have done worse things than Vick has done.

Dave put the crack pipe down !

Dear Mr. Dave

"What do we really have to lose?"

Respect of some(not all) but some fans I would figure.

"The guy would obviously be on his BEST behavior"

He gave his own fans the middle finger one game in Atlanta.

I believe it is very hard for one to change there true colors.(miracles do happen though)

I am a believer in a second chances and the right to earn a living.

He did go to college, yes ?

Has anyone here had to change there work career ?

To me being in the NFL is a privilege not a right because Ive been there before.

You never know when Ron Mexico will rear his ugly head.

Soiled :)

Soiled. you played in the nfl ? or did you get your driver's license suspended ? LOL

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. We love our troops. Thanks for the reminder Armando. Wish all those in the media loved this country as you do.

Dear Mr. Bunglito

I worked with my hands most of my life doing Stone work(Granite,Marble)Install repair and polish.

I have been in 2 serious motorcycle accidents(26 broken bones)
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I dont make anywhere near the money I made before but my life is still good.

Soiled :)


Dude...he's the owner....OWNER. That gives him permission to say whatever he wants. In your own written words didn't you say, "...would examine Vick if asked to do so by his football people.." Proper interpretation suggests that if Parcells and Co. wanted to examine...which I bet they did if only for a split second...the Vick situation, then Ross would listen. It's no "rookie" mistake, please, this man has owned plenty of companies and somehow acquired enough money to buy the best football team. How many millions did he fork over? I don't know Ross from Adam but give him a break especially when he merely suggests EXAMINATION of the situation should Parcells have a brain freeze.

Soiled . i got ya ! You must of really loved (it must have been a Privilege ) your craft. It's lucky that you're alive .

Dear Mr. Bunglito

I am Very lucky to be alive and count my blessings daily.

I did love my work(as much as one can love work )

But I did have to change my career.

I believe if Mr. Vick is not allowed back in the NFL that he will adjust. We all have to make adjustments in life.

Life is short, make the best with what ya got.

Soiled :)

Mr. Bunglito,

I agree on your take regarding the pit bulls. It is in their nature to snap at any given time. You hear and read about it often. I am glad it is the owner's kids that get hurt and not my own kids. I always say if someone is going to get hurt by those beasts let it be those that own them.

Soiled . Well said . I couldn't agree anymore.

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James Harrison is an idiot for bringing that beast home to his kids. He is lucky his kid is alive and not having his scalp surgically attached back to his head.

Mr. Bunglito,

Don't worry about AFC EAST CHAMPS. As long as it's his kids that pay the price for his ignorance.

Mr. Bunglito,

Don't worry about AFC EAST CHAMPS. As long as it's his kids that pay the price for his ignorance.

Assassin. agreed .


If you are out there. Yankees won tonight, You know who(Red Sox) lost. Too bad.

gopats = sammy

Here is a list of the most aggressive breeds. All you have to do is google and you will see. Notice which breed you do not find listed???

Potentially aggressive breeds:
Llasa Apso: can be cranky with kids
Toy poodles: bite out of self defense
Dachsunds: not very patient
Rhodesian Ridgebacks: very dominant breed
Miniature Pinschers: "big dog" mindset in little body
Pekinese: intolerant
Chihuahuas: prefer adults, not tolerant of kids
Chow Chow: one-person dogs, bite without warning
Giant Schnauzers: very dominant breed, will even challenge adults
Old English Sheep Dog: very protective of owner
Cocker Spaniel: very protective of owner
Rottweilers: very protective

Paul. LMAO ! Notice that none of these dogs except for the rottweiler ( chow chow ? ) can kill a person. Really . toy poodles , chihuahuas, pekinese , cocker spaniel and miniture pinchers Lmao !. Oh my god ! They sure put the fear of god in everbody. LOL

I am so glad the Dolphins signed Pat White. Because of that there is no chance that we will end up with the sideshow Vick. I believe in second chances too but not in my backyard.

I do not take from Mr. Ross' comments that he was suggesting and interest in Vick. I presume he was stating that if the team WERE interested in Vick, he would have no issue with that.

I don't infer from that that he believes they are interested in Vick to any degree, or that it should be taken that he is either.

Just that he would support the team's decision.

That's a definitive non-story, unless the underlying theme is that he cedes decision making to The Tuna, which we already knew.

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