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Ross would examine Vick? Not necessary

A couple of days ago at the NFL mini-meeting in Fort Lauderdale (my home turf South Florida is) Dolphins owner Stephen Ross discussed the issue of Michael Vick with the NFL Network's Scott Hanson. According to Hanson's Twitter tweet on the subject, Ross told Hanson he "believes in giving a second chance," and would examine Vick if asked to do so by his football people.

Ross, at the end of the day, is still a rookie NFL owner and has some things to learn. First lesson, why get involved in issues that aren't issues for your team?

If Ross knew his football people as well as he needs to, he'd know the Dolphins are not interested in Michael Vick. Miami's football people, so averse to bringing attention to the team they don't even hold press conferences after signing unrestricted free agents, are not interested in having the Michael Vick circus pitch its tents in Davie.

And it's not just that Vick comes with unflattering attention based on his tainted history, it's also that there are legitimate football reasons the conversation concerning any interest in Vick was very short around Miami's braintrust.

Vick has been out of the NFL for 19 months, may be suspended by the league once his legal issues are resolved in a couple of months, and Vick wasn't exactly Peyton Manning before his troubles anyway. Miami also just invested a second-round pick on Pat White, by all accounts a player expected fill the same spot as what Vick might, so the addition would cause a logjam at quarterback for Miami.

So Ross discussing Vick is simply talk for the sake of talking. The owner should learn to avoid that as he gains more experience.

[BLOG NOTE: Want to wish you all a happy Memorial Day weekend. Take a second this weekend to remember the sacrifice of the military men and woman who died while serving the United States of America. Maybe invest more than a second and watch the video below. While most of us are not working, I remind you this blog will be in full effect Sunday with an update on my Sunday Dolphins column, which tackles the issues of Miami's' "hungry" players and why coach Tony Sparano loves them. So check back tomorrow.]


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Because he's "paid his debt to society," I'd say employers (the NFL) shouldn't specifically bar Michael Vick from earning a living.

As fun as it would be to debate relative morality with AFC EAST CHAMPS or anyone else, I'll pass because I'm not God and I do not presume the wisdom of a deity. I can only make judgments for myself:

I'm personally offended off by a human being who would compel animals to fight. I'm even more disgusted by reports that Vick introduced untrained, non-fighting animals into the presence of fighting dogs, presumably for the spectacle of it. I'm most repulsed by reports that Vick punished poor-performing dogs with murder by electrocution or body-slamming.

Those are only my judgments. But hey, some might think me a bad guy for not forgiving Vick, for considering his crimes to be as immoral as whatever other crimes you could imagine, or for using the word "murder" to describe them.

By the way, I don't care what breed Vick's dogs were, or that they were dogs at all. If the "lower status" of a being -- ant, dog or intellectually weak human -- could justify my cruelty, I would feel less human myself.

Perhaps a person like Vick can reform his behavior to the point that he does not publicly embarrass himself or his employer. However, I doubt that someone so demonstrably cruel can change his make-up. Therefore, no business I own would care to associate with him. If that proves my own cruelty and inhumanity ... we all have demons to slay.

Whats the problem with Vick? the man did his time and what he got locked up for is alot less shameful than what alot of these bloggers do behind their own closed doors...This guy has generated envy from the masses because he is a superior talent with a rocket left arm, his sin is he's black. Look at brett farve and the white media still wont let his washed up (bleep) go somewhere into the sunset. Last, Vick may not be our most favorite person but he does have better numbers than tony romo!! wow

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