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Dolphins rookie minicamp is complete

The van is parked in front of the Dolphins training facility and players hauling luggage are on their way out. Rookie minicamp is in the books.

The star of today's practice was easily safety Chris Clemons, who had two interceptions. Not only was Clemons a terror for quarterbacks, he was quite impressive in the classroom throughout the minicamp.

"He's a guy that stood out and did a good job that way," coach Tony Sparano said. "He did a good job of getting people lined up and communicating. Then he gets his hands on two footballs and finished the play ... It was impressive to me."

Me, too!

The interesting thing is Clemons has a reputation as something of a hitter and he hasn't had the opportunity to make a mark hitting folks yet because these have been non-contact practices.

Sparano said he was also impressed with the way receivers Brian Hartline and Patrick Turner and linebacker Cameron Wake absorbed the information coaches were drowning them with this weekend. "His recall was good also," Sparano said of Wake.

Sparano said five veterans today volunteered to speak with the greehorns about being professional and what it means to be part of the Dolphins and how this team wins. The players who came in were Will Allen, Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Matt Roth and Reggie Torbor.

Back to the field:

Receiver Todd Lowber did not practice today because of an undisclosed injury.

Quarterback Pat White got better and better throughout the weekend. I thought he was gaining confidence in the pocket and it showed in that he was less deliberate in his delivery. He also impressed Sparano with his mental alertness and recognition.

"We did some check-with-me stuff in today where he's got two plays and has to get them into the right one," Sparano said. "And he got them into it right."

I continue to be fascinated by the practice matchup of 6-5 WR Patrick Turner and 6-3 cornerback Sean Smith. Smith got the better of the matchup Friday. Saturday was pretty much even if not leaning toward Turner. On Sunday, Turner won the battle including a deep sideline gain.

For the record, I do not relate to you any information on the trenches guys -- outside of them jumping offsides -- because, let's face it, these guys aren't playing football yet. I've seen too many linemen on either side of the ball impress during minicamps where there is no hitting.

And then they disappear when the pads go on and the hitting begins. So to relate scouting reports about a guy's feet is ridiculous to me. I will tell you, however, that Louis Ellis is becoming something of a media favorite because he simply flashes a lot.

But Ellis is apparently headed to a diet and conditioning program because at 315 pounds, he loses steam as the practice wears on.

Finally, the Dolphins announced Michael Dee has been hired as Chief Executive Officer of the Dolphins and Dolphin Stadium. It probably doesn't matter much to you other than the fact his hire does not change in any fashion the way the football operations is run.

Owner Stephen Ross said he remains the only person football czar Bill Parcells reports to.


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how about Vontae and Smith? White and Ellis?

Was Vontae actually injured yesterday or just upset he got beat by Turner?


una pregunta, were the Clemons interceptions due to great plays or WR/QB mistake?

When do we find out which of these undrafted rookies gets invited to regular training camp? what are the odds Ellis makes the 53 man roster? does V. Davis look like a 1st round pick out there? Can Turner become another Moss?

The Chris Clemons pick was my favorite pick. It seems they got great value with him in the 5th round. Some people had him graded as a 2nd or 3rd rounder. The guy has started every game at Clemson for 3 years, is literally never injured, and he can flat out fly. He ran a 4.38 40 yard dash. Nice to see him doing well b/c he clearly has the tools.


WildPat was witty the first couple of times but now reminds me of the played out Tedd Ginn Junior family jokes.

Wildcat 2.0 is much better. Sleeker, faster, improved program with the option everyone knew we needed (throwing the ball)!

WILDCAT 2.0!!!!!!

my wife thinks instead of wildcat...it should be called "the Patriot Act"!!! Brilliant!

Was Clemons in the "2" technique on his intercepts, or the modified-"1" technique? I've broken down all his film since high school and he is clearly better in the modified-1, since it brings more fluidity to his hips.

Mike Dee does matter for Dolfans outside of Miami. When the Fins are on TV, the aerial views show 30% orange seats. Embarrassing fan support. Dee will make sure there are asses in those seats.

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I'm telling you the Dolphins defesive back field is gonna be frkn great. Once they have time together mature and gel look out.
Clemons is gonna push for a starting job this year.

Any news about JT, are they going to sign him or not

>Any news about JT, are they going to sign him or not



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jt is the man of men
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I guess Wildcat 2.0 sounds better than WildPat. With the Wildpat name, I keep thinking of the Sat Night Live character named It's Pat and that irritating laugh.

pat,from 1990's, is that the character every one trying to find out if pat is a man or a woman ?

Yes Gort. That laugh would bother me alot. I felt like smacking that guy or whatever the heck it was.

Right on dude. That is what that dude gopats must look like. Next time he posts on this blog I am going to LMFAO.

Good reporting Mando.
We will see how good Turner is when the pads go on.

when do these rookies comback to train with the vets? and when do we find out who make the team or not

I went to a restaurant today and ordered something I saw on the Menu called the Marino Burger. It was good, but would never win any awards.

As I was sitting there I realized that this is also the harsh reality of my childhood idol, Dan Marino. It was a sad moment, but I am happy when I think that the Dolphins now have Chad Pennington and Henne and White to compete for the QB spot in the future.

Chad Henne is the future and there's no future if there's no Henne ,Pat White is one more bust in a long list of players come with huge hype and end up working in a tire store

harry,what happened to your post on noble man cam cameron

Ive been charged with high treason and my post have been miseriously removed .... Could armand be the new voldomore?

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All good things. Also saw Cam Cam and Beck are reunited in Baltimore.

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i hope the dolphins know they got a steal by selecting chris clemons in the 5th round, i,ve known him since he was 5 yrs. old, he's a great
Athlete.his performance at the combine did not surprise the people who know him. His performance at the Dolphins mimi camp did not surprise his home town people. believe me, B. Parcell is Smiling, He KNOWS,.
I bet the JETS is Regretting not selecting Clemons the #1 pick the got from Detroit in the 3rd round. GOOD JOB Dolphins. Keep smiling Percell

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