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Dolphins OTA camp report [Updated again and again and again and ... ]

The Dolphins are conducting their first public (open to the media) OTA day of the offseason.

It's a party!

Here are some observations:

Donald Thomas, who general manager Jeff Ireland declared 100 percent healthy just prior to the draft, is not working. He has clearly suffered an injury setback of some kind. [Update: Aside from Ireland saying Thomas was healthy, the player talked to colleague David J. Neal on draft day and the question of his injury came up then.

"I'm great," he said then, "That's behind me. I don't even like to talk about it."

Well, Thomas was asked moments ago what the problem is and he obviously still doesn't like to talk about it, but for a vastly different reason. He deflected questions about why he's not working and referred them to coach Tony Sparano.]

[Update: Scouts.com is reporting the Thomas injury is a torn pectoral muscle. Sparano just confirmed the injury and declined to give any timetable for his return. Question for you: At what point do you begin to wonder that Thomas is injury prone? I mean, geez, the guy has played one quarter of NFL football and has already sustained two significant injuries.]

Brandon Frye, a tackle last season, is working with the starting offensive line at right guard. Thomas, a rookie a year ago, missed all but one start (the opener) with a fracture in a foot. [Another question for you: Do you agree that Shawn Murphy, a fourth-round pick which the Dolphins moved up to select and did not play a down last year, has much to prove and improve on this year because the Dolphins have a huge need at RG?]

Justin Smiley, recovering from major knee surgery, is apparently doing quite well in his rehab. He's in his usual left guard spot. [Update: "I feel great," Smiley said. "I feel as quick as I've ever been. I'm 100 percent and ready to go.]

Greg Camarillo (knee), David Martin (undisclosed injury) and rookie Brennan Marion (undisclosed) are also not working in all the drills today. Camarillo is doing some drills but being being held out of others, particularly the ones that require he cuts on the knee. [Update again: Coach Tony Sparano just said Martin has had a sports hernia "taken care of," which is code for surgery.] 

[Update: Camarillo said he expects to be 100 percent healthy by the start of training camp, but admitted being 100 percent healthy and confident, "doesn't come until much later." Obviously there is the mental battle players must wage to being confident they can take a hit with no adverse effects. That battle is separate and apart from the physical battle of getting completely healthy. How's that for an amateur psychological analysis?]

[Update again: Rookie receiver Brian[ Hartline is not at the OTAs because Ohio State has not graduated yet and NFL rules prohibit rookies from working at OTAs until their class graduates.]

Jason Taylor is in the house just as I told you yesterday he'd be. He is working with the second team defense at OLB. He is also working as a long snapper. Charlie Anderson is the other second-team OLB.

The starting OLBs are Joey Porter and Matt Roth.

[Update: Taylor looks just like he did when he last put on a Dolphins uniform. He's lithe and quick. The Dolphins will be moving him around a lot this year and they did that in practice today. I guarantee you this Miami coaching staff will figure out how to maximize these guys.

Joey Porter made the point today that he welcomes the Taylor signing and sees no problem being on the field at the same time as Taylor. That brought back a question I had for weeks and months in 2007 when the Dolphins had a clear plan of using both players as they'd been used previously, had a template they could follow to sucess, and then inexplicably went away from the plan. The Dolphins asked Porter to rush from a three-point stance and had him covering tight ends while they stopped moving Taylor all over the field.

As a result Taylor was a shadow of the player he was under Nick Saban and Porter was diminished to the point everyone, including himself, questioned what the heck was going on. Look, Dom Capers had proven himself a fine defensive coordinator in his career, but the decisions he made in 2007 were inexcusable and clearly didn't work.]

[Update again: Offseason acquisition Cameron Wake, of whom much is hoped and expected, is working with what amounts to the fourth team. It's Porter and Roth, then Taylor and Anderson on second team, then Quentin Moses and Erik Walden with the third group, then Wake and Tearrius George with the fourth group.]

Jason Allen, the first round draft pick in 2006, is working with the third team at CB. Rookies Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are second team while Will Allen and Eric Green are the first team cornerbacks today.

A couple of secondary backup had a difficult moment when Pat White threw a 50-yard bomb to Todd Lowber who beat a blown coverage by Courtney Bryan and Scorpio Babers.

[Update again: I know some of you are quoting reports about White is having a bad day today. Can we get serious here? This is an OTA day in May. One more time. It is one OTA in May. Yes, White had a couple of errant high tosses. But that means nothing in the grand scheme of things so please let's get some perspective. The only thing that really matters at this point is who is hurt, who is healthy and looking at where players line up to judge what coaches are thinking about their players. That is it. If you're reading somewhere that White was erratic or somebody struggled in an OTA day practice and that is means something significant, that should give you pause.

Sparano, by the way, said White had a very good day on Monday so there. It means nothing!]

The starting receivers today are Ted Ginn Jr. and Davone Bess. Ginn beat Eric Green on a 40-some-yard pass from Chad Pennington. The play went for a TD that will mean nothing in September or even tomorrow.

Ernest Wilford is working with the second team. [Update: Wilford worked exclusively at WR during the practice. But after practice Wilford got some work in at tight end. Wilford spent time with tight end coach George DeLeone after practice.]

{Update again: Sparano said Wilford is getting a preliminary look at the F tight spot, which is the H-back. The Dolphins want to see if Wilford has the flexibility to play here and create some matchup problems against linebackers. The interesting thing is the Dolphins have plenty of F tight ends and rookie John Nalbone is among that group.]


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Mark, your writing looks good, you have passion and sweetness about you, i am trying to put my finger on it

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Thanks C, it means a lot coming from a man with the soul of a poet like yourself!

MJZ, I'm impressed with your stamina.

great. Guys ( menace and mark) it's been fun .

Gotta run. I'll be back.

NJ Phin Fan, what are you trying to say, eh?

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Torn pectoral muscle ended Ricky's comeback seasons didn't it? Sounds serious.

The Dolphins' right guards couldn't block last year. That was a big part of the reason while the wildcat was installed. It looks like the Dolphins will have a difficult time running that ball out of the more traditional formations again this year. All the backup guards completely suck!

maybe miami picks up a veteran free agent guard?

Sounds like with two TEs going to free agency next year the Dolphins are looking for next year at that spot already.

Yep, if they don't get better guard play than last year, they certainly won't be better than last year. Not good.

Williams' torn pectoral muscle also tears apart the Fins draft day failure to land a 1st day quality O-Lineman. This failure will haunt the team this year, and for decades to come.

Any good feeling that one may have had as a result of the Taylor signing now evaporates, as does our hopes for the upcoming season.

Ok kids the menace has arrived, did tednisha ( all the way) ginn make the pratice ? i know ted(opps i dropped another) ginn, his clip board holding daddy, and cousin rufus(the human blocking dummie)ginn were there but i heard nothing bout Tednisha...

Did Any one attand the pratice?

Did Any one attand the pratice?

Dinther was right, and so was I. This draft is now revealed as an utter failure.

This Donald Thomas kid has to be upset. Were gonna have to look for a solid RG now because this kid is always getting hurt.

Jason Allen should have been released or traded a while ago.

I know its just OTAs but im curious to see how we use C WAKE, JT, Jpeezy, and Roth together. All 4 play OLB. I would think that Jpeezy and C WAKE would be top priority.

Did J.t Dance ???

cuban menace, i just red a Greg Cote article about Chad Henne and i felt he was writing about Alexander the great not a back up QB could be very well a bust

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Who was pushing who? Maybe Ernest Wilford can pick up some reps at RG.

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Gopats, what you think about Orlando Magic's victory in the game 7 versus the Boston Celtics?


I would like to hear how Vontae Davis and Sean Smith did today... Any thing worth mentioning?


I would like to hear how Vontae Davis and Sean Smith did today... Any thing worth mentioning?

soulj, thank you for coming in, a human i can talk to untile further notice.
1-howard without a question proved he's a GREAT player in game 6 and 7.....thanks to his great coach in part.

2-HOWAR Is my daddy right now based on his winning and wealth
3-the orlando coach where ever he coaches ,he always great, remember the job he did with heat
4-boston was playing with second rate players due to kevin and bowe out of line up.

p.s......please people writing posts to keep clean


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The position change from WR to TE should come as no suprise. "I once knew a guy that went into prison as a tight end and came out as a wide receiver".

I saw this very same quote a few days ago. by someone named -BB72


d4life, did you say that you came out of Prison as a wide receiver ? can you tell us how it happened and how and when .in details if you can.
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gopats, all kidding aside, I don't think it really matters who won the Orlando/Boston series because it looks like neither of them could take down Cleveland.

CHamp u never lie.

Damn that sucks for Donald Thomas this guy cant catch a break...no pun intended.

souljahbeats i belive quagmire and even stewie can take down cleveland.

Quagmire couldn't take down anyone but Meg...

Meg is pretty butch to i would put my Money on Meg.

agree soulj, it's nice a team like orlando use to be a joke like the fins 1-15 turned around like that .next year with a trade or two ,they going very good for few years to come.

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