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Update (4) from Thursday Dolphins OTA

The Dolphins are off the field and here is what we know so far:

[Update: Former Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennel, who coached for years under Bill Parcells and then Bill Belichick, is at camp today. Just ran into him in the lobby. He watched practice today with Parcells on a golf cart. Do not know if the Dolphins are trying to hire him or add him to the staff in any form. Will ask coach Tony Sparano when he talks to the media in a few minutes.]

[Update 2: Sparano said Crennel is just visiting. He talked about how both he and Bill Parcells are friends with Crennel and his wife is friends with Crennel's wife.]

The Dolphins offense worked on the empty backfield set today, which means a lot of dump passes and a lot of passes to tight ends.

[Update 4: Ronnie Brown looked great in practice today and is looking in great shape overall. I'm writing a column about him for tomorrow's Miami Herald, which you can read now. He says some interesting things such as he believes he belongs in the same conversation with Adrian Peterson as an elite back .]

Read the column and let me know if you agree with Brown.

[Update 3: I asked Sparano what kind of shape Brown is in and he answered, "outstanding."]

Chad Pennington was his typical self, completing most of his passes, particularly the short ones. He did throw an interception when Eric Green broke nicely on a Ted Ginn Jr. comeback route and picked the ball off. That throw requires more velocity.

Chad Henne clearly throws with more velocity but a couple of his passes sailed, particularly the routes up the sidelines. 

Joey Haynos had a good practice today while rookie John Nalbone had one drop. Rookie receiver Patrick Turner also had a solid day, catching a handful of passes including a couple in front of fellow rookie Sean Smith in the two-minute drill.

One receiver that did flash a couple of times was Anthony Armstrong who caught a couple of medium range throws down the sideline. [Update 2: "We've seen some pleasant things from Anthony Armstrong the last several practices," Sparano said.]  The guy's speed shows up in these camps. The challenge is to have that speed translate when the pads go on.

[Update 3: Rookie Brian Hartline took part in his first OTA practice. "He's behind from an intall standpoint," Sparano said. Hartline was unable to participate in this kind of work until Ohio State held it's graduation, an NFL rule.]

Brandon Frye continues to work with the first team at right guard and I talked to him after practice. I will tell you what he said in the next update or so. [Update 2: Sparano said the team is platooning players into the right guard spot throughout the OTA days. Shawn Murphy and Ikechuku Ndukwe have also shared the first-team work during practices not open to the media.]

On defense, the Dolphins were working in their nickel package and Jason Taylor jumped offside once and also had a sack. The defense did get good pressure on the quarterbacks today overall. JT continues to work with the second team on the base defense but is a starter in passing situations.

Cameron Wake is running third team in passing situations but had a good moment when he made LT Jake Long look bad on one play. Long had less-than-stellar technique on that play but was otherwise solid as usual.

Another defensive highlight happened when rookie running back Anthony Kimble caught a pass in the flat but fumbled when LB William Kershaw slapped the ball out of his hands. Kershaw picked the fumble up and headed for what would have been a touchdown were this practice a real game.

One defender you should continue to keep in mind is safety Tyrone Culver. He was a midseason roster addition in 2008 and by the end of the season was working in the nickel and dime packages. He continues this work and I can tell you the Dolphins like his combination of coverage ability and versatility in that he can play safety and still can cover slot guys.

[Update 3: Second-year defensive end Phillip Merling is working with the first-team but he shouldn't assume the job is his. Sparano mentioned there will be a competition at the spot that will include Randy Starks and Tony McDaniel.]

Starks, arrested over the Memorial Day weekend for assault (with his truck) on a police officer, was at practice. He didn't talk to reporters.

[Update 2: Sparano said the team is still gathering information on the Starks matter. "I'm disappointed," the coach said, "but there are still facts that have to be gathered." The Dolphins took the "proper steps," on the reporting of the Starks matter to the league. I am told Starks was not considered to have broken the league personal conduct code for a previous (2002) arrest for domestic violence, so this is his first offense answerable to the code and policy. Sparano said the matter is in the league's hands and the club will "let the process take care of itself" for now.]

Andy Alleman was not out at practice most of the day so Murphy was running with the second team at left guard. Ndukwe was second-team right guard. Joe Berger is working as the second-string center. Undrafted free agent SirVincent Rogers is playing left tackle and is also running with the second team.

TE David Martin and guard G Donald Thomas are still out. WR Greg Camarillo, recovering from knee surgery, seemed to be doing more today he was last week. He was actually taking part in some team drills.

[Update 3: Sparano confirmed what I previously wrote, saying trainers added an extra period of work for Camarillo in today's workout for the first time since his surgery.]


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armando. orien martin lined up at ilb and patrick turner lined up at 2nd team wr. also P . Merling is at 1st team de, His job to lose ? How did they look ? any observations ?

how is ronnie looking i know they probally arent going all out but is he looking fast,smooth,ready to go?

Mando, how did Pat White look? Any sharper than last time or does he still seem a little too anxious? How did Grove look?



Nice to hear the Dolphins like Culver. He had a sick interception in that Denver game where he came across the field to make an interception along the sideline. He played a lot at the end of the year so maybe they are really high on him.

Vontae Davis IS NOT working first-team nickel package. The first team nick is Will Allen, Eric Green, Gibril Wilson, Yeremiah Bell, Tyrone Culver and Nate Jones.

Davis is second team nickel as is Sean Smith. Sorry Souljah, you got bad information.

Pope, I'm writing a column about Ronnie Brown for tomorrow's Miami Herald. You'll be suprised (I was) by some of the things he said.

He looks to be quite thick.

Pat White had an OK day. He didn't get nearly as many snaps as pennington and Henne. He did show excellent escape-ability on one play when he was surrounded by rushers and simply spun out and scrambled for a gain.

His throwing was neither spectacular nor worrisome in any way.

Somebody on the last blog said Taylor and Porter are FINALLY lining up together. Gentlemen, they lined up together in pass rush situations LAST WEEK. Did someone miss something.

WR Todd Lowber is not working with the offense. Will check on the injury. Rookie WR Brian Hartline is at this week's OTA session after being forced to miss last week.

Pat Turner is running with the second team, playing ahead of Ernest Wilford. Cameron Wake is working as the second team SLB, and Jason Taylor is working as the WLB. DE Phillilp Merling is working with the starting group again, looks like it's his job to lose. DE Randy Starks is in attendance at today's OTA. Wonder if he will talk? Brandon Frye continues to work as the starting right guard. Dolphins must see something. Follow Omar Kelly at Twitter.com/OmarKelly.

Armando, how fat is Solai?

Thank you for the valuable info on formations and tendencies.

Thank u armando for your updates.

What do you think of Ethan Kilmer?

Is solai like Gilbert brown fat or the fridge fat?

Mando is gonna get yelled at for saying "gentlemen". Your gonna get a spanking. Pao Pao contigo

PS - The drop point is still the same. In return for the film cannisters from todays OTA we will generously provide the magazine in a brown wrapper as promised.

me facina el pao pao.

First update is up at the top of this very post. Interesting visitor to Dolphins camp.

Armando. The " finally " lining taylor and porter together was for " Today " after taylor was lining up with the 2nd team . I asked you a question earlier on this post that was ignored , but you sure are quick to answer somebody who you "think " might be wrong.


Here is what Edgar at the PBP had to say about the TE play..

"Meanwhile, tight end Joey Haynos is going to have a hard time competing for the No. 3 tight end spot playing like he did. Haynos dropped three passes, four if you get really nit-picky.

Besides three obvious drops, Haynos (6-7, 266) had a pass over the middle from Pennington in his sights, but allowed safety Tyrone Culver, who gives up 5 inches and 56 pounds to Haynos, to break up the play."

Do you guys watch the same practice? I'm confused whether to think Hayno's is good or bad.. Just curious if you missed all the drops, or Edgar has his TE's jersey numbers mixed up.. Please let us know what the "real" scoop is...

Your eyes and ears at these OTA's are appreciated, but it would be nice if the coverage was at least somewhat consistant. At least we can be sure that Romeo was in the house because all bloggers seem to agree on that one..

I will be performing the National Anthem before tomorrow's OTA.

I will be providing halftime entertainment at tomoorow's OTA.

were art thou romeo....

"Today is one of the days they open up the information vault and allow snoops like me to look in. And I, in the interest of serving you, will go out there and look around and report back to you what I see."

Dear Professor Robert Langdon(Armando)

Thank you for posting all this valuable information from with in the Vatican Vault.

The Illuminati

Soiled :)

I have the itch to coach. It is in the general area of my butt crack. The Miami Dolphins are just the powder to provide sweet relief to my keester yeast - (i.e. fanny fungus..) C'mon fellas you know my backside be itchin up a storm sittin on that hot vinyl golf cart seat.

que pedo cabrones.

Dear Mr. Romeo Crennel

Its good to here you want to coach again.
Since you have already made millions of dollors in the NFL I'm almost positive you don't need the money.

Have you thought of maybe coaching in the Junior or High school ranks ?

Maybe even Pee Wee Football.

Anyhoo its time to give back don't ya think :)

Soiled :)

That would be a good new right side to the offensive line in that golf cart. Parcells and Crennel in one cart? Major beef.

sure hope D.Thomas is ready soon.

Heard Jason Allen did a good job today bringing out the towells and the gatoraid jugs and knowing the staff likes position flexibility Jason got his forklift certifacation so he can unload the big Tunas lunch box off the flatbed truck every morning

No Daytona Dave, the forklift was for loading Romeo onto the golf cart.

Armando - You have so many typos in this aticle I thought I was reading an Omar piece. However, keep up the great work!

Armando, what do you personally think about Pat White since youve been checking him out at OTA. Is he going to be the duel threat hes being hyped up to be or is he looking like just another rookie.

We ain'ts no elliterates. We's just ebonically gifted. Deuces.

Is It true that parcells and crannel werent in a golf cart but were in the back of the truck that starks was driving this week end ?

I Mean think about the wight those two combined are, i also hear that they'll be going to the golden correl later tonite.

I Mean think about the weight those two combined are, i also hear that they'll be going to the golden corral later tonite.

Cuban why don't you ask webster, I mean yourself

Thanks for all the the good reporting armando I wish i had your job scott from delaware

Do we really have a player named "SirVincent?"

If Ronnie Brown claims he's an elite back, he needs to perform like one though I understand he wasn't getting many carries last year.

Will his carries increase in 2009?

This is for gopats. news flash, Red Sox as Daiseke Matzusaka throws four wild pitches in the game. Four ..you guessed it, Yanks in 1st place. Ortiz sucked in the game as well.

Red Sox lose the game as Daiseke Matzusaka...

Crennel is probably going to be with the Jets next week (ala Westhoff)

Wasn't the SirVincent Quintent a popular Tex-Mex Indie band back in the day?

is it just me or is part of the blog gone from earlier today? Along with posts, including mine? Did you get in trouble with the team for your formation and tendency info., that most teams ask the media not to report on?

also Mando, how did you form the opinion that Ronnie Brown wasn't our best rb last year? I beg to differ.

it's just you.

Dear Professor Robert Langdon(Armando)

From Mr. Spad13

"Did you get in trouble with the team for your formation and tendency info."

The Illumimnati( Bill Belicheat,The Jets) have spys everywhere and would stop at nothing to bring down Pope Tuna and The Church of Dolphin Football

Remember what the church did to Galileo(I believe he was a fan of God) when he spoke the trueth Mr. Salguero.

Soiled :)

Ricky Williams was clearly the best RB on the team this time last year. He was running with the first team as I remember and everyone was talking about he's a BP favorite.

So Spaz, it's just you.

talk stupid? some how? silly little Gopats...keep up with the great grammar skills while trying to make fun of the way someone speaks...and keep posting so i can keep laughing at you, freakin middle school reject.

I am always amused by the fans of the "competition" who log onto our site for the sole purpose of @#$$ing me off! I usually let it go because I figure if they are on a Dolphin site then they want to be us deep down and realize their team sucks. Gopats....I will never respond to you again but you are a fool. You are a punk and you just look to pi## people off. I would love to meet you. Bring medical help when it happens. And btw....I hope Brady BLOWS ANOTHER KNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Brady......ACL.......GOODBYE!!!...MCL.....ETC.....

look at the stats, Ronnie had more touchdowns, rush yards and receiving yards... wasn't he the one in the probowl? Not to mention, he was coming off an early recovery from an ACL tear, it usually takes 2 years for an rb to recover from that injury, so with the re-built o-line (barring injuries), watch out in 2010 for Mr. Brown!

i just can not believe any one that has concerns about ronnie. yes an injury, ateam in shambles, etc. and this guy still comes through. i know lets ask tampa how the cadillac is running? and oh lt done, bush, bust. imo only carolina packs a better 1/2 at least overall with good hands ronnie& ricky posses receiving. plus cobbs are back fields slick. than thers white, what!


Agree with ya. I don't have any worries about Ronnie. After all he did play well enough to earn a pro bowl selection. He will do fine this year. Go Phins!!

I thought Jasksin was Ace?

and man when we get this recieving corp straight, and those three out of the back, than are two bad ass tight ends, this passing game can be mental. i say especially with penne. short drops , slants etc, i know the long ball is a nice feature, but damn if we do not have it some what well rounded.

chanchito, I am not jaksin, only Ace. By the way you spelled his name wrong.

Well Jaksin we will have to wait and see. I cannot wait for the games to start.

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