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Update (4) from Thursday Dolphins OTA

The Dolphins are off the field and here is what we know so far:

[Update: Former Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennel, who coached for years under Bill Parcells and then Bill Belichick, is at camp today. Just ran into him in the lobby. He watched practice today with Parcells on a golf cart. Do not know if the Dolphins are trying to hire him or add him to the staff in any form. Will ask coach Tony Sparano when he talks to the media in a few minutes.]

[Update 2: Sparano said Crennel is just visiting. He talked about how both he and Bill Parcells are friends with Crennel and his wife is friends with Crennel's wife.]

The Dolphins offense worked on the empty backfield set today, which means a lot of dump passes and a lot of passes to tight ends.

[Update 4: Ronnie Brown looked great in practice today and is looking in great shape overall. I'm writing a column about him for tomorrow's Miami Herald, which you can read now. He says some interesting things such as he believes he belongs in the same conversation with Adrian Peterson as an elite back .]

Read the column and let me know if you agree with Brown.

[Update 3: I asked Sparano what kind of shape Brown is in and he answered, "outstanding."]

Chad Pennington was his typical self, completing most of his passes, particularly the short ones. He did throw an interception when Eric Green broke nicely on a Ted Ginn Jr. comeback route and picked the ball off. That throw requires more velocity.

Chad Henne clearly throws with more velocity but a couple of his passes sailed, particularly the routes up the sidelines. 

Joey Haynos had a good practice today while rookie John Nalbone had one drop. Rookie receiver Patrick Turner also had a solid day, catching a handful of passes including a couple in front of fellow rookie Sean Smith in the two-minute drill.

One receiver that did flash a couple of times was Anthony Armstrong who caught a couple of medium range throws down the sideline. [Update 2: "We've seen some pleasant things from Anthony Armstrong the last several practices," Sparano said.]  The guy's speed shows up in these camps. The challenge is to have that speed translate when the pads go on.

[Update 3: Rookie Brian Hartline took part in his first OTA practice. "He's behind from an intall standpoint," Sparano said. Hartline was unable to participate in this kind of work until Ohio State held it's graduation, an NFL rule.]

Brandon Frye continues to work with the first team at right guard and I talked to him after practice. I will tell you what he said in the next update or so. [Update 2: Sparano said the team is platooning players into the right guard spot throughout the OTA days. Shawn Murphy and Ikechuku Ndukwe have also shared the first-team work during practices not open to the media.]

On defense, the Dolphins were working in their nickel package and Jason Taylor jumped offside once and also had a sack. The defense did get good pressure on the quarterbacks today overall. JT continues to work with the second team on the base defense but is a starter in passing situations.

Cameron Wake is running third team in passing situations but had a good moment when he made LT Jake Long look bad on one play. Long had less-than-stellar technique on that play but was otherwise solid as usual.

Another defensive highlight happened when rookie running back Anthony Kimble caught a pass in the flat but fumbled when LB William Kershaw slapped the ball out of his hands. Kershaw picked the fumble up and headed for what would have been a touchdown were this practice a real game.

One defender you should continue to keep in mind is safety Tyrone Culver. He was a midseason roster addition in 2008 and by the end of the season was working in the nickel and dime packages. He continues this work and I can tell you the Dolphins like his combination of coverage ability and versatility in that he can play safety and still can cover slot guys.

[Update 3: Second-year defensive end Phillip Merling is working with the first-team but he shouldn't assume the job is his. Sparano mentioned there will be a competition at the spot that will include Randy Starks and Tony McDaniel.]

Starks, arrested over the Memorial Day weekend for assault (with his truck) on a police officer, was at practice. He didn't talk to reporters.

[Update 2: Sparano said the team is still gathering information on the Starks matter. "I'm disappointed," the coach said, "but there are still facts that have to be gathered." The Dolphins took the "proper steps," on the reporting of the Starks matter to the league. I am told Starks was not considered to have broken the league personal conduct code for a previous (2002) arrest for domestic violence, so this is his first offense answerable to the code and policy. Sparano said the matter is in the league's hands and the club will "let the process take care of itself" for now.]

Andy Alleman was not out at practice most of the day so Murphy was running with the second team at left guard. Ndukwe was second-team right guard. Joe Berger is working as the second-string center. Undrafted free agent SirVincent Rogers is playing left tackle and is also running with the second team.

TE David Martin and guard G Donald Thomas are still out. WR Greg Camarillo, recovering from knee surgery, seemed to be doing more today he was last week. He was actually taking part in some team drills.

[Update 3: Sparano confirmed what I previously wrote, saying trainers added an extra period of work for Camarillo in today's workout for the first time since his surgery.]


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Why does the South FL media and these damn deadbeat "fin Fans" try to make Ronnie seem like he's talking crap when he's simply trying to think positive on this upcoming year (something all REAL fans should be proud of, but nooooo somehow our deadbeats find a way to turn it into a negative, its a damn shame.

Ronnie Brown has been underutilized his whole career, the only time he was used to his full potential was when he had season ending surgery (trying to make a tackle on a interception!)
That terrible 2007 year, he was our ONLY light, leading the league in yards from scrimage; on pace for over 1,500 yards, 600 + yards receiving
and 14+ TDs. (If you don't consider that ELITE then you probably should never make another football comment ever again ha)

We have another great back Ricky Williams, which is great for our team but very unlikely Ronnie will hit that Elite 1,400+ yards rushing because he will likely only get 60% of the carries but I promise you he will average 4.7 to 5 yards a carry. The guy is an ELITE back and on top of that, one of the best Characters and attitudes in the league so don't question and twist a positive into a negative!


PS Ronnie Brown Only Player to EVER Run for 4TDs and Throw for another
(well since 1930s or something, which doesn't count).
So ONLY PLAYER in NFL's modern era to ever run for 4TDS and Throw for another, the sweetest part against the Punk-Pats!!

notice....every time ACE in here , he always find some one to talk to and AGREE with him as jackasssin for long time as last night or sign with heat up and find dfan and gulfdiver to talk to and AGREE with for long time as yeasterday . it's telling he needs to to talk to himself to find peace and for that i am praying for him.

rolltidebaby and Armando

I don't know what games u 2 are watching. Ronnie was clearly our best back last year and that was coming off an injury. Also, it doesn't matter who was ahead at training camp(ronnie was recovering, remember?) When the actual season started it was clear who played better. Armando, I appreciate u giving us Fins info everyday, but I think ur way off base with your Ronnie Brown evaluation.

okay define elite...

Dont hate on me guys but Ronnie brown wasent the best back in stats, what was he rated like 19 in running backs in stats.
Im not saying he isint good but i need a definition of elite for example were haveing a draft there is
Ronnie brown, which one would u honestly choose?

Dear Readers:

When I filed my column Thursday I wrote the line that said, in effect, Ronnie Brown wasn't even the best running back on the team one year ago.

It got edited to, "Ronnie Brown wasn't even the best running back on the team LAST SEASON."

There is a difference. I think we can all agree Brown wasn't better than Ricky Williams during last OTA and Minicamps in May 2008. He was still getting his legs under him.

I did not write, nor would I ever mean Brown wasn't Miami's best during the season.

Someone made an editing mistake. That's all.

i dont care if the experts think we reached with patrick turner i think the boy is goin to tear it up.. we'll see some flashes of it this year.. he is quick on his feet for his height..give him 2yrs and he should be a solid receiver.

Yeah Right.* L *

sureshockphins. i agree with you about P. Turner. He's going to be a good one.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"There is a difference. I think we can all agree Brown wasn't better than Ricky Williams during last OTA and Minicamps in May 2008. He was still getting his legs under him."

After Brown's tragic accident the teams doctors were able to attach Bionic legs allowing him to run at tremendous speed and make great leaps.

Browns’s upper speed limit was never firmly established, although a speed of 60 mph is commonly quoted since this figure is shown on a speed gauge. The highest speed ever shown in the OTA's on a speed gauge is 66 mph; the later revival films suggested that he could run faster.

Expect Ronnie to have a monster season.

Soiled :)

What ?


I honestly would choose Ronnie over LT..

AP is a freak, But don't 4get so far he's been running behind a far superior line.

Soiled Bottom, agreed.

He doesn't get the "elite" season numbers like Peterson, LT, ect. because he only gets about 15 carries per game compared to the "elite" 25+ carries per game.

Dude is a great RB, great player, and character, all of the above. Expect a monster season from him, also opening the door for Ricky Williams to have a great year!

No more negative publicity on our most positive players. Ronnie Brown is Elite.
End of Story.

Jamil, you know nothing of being. Ronnie Brown just a regular back, you know nothing

Webster, you saying Ronnie Brown is just a regular back shows YOU know nothing.
Ask Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi if he's just a regular back.

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