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Rookie camp Day 2 is in the rear view mirror

The Dolphins rookies looked a bit better this morning than they did Friday -- at least that was true of quarterback Pat White and some of the other players on the field.

White had one of the first passes he attempted batted back, which is something I worry we'll see considering he's a 6-foot quarterback. But he seemed to have a better feel for things thereafter.

"The first couple of throws in 7 on 7 he sees things crytal clear and that good because that was from this morning's install," coach Tony Sparano said. "I thought he threw it a little better today than he did yesterday."

Anthony Armstrong, a practice squad receiver most of last season, had a good practice overall. He beat tryout safety JC Neal on one sweet route that was one of several highlight moments for him. He also had a notable drop.

The match between 6-5 receiver Patrick Turner and 6-3 cornerback Sean Smith is something to witness. It's hard to believe the size and athletic ability on these guys. Smith got the better of the matchups today, shadowing Turner most of the time.

But Turner impressed Sparano with his ability to "drop his hips" quickly enough to get out of his initial route burst and make his cut or come back to the ball. Big receivers that can't do this give defensive backs too much recovery time to stay in coverage ,so being able to slow down and come back to the ball or change direction is key.

"I want to prove I'm a red zone target," Turner said. "I want to prove I'm a consistent receiver and I make plays."

One thing I noticed immediately about Turner and Brian Hartline is that they are indeed tall as advertised but they are quite lanky. Turner is 220 pounds but looks like he can easily add 10 more pounds of muscle. Same thing with Hartline.

Compared to older, more veteran receivers who are somewhat V-shaped, these two are built straight up and down for now. I'm certain the Dolphins weight program will do wonders for them and improve their ability to get physical with defensive backs.

I talked to J. D. Folsom, the seventh round pick, about playing special teams. This kid's ticket to a roster is largely connected to his ability to contribute on special teams. "You got to learn the new techniques we're being taught and use them," Folsom said. "Like you said, my ticket onto the team is on special teams so I'm going to do whatever I need to do to make sure I contribute and do what coaches want."

Finally, you should remember this is a non-contact camp. But free agent nose tackle Louis Ellis got my attention as he is 315 pounds and not fat. He is just seemingly country strong and that showed at times even in these drills as he showed good penetration on a couple of snaps.

In the afternoon session that ran 90 minutes White looked good again -- as did Turner, and Smith, and Anthony Armstrong.

I did notice Vontae Davis clutching his lower back a couple of times so that will bear monitoring the on Sunday.

Anyway, the highlight of the afternoon session was a beautiful 40-yard completion down the left sideline in which Turner beat Smith despite the fact Smith had excellent coverage and was draped all over him as they went to the ground.

The play showed the athletic ability of the QB, White, in that the deep throw was accurate. It showed the athletic ability of the cornerback who was in good position against a very big receiver. And it showed extraordinary ability and concentration by Turner who not only displayed good hands but the ability to run a deep route.

Tight end John Nalbone isn't getting a lot of love from coach Tony Sparano. Yes, the fifth-round pick got open and caught a 12-yard pass but he went to the ground at around 17 yards and the head coach wasn't pleased.

"Don't fall down," Sparano said. "Dammit John, nobody even touched you!"

The other fifth-rounder, safety Chris Clemons, is clearly one of the fastest players on the field. In special teams work, he's always the first guy down the field on punt coverage work. the lone exception was the play in which 295-pound tryout player Demonte Bolden jacked him up by hitting him with a big blocking pad.


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Look for Lewis Ellis to stick around as our pratice squad NT. Paul Solai better show some signs of improvement or else!

MandoMan, keep it coming !!!

It is not easy for us Phinfans to get teased with the draft then have to wait some 3+ full months before training camp for news.

I hope a guy like Lewis Ellis can make it.
It was disappointed when Phins did not pick up a NT, but I guess what was available was not TUNASTANDARD GRADE.

Do you see A.Armstrong having a real shot this year? Finally,any news on JT would be welcomed.

Mando, I hope Sean Smith can handle Randy Moss better than Jason Allen did last year. That was embarassing. I am worried about the afc east though. We have average WR's that have to face talented corners like Mcgee, Mckelvin, Revis, Sheppard, and whoever NE throws at us. Other teams have talented WR's like TO, Evans, Moss, Welker,(Jets could get a true #1 (plax, boldin, etc to go with Cochery)that have to face our average corners like will (smurf) allen and eric green? seriously? I know we just drafted two but they will have their growing pains im sure. Im not too thrilled about those matchups.

Sure would be great if Ellis works out so we can have another big man on the line. Hard to have too many of those.

Yeah hopefully Smith can stick with the big guys how bout Vonte any word on him these two guys got me thinking of Pat and Sam all over again

mando ,you sound very up beat about most guys and that's in itself very good news,also i like your take on White and Ellis the big man
when the next update ?.

Cleo Lemon are you just mad about 07? We took on all those WR's last year. TO is the only new one. One of our CB should take Goody's spot if not make it better. Remember what Ginn did to Mcgee last year? 174 yards or something like that. This year will be harder but I'm sure we will win some outright unlike last year where most of the games came down to the 4th qtr with 2 lead changes.

The Scouting report on Louis Ellis says that he is quick and powerful.He has constantly dealt with double teams but would need to focus more on hand technique and not solely power to defeat NFL centers/guards.

Our Nose Tackle/Coach Jason Ferguson would be happy to share his knowledge with the young guns.If Ellis can't unseat an improving (mentally maturing ??)Paul Soliai for the back-up position,he should be good enough to stick around on the practice squad.

However I suspect that after being coached up this offseason, Ellis will be NFL ready.His style reminds me and probably Parcells too,of Jim Burt(1984 Giants) minus the superb technique Burt used to help propel the Tuna to fame.

my ex-girlfriend dropped her hips quicker & more frequently than any receiver in Fins camp, I guarantee.

Pat Turner looked ripped at his pro day and he looked pretty big to me from the footage i saw yesterday at rookie camp.

I like what I've heard about Louis Ellis.

So this is a rookie mini camp or whatever right lets not forget its rook on rook here guys wait till the big boyz show and fights start.

OYE Mandito bebe keep it cuming.
Great stuff

Rookies they are not.
Practice they must.
Good white looks.

i love these guys in shorts, they fight like real studs showing a lot of skin

challenge they have not.
molest these veterens will these rookies.

Billy Bob salty are those nuts?
If So wash they need.

Mando, again great reporting,how hot was it out there today?

hey cubes has tbere been any reports of dehydration or passing out or anything like that?

Yoda, whats the take from the force on C3-PO not getting drafted by the 49ers ?

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we need to know every one in this mini camp waist size and foot.also we a picture in blacke and white and give all that to all 4 people on my last post.

i do love you bunglito when you say tossed

Any impressions of 5th-round S Chris Clemons?

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Any word or observations on WR Williams (the kid with 4.3 speed)?

Is V. Davis looking like a 1st rounder, thus far?

Thanks for the updates!

i love pat white dont get me wrong. but why would we waste a second round pick on a qb when we already have the quaterback of the future. yes white will be a great addition to the wildcat but a second round pick for a guy that will only see minutes in that package??? come on tuna!!!


The way I see it, the trifecta isn't as sold on Henne as they led us to believe. My guess is Henne becomes the 3rd QB, so White can run the wildcat.

dam mando u have the hook ups with the info on the rookies thanks allot. but from what ive seen and heard i really like vontae davis as a corner. he is strong and physical at the point of attack and has quick hips, he is going to be a reall shut down corner in the years to come. as for sean smith his height says it all. i want to see MOSS and TO in the endzone when they want to throw it up because my boy sean smith will be able to jump with them and be physical enough to pick it. as for turner hes a big endzone target and good 1st down guy i like the video of him that i saw "just throw comebacks to the guy" seriously! as for heartline SPECIAL TEAms! overall the dolphins have a solid Offensive line with depth and a realy good running game so im anxious to see how the season is going to turnout with pat running the wildcat and pennington being acurate and managing games like a true veteran and profeesional

pat white is the qb of the future.time is up for ted ginn.doesn't have football speed.sounds like we are deep at wide reciever.


pat white is our future,he's the love of our hearts,he's the stud of our time,he's the man of all men,he's nice man and he looks even better than jason the moose.

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Is Anthony Armstrong the kid they got from Georgia Southern last year?


Henne is still in the mix. Pat White is a new type of QB. We're looking beyond Pennington. Henne and White are the future.

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