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Clearing out the notebook of lots of good stuff

Hopeful Dolphins fans believing the Dolphins could still find a starting-caliber nose tackle in Paul Soliai may have been dealt a two-fisted setback this week.

First and most discouraging is Soliai admitting he's gone from being a big dude to a fat big dude this offseason. In collegue Barry Jackson's buzz column, Soliai says he's weighing in at a whopping 360 pounds. The Dolphins want him at 345 pounds ASAP.

And they want him at that weight because his days as a nose tackle may be over. The fact is Soliai is expected to get repetitions during the coming minicamps as a defensive end as well as a nose tackle. And if the roster on the team's English language website (there will be two Miami Dolphins websites by training camp, one in Spanish) can be believed, Soliai is more a defensive end than a nose tackle or defensive tackle.

And none of that spells good news for the supremely gifted, but work ethic challenged youngster.

One thing Bill Parcells hates is overweight football players. One thing the Dolphins cannot condone is guys who go flabby even at the start of the offseason conditioning program. Understand that the program has been underway for several weeks now.

Can you imagine what Soliai was weighing when the program started, assuming he's lost some weight while working out and being back under team scrutiny?

The other thing is Miami's glut of defensive ends -- Phillip Merling, Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, Tony McDaniel, Lionel Dotson and Rodrique Wright -- suggests Soliai is in for a long day every day he's trying to make a spot for himself among that group.

Look, Soliai's make-or-break training camp is coming up. He's already had his youthful indiscretions with the last coaching staff and this one -- getting suspended by Tony Sparano for one game for breaking an undisclosed team rule. So there is very little margin for error.

And an expanding waistline shrinks that margin even more.


You've read different places that Jason Taylor has a "handshake agreement" with the Patriots. You've read the Dolphins have given up on 2009 because they are not actively pursuing Jason Taylor.

As one source close to the situation told me Tuesday night, "Don't believe what you read -- you know better."

The facts are Taylor has no agreement in place with anyone as of this writing. The fact is the Dolphins continue to weigh their options on Taylor and have not made a final decision on the matter, as of this writing.

The fact is the Dolphins definitely, positively have not thrown in the towel on 2009 for any reason, much less the fanciful one that they realize they're not a Super Bowl contender. Be serious. Does that sound like Tony Sparano or Bill Parcells to you?

I'm going so far as telling you the Dolphins are still monitoring the Anquan Boldin situation. Parcells thinks this kid is a monster! He recognizes there are problems with trading for him -- compensation to the Cardinals and compensation of $7-$8 million per year to the player. But the Dolphins have definitely not at this point completely dismissed the idea of being active on the matter if it ever hits the front burner.


Esteemed Sports Illustrated (bleeding money, by the way) and NBC football information man Peter King recently ranked all 32 NFL teams and didn't show the Dolphins a lot of love by slotting them at a non-playoffs-making No. 17.

Man's got a right to his opinion ... even when it's wrong.

Here's Salguero's 1-through-32:

1. Pittsburgh. Did I miss something? Did they lose a game this offseason? Did they graduate someone? And can you believe it, their schedule is fifth-easiest (.435 opponent winning percentage) in the NFL.

2. New York Giants. They faded late last season because they didn't have a receiver who could make plays. They've addressed that issue in the draft and might address it further. Gotham returns to normalcy atop the NFC East.

3. Philadelphia Eagles. Loved their draft. Love their quarterback. The offensive line puzzles, but the west coast offense can overcome some of those shortcomings. This is the final big push for Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.

4. New England. They seem to be stacked. And they are stacked -- like a deck of cards that will come crashing down if Tom Brady gets hurt again or fails to reclaim his old form.

5. Tennessee. The nucleus from last year's 13-win team is still intact and outside the starting quarterback spot and maybe Keith Bulluck, this is a team coming into its prime.

6. Indianapolis. Coaching retirements and threatened retirements are an issue but Peyton's Manning's presence mitigates much of that. They're good, but no longer great.

7. Green Bay. They are just too talented and the schedule is too inviting (fourth-easiest in the NFL) to rank this team any lower. Greatest question mark remains at the quarterback position where Aaron Rodgers is good but will never be Brett Favre great.

8. Carolina. The assumption here is Julius Peppers will play for the Panthers and Jake Delhomme won't throw five interceptions per game as he did in that playoff meltdown against Arizona last year. The Panthers didn't make much of a splash this offseason, but a conservative approach might not be a bad thing for a 12-4 team.

9. Dallas. They hope getting rid of Terrell Owens is addition by subtraction. It more likely will be subtraction by subtraction. But this team promises a solid running game, a good quarterback and solid defensive front -- and that's hard to argue against.

10. Miami. The Dolphins have the toughest schedule in the NFL with opponents boasting a .594 winning percentage. And so don't be surprised if Miami is a better team and nonetheless cannot match last year's 11-5 record. But drop out of the playoffs? Out of contention? Out of sight? Don't think so.

11. San Diego. This team has superior talent that is augmented by the return of Shawne Merriman. But the problem here is not the talent, it's what Norv Turner does with that talent. The jury is still out on him as a head coach, even as he's in his 11th year and on his third team as the head man.

12. Atlanta. The offense is dangerous with the addition of the best tight end to play the game, Tony Gonzalez. But the defense that had no depth last year lost key contributors Keith Brookings, Dominique Foxworth, Rod Coleman and perhaps most notably Michael Boley. Ouch.

13. Minnesota. They have the talent to win a Super Bowl, where it not for that minor detail position known as the quarterback. The offseason flirtations with Brett Favre prove the team isn't sold on Sage Rosenfels or anyone else taking snaps from center.

14. Baltimore. That bus out of town carrying Rex Ryan and Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard and Jason Brown didn't exactly dismantle a playoff team. But it did damage. Matt Birk might actually be an upgrade at center over the short-term but losing Scott will leave a mark.

15. New Orleans. What can I say, I love offense. And the Saints will absolutely lead the NFL in scoring (again) in 2009. On the defensive side of the ball, the team set in motion a plan -- that included the drafting of Malcolm Jenkins and signing of Jabari Greer -- to address its obvious shortcomings. The plan may fail, but at least it made sense.

16. Houston. They have the best wide receiver in the NFL in Andre Johnson, who happened to attend my alma maters Miami High and the University of Miami. So they're doing something right. The problem is Matt Schaub has proven to be somewhat unreliable in staying on the field and in playing well the times he's on the field. That makes the backup quarterback situation is a concern. Dan Orlovsky? 

17. Arizona. Last season's improbable run to the Super Bowl doesn't change the fact the team's best running back (Edgerrin James) is gone while the team's best defensive lineman (Darnell Dockett) and second-best receiver (Anquan Boldin) want to be gone. Miracles do happen, but not in consecutive years. 

18. Chicago. Peter King picked them fourth, I assume, because Jay Cutler is supposed to make everything better ... just like he did in Denver. Cutler is excellent, no doubt. But this team has begun to age and it still hasn't gotten Cutler enough weapons unless you think Juaquin Iglesias is the answer. Orlando Pace is the new left tackle but one has to wonder if he can last the season much less play well.

19. Kansas City. They're the reincarnation of the 2008 Dolphins story. They have a good QB in Matt Cassel. They have a favorable schedule in that it's the 15th easiest in the NFL. And they won't yield rushing yards in large plots of real estate like they did last year. Even without Tony Gonzalez, this offense should score a lot of points.

20. San Francisco. They played hard for Mike Singletary last year and will do so again or he'll threaten to stare at them. They have the best linebacker in the game in Patrick Willis. And they got lucky the best receiver in the draft, Michael Crabtree, fell right in their laps. But Alex Smith and Shaun Hill have yet to settle their competition and even when they do, the 49ers will still be lacking a consistent quarterback.

21. Buffalo. The boring, rust-belt team added Terrell Owens and is experimenting with the spread option offense. Amaaazing. Problem is the offensive line remains unsolved (although I love the Andy Levitre selection), there is no backup quarterback to speak of, and the secondary is leaky.

22. Jacksonville. The Jags have aggressively addressed their offseason needs the past two seasons by drafting multiple players at positions of needs -- pass-rushers in 2008 and offensive linemen in 2009. Last year's picks didn't come through as rookies. This year's picks -- tackles Eben Britton and Eugene Monroe -- must come through to protect David Garrard, or quarterback will be a need in the 2010 offseason.

23. Washington. The Redskins were players in the Jay Cutler sweepstakes. They coveted Mark Sanchez. If you're Jason Campbell you should be getting an uneasy feeling about your Redskins longevity. The offensive line, once a strength, continues to break down or retire or under-perform. And the defensive front isn't much better.

24. New York Jets. Mark Sanchez may be the quarterback of tomorrow, but this team has issues with finding a quarterback today. New Yawkas believe Sanchez can do the same thing Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco did last year as rookies. Wrong. The difference is Sanchez started 16 games in college. Ryan started 31 games at Boston College while Flacco started 26 games at Delaware -- so both were much more NFL-ready than Sanchez.

25. Seattle. There is nothing about the Mike Holmgren "retirement" that is good for the Seahawks. And it might not be too long before quarterback Matt Hasselbeck follows Holmgren to other pastures -- particularly if his back issues continue to flare up. On the bright side, the additions of Aaron Curry and Max Unger promise cornerstone players for years to come.

26. Cincinnati. This is a team with too many questionable character players and a fragile quarterback. That's not a good combination.

27. Cleveland. New coach Eric Mangini is hoping to relive 2006, when he stumbled upon a New York Jets team that still remembered how to win after posting a 10-6 record in 2004. The Browns were 10-6 in 2007 and slumped badly last year, but Mangini doesn't have the players to suit his style in Cleveland to work his Mangeniusness again. And his most trusted personnel man (himself) isn't helping. This, by the way, is the year Dolphins fans find out if their love affair with Brady Quinn was warranted.

28. Denver. So owner Pat Bowlen gets rid of Mike Shanahan, who won two Super Bowls, and replaces him with thirtysomething Josh McDaniels, who has won zero Super Bowls. Then McDaniels gets rid of quarterback Jay Cutler, who is a Pro Bowl player, and replaces him with Kyle Orton, who is now officially a journeyman. What's next, replacing Brandon Marshall with Derek Hagan?

29. Tampa Bay. Raheem Morris is a fine young coach in the mold of Mike Tomlin. Problem is he doesn't have Mike Tomlin's roster and will not get Mike Tomlin results during a rebuilding year.

30. Oakland. Starting quarterback JaMarcus Russell is not as proficient a professional as backup Jeff Garcia, which is kinda sorta a problem. Message to Al Davis: You haven't done anything right since 2001. Time to fade into the silver and black background just as your team has.

31. St. Louis. Quarterback Mark Bulger lost that "it" factor last year and seemed legitimately afraid uncomfortable in the pocket at times. The Rams are tying to address this with the addition of first-round left tackle Jason Smith. But that addition still doesn't address the seven or so other gashes that are bleeding from this team's depth chart.

32. Detroit. They had the worst-to-first blueprint laid out for them by the Bill Parcells example in Miami and, with few exceptions, they did things exactly the opposite way as what Parcells would have done. And they'll get opposite results of what Parcells got.


Some of you have asked me to be more interactive every so often.


I'll be on here around 1 p.m. Wednesday to talk, debate, discuss and otherwise chat with you. I'll stick around as long as you'll have me.


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Dude, why put all this talent on a blog-your 32 team raitings should be in S I. maybe then they wouldnt be bleeding. seriously, your analysis is better than a lot of the recycled verbage-nothing wrong with actually having a sharp mind.

Im still hopin we sign JT and trade for Boldin

i am first

I predict we will definitely have a better team. However, we may only go 10-6 and not win the division, especially with a healthy Tom Brady back a the helm in NC. Hopefully, that will still get us in the playoffs. Despite how we finish, we upgraded this offseason, the core group from last year will be one season smarter, and we drafted some guys that I think will have an immediate impact. There's no doubt this will be a better team than last year.


Solution to the JT issue. Pay him the NFL lowest base salary & then $50,000 for each sack. Pay for performance, i'd call it. Ask him if he would take that arrangement.


What the hell is up with pasting King's entire piece into your blog? That's clearly NOT fair use. Do you like it when people copy and paste your entire articles into competing sites and forums? As a journalist, I would expect more respect for the copyright of others. I wonder if Peter King and SI's legal team have seen this.

I think the Dolphins definetely upgraded the roster this year and it is light years ahead of the disaster of a roster this regime inherited 2 years ago. However, the schedule looks brutal, so the fans have to be patient this year.

How about Teddy Ginn for Anquan? Do the numbers match up dollar wise?

Scott, what the big deal about copying this article, it's not like it's the the bible, any 15 years could write this list with a lot of ifs and this will or wouldn't, it's just filling space.........

souljahbeat, what happened,how did the magic lose that game, you should blame the coach.


"Man's got a right to his opinion ... even when it's wrong."

I would'nt shoot down Peter King when you work for the Herald and when your ego got the better of you at ESPN.

I didn't Parcell's is dumb enough to just let opportunities slide by. But, again we have to give credit to the coaching and the rest of management. Parcells long ago realized that he doesn't know everything and anyone that is successful believes that as well. With the Pat White pick, the team took a shot at some fun offense. Boldin and JT are still a contract away from becoming Phins.

This is going to be year 2 of the 4 or 5 year rebuilding program. Let's see what happens. The Phins are capable of surprising a lot of people and so long as teams don't believe that our team is good enough to beat them, then that overconfidence takes hold. If our team gets a couple of bounces we could win the division again.

re soliai----omg! i really fear a breakdown at nt---it's my biggest concern going into season.

yeah, the magic stopped playing with about 5 mins to go... they looked like they didn't know what was going on out there... it was pretty bad... and all Van Gundy could do was sweat and yell and look confused...

Armando, what's up with Soliai? How can the guy just throw away millions in career earnings for a bunch of cheese burgers? This is not good news for us. It's the one weakness on the team I didn't think was addressed well in the offseason. The move to DE doesn't make much sense, the guy can't stay in good enough shape to anchor much less rush the passer. If Ferguson goes down we're in deep doodoo...

BTW, I read both predictions and the strengths and weaknesses of each team are pretty apparent... I think you were trying to place teams in a more appropriate order and I agree with your assessment much better than King's. I think Atlanta and San Diego should replace Green Bay and Carolina respectively simply because they have better QBs.

Mr. Scott (Scotty)

"What the hell is up with pasting King's entire piece into your blog?"

" I wonder if Peter King and SI's legal team have seen this."


Dear Captain Armando Salguero

Long range sensors detect the approach of a "Sports Illustrated bird of pray"(USSI DeweyCheatem an How).

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Stephen Ross,

There is no need to re-name the stadium, bring b-list celebrities, hold concerts, or pull other publicity stunts to bring more fans to Joe Robbie Stadium (Note: not Landshark). I have the solutions to all your problems right here... one little suggestion that will instantly spice up Dolphins games and put more people in the seats.... What is it???

Topless Cheerleaders...

You can leave me a check in my new seats in the club level.

Armando didn't post Peter Kings article did he? He gave his own take on it with new rankings and analysis... whats the problem with that?

soulj, the orlando coach thought he can run the time and win without Howard scoring like he did with 76ers and the celtics had the worst game played this year . the magic is very lucky team to around in the playoffs and howard who can't score from the the line is another way over rated super man crap.

My guess is that the following teams are too LOW in the list: NE (yuk), Carolina, San Diego, Baltimore, Chicago, Tampa Bay.
The following are to HIGH: Tennessee, GreenBay, Dallas??, KC?, Buffalo, Jets.
Dallas is steadily deteriorating since BP left. I guess we've annointed Cassel as a good QB because he was able to throw to Moss and Welker? Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Why does gopats like to kiss Mando's azzzzzzz?

Okay, I'll be the first to ask a potentially stupid question:

If the team has a glut at DE and Soliai is a NT why should the glut at DE worry him? He should be worried enough about being a disgusting fatbody and Bill Parcells (talk about projection) than a glut at a position that's not his. Did I miss a position move here?

For those that were commenting on posting the SI clip, did I miss something? I don't see the Peter King post anywhere. It is his own that is posted. Secondly, I'm not sure I'd say Tennessee's nucleus is in tact when the biggest chunk of that defense has found its way into D.C. and the numbers show that that defense IS different when he is out.


Scott, your an idiot that doesnt know how to read. Let me paste what Armando wrote since u got selective reading.

Esteemed Sports Illustrated (bleeding money, by the way) and NBC football information man Peter King recently ranked all 32 NFL teams and didn't show the Dolphins a lot of love by slotting them at a non-playoffs-making No. 17.

Man's got a right to his opinion ... even when it's wrong.

Here's Salguero's 1-through-32:


About Soliai,
It really wouldn't be hard for a 360 pound man to lose 15 pounds in a month just by eating slightly less and cardio. Do you have any idea how many calories it would take just to MAINTAIN that weight?
I'm sorry if he can't do that he doesn't deserve to be a professional "athlete". I hope I'm wrong but sounds like the guy is done...

Harricane, there's only one problem with that strategy - run defense suffers. Think Mark Gastineau and the "New York Sack Exchange". The rest of the D-line hated him. They had to constantly cover the run with a man short, because he was off up the field chasing after the QB - whether he had the ball or not!

Re Nose Tackle not being addressed.

You cant address every need. As has been mentioned time and time again, this is early stages of the rebuidling.

Its a process, not an event.

If they didnt feel the right solution for the team was available in the draft then so be it. Hopefully other needs will have been resolved.

Considering the 2 drafts of the trifecta, I wouldnt be a bit surprised if they follow the trend.

2008 OLx3, DLx2, RBx2
2009 DBx2, WRx2
2010??? NTx2 LBx2/3

and between 08/09 they got QBx2.

clearly they like to double up in the draft at positions.. adds competion and depth at the same time as playing the odds.

Maybe they are quite high on the Undrafted FA Nose Tackle.. cant recall his name right now...

Either way.. im excited by yet another strategic looking offseason.

just get that band around your stomach slightly, maybe he can get down to 260 by july.

Where is the 'lots of good stuff' as promised in the headline?

Translation of your blog entry: Solai is fat... JT is waiting it out as long as possible to avoid doing any work as all country club vets (Brett included) do, and it will take a kings ransom (precious 1st rd pick) to get Boldin. Oh yeah and some tool named Peter King thinks the Dolphins are #17 in the league.

Get a scoop.

JP. Ginn for Boldiin? How about I trade you a bag of ripe garbage for your filet mignon? Check your self bro.
Reality - maybe wiki it or something.

Whatever you want to say about Soliai and the glut of DE's, even if he were moved to DE he's likely still better than Dotson and Wright, so I don't think that's an issue. As it is he's a DT when we line up in the 4-3 or on goal-line, so why say he's a DE?

Pat - London, I'm on board with you on the 3 year process and the reality is we could not address everything. I'm just getting a little over the top with Soliai eating his way off the team... It's hard for this poor slob to understand how a guy can flush millions down the toilet in the quest for one more cheese burger. But I couldn't understand why Ricky needed one more toke or why Cecil Collins climbed in some woman's freaking window. Maybe if I got whacked in the head a few thousand times on the football field it would all make sense.

Soliai needs to wake up. This really ticks me off. How many 2nd chances does he need? he should have come into camp in the best shape of his life. He actually has the nerve to whine about the Dolphins drafting a NT? saying he was very relieved they didn't? what a crock! How stupid can you be? Joey...please slap this idiot around or something.

Nice rankings BTW...its about time someone got a clue and quit kissin the Patriots butts.

Here's how I see it playing out:
Miami 11-5 (Strength of schedule is based off last year's records, its a new year, new teams. Creative offensive/mistake free play along with a more explosive running game and more talented Defense - speacially if Jason Taylor is added. Ready to be consistant contenders and for a better showing in the playoffs)
New England 9-7 (After almost a decade of ultimate success, pats are destined to decline,how fast depends on how fast their "star players" diminish. Tom Brady will not return to form and Defense will struggle to play as a unit)
Buffalo 9-7 (Could be a make or break team, last year they made for the first half and broke completely in the second half)
NY Jets 6-10 (Defense will be solid along with running game but flat leadership and QB/Passing game)

i see it as follows
pats 11-5
miami 10-6
bills 9-7
jets 8-8

Best blog I've read in a while. Nicely done, Salguero. You broke news, broke down players, and broke down the coming season. You're not always the paragon of perfection when it comes to reporting (e.g., publicly shaming other reporters), but today you done did good.

Nice breakdown Jamil... The problem with the damn Paties is they have 4 picks in the top 60 every year. I hate them, but I can't argue with the Belichick formula. Tom Brady is the key. Only a couple Brady's come along in a generation. Hopefully they don't luck into another one when Brady declines.

Glad to here someone else point out King is a complete douche. He ranked the Jets ahead of Miami. He wrote that Miami may loose Pennington to injury and the Jets can go 11-5....this is from Peter King....the man should get some serious flack just for his jets forecast.
As for this post Armando....probably one of the first you have written in awhile that make me feel like you really are into the team.

Patrirck, i agree with you pats are your Papi

Poloman, i agree with Armando some times cause i think he's more fair than most letting letting people have their say 99 percent of the time.

Soluiahbeat, Howard wants to blame his coach for his defeat but people will figure out soon that he's super mann fake AZZZZZ as mr Bunglito would say.

Excellent post. With great grace and tact, you rip Soliai, rip Peter King's ridiculous list, rip Greg Cote's sophomoric opinions, praise Barry Jackson, who is a little-tapped wealth of information, and present a cogent, logical ranking of NFL teams worthy of national attention.

Fine job. We'll come back and speak with you around 1 p.m.

Scott, you are an idiot and I was wondering how long before some other poster would call you out for claiming something thats clearly false.

Armando didn't cut and paste any list. He provided his own list. And I agree with his a lot more than I agree with King's. I do think Green Bay is a little too high Mando.

By the way, I have a little experience putting up with knobs on an everyday basis. Maybe we can discuss how you do it with asswipes like Scott.

I'm truly impressed Soliai's "indiscretion" from a year ago still hasn't come out. I heard he was sloppy drunk at some bar missed team meetings and curfews the night before a game.

Living in the Magic area and watching most thier games I see D Howard as the most gross under use of a superstar center in Nba history and it doesnt end at Howard. They've turned 6'10 Rashard Lewis into a 3 point specialist. Hedo Turklu as a #1 scoring option? Give me a f#$king break he's a #3 scoring option at best for most teams.

Why the hell dont they play another big with Howard, he has no help at all on the boards or as a defender in the paint. I see exactly why Heat let Van Gundy go when they were ready to make thier championship run. I thought it was a very cruel move until I witnessed this year's Magic playoff run.

Shack even says he's a panicker. Shack played for the guy. Everyone who thought the Heat were cruel in thier decision againt Van Gundy can now see why!

to scott & gopats:

I second what as Jeff said.

do you guys even know how to read??????? WHERE did mando every post SI's article????? what idiots!!!!!READ the freacking blog correctly. mando NEVER posted ANY of it-HE WROTE HIS OWN-you guys need to get a life.


Joe Rose blasted you on the air this morning, it was lololol. He called you a fraud lol. Reality is mando, you are just a writter, a observer just like US THE FANS. Rose played the game he knows more then you and us the fans. Live with it and move on.

Good stuff today Salguero. I appreciate your effort, hard work and insight.

Good stuff Armando =)


Great post. But ouch, Skolnick just beat you to the punch on this one:


JT TO Miami says Skolnick on SUN

mando find out if thats true about j.t. signing today!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Jason Taylor to re-sign with Dolphins TODAY!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

that fat clown joe rose called you out mando. are going to take that junk?

Friends, I have breaking news at the top of the blog. Thanks.

Mando in the same post you bash King for dropping Miami to 17 yet you turn around and drop the Cardinals to 17. Did I miss something? Have they lost any of their key components? Were they not in the Superbowl last year? You have them way too low!

great article... thought that your breakdown of the 32 teams was better than what Peter King wrote...

Miami can go ALL THE WAY in 2010 with the following moves:

1. Trade 3rd round pick + Hartline to Cleveland for BRAYLON EDWARDS (his salary will be 1/3 the cost of Boldin)

2. Trade 4th round pick, Solei(sp?) our overweight NT, and the extra 6th round pick (from Washington) for the NT that wants to leave Arizona.

3. and here is the suprise move ...... trade our extra 7th round pick to Atlanta for the rights to Michael Vick.

4. If Vick looks good in Training camp we can trade Henne to Denver for a 2010 1st round pick ........

5. In 2010 we will have two first round picks ..... get a strong ILB and a good pass rushing OLB

6. In 2010 use 2nd round pick for a big OG

7. Make plans to win the Superbowl after 2010 season

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