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Value of Dolphins draft to be weighed

I'll be the first to admit I often view the draft through the prism of what the player is likely to do for the Dolphins, with little regard for what might have been if the team would have picked some other player.

It is the preliminary view that most teams take, frankly, because they prefer not to be compared with what other teams did. As Jimmy Johnson used to say, "Once the draft is over, I think and worry about the players I took. I don't ever think about the players I passed on because I'm not ever going to see them, but maybe once every four years and, at worst, maybe twice a year."

Well, that's sound organizational thinking -- especially if one traded oneself out of the opportunity to draft Randy Moss.

But today, those of us outside any NFL organization are taking a different view of the last draft. This time we're looking at it through the lenses of what might have been and what had better come to pass to make Miami's draft a success years from now.

The fact of the matter is the Dolphins are thrilled with the selection of CB Vontae Davis with the 25 overall pick in the first round. As a team source told me, he is at worst the second-best cornerback in the draft. He fills a position of dire need. And the Fins are thrilled to have him because they simply do not buy the so-called character issues with him.

But long-term Davis has to do more than simply be a solid cornerback for the Dolphins to make this pick a success. The fact is Davis was selected ahead of some very good prospects. And no on is going to be thrilled if Davis turns out to be a good player, but two or three guys drafted behind him become Pro Bowl guys.

The draft is about getting good value and picking a good player earlier while better players go later is not getting good value. So the hope is Davis is better than the guys picked behind him to make this a value selection.

That being the case, in the future we will view the Davis selection and also think that one pick later, Green Bay selected outside linebacker Clay Matthews. We will measure Davis historically against how Hakeem Nicks does in New York because the Dolphins also had a need at receiver and Nicks was on the board. So if Nicks, who went with the 29th overall selection, has a better career than Davis, I for one will feel kind of jipped.

It works both ways, by the way. The Saints, picking at No. 14, made Malcolm Jenkins the draft's first selected cornerback. Wouldn't it be sweet if Davis, selected 11 slots later, turns out to be a better player? The expectation is Jenkins must be better, but as Bill Parcells says, "You can't buy insurance for this stuff."

By the way, aside from Nicks, we must also follow the career path of WR Kenny Britt, who was picked 30th by Tennessee, because he was also on Miami's radar and also plays a position of need.

The second round again offers an interesting snapshot we must all refer to in the future. The Dolphins selected Pat White at No. 44 overall. He plays the quarterback position which is the most important on the field. White should immediately contribute in the WildPat and spread option package. Great.

But White was a luxury pick that answered no major pressing need. The Dolphins passed on Virginia OLB Clint Sintim, who was taken by the Giants one pick later at No. 45. Again, pass-rush is always a need and Miami has that need, even today. Furthermore, it should concern Miami fans Sintim was selected by the Giants because they run a hybrid 4-3 defense that sometimes looks like a 3-4 and sometimes uses linebackers as rushers [Thanks to the reader who corrected me on this]. They have proven to know a little something about identifying good front 7 players.

Miami also passed on Georgia receiver Mohamed Massaquoi and Hawaii OLB David Veikune -- both selected after Miami selected White. So those players will be linked to White.

With the 61st overall selection the Dolphins selected cornerback Sean Smith, a supremely talented kid with great size and potential and position flexibility. I loved this pick. And so did the Dolphins.

But the fact is in picking Smith the Dolphins passed on U-Conn OLB Cody Brown, who went to Arizona. It'll be interesting to see which player contributes more throughout his career.

The third round finally brought the Dolphins a receiver in USC giant Patrick Turner. At 6-5 and 225 pounds he should be a red zone threat. He better be, anyway. Eyes will be on him to see if he's more effective in the red zone than 6-6, 245-pound TE Chase Coffman, who the Bengals selected 11 picks later. Turner needs to be more productive than Penn St. WR Deon Butler, who the Seahawks selected at No. 91. Oklahoma WR Juaquin Iglesias (99th overall) and Wisonsin TE Travis Beckum (100th overall) also were selected after Turner in the third round.

The hope is Brian Hartlin, who Miami selected in the fourth round at No. 108 overall, is better than those previously mentioned players taken after Turner. The hope is OLB Victor Butler, taken by Dallas at 109 overall, doesn't prove to be a better player than Hartline.

The Chargers, in need of a nose tackle, took intriguing Vaughn Martin out of Western Ontario with the 113th overall selection. He would have filled Miami's nose tackle void. Hartline needs to become a greater value for Miami than Martin becomes for the Chargers.

The Dolphins have a much greater chance of getting draft decisions right than the Raiders because that is the history of late when comparing Bill Parcells and Al Davis. But Davis did pluck WR Louis Murphy from the University of Florida roster with the 124th overall selection. Murphy is bigger (6-3 and 205) than Hartline and faster. Is he more raw? Absolutely. More injury prone? Absolutely Will we watch the two develop and see which one becomes better?


By the way, two more NT-types went before the third round was over -- Auburn's Tyronne Green to San Diego and Michigan's Terrance Taylor to Indianapolis. Hard to dismiss these picks as both Bill Polian and A.J. Smith have done some outstanding work in building winners through the draft.

The Dolphins were active in the fifth round, picking TE John Nalbone out of mighty Monmouth and S Chris Clemons from Clemson. The interesting thing to me is that in picking Nalbone out of a program that doesn't typically produce NFL talent, the Dolphins passed on OL Duke Robinson out of Oklahoma, a program that typically does produce NFL talent. Robinson went to the Panthers two picks after Miami selected Nalbone so the career comparisons between them is on.

Clemons was very impressive in the rookie camp and colleague Craig Barnes, who covered college football for decades at the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, tells me this kid is the real deal and that Miami got a steal. Great! So it should be no problem comparing how the Dolphins do with Clemons and how the Cowboys do with Clemson S Michael Hamlin, who was selected one pick later.

And, oh by the way, the Cardinals picked project OL Herman Johnson out of LSU with the 167th overall selection. The guy is fat at 386 pounds. But a year or so in the Arizona desert should trim him up a bit if the Cards are right on the kid. (He likely would have lost weight in Miami's humidity also). So I'll be checking in on him and comparing his value to Nalbone's and Clemons's.

The sixth round brought the Dolphins backup left tackle Andrew Gardner from Georgia Tech. Wonder how his value will stack up against TCU ILB Robert Henson, who went five selections later, or Washington State WR Brandon Gibson, who went at 194th overall to Philadelphia? We'll see.

The seventh round brought the Dolphins J.D. Folsom from Weber State. But the move that troubles me is the trade the Dolphins made with Kansas City for the 237th overall pick. The Dolphins traded it for Kansas City's seventh-round pick next year.

The stated reason Miami got no premium for trading a pick this year for a pick in the same round next year is that the Dolphins had no more players on their draft board. Really?

If that's the case, not one player that was selected after Folsom, was selected at No. 214 overall, had better become a star in the NFL. Not one of the 20 players selected after the Dolphins basically passed at No. 237 had better become a solid NFL contributor because if he does, it means the Dolphins walked away from the opportunity to select that guy.

It'll be interesting to see in the coming years how it works out. The belief here is Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland will get it right more often than they get it wrong. But that doesn't mean we won't be checking on it to make sure that is true.

By the way, the video below is of Nevada WR Marko Mitchell, who was selected at No. 243 overall, six selections after the Dolphins decided there were no more players on the board.


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Jay in Raleigh

Right on and Chris Clemons is exactly that...gravy.

Armando, just stick with your work which is journalism and let the "professional coaches" handle this. They had a great team last year and will be even better this year. All we hear from you is "what if" well, what if you just clam that big bass mouth of yours up!

By not selecting a NT in the draft or signing one in the offseason, me thinks that one of the following players will play the position this year

Philip Merling
Lionel Dotson
Tony Mcdaniel
Randy Starks

Judgeraf: Do you know how stupid you sound telling me to shut up on a blog? Seriously. Adults should know better. And go get a hug from someone who loves you (assuming someone does) because you sound very angry.

Azphin: Assuming you weren't being (too) sarcastic about past drafts, here is the deal with the 2006 draft, the last one that seems fair to judge given we're entering four seasons since it happened. It's still too early to fairly judge 2007 and 2008, although after this year, it will be fair to see how the 2007 rookies have progressed.

In the first round the Dolphins picked Jason Allen. Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, Davin Joseph, Nick Mangold, DeAngelo Williams and Kelly Jennings -- all starters or major contributors for their teams -- were picked after Allen.

The Dolphins didn't have a second round pick because they traded it away for Daunte Culpepper. Maurice-Jones Drew, Devin Hester, and Greg Jennings were picked after Miami would have selected in that round.

In the third round, Derek Hagan was the pick and no one picked afterward has done anything of note.

Joe Toledo was picked in the fourth round before Leon Washington and Brandon Marshall.

There was no pick in the fifth round because of Manny Wright and no pick in the sixth round because of an A.J. Feeley trade. Yikes!

In the seventh round Miami selected Fred Evans before Pro Bowl cornerback Courtland Finnegan was selected by Tennessee.

And then the Dolphins selected Rod Wright and Devin Aromashodu before Marques Colston went to New Orleans.

IF we picked this guy, IF we picked that guy.....IF my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle!....Why don;t we wait until the pads go on, before we start judging what the tuna SHOULD have done.....I like this draft, filled need positions...........

Lee if your aunt had balls she would kick your azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It is impossible to assume that players drafted by other teams will recreate any success or failure they enjoyed on that team if they had ended up in Miami.

For example, Porter was a success in Pittsburgh, a bust under the last regime in Miami and a success again under Sparano.

Playing what if is a fools errand. The only measure of the success of a draft is whether the choices play well for the team that picked them.

Great article!
There was a guy named Lang taken 1 pick after the Dolphins in the 4th round by Greenbay that will probably be a starting Guard within the next 2 seasons. Otherwise, I agree with your comparisons.
The discussion about the 7th round does not make any sense to me. There was nobody left on their board that was graded by the scouts as draftable. To accuse management on not hitting on a dart that late in the lottery is comical.

Mr pessimism strikes again. 1 per week is usual for this guy.

Next blog preview:

we didnt sign Boldin... sniff sniff, Boldin is my idol... he's my probowl honey

Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss. Monkey is back.

Armando that was a very classy and professional
response.....glad to get your goat....and I repeat stick to your guns..remember you're NOT a football coach!

Excellent and logical article as usual, Armando. The only people who cannot recognize most good players would be good players regardless of where they play never heard of UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENCY, in which players commonly hop from one team to another and perform.

There are players that are system guys and need to play in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense or west coast offense. But the great ones, even the very good ones, can play well in most systems.

I'm bigger than you culito. So STFU.

Armando, it amazes me how you come up with interesting topics that -- agree or not -- makes people think and come back for more.

I wish my crapass blog was as good.

maybe, it would be a better idea to compare the guys the dolphins did not draft to the guys they picked up as free agents, like louis murqhy.... i mean the business aspect of the nfl cannot be overlooked we saved money by not drafting any other players. salary cap strategy cannot be overlooked, assuming there will be a new collective bargining agreement, i pitty the team that assumes there will not be a new agreement. Our draft was good and it canot be put into perspective by looking at last years team. I am sure we will look like an entirely different team in 09. Watch for pat white in the spread offense, wald cat slash hurry up. it is oing to kill teams. maybe they will only use during the two minute drills, or when they are behind, but to be able to run a power running game when the game is close, and when you are ahead then when you have a deficit use that offense (which im telling you again is what they intend to use) will be a real nightmare to prepare for, and by the sixth game other teams will be doing it, most likely including the patsy's

james n va,

Not nice of you to refer to my pats as patsys. They own the Dolphins. I feel like hurting you. You know I can bench press my weight.

Armando you are perfect for this town!! once again full of negativity and just a dark cloud over your head!! Amazing!.
The perfect example was Ronnie Brown, when he was drafted everyone wanted Cadillac Williams, Cadillac was the Super Man of running backs , durable, fast, smart, bla bla bla......what's he doing now by the way, selling cars????... the point is, every draft is the same thing year after year, some good players end up sucking and some not so highly regarded ones end up kicking butt... that said, you will drive yourself crazy thinking of all the players you "could have" or "should have" picked....+ its very easy to judge picks after you see the results of their play, which does not mean they would perform in that same way had they had been picked by the Dolphins........Examples (Steve Young with Tampa Bay and with the 49ers, Brett Favre with Falcons and with Green Bay...etc..etc...etc..) SO wait till next year then criticize the picks......so far under Sparano the hit/miss ratio has been pretty good.....

You just had to bring up the Randy Moss debacle didnt you? Marino to Moss what a combination that woud have been...I wonder how many Super Bowls they would have played catch in?

Joe Watts, normally I just let you drone on but I'm not so inclined to let things go this time. Explain to me exactly what your problem is with this post.

Where do you see it as having a dark cloud overhead, as you say. The fact of the matter is one can look at what happens in the draft and if it is bad, say so. The fact also is that one can look at the draft and if something wonderful happens, say so.

All I'm saying is that Miami had choices. Miami made choices. And now we'll see how those choices work out in the years to come.

What part of that is a huge problem for you?

The draft is hit and miss and Bill Parcells will hit and miss as much as the next guy. We'll see that as the trifecta's tenure goes forward. I agree with Armando it will be interesting to see how those picks pan out. It's one part of the draft that gets little assessment.

Where does Cameron Wake fit into this... For Example shouldn't we compare him to Sintim instead of White, since his development could make the Sintim pick unecessary?

oye mandito calm down i still love u.:)

Pat White will move the chains. The 1st pass he completes in the Wildcat will send a message, and loosen up the linebackers and secondary for the run game, from which both he and Ronnie will benefit. Don't you White doubters get it?
Both White and Ronnie in the same backfield.
Pat only has to be on the field 20% of the time to make big plays, and the pass out of the Wildcat threat doubles it's effectiveness. It's what Spurrier wanted to do in Washington but couldn't, due to the lack of mobility at QB.

Armando, thats exactly it... no matter how you look at it, there will always be good choices and bad choices not just for the Dolphins but for every team in the NFL and for that matter in all team sports. And here is your quote;
"The fact is Davis was selected ahead of some very good prospects. And no on is going to be thrilled if Davis turns out to be a good player, but two or three guys drafted behind him become Pro Bowl guys."

Davis has not even played one single down and neither have the "three guys drafted behind him" and you are hinting Davis will not be a pro bowl type player but the other 3 could do so......

The draft is like any other business; talent, marketing (of the players) and the needs of teams.... wasn't Reggie Bush going to destroy the NFL in rushing? so far, nothing impressive from him at least nothing that would make him a pro bowler in the future.

An exercise in futility! It's amazing just how many truly gifted judges of NFL caliber talent there are reading Armando. It's astounding the number of Kiperites out there offering opinions on the relative "value" of draftees. While I suppose it offers proof-positive that hindsight truly is 20/20, it is equally disturbing to find that the best assessors of potential NFL skills are not those who do it professionally, but rather the bartenders, postal carriers and taxi drivers of this world. I realize we are each are entitled to voice our respective perspectives, but to do so as though we alone have an exclusive insight into the future productivity of a 22 year old. A 22 year old who's partially educated, ballplayer who's about to be thrust into a world he's probably barely mentally prepared to handle.

Are you factoring in the probability of injury or even the inevitable holdout and the profound developmental lag they bring. Have you considered that some players are better suited for one system as opposed to another. Or, as Bill Parcells rightly noted, the negative affects of players past their prime on the development of younger players.

Until you get into battle you don't what kind of soldier you actually have. So, for the love of God guys, get a grip.

Joe Watts: That which I wrote as a hypothetical possibility -- that Davis might become a good player while others selected behind him become Pro Bowl players -- is not a hint by me saying that is what I believe will happen.

The fact you understood it that way convinces me we're not speaking the same language.

So I give up. And I take responsibility for it. English is not my first language. Sorry.

mr bunglito, why you don't like me azzzzzzz ? i always can let you tickle my pickle.

THE BEST FOOTBALL people on this blog,
2-nj phin fan
4-phin storm

I think the Dolphins will definitely get production out of Davis, White, and Smith this year. Its probable that either or both of the corners taken in this draft will be competing for a starting job by the end of the season and White will contribute on offense right away. Thats all you can really hope for out of a draft is to get a few guys that can be solid contributors. I think Turner and Clemons will also be good players, but probably not right away.

As far as the choices that we could have taken... It doesn't really make sense to think about that now... Will the guys that we took be better than the guys we passed on? Only time will tell... We just have to wait and see, but thats just how it goes.

Ok....... Armando,

I'm trying to say something positive about your article, actually about your coverage of the Dolphins in general. Hmm.... Ok, you are very passionate about your South Florida sports. That is something respectable and you have very good South Florida connections which allow you at times to get some inside information that most people would not.

Now, to some constructive criticism if you don't mind. This piece is just whatever, I don't think it is really fair to compare certain players, who play different positions, but will end up in different situations with different depth charts, injuries, personal issues just because they were drafted somewhat near each other.

Also, your opinion that Vontae Davis will have to have more pro-bowls then people selected behind him is asinine. The whole x factor about the draft is that you always have later round picks turn into pro-bowlers. It is something that is almost impossible to determine, somebodys will to continue to get better and never become complacent. This is how you get the players like Tom Brady, Marion Barber or Marquis Colston. You will always have your busts, ala, Ryan Leaf.

The whole point of the draft is to try and draft the most players you can that will compete on your team, make the roster, and become talented starters. Pro-bowls and MVP's are all extra.

BUT the biggest thing that really stands out to me is that your football knowledge just isn't that great for somebody who has followed football as long as you have. You go with your assumption and opinion so much and I can't believe how openly critical you have been of this managing team (BP, Ireland, and Sparano) when they are proven winners, and I remember clearly before CAM CAM spiraled out of control you were on that bandwagon.

Your writing style is very generic for a professional writer and it seems you have abandoned using varying writing styles to improve your writing and make it more interesting. Just my opinion! I know opinions are like A##holes and everybody has one, and the mostly stink... but take it at face value..

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that you edit your blog comments to shape the way people's opinions and feelings against you are viewed...BUT w/e!

The Magic will beat the Celtics tonight in the Garden.

hahaha! lmao! did anyone else see the statistics guy tell Marv Alberts and Reggie Miller to look up the stats themselves, call them prettyboys and then get up and quit????

this was an awesome piece. i dont usually weigh in on these things but as a diehard fins fan you hit on a very interesting topic. i am hopeful about Davis being THE GUY but i wonder what the pat white selection does -- don't get me wrong, the guy was awesome in college and fits the wildcat but ... if we are grooming Henne isn't the plan that we ultimately move into a full time pro style offense -- a la tom brady and the pats -- and don't need the wildcat? thanks for your great insights. chris lane

DolphinDude, you are welcome to your opinion and I'm not going to argue with you about what you believe to be facts about my football knowledge and writing style, etc ... w/e, as you say.

But you are simply wrong about me editing the comments to suit my purposes. Reading some of the comments on this blog is proof positive of that.

we should live blog the NBA playoffs. Would anyone hang?

yea id hang on that as well mandito..

Hey armando it would be great for u, even though ur probably really busy, but it would be cool if u would be on here to answer questions at least a day or so a week ,like a live blog with u ,and live answers and stuff.

I would enjoy that ..xoxxoxoxox


Why an enemy like gopats? ARe you stupid?

Id personally would of prefered Gonads.

You, you got what I need but you say hes just a friend
And you say hes just a friend, oh baby
You, you got what I need but you say hes just a friend
But you say hes just a friend, oh baby
You, you got what I need but you say hes just a friend
But you say hes just a friend

Someone may have mentioned this but there's another way we can look at these picks 5 years down the road. If the Dolphins win a superbowl or a championship or two, regardless of how much better the other picks/players stats might be, this will have been a very succesful draft in my mind. Everyone always points to stats as a measure of a players talent while completely discounting that players heart and team first mentality, both of which are extremely important traits to have in players on a championship caliber team. So lets say Clay Matthews has a better career than Davis but the Packers don't sniff the nfc championship for the next decade while the Dolphins become an AFC powerhouse. Is anyone seriously going to be crying that we should've taken Matthews instead? I know I won't because I'll be too busy celebrating. Same gos for any of the players mentioned. IMO a players career is not a success or failure based on stats alone, there are just too many variables that go into building a consistent, winning team.

NJ, thank you for "mading" someone happy. Jeez, the Pats should start a read and write program for their fans. Also, stop placating Patriot fans, where's your loyalty?! :)

I just want to be j dizzle. How awesome is it that he posted the first comment? Amazing guy, that j dizzle

NYSCOTT. LOL. All i was agreeing to , was the part where he said armando should pay me for my work on this blog. Plus i know who that was posting. Just playing along.

FINFANDOLPHIN. Why is nj phin fan #2 ?

you certainly did your home work on that piece but I have to say this - I believe the newly drafted players success will have a lot to do with his coaches and veteran team mates. Athletic ability aside what they learn in the NFL comes from the team. I give you John Beck as an example. Many people felt Beck was a poor choice and had no talent - that may be true but look @ his NFL debut under Cam Cameron and the offensive line that year. Any ways, GO FINS.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah BOOOOOY, CELTICS WIN ! CELTICS WIN !. What's up soulja ? I thought the celtics were going down tonight, LMAO . All this without Garnett and powe.

first off you are completely wrong on all these links. an opportunity for a player can be presented on different teams with different systems with different ideas to create and mold a draft prospect into a successful player. lets say vonte becomes a #2 corner in his career and kenny britt has a hall-of-fame career, well you cant judge how it wouldve been if miami drafted him because the opportunities and style of play could have made him a bust at the time. this is why some players have horrible careers at first before being released and go on to greatness, or vice versa. so can it mando and stick around for next years draft because "what if" doesnt cut it. P.S. if you can get me a job as a personell/scout/manager position in the NFL hook me up on my email account

mando, who was the 6th pick by the dolphins in the 2002 draft and how did he fare compared to the guy taken before and after him? exactly you will give up on these picks(especially round 5-7) in about 2 or 3 years.

"the Pats should start a read and write program for their fans. Also, stop placating Patriot fans, where's your loyalty?!"
Posted by: NYScott

I agree NYScott. That is why I was asking gopats where he was born all the time. I figured that English was not his first language. Gopats if you are out there, where were you born?

This is not a very good article. You are basically stating the obvious, yes we can't help but think what might happen. Look at reggie bush and mario williams so far williams is having the better career. You are basically saying that the dolphins might live to regret this draft or wish they took a player that turned out to be a pro bowler. Well name me one team that hasn't suffered this in the last 10 years. I think every year each team misses out on a potential pro bowler. What if Marko mitchell becomes a better? What if vontae davis does not be a all star corner? The draft is worse then stocks. The dolphins did what they could and I am sure there is going to be a guy who we didnt get in the 4th round that ends up being a great NFL player. But to point that out when everybody that follows the NFL knows there is a good chance that might happen well does not seem to me to be the best journalism that has come from this website.

NYScott, why are you so angry, do you think your ex mangers Nick Satan and Cam Cameron can open an english school to teach us good english ?

P.S YOUR english suck. the word is making not mading w/ K

Pointless article, Armando. I quit reading after you got to round 3. Not one of your better efforts,imo.

All great and fantastic but we are missing one important thing, TEAMWORK. All the analysis of who got picked first or last, comparing those who went here or there, makes good analytical writing, but we can't look at just the pieces but rather how the pieces work with each other. A first rounder can be crap in a bad system. Does that mean that the one that went ahead of the first rounder is better? NO!! The last guy picked in the draft could turn out to be a probowler. Does that mean he should have gone in the first round? NO!!!

So you see folks, it really doesn't matter other than for fun all this analysis stuff. Let's wait for the season to start and see how the pieces work together as a team and give credit where credit is due regardless of where players were chosen in the draft.


you realize that this reciever from neveada is playing Idaho and LA Tech. Sam Sheilds can look like an All-Star agains LA Tech, doesnt make him a worthy NFL prospect

Seriously ARMANDO,

Stop with the WildPat!!! It is not clever, it is not catchy, it's freakin' lame...enough already!!!

OH, and good read.

...And what's your point about Marko Mitchel? That "highlight reel" shows why Miami didn't look his way. Do you not notice how timid he is before catching the ball? He's a skinny kid coming from a Nevada program that faces nobody with a decent defense! How would he get off the line of scrimmage in the NFL? What happens when he gets lit up across the middle? He isn't that fast. His hands aren't that good. And, he doesn't fit into the mold of a Bill Parcells football player!

Herman is was down to 350 before the start of the his pro day workouts. You should of done your checking before you wrote this article.

"The draft is about getting good value and picking a good player earlier while better players go later is not getting good value. So the hope is Davis is better than the guys picked behind him to make this a value selection."

The flaw in that thinking Mando is, no account for TEAM needs and/or fit.

After you got married did you look around and see if you missed someone that was prettier ?

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