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Where the real Dolphins star power should be

Land Shark Stadium logo

I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert Friday morning. No, seriously.

As a way of unveiling the new name and logo for Landshark Stadium, the one formerly known as Dolphins, then Joe Robbie, then Pro Player, then Dolphins again, then Dolphin Stadium, new owner Stephen Ross is enlisting the help of his friend Jimmy Buffett.

Buffett, who has been invited to join the Dolphins as a minority owner but has not committed, performed three songs at the venue before invited media and serveral "VIP" guests that included men in hula skirts, people wearing fake parrots as headgear, and yes, even makeup. It was quite a scene with Dolphins great Kim Bokamper and Dolphins mediocre Joe Rose dancing with one another as if drunk and in love.

The new logo is a fin rising out of a depiction of the stadium.

As I told you first in a post about three weeks ago, Ross wants to glamorize Dolphins games. He wants people to think of game day as an event that transcends football. He wants to make Landshark Stadium the place to be on home game Sundays in the fall and winter. And to do that, in part, he intends to attract and invite A-B-C- and D-listers to the games as well as athletes and celebrities from other sports.

The only "celebrity" at the venue Friday, aside from former Miami players, was former Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning.

Ross intends to institute a red aqua orange carpet so paparazzi can get their shots of the so-called stars before they parade around the field prior to the game, then head behind the windows of their private suites. (Yeah, you didn't think Paris Hilton was going to sit in the stands did you?)

So why am I telling you this?

Because it is freaking, fracking fascinating when you consider that the new owner is trying to turn the business side of the organization into something of a showcase while the guy running the football operation loves collecting lunch pail players and fielding a blue collar team.

It is a startling contrast of approaches within the same organization.

Ross wants the beautiful people to come out to his games. He wants stars and glitz. He wants the Dolphins organization to represent and embody South Florida, Miami, and South Beach with all its diversity and flavors and attractions. 

Bill Parcells wants a team made of players that make a living behind facemasks and are happy staying relatively anonymous. Did you see the Parcells video a couple of posts ago on this blog? He warns his quarterback against being "a celebrity quarterback."

"We don't need any of those," Parcells admonishes.

And I know he pretty much feels the same way about running backs, and tight ends and defensive ends and safeties and every other position on the field. Parcells would rather his players not write books and not appear on reality or interview shows. He'd be fine with a namelss, faceless band that just thinks, eats and breathes football.

So you have the juxtaposition of those two different approaches within the same organization -- one on the business and marketing end, the other on the football side. And I would tell you neither is wrong. But neither is completely right.

Let's face it, the reason people want to buy tickets is to see their team win. And the stars that really attract fans are usually in the game. Sure, it would be cool to go to a football game and, by chance, see Jennifer Aniston walking to her suite. But that experience would not be worth a nickel if you're walking out of the stadium later unhappy because your team hasn't enough firepower to beat great opponents.

So the hope is the Dolphins soon find some bigtime stars on the football roster. While the stars in sunglasses and walking with entourages don't get in the way of the real show.

[BLOG NOTE: I saw former receiver Nat Moore and safety Shawn Wooden at the event today. We talked for a while and out of those conversations I will tell you on this blog on Saturday the importance of veteran leadership and how a lack of that hurt John Beck and continues to hurt Ted Ginn Jr. So check back Saturday for that insight from two men worthy of respect.]


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I am stunned that Goodell is allowing Ross to partner-up with an entertainer who publicly advocates drug & alcohol abuse! Shame on you, Ross & Goodell.

Dear Mr. Ross and Buffet

It has come to my attention that you will be renameing our beloved Joe Robbie Stadium.

Rumor has it that the new name is Land Shark Stadium, is this correct ?

While I have no doubt that you put your best people on this renaming project there seems to have been a slight error in there data.

Although Sharks and Dolphins share the same zip code the normaly dont socialize with each other.(When will we ever learn true tolerance)

Dear Sirs

1-You dont name a retirement center "Hotties"

2-You dont name a church "Hells Bells"

3-You dont name a strip club "The Crab Shack"

4-You dont name a Quarterback "Lemon"

5-You dont name a president "Bush" (We didn't but it happened anyway)LOL

Anyhoo I respectfully request you Hold off on the naming of our stadium till we get more data
on the relationships between Sharks and Dolphins.

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Gary 1 1/3

Thanks for the interest in my whereabouts :)

Soiled :)

I just hope they get rid of the guy who announces every time we get a first down. "That's another Miami dolphins First down!" Don't know why but I wanna reach out and rip out his larynx lol...

alas, soiledBottom is a kool-aid drinking , left wing, looney liberal .

Mr Bunglito=NJ PHIN FAN


I once threatened to punch out Joe Robbie. I hope Tony Sparano knocks out Ross.

mr bunglito, go take a nap and i will wake you up when i am done here.

Nathaniel D

You put George W. Bush on your list of your 50 favorit people, I was wondering what your favorite Bushisms' where? You know there are so many. In fact they made yearly Bushism calendars while he was in office. Any favorites?

Heres a few of my own favs
1) "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

2) "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

3) "They misunderestimated me."

4) You work three jobs? … Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that." —to a divorced mother of three, Omaha, Nebraska,

5) "Neither in French nor in English nor in Mexican."—declining to answer reporters'

Which ones are your favorites?

Don Shula, go take nap like Mr Bunglito

isnt Land Shark only going to be for one year? thats what I heard...i don't see the big deal...were not gonna call it that, it will either be dolphin, pro player or joe robbie...if any1 says "Land Shark Stadium" slap them please...the name doesnt matter, no1s gonna call it that..

i think this is all being blown out of proportion, though i may not agree with it, it will not affect the players in anyway and ross will learn this isnt going to help any so jus deal with it

Dear Mr. Bunglito

I Love Kool-Aid(Big wide happy ear to ear Kool-Aid Smile ile ile)

Left wing looney liberal ?

Not sure what thats means, but it sounds importent(count me in)I'll consider it a promotion :)

Soiled :)

ps Is there a pay increase with my new Title ?

MY favotite obamaism. Minus Teleprompter. Uh , um, uh , um, uh, um , uh, um.

i declare soiledbottom the winner against mr bunglito unless mr bunglito can keep up with soiledbottom,s smart and wit.i doubt that very much though as i notice that mr bunglito just speak only 4 or 5 lines of english.


Good article but it's much ado about nothing. And I can see amongst these post that it solicited negative responses as well as some positve and some indifferent.

Renaming Dolphin Stadium to LandShark Stadium is not a big deal...a little out of place for a team named the Dolphins but ohh well. What Ross is doing is called promoting and using star names is all right with me.

As long as Ross does'nt interfere with Bill Parcells and the Trifecta who cares. Parcells whent through this in Dallas and wasn't a problem then...it was Mr Jones who tried to get in Parcells' way and dictate the who, what, where and why when it came to running the team.

Ross knows better and is a prominent business man who knows all too well what Parcells brings and means to the Dolphins franchise.

Looking forward to those cool Margarita's salt rim and lime on the rocks. The Dolphins rocking the new stadium name and kicking tail on the field. It's gonna be great.

NJ PHIN FAN, stick with pluming man

cubam milano/6 = cuban menace. Go get a life and don't come until you get one.

Cuban menace. stick with your boyfriend Barney frank . LOL

Dolphins4life, great answer to nathaniel who has few lines he keeps repeating for the low informed people like nj phin fan to impress them .

NJ PHIN FAN, stick with your ex governor Jim Mcgreevey who you told me that you voted for

Menace. Mcgreevey is up your ally just like barney frank. Gay and a democrat


This is my all time favorite....

"I'm honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein."

It was heartening to see the post about the time when Flipper was there to do acrobatics in his tank. I was there, not sure if it would translate well today, but it is a great memeory of mine which I periodically share with other people when talking about the Dolphin experience in the "old days". People are also amazed that our quarterback at one point was the coach's son.

Dolphins4Life, my favorite George W. Bush line was "You're either with us or against us." I don't think the present occupant of the White House is capable of such moral clarity.

I was remiss in not including among my favorite 50 people the late, great AFL quarterback, Congressman from Western New York, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1996 Vice-Presidential nominee, and giant of conservativism and freedom JACK KEMP!!!!!

landshark. how about the other hand, moron

Nathaniel.D , moral clarity my azzzzzzzzzzz.you pushed the world to hate us with your azzzzzzzzz moral clarity

Every year during the Superbowl, I cringe when it comes time for the halftime show. This is because at that point the scene moves to glitz, glam and celebrity bullcrap, having nothing to do with the NFL or football in general. I hate the fact that the Superbowl has become a spectacle for non-fans who know nothing about football!!!
Now I sit, trembling, almost sobbing, as it looks like my team for the last 35 years is following suit for every game of the season.

Attention Mr. Ross.... IT'S ABOUT THE GAME YOU IDIOT!!!

Everybody, it seems, wants to be in Show Business.

Real Estate just doesn't compare with Jimmy Buffett thanking you, by name, on stage. Buffett's going to be happy to part this man from whatever he hasn't already doled out to Wayne Huzienga. Hopefully it works out for both of them, but I think only Ross, some white people born around 1950, and a distinct group partial to umbrella drinks that wear parrots on their heads could think this one-hit wonder from the 1970s brings "star power" to the Dolphins.

Ross is no different than anyone who is attracted to the white-hot flame of the spotlight like so many moths. Wealth does not mean you're going to be famous, but it does mean you can true to buy some if you desire it.

dolphinfin=cuban menace =frank and mcreevey=people who like man azzzzzzzzzzzz and their salad tossed,

DolphinFin, I think you will find that two segments of the world "hate us":

1) The left.
2) Islamic terrorists, their supporters, and their apologists.

Unfortunately, those two groups count for a sizeable portion of the world. Nevertheless, I would never want to do anything to appease those two groups because it would mean giving up my values, my freedom, and my security. I would rather be hated by elements 1 and 2 than ever compromise my values, freedom and security.

bob g. Get ready for blue Man Group and cirque du soleil halftime shows.

Landshark Stadium.... what a joke!....... go back to JRS
dolphins don't play with sharks and there is no sharks on land. Well, except attorneys and car salesman. LOL

car salesman ? did somebody say obama ?

NJ PHIN FAN, is a man who has a pipe in his azzzzzzzzz

Nathaniel D

“It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.” – Ulysses Everett McGill

Moral clarity? You are either with us or against us? Sounds like moral clarity too me. LOL...more like a western passage right out of the movies.

You don't honestly beleive that? Opps maybe you do, why else would you list him on ur all time 50 favs?


Nathaniel, what kind of values do you have ? please don't list me your fix news list.

I hope Ross does not turn into a Jerry Jones or Al Davis....!!

Who cares !!!! I will still get tanked pre-game and probably piss on Paris Hilton !
Go Dolphins .

I generally consider myself a happy-go-lucky conservative in the mold of the late, great Jack Kemp. Nevertheless, I do admit to being nauseated by my political opponents under 2 circumstances:

1) When they use the term "bourgeousie."

2) When they use the term "Fix News" or "Fixed News."

Beware such people. They are cretins.

I'm not a big fan of "Showtime" at football games. Even watching the Superbowl these days seems less about the game than everything else around the game. I'd love to have a Superbowl in Green Bay one year and see who shows up when it's 30 degrees below zero.

The only positive I could see is that it might get them on TV more often for those of us outside Miami...but that assumes the team still wins alot of games. Without the wins, they won't be on Monday Night Football even if Jennifer Aniston is dancing naked in a pool of cheap beer every week.

tjh. Jennifer will never go near any land shark, she's an A list. only the D and the F list will be there


I take it you failed to see the humor in his comment. Lets see if you find this one more humorous....

"There's no doubt in my mind that we should allow the world's worst leaders to hold America hostage."


"We are working hard to convince both the Indians and the Pakis there's a way to deal with their problems without going to war."

But my favorite for those people who believe in security at any cost is this one from Benjamin Franklin

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

dolphins4life. are you f'n kidding me ? what exactly did bill clinton do to the terrorists/extremists to warrent 2 attacks on the world trade center ( yes including 9/11 ) , 2 bombings of US Embassy's , bombing of a U.S military base and the bombing of the U.S.S Cole , all under his watch. Nothing ! These people hate us no matter what and no matter who is president. Give me a break ! Wake up and spell the coffee. Now back to dolphin talk.



My new Favorite has to be

"Wake up and spell the coffee"

JK man but it cracked me up =)

Landshark. OK. And amen on the benjamin franklin quote.


landshark. Or should i say armando ? it's called a typo. "SMELL " . Feel better now.

Cuban menace/4 . It's COFFEE not coffe. YOU WELCOME.

no it's coffe not coffee, you welcome


Ok someone talk football now =)

Chad is that leader.. and he has been in the AFC championship. Smiley and Carey got the line.. Poter got the line backers Fergason got the D-line..Allen,Bell,Wilson with davis and smith sounds like we will b


Thanks Hande! Still is funny.

This is just so horrible. We are going to be the laughingstock of the league. Someone shoot me.

I think a few people are missing the point... fans and celebrities generate consistent income. They buy luxury box season tickets. When your boxes and stadium sell out you get national games. Now you can hire and afford all the best amenities for you team. As much as the name LandShark Stadium sucks, the overall benefit will be worth it!

The Dolphins are going to make history next season, both on and off the field. Parcell is free to run his side of the business with total control. Jerry always interfered in Dallas (TO). Its different in Miami, Parcells wants to win a Superbowl as VP. There is a great challenge and great weather for him in Miami. He will stay for a few more years.

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