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Post-practice update from rookie minicamp

Dolphins second round pick Pat White, the former West Virginia quarterback, has a minor pinky injury and so he is not taking many snaps during the rookie minicamp today.

White's injury is not preventing him from working. He is throwing the ball around. He simply is not taking the ball from the center in an exchange to protect the hand.

White struggled during the 90 minute practice today. He threw two interceptions. "It wasn't a good day," said White, who wears gloves on both hands. "I just have to come back out tomorrow and get better."

He did complete a deep sideline pass to Anthony Armstrong. "It was a good ball," coach Tony Sparano said. "I've seen that throw on film."

One man's difficulty is another's fortune as one of the interceptions was made by first-round pick Vontae Davis. "My first pick on my first day," Davis said with a big smile. "It gave me the feeling that I can play at any time with anybody."

Of course, Davis will soon realize the pace gets drastically faster when veterans are on the field. But so far, so good for this young man with the mohawk haircut. I kind of liked his physical approach when he knocked a teammate down. Sparano, who wants to keep healthy players, warned Davis not to do that again.

Sixth-round pick Andrew Gardner, a left tackle, also struggled a bit. he jumped offsides twice during the practice.

"I was glad we didn't have to play a game today," coach Tony Sparano said.

He added, on the positive side, there also weren't a lot of mental errors. "I just want to see them moving around, changing directions ... see the things athleticly that make you feel like you bought with the drafted guys and the other guys," Sparano said.

Sparano also said he was watching players' demeanors "to see who steps up and who steps back."

Cameron Wake and Lex Hilliard, meanwhile, looked very sharp. Hilliard has the advantage of knowing the plays and it showed as he was more aggressive than other players. Wake is just a strong-looking dude who obviously has as much as five years on a lot of the youngsters on the field.

Wake looked like a man among boys at times.

The Dolphins not only are working with drafted and undrafted rookies this weekend during their rookie minicamp, but are also allowing tryout players to participate.

Yeah, I know, all you high school star of yesteryear wish you'd gotten the memo earlier that Miami has tryout players.

Anyway, here's the list:

Tennessee defensive end Demonte Bolden, Temple center Alexander Derenthal, Mars Hill defensive end Christopher Dowdell, Florida Atlantic linebacker Michal Hancock, California quarterback Nathan Longshore, North Carolina State safety JC Neal, Montana guard JD Quinn, The University of Miami T Christopher Rutledge.

Good luck to them all as they live the dream.

[BLOG NOTE: I'm at Dolphins camp will be blogging about the goings-on. Please come back for the updates.]


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Have Pat White's struggles on the first day of camp, combined with his susceptibility to injuries, caused the Tuna/Ireland gang to reconsider having drafted him? Stay tuned.

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Good to hear that Careon Wake is doing well and looks good. Man amongst boys you say? Sounds like we don't need JT after all.

Pat White's first day, make no mistake he will be good but, it's encouraging that Vontae Davis came out with INT it's gonna be good to see him and Sean Smith on the other side playing CB for the Dolphins. The AFC East and the NFL are in for a beat down when these two guys put it all together on the field. Wondering how long before they both start at the same time?

stop fagging around either sign Jt or dont move on.

unless will allen gets hurt they won't start 2gether this season. tho if miami is facing two big wrs at the same time smith will be out there with davis to take advantage of match ups and give w. allen a rest.

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