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Little facts about (shush!!) the spread offense

Big day of Dolphins coverage at ye olde Herald.

I will be blogging throughout the day on Sunday as the Dolphins wrap their rookie minicamp. The first practice begins at 10 a.m. so expect updates in the minutes and hours ahead.

Meanwhile, I want to share with you my Sunday column in which I write about some of the Miami coaching staff's accomplishments last year and some of the challenges the staff faces in 2009.

I think I have been remiss in making the point the past couple of days because I've done it in passing and as a matter of fact as I did in the column, but let me correct that situation. I have been told the Dolphins will employ portions of the spread option in their offense this year.

Once again: The Dolphins coaches have been working this offseason on plucking portions of the spread option from the college ranks and adding that as part of the Wildcat (renamed by Salguero as WildPat) package.

The idea is not revolutionary The Dolphins realized the spread option had a place in the NFL when the Kansas City Chiefs lit up the Miami defense last season. Obviously the offense has worked in colleges as well.

But the idea is evolutionary. It makes sense to take Wildcat to the next level and that is, in part, the spread option. So the plan is if rookie Pat White progresses in the offense as he has the potential to do, the Dolphins will employ White in the spread option/Wildcat (renamed by Salguero as WildPat). It's going to take a while and you're probably not going to see it until the regular season. But the plan right now is to use it.

The Dolphins are not eager to let this out because coaches are rightfully secretive about their plans and strategy. And even this passing mention will soon be forgotten and left to float off into cyberspace. But I predict if and when Miami unveils it in the regular season, there will be quite a bit of attention paid to it -- attention rivaling the unveiling of Wildcat last year.

Just remember you knew it was coming way in advance. 

Discuss ... And come back later for the camp updates. 


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Gopats will be jealous of you using the name wildpat. Maybe not... we can Gopats...wusspats

The spread offense forces teams to play more man on man. That opens the doors for bigger plays. I think it is smart for the Phins to be doing this. It hurts the defensive oppenents because it is impossible to plan defensive plays and the options are wide open. Pat White may change the face of football.

The guy at the Sun Sentinel had the name WildPat before you, sorry to steal your thunder.


You probably don't read your own blog because on draft day I called it the "WildPat" attack was coming to Dolphin Stadium soon to be renamed LandShark what's up with that?

Any way I referred to it as WildPat several times that day and the next day of the draft, but who cares. Now in your article this morning you referred to the afc east recievers that the rookie corners are gonna face-you mentioned Terrel Davis but ment to say Terrel Owens just fyi.

Its encouraging to read how well the rookie recievers Turner and Hartline are doing but, any word as to how the rookie free-agents WR are doing? How about Orion Martin? We know that Wake looks like a man amongst boys good. But a little more insight as to how the others are doing would be good.

I happen to like the term "Wildcat" the best.

Hey Armando
Just wanted to see how you think Ginn will play next year. Will he be consistant? or will Bess be the go-to receiver.

Seriously, are you trying to lay claim to the term "WildPat?"

Puh-lease! That term was coined a solid WEEK AGO by Omar Kelly from the Sun-Sentinel. He has written multiple times in the past week about whether to call it WildPat or WhiteCat. I know you guys all read each others material, so get that lame attempt outta here.

Please drop the WildPat thing. It's stupid.

CHAMP = stop TYPING! Your football is knowledge is idiotic.
jed = did you say that Bess may be cut? WTF? The guy was money last year as an undrafted rook...he's a lock.
Armando = Shutup about the stupid wildpat...you are already poor writer and now you're showing everyone that you are kook too.

peace and love. go Dolphins!

"I enjoy the articles but stop pushing "WildPat". It might be a clever one-liner but it starts to sounds a little desperate as it repeats."

100% in agreement!

WildPat sounds GAY as hell anyway!

It's the WILDCAT!

Get it straight! Thanks!

The only term Omar Kelly has ever coined is trifecta which is a betting term and has nothing to do with the triumverate that leads the Dolphins -- it is a stumbling, bumbling attempt at wittiness that some drones have adopted as correct.

Meanwhile, Salguero had WildPat the first weeks and weeks ago. So give it a rest.

By the way, anyway that has ever read knows which one of these two is the superior writer and I'm on his blog.

Mando had Tuna Helper way back when and that tool Omar has been trying to steal it ever since. Can't believe this is a topic of discussion.

New to the blog since draft day and posting for the first time. Armando sir you are an excellent reporter. Thank you for this blog.

I'm eager to see how the spread option is used in Miami. I'm sure timing will be important.

The spread option? I am totally fired up about this possibility. Thanks for letting us know, Mandito. You are the best.

We's would protest about WildPat, but we read it hear furst. Its you're term Armondo.

Yeah, next thing you know people will be saying the sentinel wrote about breaking out the spread option first. Also the sentinel came up with the idea of the wishbone back in the 60s, the shotgun in the 70s, and was first to name and write about the west coast offense.

Why must everything be in absolutes? Henne or White? Spread vs. Conventional vs.Wildcat? Who is #1, #2 & #3? Why can't we have it all? The secret to success is diversification. Nothing HAS to be mutually exclusive.

The spread alone will fail when met by a superior defense. Look what UM did to option programs with their once superior defense.

Here is how I'd like to see it unfold. 1st your conventional offense. It will be run by Pennigton until the time is right for Henne to replace him. With Pennington it will be more of the same as last year. On a rare occasion they ran a hurry-up version for a series. I'd like to see more of it sprinkled in for variation, but no saturation. When Henne is ready, assuming he does become so, then the conventional offense can push the field with his greater range for deep patterns.

Wildcat. Why should we replace something which is working for an average of 6+ YPP? We know how to run it with existing personnel so why dump it? Let Ronnie run the Wildcat. Perhaps limit its use even further than at the end of the season, but don't stop running it until it fails consistently.

Wildpat, Spread, Whitecat etc. Whatever you call it, as Pat White emerges let him run all the plays that can be dreamed of to plague defenses.

Hybrid. Put Ronnie and Pat in the set and let the defense guess which version is coming Wildcat or Wildpat. To not use Pat in the slot or the backfield at least occasionally would be a crime. I'd line him up everywhere except center, guard or tackle.

Rare Hybrid. There was once talk of letting Ted Ginn or Bess run the wildcat with their former experience as quaterback. That would be my idea of a trick play. It should be good for a defensive timeout at least.

After defenses have seen enough of the various formations they SHOULD have to invest inordinate amounts of time before games in preparation AND as the play unfolds trying to anticipate run, pass or other trickery.

If you're saying this is all very confusing for the offense to grasp, I agree, but isn't that what everyone is clammoring for? They're just asking it to be all run by Pat White. You would overload a single point man especially a rookie and God forbid if he is injured.

By not settling for a one savior solution, the mental responsibility and physical strain is spread. As time goes by, some formations and players will prove more effective and natual selection will cull those from the playbook. Things will evolve, but until they do naturally, I for one hope that few if any options, including THE option are left off the table.

I'm sure this is kind of what many see happening, I just haven't seen it said.

Willi Chirino,

The spread offense was going to be a part of our offense the moment we drafted Pat White. That is what he ran at West Virginia. Armando didn't come up with the idea. NFL teams have been running some of it and college is loaded with it. It's another element of the game if you have the personnel to run it. The offense has more options now.


Having read your contribution, I am not surprised you find A(s)S a great columnist. You two are made for each other.

dolphins blogs that talk about the spread offense in their URL slug does not mean it will dissipate into cyberspace. you underestimate the power of the internet...

That the best you got loser? Why are you here if you aren't also wanting to read Armando? Apparently you defeat your own argument a-hole.

Who is this chump?champ? ok whatever,go back to the pat's blog you idiot.

Phinstorm, I am not saying Armando came up with the spread option. I am saying he reported on it first.

trade salguero is such a tool. Go start your own blog and be its only reader if you don't like the writing here you knob.

>I guess Parcells is right. You writers are subversives.

Loose lips sink ships???????????????


But they sell papers.

o how creative. how could you have ever of thought of changing the wildcat to wildpat. pure creative genius. salgenius.

Brady Brady he is my man. If no can do it, Brady can. My name is Gopats and I am the only Wildpat. Don't hate me please....

"the Wildcat (renamed by Salguero as WildPat) package". nice Mando! taking credit for renaming the wildcat huh? check "One positive aspect of cutting John Beck" an April 28th post at 9:58am.
go fins!

First of all, you and about 70000 other people came up with the term WildPat. It's not clever, it's obvious. Secondly, I would not be proud of it. I think its extremely disrespectful to the players who made the wildcat work last year to nick name the play after someone who hasn’t played an NFL down earned it. That’s why players don't like talking to you guys. I like your blog but, to me this one shows a real lack of integrity.

I put you on my blog, Mr. Salguero, although I try to mitigate the fact you have all the best and latest information by trying to knock you down a couple of pegs each time.

I do it because I have a very small peeber.

Great information Armando. As usual. Go to my blog also people!

How about this play: Picture the "spread offense/wild cat" with Pat White in the shotgun and Ronnie Brown next to him as the HB, Jake Long as the TE on the Right side, Ricky Williams lined up on the outside (right) comes in motion, Pat fakes snap catch, Ronnie takes it and handsoff to ricky flips it back to Ted Ginn on the Reverse (while a wall of blockers including Ronnie and Pat is built) and he's gone for a 60 yard TD!!
Another wrinkle:
Pennington very discreetly lined up on the right side, Ricky lined up at tightend on the right side and Ronnie lined up on the far left comes in motion accross, takes the hand off from Pat White and flips it back to Pennington, Pennington then Can throw it to Ricky on the right side of the field or to a wide open Pat White doing a fly on the left side TD Fins!! (similiar to the Patrick Cobbs play vs. Texans last year but with more weapons and options.
And we can also option left option right to either Ronnie or Ricky all day with Pat White!
On top of that we'll have Pennington's accuracy running the show on a consistant basis hitting Fasano, Martin, Ginn (improved), Camarillo and Bess in the slot!!
Go Fins!

PS Wether its from the spread/wildcat or just a regular formation, can we PLease feed Ronnie the ball atleast 15 - 20 times a game!!
Thank you

hey Pound, im not sure if you were addressing me or the nickname stealer but you're right. no body cares who came up with the Wildpat first. i just like catching Mando in a little "Patwhite lie"... but lack of integrtiy? really? geez dude, try laughing at these ridiculous blogs a bit more, you'll live longer.
keep up the good work nickname stealer! GO PHINS!

Ok so White Cat it is

What is the role of the TE?

"other than "a" super bowl....god I hate when these kids log on. Did you watch that "one superbowl victory"? You must have been in nam the next yeat to miss that one.

It’s amazing! I've been saying for years that NFL teams should implement the option, and now it’s the fresh new thing. I say with a QB like Pat White, and Ricky & Ronny we should try the wishbone/option. It would dominate modern NFL defenses which in most part can't tackle like they used to. Pat at shot gun, Ricky & Ronny split in the backfield, 2-wide 1-tight. Run it twice throw play action once (as a ratio). Ricky & Ronny would have to do some blocking when they don’t get the hand-off, but they seem capable and willing to block. Run this offense for at least two series a game to start, it will be one hell of a curve-ball for defenses to adjust to. Somebody will eventually try it, and if they do it right and with conviction, once again that person will be a football genius, not me I’m an out of work construction worker, not a big name coach.

DC-PhinFan I was directing my comment at the writer, not you. I like to watch and read player and coach interviews but as you do I also depend on writers for info. Guys like Ricky, Channing and JP are usually some of the best interviews. Last year there was a period of time when those guys didnt want to talk to the media anymore because the media often are disrespectful and full of crap. When that happens there is less real info and more articles based completely on the writers opinion. When a writer is proud of calling a play "wildpat" when Pat had nothing to do with its success thus far, I think it is very disrespectful. Players may think so too. That means less resources of info for you and me. Ive been reading these blogs for two years. I I think Ive earned the right to state my opinion on the matter.



we still don't have any real wideouts to respect. so until then the saftey will be in the box. there's no passing out of the wildcat if the wideout's can't beat any one on one coverage. I DON'T CARE IF GOOD OLE 13 WAS BACK THERE. GET SOME WIDEOUTS THEN THE O WILL BE SET.

Pound, point taken. i still think "lack of integrity" was a bit much but i see what you mean.

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