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On JT, making the team and communication

Although my column on how the Dolphins communicate clearly with their players was The Herald's most read story on Sunday, I know a lot of you use the day for family, recreation and things that don't necessarly involve reading the newspaper or website, so please check out the piece.

It recounts how the Dolphins have an understanding with Jason Taylor about a bunch of things, including him not worrying about playing time, or starting, and even about him understanding he's got to make the team to, well, make the team -- in other words, he has to earn his roster spot.

Taylor will begin his offseason work in earnest Monday when he reports for the team's OTAs. Tuesday's OTA will be open to the media and Taylor will speak for the first time as a once and current member of the team.

Question for the faithful: Does it bother you the Dolphins do not introduce their new player additions in press conferences as other teams do? Miami didn't introduce Jake Grove or Gibril Wilson with a press conference. They didn't have one for Taylor, either. They just don't do that for reasons involving embracing the team concept. Does it matter to you?

As I write in the column I'm undeniably and shamelessly plugging in this post, Taylor was fine with accepting the Dolphins terms that extended beyond his contract. He was fine with earning his spot (I have a feeling he'll still be good enough to do that), and he was fine with whatever playing time he gets.

Taylor just wanted to be a Dolphin again because he wanted to be back home with his family. As his agent Gary Wichard told me last week, "Jason only wanted to play for the Dolphins. It was never about playing for any other team."

So do you folks agree with me that Taylor will indeed earn his roster spot? Does it puzzle you the Dolphins even addressed this issue with him? Or are you glad the team is treating everyone the same when, in fact, everyone is not really the same?

Also, how many of you agree with me that the way the Dolphins communicate with their players -- in plain English with no room for uncertainty -- is the best way to operate in today's NFL?

One more thing: Last week I mentioned that Paul Soliai might get some time at defensive end based on several factors, including the fact the latest Miami roster had him listed as a DE. I'm told he'll be used as a NT first and then the team might consider a move only if some extenuating circumstances occur. Just want to make sure we're clear.