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On JT, making the team and communication

Although my column on how the Dolphins communicate clearly with their players was The Herald's most read story on Sunday, I know a lot of you use the day for family, recreation and things that don't necessarly involve reading the newspaper or website, so please check out the piece.

It recounts how the Dolphins have an understanding with Jason Taylor about a bunch of things, including him not worrying about playing time, or starting, and even about him understanding he's got to make the team to, well, make the team -- in other words, he has to earn his roster spot.

Taylor will begin his offseason work in earnest Monday when he reports for the team's OTAs. Tuesday's OTA will be open to the media and Taylor will speak for the first time as a once and current member of the team.

Question for the faithful: Does it bother you the Dolphins do not introduce their new player additions in press conferences as other teams do? Miami didn't introduce Jake Grove or Gibril Wilson with a press conference. They didn't have one for Taylor, either. They just don't do that for reasons involving embracing the team concept. Does it matter to you?

As I write in the column I'm undeniably and shamelessly plugging in this post, Taylor was fine with accepting the Dolphins terms that extended beyond his contract. He was fine with earning his spot (I have a feeling he'll still be good enough to do that), and he was fine with whatever playing time he gets.

Taylor just wanted to be a Dolphin again because he wanted to be back home with his family. As his agent Gary Wichard told me last week, "Jason only wanted to play for the Dolphins. It was never about playing for any other team."

So do you folks agree with me that Taylor will indeed earn his roster spot? Does it puzzle you the Dolphins even addressed this issue with him? Or are you glad the team is treating everyone the same when, in fact, everyone is not really the same?

Also, how many of you agree with me that the way the Dolphins communicate with their players -- in plain English with no room for uncertainty -- is the best way to operate in today's NFL?

One more thing: Last week I mentioned that Paul Soliai might get some time at defensive end based on several factors, including the fact the latest Miami roster had him listed as a DE. I'm told he'll be used as a NT first and then the team might consider a move only if some extenuating circumstances occur. Just want to make sure we're clear.


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Glad as heck that Jt is back with us, and only wish that the Tuna and friends would have also brought back Zack Thomas, who is healthy and I believe would have been a better inside LB than what we currently have.

As for not having a press conference to announce new signings, I think they should do that because it gives the fans a forum by which they can see the player, how he reacts to being a pert of the Dolphin organization, and for the press to be able to ask them questions.

You mention that Soliai was suspended for "being late to a team gathering." I've never seen that reported before--it's always mentioned that he broke an unspecified team rule. Why the secrecy about it until now?

I think professionals (regardless of what profession they are in) just want to be treated fairly. I think that straight shooter approach(what you hear from the coaches is what you get) has to be appreciated by the Dolphin players. Professionals just want to be in control of their success (and not lose a job b/c of favoritism from their supervisor).
I think that approach has to be refreshing to the players.

First of all, with the super emergence of our greatly diversified media outlets cant much happen that know one knows about. As far as fans having an opportunity to ask questions of a new signee, how phoony is that, we're not scout or talent evaluators. What the hell do we know. I only hope they play well for the team or get shipped out on the first thing humming.

Secondly, as for JT or any other player, when the inmates run the asylum something has gone wrong, very wrong. Im just so very pleased we now have a regime in place where not only do the staff run the asylum they seem to have a very good decision making process installed as well.

Mando you seem to come off as someone who's pilfering for straws when we now have a regime which only a few short seasons ago we could only wish for.

As for Soliai I dont really care if they decided to list him on the roster as waterboy since he's yet to prove by his play on the field he's no more than an after thought and magnet for controversy.

Mando, why dont you check out the Herald's football forum. You may get some brighter ideas for topics which draw more interests and amusement for FInfans. Seriously!!!

It doesn't bother me that the Dolphins don't introduce their new signees. I guess it might if I were a reporter :;

It's seems that the Dolphins straight-forward approach to dealing with their players would work well. It doesn't seem necessary in the business-like atmosphere of today's NFL. Ex-Cheatriot players (like Ty Law) go off on the Cheatriots' organization for the way they mishandled the players and flat out lied to them. They attack the character of the front office and coach; yet it never stopped them from winning.

So, on a personal level, it's a nice way to do business. From a winning perspective, it doesn't seem to matter. How many times will you hear in the next year that the NFL is just a business?

The current management treats everyone the same. No accolades for anyone person who has yet to play a down on the current version of the dolphins. What is wrong with that?
JT will earn his roster spot. That is only fair to the fans and advertisers who pay to watch the best players play the game.
Nothing like sitting down to watch a game and watch the opposition run over a has been or wannabe when the best player is riding the pine.
In baseball one good season and you are pretty well set for a few years. You don't have to do anything after and if you are hitting 225 with 50 rbis after the end of the season you are still employed by the same dummies that signed you for 5 mil a year.
I totally agree with you that a regime of earn your spot and play the best you can play is the way any team is supposed to be run.

Look its simple this was addressed to taylor because im sure everybody is aware that jason dosent like ota's, So they told him that he has to earn his roster spot so he can bring it and not just do walk throughs .. IMO

You gotta love how Parcells and company are running this team, and so do the players... I think its great that players like Crowder and Taylor are willing to sign with Miami for less money because this is where they want to be, they Dolphins are who they want to play for, and they believe in what is going on down here....

More -- or should I say new -- Kontrived Kontroversy. Since, as it appears from the fact that JT is back, your efforts to portray & stoke a Tuna/JT blood-feud have fizzled, let's stir up a new Jason Should Be Unhappy Because The Dolphins Took Advantage of Him meme. Ot maybe we should have some more retrospective columns about the Snub in the Davie Facility.

If JT is okay with it -- which he obviously is -- then let's move on. Sheesh, I cannot wait until the season starts.

For sale: One slightly used ballerina tutu, matching leotard, and wrist brace. Contact Jason at 1 800 Gay Dude.

Scoops Skullcap, you are AZZZZZZZZZZ.

Its not about the player, its about the team. Why glorify a player with a press conference, it just panders to the ego and inflates it even more.

This non-act sends a big message... once you agree to being a Miami Dolphin.. its time to start working, not prancing around on stage for all and sundry to get a look at you.

I like it.. its a no nonsence approach, just the way the Holy Trinity want it to be.

Yeah I agree treat everyone the same. no special treatment earn your spot. They said when they first came here that it's going to always be a revolving door and the best 53 was going to make the team. even though i think they didn't do the same for Wilford but if they stay consistant with this aproach.The players will respect the team more and each other that much more. Parcells got rid of Taylor not because he was dancing but his obligations,and what he showed was more important to him at that time.You can't have an "ACORN going NUTZ" and destroying the chemistry you're trying to build.

Chorizo...Skullcap is 100% correct. Stinko...if you are right, he got one hell of a beard for a wife. BTW, I'd love to see you tell him that to his face.

Quidado con el chorizo...

All that anyone wants if he is a true pro is to be treated fair.Know all the rules from the start.Everone should be so treated.As for the press com. Only the Glory hounds would object,Miami is putting a TEAM consept and after all that we have been through the last 3regimes.I think we finally have it right.thanks waynefor bringing some dicipline and structure back to the DOLPHINS.FINS FOREVER.

SUPER BOWL BOUND home field advantage and Taylor'S Back. Can't wait for the season to start.

Jason should start without a question based on what he did in his life for dolphins and not be treated as a new player just joined the team.

Chorizo you are a sausage!


Besides seeing how the rookies will do in the preseason/training camp, I am looking forward to watching the battle between JT and Cameron Wake. Knowing the type of polished competitor JT is and the freakish ability of Wake, I believe both will bring the best out of each other and make some exciting plays. Can't wait to see it all unfold.

i can't wait to see jason guide wake to the promise land of sacks and int's until wake gets married and go to the HOF with him


You write:

"Although my column on how the Dolphins communicate clearly with their players was The Herald's most read story on Sunday.."

You do realize that this is has nothing to do with you and almost everything to do with fans being desperate for any news on the Dolphins? I just wanted to make sure that you realize it isn't because of your captivating writing.


wake. porter. taylor. 2gether on the field will wreak havoc. all three have played lb and been lined up as down linemen. porter wasnt too great as a d lineman last year but there are so many ways to move them around. this should be a fun defense to watch!

I agree with Will I just need my FINSFIX wouldn't care who was on the inside getting the information.Not saying I dislike what your doing I just Typed in Miami Dolphins and the Herald came up with the other sites.Besides ARMANDO don't ever think any thing good about the Fins. He's a Patriots fan and there's nothing wrong with that. But that you cover the rivals. and it shows in your writing your bias.you and the GoPats fan can keep the faith but the Fins are like JT back where they belong back on top of the AFC like before this horrible long decade of being the pit dwellers

P.S I Can't wait to Play the Patriots to be the best you must beat the best. the schdule not hard. I can see us going 13-3 and to the Super Bowl only if our rookie CB's can hold their ground.

If you believe that JT have any chance of not making the team your stupid.

The AFC East Champs,

You are correct and I agree. Armando is probably gopats. That would explain why that character can be found on this blog at any given time. If it is not Armando, then it is a bud of his or co-worker. You say he is a Pats fan. This would explain a lot of things. Think about why a Pats fan would spend lots of time posting on this blog.Has to be Mando or co-worker/friend.

Answers to your questions


Ace, be ware that ace lives under this page, any time ,day or night,he's always waiting and wating.

I don't have a problem with the Dolphins policy to not hold a press conference each time a player is signed. I think it's a bit of overkill to announce every person who shows up at a party. Just c'mon in and mingle. It's enough to just let the press know so you can let us know.

Will Jason Taylor earn his roster spot? Dunno. Duncare. NO player should be given a free pass. Come in, compete and may the most talented and dedicated players take the field.

I find the current regime's policy to be up front with potential players (regardless of veteran status) to be refreshingly welcome. The caveat, of course, is that they are true to their word. I think we're a little tired of those who say one thing and do another. I know that I smiled a little last year when I read of some Dolphins' players saying that the weight room is more populated than the trainer's room because they were put on alert that injured players will find extended time riding the pine than touching the field.

I see a tie to this policy and your first point, Armando. Why stop working and preparing just to announce that a guy (again, regardless of veteran status and popularity) has signed a contract, but still may not make the team because he spends too much time in the trainer's room or for any other reason. Celebrate after the contribution. Not in anticipation of it.

AFC EAST CHAMPS MY NOSE, if mando isn't here to show the way to reality, you would be here talking to idiots like you who gave us nick and cameron and 9 years of losses


Gopats is the alter ego of AFC EAST CHAMPS.

gopats/dfan is a f'n douchebag !

It's great that the Fins are operating like this.

But what does this say about Jason Taylor and other veteran players around he league?

The fact that the Fins had to clearly nail down stuff like, competing for a spot, attending OTA's and accepting a specific role says a lot about the ego's of some of these players.

But then again, I'd probably have a big ego that the Fins would have to deal with if I were a 6'6" super human that women all over the world swoon for.

FalconBelick2, loves to engage to a man like ace

falconballs is eating cake as we speak

carlito from golfito,

I don't like cake!! What kind of a fairy is called Carlito from Golfito. Change your name. You sound pretty weak to me, f'n fairy.

falconballs2, which of this choices you like most?

1. cake
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3. Miami Dolphins
4. pushing

Celtics lost last night. Maybe gopats is in depression. I got some pills for you to take.

Falconballs2, which quality you like more in your favorite players?

1. Smooth hips
2. Neck fat
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4. Soft hands
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6. Good dancer

If you like all choices you can rank them.

Cuban mange I know it is you! F'n dildo

I'm not Cuban Menace, I promise you that. I am not even Cuban. You have very foul language that is usually a sign of small vocabulary and ignorance.

I am just asking questions to see what you think about football and your favorite players.

falconbelLAZZ...do you have curly az ?

falconbell2e ,carlito is scum. he's not on you level of scum, still both of you would make a nice scum couple .

finsalmonfan which quality you like more in your favorite players?

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If you like all choices you can rank them.

Raven, Why would a celtic fan be in depression ? They're the defending world champions. they made it this far without 1 of the best players in the league , kevin garnett. Oh ! by the way they do have 17 world championships.

1-neck fat
3-smooth hips
5-a corn
7-can't read


do you like salmon because of omega 3 fatty acid?

yessssssss , carlito is a zzzzzzzzz

I don't give a rat's behind that the Dolphin's don't introduce their players and I couldn't care less about how they communicate with their players. What is obvious to me, it that the team is being run exactly the way a successful NFL team should be run. Going from 1-15 to 11-5 and winning the division in ONE YEAR is phenomenal. Sure, the ball did bounce our way quite a bit last year, and we may even regress some this coming season, but I like what I see out of Miami and it is downright exciting.

h.c.d, don't you think that they must introduce jason at least to show the fans who love him ,he's back home to his family .

Carlito just got out of prison, so take it easy on him. He went in as a tight end and came out a wide receiver.....without the benefit of a lubricant.

h.d.c, you are very cold hearted fan,who has no feeling for our new or old players.you can't be that mean and that nasty unless you are a jet dog fan

rexryansux aka falconballs it is very easy to recognize your venom and foul mouth. I have never been to prison you AZZZZZZZZ

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A. i am a human and scums only understand each other

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