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Dolphins thinking about winning it this season

One of the most fascinating things I deal with as a middle man between the Dolphins and their fans is how sometimes the team and the folks rooting for that team share a common goal and common thinking. And sometimes they really do not.

Sometimes the disconnect in the team's agenda and the fans' agenda is startling.

And I perceive there is some disconnect here.

Correct me if I am wrong, but judging from some of your comments on this blog and the comments of fans I talk to on the radio or meet on the street, some fans are walking around with a happy-to-be-here attitude. It is as if some of you have believe 2008 was a wonderful foundation-building year and the reconstruction project won't be complete for another year or two so whatever happens this season is fine with you.

Some of you see a fine season in your rear view mirror and a championship on the horizon and whatever happens in between is perfectly acceptable. You see 2009 as another year of building, not of winning or competing for a championship.

That, frankly, is a loser's mentality.

And these Dolphins, being quite far removed from being losers, are not thinking that way at all.

When coach Tony Sparano gathered his players recently, he congratulated them on a great 2008 season. He told them how wonderful it was to turn things around and "change the culture" of losing he encountered when he took over the team.

But, he reminded the players, the job is not complete so he wants, hopes, expects, this team to strive to complete the job. He didn't say, this is a transition team. He didn't say, we'll complete the job in a year or two.

Sparano, Jeff Ireland, Bill Parcells and every player on the Dolphins want to win the Super Bowl this coming season. Owner Stephen Ross wants to host his team in Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. No one is thinking about championships in 2010. This is not the NBA. They are not thinking about completing a four- or five-year program in 2010 or 2011.

2009 is the focus.

Winning Super Bowl XLIV in Miami is the goal. Today is the time, not tomorrow ... and definitely not yesterday. The Dolphins aren't thinking about a five-year plan any more than they are resting on what happened last year.

“We are excited about what happened in the offseason with all the new faces that we have in free agency and with the draft," quarterback Chad Pennington said. "We are excited to bring all of these guys in and that is why every year is different. What we did in 2008 has no bearing in 2009. We have a big challenge ahead of us -- to learn each other and to build team chemistry and to work together.”

When I talk to Dolphins players or people within the organization, they never say we're in the second year of a plan that will take X-number of years. All the players know they might not be around next year -- or next game with this bunch -- so now is the most important time.

Folks atop the organization such as Sparano and Ireland recognize they must look out into the future as they build the team. But they have one eye on that future and the other eye on today.

That's why the team signed Jason Taylor back.

That's the reason the team signed Chad Pennington last year.

That's the reason if the right veteran that can upgrade the team now comes available at some point before the October trading deadline, the Dolphins will consider making the move.

One more thing that has become plainly clear to me in talking about this team with sources, coaches and personnel people. They all recognize there is no promise of success tomorrow.

They talk about a looming "quarterback transition" and how there can be serious bumps on that road to Chad Henne. They talk about losing four or five valuable free agents after this season and having to replace those known players with God knows who. They talk of there being no ironclad certainty in the direction Ross is pointing the organization. They talk of not knowing whether Parcells will be with the team next year or the year after.

They talk of doing everything in their power to make the 2009 Dolphins the best they can be so that the 2009 season is better than 2008.

And they leave the conversation about fanciful 2010 or '11 championships to some fans who don't understand what's most important.


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Dear Mr. Roy

"you just pulled that one out of your arse for impact purposes?"

Pulled out and shoved back in several times for quality assurence.(sorta like a proof read)

Soiled :)

I predict an excellent season. Everyone is worried about big names. We played against the same big names last year and made the playoffs coming off of a horrible season. Same team, better chemistry, and great additions to the team. This is football, quit worrying about the schedule we will compete with anyone we play against. I recall Tennessee not have all the great names and they damn near went undefeated with a running game and a defense. Our D is going to be dominant this year....GO DOLPHINS (sec 447).

I'm sorry Mark but there is no team in the NFL that can say we do not need Boldin..... the statistics are for Fantasy Fans, the reality is when Boldin lines up every CB out there is scared, when Ginn lines up they are not.!!! If you are suggesting that Ginn is as good as Boldin thats crazy. Not physically, not mentally and much less at creating separation and catching the ball.

Didn't say Ginn is as good as Boldin, simply as good as Santonio Holmes or Deion Branch during the Pats' Super Bowl years.

And if Boldin is so great, why wasn't he on the field when Arizona was booking their place for the Super Bowl. Fact is Larry Fitzgerald made ALL the plays. I wouldn't give anything higher than a 2nd round pick for Boldin. After all, that's where he was picked and the Cards have got a lot of mileage out of him already. If they want more, let someone else pay. Then again, nobody has so what does that tell you??

Really Soiled, if you think about it and although is buried in the article, that is a troublesome statement, more so than any player acquisition or winning record, don't you agree?

After all, we do not know this owner so whatever the media implies about him will most likely be taken seriously.

this is such a crock of bs,if they really wanted to win now they would have signed boldin by now instead of waiting for some other team to scoop him up,same ole dolphins!

mark, you argument is full of holes and show how poor you know about the dolphins,stick with CFL PLEASE.BOLDIN IS THE CHAMP

Spoiled should get together with the wiz of the day roy and clean each other's teeth,they both need help with english .

Great argument C. Where are the holes in my argument? Isn't Ginn's production similar to Holmes' last year and Branch when in NE? Wasn't Boldin on the sidelines when Arizona made the decisive score against Philly? Wasn't Fitzgerald the game changing WR for Arizona?

But your argument is great too ...


And you tell me to stick to the CFL? I've been watching the Dolphins for 25 years. have you even been alive that long? And I was a season ticket holder in 2003, so I've got every right to write my opinion cause I've put my money where my mouth is.

If the Dolphins truly had a "win now" mentality then they would have found that acorn at WR and traded for Anquan Boldin. Unless their strategy is to wait it out with the Cardinals, he is the one player that can turn this offense around.

They will rise to the occation winning atleast a playoff game. Anything less would not be ok. Chad P has a lot to prove this year and if we were to land Boldin then we would stand a better chance making it to the Bowl. He would be an immediate threat because of the focus he would take off of Camarillo and Ginn. Could you imagine how well Pennington would distribute the ball with those options?


WOW does someone have pent up anger or what!

Armando, you should not insult your viewers, your true fans. Without us you don't get clicks, the Miami Herald does not get the subscriptions, and you become yet another angry unemployed journalist. NOT GOOD!

I disagree with you 100% the one thing that fans and player and coaches have in common is that we all believe we can win. If we didn't we wouldn't follow the team, we wouldn't read these blogs, and we sure wouldn't go to the games. THINK ABOUT THAT!

Managing expectations is different. Because we as fans report to no one but ourselves, we have the luxury of being realist. No one on the Dolphins staff is thinking directly about 2010. However the consequence of not considering the future will hurt you now and later.

Rebuilding is a word created as an excuse for teams to lose. The fact is when a team claims to be "rebuilding" they are really just saying "don't expect much from us this year". Every team in the NFL is rebuilding and rebuilding. The best teams in the NFL have continued to build throughout the past decade in the draft. But that hardly makes them a reBuilding team.

In short don't insult me or I'll have to start reading Harvey's non-sense again. None of us want that.

Nobody has signed him because the Cards want 2 or 3 picks and besides that teams have to consider the amount of money per year he is going to ask, which will be in the range of $6-7million per year. Is not just about trading picks its a bit more complex than that. I do agree with you that Fitzgerald is probably better and made all the plays in the Superbowl but the fact of the matter he is not the one up for trade, Boldin is and he is exponentially superior to any receiver the Dolphins have in their roster as of today. So if they (Dolphins) claim they want to win this year make the move, what good will they be next year......2010???

It's not a loser's mentality to think that the Dolphins probably won't win the Super Bowl this year. It's reality.

Don't get to enamored with last year's record and the AFC EAST title. Remember the teams we played? They were awful; and we just barely beat them. There were 6 wins where a bad football team had a chance to beat the Dolphins on the last drive of the game.

We tied the record for fewest turnovers in a season. The ridiculously easy schedule. Brady getting injured. Favre stinking it up. It was a perfect storm that allowed for the 11-5 record. The Dolphins are THAT much better this year and their schedule is MUCH harder.

I put the Dolphins down for 9 wins (while everyone else had them at 5 or 6) going into last year, so I'm an optimist, but they're not going to win the SB this year.

Mark, i have season tickets since 2008 after tuna came to town to clean your mess of last years and the boldin staying on the side line doesn't mean a thing, i love to read your post but you got to increase your IQ to match the new fins and the tuna thinking.

2003 season tickets holders should get their money back from nick saban

I agree with them not making the trade for Boldin because you can't make your moves with a one year time horizon. You have to balance winning now and winning in the future. Fact is there are about a dozen teams each year with a chance to win - you have to stay within that top dozen every year.

Suppose the Dolphins trade two or three picks to get Boldin - what guarantee is there that he will bring home a championship? How many has he brought to Arizona? Please, the receivers are fine. And crippling your cap and trading three top three round draft picks surely will make them a lot worse going forward. He's a fine player but surely not worth the price and consequences being discussed. A receiver had never been the difference between being a championship team or not. When was the last time you looked at a great team and said, man if they only had one great receiver????

Why can't they strive to rebuild and win at the sametime. I don't know what will happen this year. If they went 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 (And missed the playoffs), I would be disappointed but not horrified.

I think even with the tough schedule, they could go 10 and 6 or 11 and 5.

All I hear about is who the JETS, PATRIOTS AND BILLS picked up. People always forget young talent that is already there that continues to get better. Example, Jake Long...

I think Miami could have one of the best offensive lines next year. And that is a big part of a champion team.


Dan Marino was way better..... He just never had all of the right parts around him....

Ill say this:

Maybe I have a loser mentality as a fan because I don't see Chad Pennington leading this team to a Super Bowl. Sorry, but I'll have to see Chad playing in February before I believe it.

So with that in mind, I'll be happy as a fan if this team shows improvement over last year.

But I will also say this:

I'll bet EVERY team on the Fins schedule is thinking the same thing I am. So the Fins will go into this season being underestimated by everyone they play against. That should give them a huge advantage this year.

And for anyone that thinks teams aren't underestimating the Fins, answer this: tell me one team on the Fins schedule that is going to go into a game against them thinking, "this is a Super Bowl team just as good as the Steelers, if not better."

Mark in Toronto:

How many passes did Fitzgerald catch in the SB? 4. How many did Boldin catch? 8. Yes Fitzgerald broke the big one at the end but it was Boldin who was moving the team up and down the field in the SB. Secondly, Santonio Holmes was statistically better than Ginn last year by a significant amount. Finally, don't just rely on statistics look at what Holmes did in the playoffs and SB last year. He dominated. Ginn has yet to do that.
I just also wanted to say that I couldn't agree with Beerphin more. Boldin would make Chad P and Ginn that much better. Get Boldin now and win now.

Dear mr. Sammy

Good call on the teeth cleaning.(I just ate some Oreo's)
I'm not sure if Roy needs his cleaned, but you should always brush after eating.

What does Dental Hygene have to do with speaking english ?

Soiled :)

chris N,how can you talk of Tom ,the master of your domain like that, you were lucky last year and this year of the acorn talk ,you will back to the cruel reality of 5-11

How bout acquiring Braylon Edwards? He needs a fresh start. Ginn also does. Ginn was an OSU kid and Cleveland native. Swap those two straight up. I would even through in a second day draft choice.

I will give you my opinion in parts;
1. you are right there is no guarantee that he will bring a championship or any guarantees in anything in life, except death and taxes LOL but A. he was in the Superbowl (dolphins where not) B. he is better than any of our current receivers which will help all of them and the rest of the offense. C. only do a trade that makes sense no one is talking about giving away 3 draft picks in next years draft, you could extend them for future years.

2. When you say a receiver has never been the difference in a championship team???? are you kidding me!!!!!!, you can not name me one Superbowl team for the past 25 years that did not have AT LEAST one great wide receiver. Please!!!.....

3. and the last point, yes I have said many times with the RAVENS man if they only had one great wide receiver and a QB, they would win several Superbowls...... arguably the best defensive team we have seen in many years but the had NO QB (until this past year) and NO WR.

Santonio Holmes 2008 - 821 yds receiving, 9 yards rushing, 5 tds

Tedd Ginn 2008 -790 yds receiving, 74 yds rushing, 4tds.

looks like a mirror image to me. And Holmes is a lot more experienced.

Boldin vs Fitzgerald playoffs?

Fitzgerald 30 catches 546 yards, 7tds

Boldin 14 catches, 190 yards, 1 td

Really guys???? There's no doubt that Fitzgerald is the one that carried the load. He caught short passes for first downs, long bombs in double coverage, while Boldin had a nice post season, I think a lot of other guys could have oput up similar numbers with a Fitzgerald on the other side

Fake Gopats, that was a good post, very smart and very good english.
what say you, if we work and write together,i give the idea and what to say and you write it in good english for me

Ya, JoeyWatts, Holmes season last year really had everyone taking note! Hahahhaa, please man, how many great teams didn't have a great wide reciever? All the patriot teams, all of parcell's super bowl winners, the steelers, those are just off the top of my head, there are many others.

Although I do agree on acquiring Boldin at the right price, ie. one second round pick max. After all, Marshall Faulk was acquired for not a whole lot by the Rams, and Moss was acquired by teh Pats for a 4th. Otherwise, forget it.

Dear Mr. Gopats

Your Line "i give the idea and what to say and you write it in good english for me"

Should read "i give the idea and what to say and you write it in gooder english for me"

Soiled :)

Mark in Toronto:

Holmes was a second WR on a team that did not throw as much as Miami. Don't just look at statistics. I know Fitzgerald had an incredible post season but in the SB he was absent until the very end. In the SB it was Boldin who was Warner's primary target. Holmes also figured out how to be a top flight KR and still be a WR at the same time, something Ginn has yet to do. Holmes is better than Ginn right now. Your kidding yourself otherwise. Boldin is better than both of them. Boldin also put up huge stats before Fitzgerald was even in the league. He did it with guys like Josh McCown throwing to him.

Of course you want to win now, who doesn't. What I don't want is for them to follow the same blue print we have been following since Jimmy Johnson left of mortgaging the future and the teams’ long term success in the hopes that by getting one player it will catapult us to the Super Bowl. I have read many articles on this newspaper saying how we should get Anquan Boldin and give up the first round pick Arizona was asking for. If the Dolphins trade for Anquan Boldin is he the missing piece that will make us a Super Bowl team? I don't believe so; this team has too many holes to be just one player away. The Dolphins organization has had the belief that we have been one player away since we lost the 1985 Super Bowl to San Francisco and the fact is that we have not. I applaud Bill Parcel's for wanting to win now but not at the expense of the teams’ long term success.

That was exactly my point you are the one saying that no great wide receivers are needed...... here is what you typed before, so get your facts straight and dont change sides now!!

A receiver had never been the difference between being a championship team or not. When was the last time you looked at a great team and said, man if they only had one great receiver????

Oh and by the way I guarantee you more teams where paying attention to Holmes that to Ted Ginn Jr...... by far! LOL

Unlike most of these lousy fin "fans" who think we're still rebuilding and those who left halfway through the ravens playoff game in which we were one play away from being down by 3 points with a quarter left to play. In other words, fans that either don't really understand the game or don't believe in the new culture that was started last year. Fans that think we need Randy Moss and Tom Brady to win a superbowl (went undefeated only to lose the biggest game).
Its about chemistry and belief not about superstardem. Though it would be nice to add players such as Boldin (which I think is the only missing piece to the offensive puzzle). With the players we have now we can win a championship because of their incredible chemistry and belief in one another. Take a look at our President, Obama's presidency symbolizes the 2008 Miami Dolphins, a change of culture and a change of common belief towards unity. Thats how underdogs are made into champions, turning tradgedy (2007 fins, 1-15 season/Bush administration) into triumph.
If you can believe then you can achieve, that plus hard work to get there is the new culture.
That culture needs to carry over to our deadbeat fan base who lack tradition and culture. Hopefully us as fans can turn that around this year like our team did for us last year, its time to catch up.

Joey, I don't see myself changing sides anywhere. I contend and always have that you don't need a prima donna receiver to win the super bowl.

Larry Fitzgerald
Anquan Boldin
Terrell Owens
Randy Moss

Zero Super Bowls

Some of you have just don't get it. The window is small and if you think you're close, you have to have some play makers.

To the fools who parrot what they've heard (Boldin cost too much, give up draft pics, ad nauseum) try to have an original thought. Your wife/girlfriend will have 2nd thought about leaving your sorry a$$.

WHY? Why is GINN the #1 GUY. I have a answer. Better play from him you see he's getting better. Made big plays last year.Now in his 2nd season who knows.Better on his release good hands and he earned his spot.They know BOLDIN is out there they didn't draft one until the 2nd day.Does that tell you any thing. I wouldn't be shocked if they resign him.I came around to like him in the middle of last year and really see something good.Did you see him on those reverses good running. Plus he made some great catches.


Right On, 'Mando! Unlike the weak-sisters posting here & calling the radio stations, I have the same winner's mentality as Sparano, Parcells & Ireland. Let's kick some butt now.

Tell them, THE AFC EAST CHAMPS, Ginn is a good receiver. No need to mortgage the future.

Very true about 0 superbowls, but at least all of them made it to the Superbowl(s) and to many playoff games.... PLEASE AMUSE ME NOW, HOW MANY PLAYOFFS GAMES HAVE THE DOLPHINS WIDE RECEIVING CORE ACHIEVED...????? ADD ALL OF THEM TOGETHER.... AND THEY STILL DONT AMOUNT TO ANYTHING.... so prima donna or not they are better than what we have and if Boldin is available and they want to talk about winning now... then put your money where your mouth is. Or keep rebuilding as they have since the last Superbowl in 1985....

why don't you defend your azzzz better AFC EAST CHAMP ?

"conversation about fanciful 2010 or '11 championships to some fans who don't understand what's most important."

Mando -- these guys have what has been lacking for so long: a long-range vision, and that is what is most important.

If they were pushing for it now we would have seen a whole more more vets than just Taylor signed and Bolquin would be on the roster.

Maybe we surpise this year, but chances are we are a fringe playoff team. Been that way many times before but there is a huge difference between a squad that maxes out to reach that point and one that gets there as it builds through (and yep, that's us).

So count me fanciful.

Mark in Toronto, stick to soccer or whatever 3rd world games you guys play up there.

Reference to papi, the jet. Yes we are thinking super bowl, yes we are thinking about how sweet to sweep the jets, and bring on the patroits, the DOLPHINS has a couple whippings to give them. MIAMI DOLPHINS SUPER BOWL BOUND. I believe our division will still be trying to catch the wildcat or wildpat all season to no avail.

Uhm Joey, you do know that Ginn is their most experienced receiver (not counting Camarillo's practice squad days) and is only in his third year? Bolding and Fitzgerald hadn't even been to the playoffs until this year and Boldin is 29. How old is Ginn, 23, 24? I guarantee you that he wins more playoff games than Boldin by the time he reaches that age.

What is it with you guys? Anyone who is a Dolphin is crap, but everyone who plays elsewhere is the best? Give the guys a chance until they prove they can't do it. This receiving corps did very well, let them run wtih the ball for a bit.

cocoajoe, are you from nicaragua ? you must be b/c you never write any thing of value, now stick with your small Banana

Seriously? Obviously the players won't say they don't expect to win a championship now, but that doesn't mean it's realistic. Come on.

Mark, i just red one line from your last post and that all i read from any post and how dare you say, ALL DOLPHIN PLAYERS ARE CRAP,how dare mark?

Mark, LOL....you can go speculating about what could happen and what if and Ginn is learning bla bla bla ... THE FACT IS TODAY AS OF THE 2008 SEASON BOLDING KICKS TED GINN JR. AND ALL THE OTHER DOLPHIN WIDE RECEIVERS IN THE AZZ UP AND DOWN THE FIELD ALL 120 YARDS. (including the end zones for all you smart a@#$s)
I am a dolphin fan but you have to be honest with yourself as to what we have.... we have at best mediocre receivers..... so again if a good one is out there why not get him.

Well, their big weakness's last year were run blocking and pass defense. They both should be better this year so Why Not Now! They couldn't possibly do last year what they did, so why can't they do this year what they can't possibly do this year?

Cocoajoe, a history lesson for you. Canada had organized professional football way before the NFL, The Green Bay Packers, or the Chicago Bears.

The Toronto Argonaut Football Club dates back to the 1800's.

In addition, a Canadian gave the world the game of basketball.

So please, some respect.

You will see improved arm strength.Working on arm strength off season. Physical conditioning will keep the injury plague away. Also we will have Pat in the wr to run gimmick plays. By the way he has an accurate long ball.

4th gen Floridian unlike most who post here. But I must have struct a nerve....Azito? Got your green card?

MArk, doesn't mean a thing, the indians invented football and the pit bull today can eat a cow, what respect,you argument is empty and you need to respect the fins more

Why do the posts always have to turn to the racial side? talk, argue about sports don't get into race issues and insults.... that only show how ignorant you people are...!!!

hahaa, nice C(uban Menace). No worries, nobody respects the 'phins more than me. After all, a lot of you inherited the 'phins by where you were born, I chose them.

cocoajoe, being a 4th gen Floridian makes you a better person than the rest of us???????


There you go..... another ignorant dude!

Ken, I totally agree on Boldin. I'm checking the wire every day waiting for that to happen. Our offense is alright with what we have now. I think if we get Boldin, he changes the whole look. If we got Boldin, our offense would scare the crap out of opposing coordinators.

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