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Dolphins thinking about winning it this season

One of the most fascinating things I deal with as a middle man between the Dolphins and their fans is how sometimes the team and the folks rooting for that team share a common goal and common thinking. And sometimes they really do not.

Sometimes the disconnect in the team's agenda and the fans' agenda is startling.

And I perceive there is some disconnect here.

Correct me if I am wrong, but judging from some of your comments on this blog and the comments of fans I talk to on the radio or meet on the street, some fans are walking around with a happy-to-be-here attitude. It is as if some of you have believe 2008 was a wonderful foundation-building year and the reconstruction project won't be complete for another year or two so whatever happens this season is fine with you.

Some of you see a fine season in your rear view mirror and a championship on the horizon and whatever happens in between is perfectly acceptable. You see 2009 as another year of building, not of winning or competing for a championship.

That, frankly, is a loser's mentality.

And these Dolphins, being quite far removed from being losers, are not thinking that way at all.

When coach Tony Sparano gathered his players recently, he congratulated them on a great 2008 season. He told them how wonderful it was to turn things around and "change the culture" of losing he encountered when he took over the team.

But, he reminded the players, the job is not complete so he wants, hopes, expects, this team to strive to complete the job. He didn't say, this is a transition team. He didn't say, we'll complete the job in a year or two.

Sparano, Jeff Ireland, Bill Parcells and every player on the Dolphins want to win the Super Bowl this coming season. Owner Stephen Ross wants to host his team in Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. No one is thinking about championships in 2010. This is not the NBA. They are not thinking about completing a four- or five-year program in 2010 or 2011.

2009 is the focus.

Winning Super Bowl XLIV in Miami is the goal. Today is the time, not tomorrow ... and definitely not yesterday. The Dolphins aren't thinking about a five-year plan any more than they are resting on what happened last year.

“We are excited about what happened in the offseason with all the new faces that we have in free agency and with the draft," quarterback Chad Pennington said. "We are excited to bring all of these guys in and that is why every year is different. What we did in 2008 has no bearing in 2009. We have a big challenge ahead of us -- to learn each other and to build team chemistry and to work together.”

When I talk to Dolphins players or people within the organization, they never say we're in the second year of a plan that will take X-number of years. All the players know they might not be around next year -- or next game with this bunch -- so now is the most important time.

Folks atop the organization such as Sparano and Ireland recognize they must look out into the future as they build the team. But they have one eye on that future and the other eye on today.

That's why the team signed Jason Taylor back.

That's the reason the team signed Chad Pennington last year.

That's the reason if the right veteran that can upgrade the team now comes available at some point before the October trading deadline, the Dolphins will consider making the move.

One more thing that has become plainly clear to me in talking about this team with sources, coaches and personnel people. They all recognize there is no promise of success tomorrow.

They talk about a looming "quarterback transition" and how there can be serious bumps on that road to Chad Henne. They talk about losing four or five valuable free agents after this season and having to replace those known players with God knows who. They talk of there being no ironclad certainty in the direction Ross is pointing the organization. They talk of not knowing whether Parcells will be with the team next year or the year after.

They talk of doing everything in their power to make the 2009 Dolphins the best they can be so that the 2009 season is better than 2008.

And they leave the conversation about fanciful 2010 or '11 championships to some fans who don't understand what's most important.


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Mark the only thing that is true as of today is that Boldin is better than any of the dolphin receivers.... you can guess and pray and hope that Ginn will learn and improve and bla bla bla.... but no one knows you wish for it but NO ONE KNOWS. What we do know is that Boldin, today is better than all of our current receivers, so why not go an get him. Its a risk just like everything else.... waiting for Ginn to develop is a risk also, so its like walking into a casino, play the slots and get killed or play craps where you have better odds at winning......

cocoajoe, the name tell me he's 4th nicaraguan farmer and loves the fins more than banana

Right on Karlito LOL...LOL

Mark in Toronto:

I am not saying that the phin's players in particular Ginn and the WRs are crap. I think they are good players and have upside. I am saying that adding Boldin will make them and the team better. A domninat WR is the main thing lacking on offense right now. I said before I like Ginn and I think the phins are close. When you get a window for a championship run you have to seize it. Getting Boldin doesn't guaranty a championship but it makes one more likely.

JoeyWatts, you make good points, but to me, as I've been saying all along, it's about the price. If a second rounder (like Chicago offered) isn't good enough, then the price, IMO, is too high. I believe the Dolphins have enough to go forward with (hence my comparison of Ginn vs Holmes). True, Boldin makes the unit better, but if the price is high, IMO, the team will suffer in the long term more than it benefits.

C, those opinions are out of line. You are trying to be funny but really ... I could sit here and make fun of the USA (after all you just finished 8 years of the dumbest man ever in charge of a country and left your financial and economical situations in a shamble) but I don't. And if you go back to the invention of basketball you will see that it was created by James Naismith (a Canadian).

cocoajoe,the birth place has no thing to do with the understanding of pro sports,your statement shows a level of ignorance,i only see it in mr bunglito and mark basketball of canada.bless your soul

Hahah, MIKEny,


Mark, I agree with you 100% its people like C and cocoajoe the reason why we had the dumbest president in the history of earth and to show how truly ignorant they are, they elected him two times....
Have a good one Mark.

Take care, Joey!

now , idon't need to argue with mark and joey, they both feed every night on fix news.

mark...no sport in world was invented, all sports started in the very poor place in world and long came a guy to take credit for it.
p.s...soccer started in poor old india but the british say they are the on who invent it, go figure.

JAMIL. stick to trying to know something about football and out of politics, A subect you clearly f'n to nothing about.

know nothing about.

I must apologize for not posting this past week. I have succumbed to what's likely poison ivy or poison oak.

I notice alot of posts have been directed to Mark in Toronto. I initially hail from Toronto and am well acquained with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. There used to be the following cheer at Argos games:



I, however, was always a Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan. The Tiger-Cats cheer, although less pornographic, is more memorable:


Good evening.

Has anyone seen my son? He did not practice at OTAs today b/c of that gimpy knee that he is supposedly on schedule with his rehab.

Plus, he left a pair of his soiled under shorts in the bathroom sink. I think they were the ones he was wearing when he heard that J. Taylor signed with the Dolphins again.

SANCHEZ MY LOVE ,JT better plans his retirement .

brady=3 super bowl.....3 rings......lord of the rings

jt......../////////........no thing.......lord of the talk...BLA BLA BLA

I hope miami doesnt go blow their money on boldin unless he comes alil cheaper than expected but let the rookies and reciever they have battle it out .... and quick while sanfran has a cb injury send jason allen packing for a 5th rounder...

Guys, Those who think the poster as " C" Is me , will you are mistaken, though iam sure its happened again, and again...lmfao

Cuban menace, i am sure this guy C is the nj phin fan


No boldin, and especially not vick, we drafted White, and i believe that this team, already has the players to win it all, the question is how fast will they develop, if they can surprise me this year, we can win it all. For instance, c.wake, S.smith, and V.davis, wilford, and turner are pretty big wr. with good hands. Do not be surprise, this schedule will help a lot, we do not have much to loose and a lot to gain.


You are kidding us, right? There is NO WAY that the Dolphins can convince anybody they are really trying to make a championship run this year!

Talk is cheap, the moves they made speak volumes! What were our biggest holes last year? Stopping the run, getting pass rush, and throwing the football. Other than some 'maybe's for pass rush, name me another hole we legitimately filled?

Who is on this roster to stop the run that wasn't here last year?

Are Hartline, Turner and White going to significantly upgrade our passing game (especially with an accurate, but limited, Chad Pennington at QB.)

Teams that are trying to win TODAY, will fill their major holes and, along with two rookie corners, the Dolphins are still going to have trouble stopping the run and creating offense (unless White TRULY revolutionizes this offense...do you think THAT is going to happen?)

sammy that comment about the qb's to trade for boldin and get p.white to start now. just let me know that you are a very good basketball fan, or maybe beisball, or u know a lot about boxing. you reminded me of b.switzer, he only won because jj let him a good team, and then they got deon. otherwise who would have been a loser. or LOOser

Well said, Mango. The concept of pissing away a year and chalking it up to a 'rebuilding year' really is for losers. This isn't the 70s where most of the roster spent their career on only one or two teams and can could be counted on to be back. In this age of free agency and salary cap casualties, there is no guaranty that you are building anything or that next year you are going to be better then the previous.

How many Super Bowls have failed to make the playoffs the following year? Think that the Cardinals will make the playoffs this year? There is no guaranty that they will build on last year. A team that went 11-5 can just as easily go 7-9 the next year.

Conversely, the Saints almost made it to the SB the year after Katrina after only winning a couple of games the year before and the Dolphins beat out the team of the decade last year for the division title after only winning one game the previous year. If that doesn't tell you that the future is NOW, nothing will. Take that rebuilding year loser mentality back to college or the NBA. It should rightfully be Super Bowl or bust for the 09 Dolphins.

Dolphins; Take it one game a week, and everyweek we have a very good chance to win, all we have to do is win one game everyweek

mydolphins, JJ was the start for the fins ruins , i am must say ,you got to think big to achive or you going to talk for another 100 years about rebuilding and acorns

ted {hand of stone } ginn must be released to the wild and get Boldin

yeeeeessssssssssss mydolphins in da house

mydolphins you hit it right on the "Mark." One game at a time wins more than big splashes. Mark, winning starts at the line of scrimmage. Win there and you win the whole shooting match. Brady couldn't win on IR. A passer is no more than a pisser without a good line. Zach was was good because T-Bo was good.

A team with depth wins. Stars are only as good as their last injury - Tuna

Finally, there are the intangibles of hunger and desire. That's what it takes to win.

I'm glad they feel that way. That mentality is what makes good teams great.

Kay,C,joeywatts etc The Dolphins IMO are a long way from being a SB team right now. Course, I don't know what they drafted this year. We may have a #1 receiver on our team right now. It sure is too early for me to jeopardize the team's future when I don't know what I have on the team that has not even put on pads.
I think the Dolphins need a monster on both sides of the (line C,G NT). And they may also have that on this team already. If they don't stop the run and don't have some push up the middle from the O-line then, all the WR's in the NFL won't help, let alone one good AZ receiver.
We have two Guards that have injuries and won't be available to finish this complete season. I sure hope one of the new Guards we got from the UDFA will help. They both look good for Rookies. One of them can squat with 580 lbs and throw a 16 lb shot put for 67.5 feet. Can you imagine what a lift and smack to the middle of the AFC NT we
will face this year? The existing Guards that played last year sure will have to improve this year and with good coaching that can happen. We drafted an OT from GT that looks very good but, he too is coming off surgery from last Nov. We have an excellent NT that got very tired toward the end of every game and was simply used up the last few games of the year. He also will be 35 this year. I hope we can find Fergie some help. The new rookie UDFA we got from Shaw looks very interesting and may be what was needed. I don't know yet.

You guys sound like you already know that if we traded some high draft picks from our future then we would be SB winners. Why haven't you guys become GM's already. I sure hope you are right. You sound like you helped Greg Cote write his article last week.
I wrote this kind of message to Mr. Cote that I am trying to write to you now. In case you missed it, here it is again:

Samdolphin wrote on 05/14/2009 01:17:36 PM:

Mr. Cote: I would like for you to put in writing what you predicted the Dolphins would win last year before the season started. You still don't have a clue what the Dolphin Management is trying to do. Why don't you let the #1 need set aside for a while, maybe a year. We don't know what we drafted this year or what we have in development from last year that are going to preform great this year. I think they picked up some very good receivers in this year's draft. They have Ted Ginn, Devon Bess, Ernest Wilford, Brandon London, Greg Camarillo, Anthony Armstrong, Todd Lowber, and new WR's Brennan Marion (4.5), Brian Hartline)(4.40/4.52), Patrick Turner 6'5"-223(4.59),and Chris Williams (4.34) that you haven't seen in pads yet. What makes you so sure we don't already have a #1 in this year's stable of WRs? Without knowing the 2009 team you are willing to go out and spend our future on some other team's #1. In the Tuna you should Trust or quit writing for us.

I read people typings but they're not saying anything. Not one person who said the FINS can't win it had an even desecent reason to say why not.I hear a couple of cheap shots but I only can say HI HATERS. LET's TALK FINS SUPER BOWL BOUND!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I think these "Boldin Idiots" are going to hi-jack every thread from now until the pre-season? It ain't going to happen. Deal with it.

I think a point everyone needs to keep in mind is that each year the teams are so very different from the last year. I have twice beaten the Herald writers in the pig skin challenge. I watched a lot of shortcuts -- saw all the games. What I see early each year is that the teams are so different each year. They also change week to week and Home away...

It is amazing each year, good organizations, like the Great Don's or the Phins new big cheeese from Hasbrouck Heights...can put a winning team on the field.

I hope the Trifecta can keep the magic going so our new team each year is consistent like Don Shula's. A SB is welcome.

Q:Did coach Sparano ever coach Crash Jenson at BU?

Orry Jim (Crash) Jensen

you stir the pot Armando. Stay away from ricky and support the team instead. You are not as good (by far) as you think you are


afc east CHAMS, I salute you spirit toward dolphins but still your team will suck against SANCHEZ .


You suck. How dare you talk about them in this blog. I will wipe the floor with you.

Trade Ronnie Brown for Braylon Edwards .... Edwards solves our WR problems and swapping these two salaries had no impact on the cap

To fill the void at RB, sign Edgerin James .... he is old, but still good enough to rotate with Rickey at RB one or two more years

"Why settle for second place when first is still available." JFK

mike 1361 i belive the best way to fill the void is to sign u culoito mang.

Today, you're just another member of the media making stuff up. For you to say that players and personel within the organization talk about "a looming "quarterback transition" and how there can be serious bumps on that road to Chad Henne. They talk about losing four or five valuable free agents after this season and having to replace those known players with God knows who. They talk of there being no ironclad certainty in the direction Ross is pointing the organization. They talk of not knowing whether Parcells will be with the team next year or the year after.", is total BS.

What's wrong with that? what's wrong with walking around with hope? Armando you sound like a Jet's fan..

tuna knows that his team was a lucky one last year, that why by the end of this year he will leave w/12 mill and find another loser to fix to make some dough and leave tony and ireland behind making their own soup

Jamil is an idiot.

George is an Donkey w/small brain

J . at least I have a Brain . Loser!

george, you proved you are a donkey to answer the way you did b/c you took as a complement, you donkey

Do we need an established No. 1 receiver? Yes
Would Boldin be nice AT THE RIGHT PRICE? yes
Will the Fins get Boldin at the infalted price AZ wants, and that Boldin will thereafter want? No.

Next topic. There's nothing more to be said.

Everyone on here saying we should have traded from Boldin why give up a draft pick when he will be a free agent after this year...get him next year and we still keep are draft picks

scoops, you said " inflated price AZ wants ".
is AZ stand for ass and did you use such word ?

J you poved to be a bigger idiot answering a supposed donkey. You brainless jackass.

J. You brainless jackass. Boldin has 2 years left on his contract.

george, do you have a big split in the front teeth like any donkey do ?

p.s...you notice i am not using any bad words like you, that shows you i am a classy person

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The best plumber in NJ can only be by not paying overtime to his employees....

J and George,

Both of you stop fighting like little girls. My Patriots will destroy your Phins. You two are worthless, IQ less losers!!!!!!

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