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OTA open to the media today so it's open to you

The Dolphins are compelled by NFL rules to make a certain number of organized team activity sessions open to the media and, under the current regime, they meet the minimum of those requirements.

Today is one of the days they open up the information vault and allow snoops like me to look in. And I, in the interest of serving you, will go out there and look around and report back to you what I see.

I've been doing this a while -- longer than some of you have been alive -- so I know what to look for. (One thing I want to see is how many ways Randy Starks will be able to say "No comment," concerning his Freightliner incident over the Memorial Day weekend.)

Anywho, I'm asking you to tell me what you're interested in finding out and I'll try to do that as well.

I will look in on your answers before practice which is at 10:30 a.m. and I'll report back with frequent updates thereafter.

Miami's OTA days, by the way, are not open to the public. Check back later for the updates.


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Armando, I want to know how Matt Roth looks...has an offseason of preparing to play LB changed his training to better meet the demands (ie, coverage) of the position? A year of experience standing up should help, too.

i don't care what they say about you. you are the man. keep striving my man.


what a tough job you have!! Poor Mando..

The passing game.. Including both Chads and our receivers (old & new).

Finally, our new sack stud from Canada..

thanks mando for tracking our obsession so diligently!

please report how our receivers are doing against our secondary especially the new guys. haven't heard much from patrick turner and i am very interested in knowing how brandon london is developing with all the new competition at the position.

and all our new secondary guys and don't forget clemmons the safety. is anybody able to keep up with ginn's speed and bess' quickness. how is camarillo's movements. is jason allen even an issue at all anymore?


These are all questions I'd like updates on too.

In addition, how does this administration feel about Ronnie Brown? Is he going to be extended? Are they unsure or will it take a big season to see it happens?

Please just focus on how well the players are doing on the field. Especially want to know how the receivers corp is improving over last year.

one thing i love to know is, did starks repaint his truck yet or is he going to exchange it for another. after all, car thieves know by now what his truck looks like .

The things I'm interested in are the following:

1) Is Jason Taylor looking explosive and how does he match up to his competition for the a starting position?

2) How do our newly drafted receivers and corners look alongside the vets? Are they making their presence known already?

3) I doubt they would run it during an open OTA but did Pat White run any "WildPat" plays? If so, impressions?

4) How about golden boy, Chad Henne? Is he looking more accurate and in control?

Granted, I know almost none if this matters too much when they're playing in shorts but you gotta start somewhere. Thanks in advance!

Just put a microphone in front of Channing Crowder and say "talk to me."

golden boy Chad Henne ? What, he didn't even win 3 games in total yet.

just hope he can do 1/3 of what Chad Penne did last year

Get back to us about Cameron Wake.. does he seem comfortable in our system? how is his speed, explosiveness, jump off the snap in comparison to our other LB'S???


Can you give us an update on the OLB rotation? Also, who looks the most ready to step in for Donald Thomas? And of course, tell us about the rookies...

This may not be relevant to today's activities...but I'm interested in a story about how a player gets to the point of holding out for a contract. Nobody ever sees themselves being that guy, the one hurting team chemistry and being (viewed as) selfish. Do other players egg them on? Is it the agent pushing him to do so? I guess the Boldin ordeal is what surprises me. He doesn't seem like the type, yet there he is. Disfrutar del sol, Armando.

1) What is difference between Mike and Moe ILB positions on our D?

2) Can Matt Roth play ILB? If Wake beats him out at SOLB.

3) How do Davis and Smith and Clemmons look covering our best WRs?

I'd like to know how they're using Cam Wake right now and whether he looks like he's getting up to speed or not.

Pat White and the wildcat or "The PAT CAT"

armando , can you trick Crowder some how w/Question to make him talk dumb ? please try

I would be interested in knowing about what Matt Roth is working on this summer. Is he concentrating on speed, agility, and dropping weight, for instance? Maybe a word or 2 from him, please. Thank you.

"I've been doing this a while -- longer than some of you have been alive -- so I know what to look for."

Sometimes you sound very pompous. While I think you are a decent sports beat writer, I definitely think your ego is just as big as some of the athletes you cover. I know your blog does well, but you have a long ways to go before you move on from the Herald. Maybe if you stopped patting yourself on the back all the time you might get taken more seriously.

As far as the OTA's, I'm mostly interested in the depth chart of the DE/LB (read: where does Taylor fit), and the depth chart of the secondary (read: who's pairing up with Will Allen, and when does Jason Allen get cut?)

I'd be very interested in this years version of the line, and how far along Justin Smiley has come (his progress is key to this line), but I know that these early sessions matter little in the trenches, as no one is in pads yet.

Finally, how does Cameron Wake's success in the CFL translate to the NFL... While the pads haven't come on yet, you can usually tell a pass rusher by his quickness... Does Cameron have that burst needed to get around elite tackles in the NFL?

I'm pretty interested in how Henne does and how much more comfortable he looks as opposed to last year when he was merely learning the system?

Waht is the over all pace of the practice?

Since taking over controll of the Dolphins Sporano has often run tough intense practices. Is it still a pressure cooker for the players out there?

Hey Mando,

Aside from wanting to know how our rookie DBs and WRs are doing, I would like to know how our defensive end situation is shaping up. What kind of shape are Merling and Langford in? How are the aforementioned players & rookies doing in the classroom thus far? Soliai losing weight yet? Any of the undrafted rookies like Quinn or Lewis continuing to impress? Thanks

where is jason allen lining up?

I would really love to know how Chris Clemons is looking out there and what you think of his comfortability learning the new system at this level.

Mandito how is thomas and camarillo comeing along? Is Jason Taylor looking sharp and Cameron Wake....what is the deal... Last question mandito from dadeito do u think lowbar the Wr can break into the 53 man roster holla at yo boy.

Is Jt wearing his usual Large jock strap or did he move up in size to Xl..Webster the Great Out.

Hi Mando,

Check out Davis if you could, do you think he can start on day 1 VS Atlanta? Also please keep an eye on JT... Does he seem healthy? Does he seem Rusty? Any chance you could make some BOLD predictions about the new corps of recruits and which starters from last season might be loosing some playing time?

Thanks Mando

I think Armando is quite good - but then again, when you compare his work to the fluff Cote puts out, is it any wonder Armando is confident?

Armando provides good football analyses and is on top of breaking news. He doesn't just react to events, he shares them with us as they unfold.

That being said, I think his point about knowing what to look for is less about ego and more about advertising the blog for what is to come throughout the day...

Anyhow, I would like to heard about the same things others have posted:

1. Cameron Wake - does he seem out of place?
2. Jason Taylor - Does he seem his age
3. The receivers - how are they doing with respect to pattern running, making cuts, drops, and speed?
4. Secondary - How do the new kids look? Do they seem to have good fundamentals - what type of schemes are they running, Man to man / zone?
5. Did your wife enjoy her birthday?

Cameron Wake for sure. How does Ronnie look speed and burst wise compared to this time last year? Is there any update on how long Donald Thomas will be out with the torn pec (or has that already been reported)? How's Ricky's speed and elusiveness looking?

I'd also love to have tons of info on the secondary, and the rookies.

I love the story of #52 and #53 on the team. What does the underdog have to do to make the team. Who is on the bubble. I know we are months away of really knowing, but who looks like they are going to have to fight to make the team. Who looks like they are heading for the PT, because of the offseasons add ons.

I had a chance to visit the weight room. There was an amazing quote on the inside of the door about being "tapped on the shoulder." CAN you write it down and send it out to us?


Also, to me the Fins are about 5 players away from the SB (one WR, 2 DL, 2LB). Any acorns going to be picked up soon? When will Camarillo be ready?

I don't see Pennington being the QB in the playoffs as he did not step up and did not appear to do his homework on Ed Reed. Finally, as a Fins fan I would LOVE to see the Fins rotate Henne, White, and Pennington to keep defenses off balance. With just Pennington, we lose the long ball option.


Have they been in contact with Anquan Boldin?? If so, can a reasonable deal be worked out and will the Cardinals be willing to trade him to Miami??
Also, the right guard situation is a shaky one, are they concerned that this could hold back the progression of the O-line as a group? Who will step in that position if Thomas can't stay healthy?

Mando - I'm interested in how Chris Clemons looks. I think he'll turn out to be our best second day pick! Maybe the steal of the draft, if he gets PT(He'll probably only start if Wilson or Bell is injured this year).

Also - Is D.Thomas able to do anything(running, riding a bike, etc.)?


The reason Pennington threw 4 ints in the playoff game was not because he didn't do his homework on Ed Reed, it was because he couldn't get a block to save his life and was being pressured on every down. Every clown on his couch at home knows that Ed Reed is a beast... Pennington is known for being one of the most diligent players in the league when it comes to studying tape and being prepared...

souljabeats, agreed.
Also WR weren't running thier routes as good as usual. A combination of that plus terrible pass blocking and credit the Ravens blitz and ability to force mistakes as well.

Pennington deserves more respect. He's our QB and if he seems to be motivated as much as last year or more which will deservingly make him our QB for 3 or so more years.

Can't wait to see {at run the wildcat as well! and Henne is a valuable backup with great upside, so our QB situation is in good shape. L

I have no doubt that if we sign Boldin and an improving O-line would make us a top 5 Offense in the league!


souljabeats, agreed.
Also WR weren't running thier routes as good as usual. A combination of that plus terrible pass blocking and credit the Ravens blitz and ability to force mistakes as well.

Pennington deserves more respect. He's our QB and he seems to be motivated as much as last year or more which will deservingly make him our QB for 3 or so more years.

Can't wait to see Pat run the wildcat as well! and Henne is a valuable backup with great upside, so our QB situation is in good shape.

I have no doubt that if we sign BOLDIN and an improving O-line would make us a top 5 Offense in the league!

Salguero can you keep an eye on the TE rotations. How they are using Nalbone. I would also like to know who is lining up at RG with the first unit and how White is doing thanks.

I'm not so sure about Pennington. I have an image of him under throwing Ginn last year and he was 10 yards behind. You can't get to the next level with his arm. I love his character and class but if he is our QB then we must rotate him in packages.



How is Tony McDaniels looking and at DE or T or both. How is Henne looking and is he getting 50% of the snaps. Do Ricky & Ronnie still have their man crush going? Finally, LG how are they looking?


Vontae Davis is lining up as nickel back with the first team today...

sorry mando

Dude, ya got 'nuf questsions here for an entire seasons blogs.

Anyhooooo.....thanks for your keepin' us informed.

OHHHHHH.....do have a question....but not about the current practice. Has anyone in our neck of the woods, had the interest in doing a post-Sabin losing Fin season interview with Good 'Ol Boy Nick????? Wonder if he wishes he could be like the Tuna???? just sayin...

Phillip Merling is lining up with the first team and Matt Roth is practicing with the DE's, not the lb's.

Cameron Wake is on the second team today playing strong side...

Brandon Frye is the starting right guard today

I am very interested in how far Chad Henne has progressed. Is he still on par to take over for Penn or was there a real reason as QB to take Pat White.

I am also interested to hear how our new Corners look

Soulja. Just tell evertbody to go to The sun-sentinel and read omar kelly's ota's updates. Patrick turner is 2nd team wr. taylor and wake are lining up at 2nd team OlB. Orien martin is lining up at ilb , berger at 2nd team center, starks is at ota's , lowber is not etc.

porter and taylor are finally lining up together. Brian hartline is at ota's and working out

Cam Wake....updates on how he's progressing, and how he looks out there

Pat White...more, more, more!!!

The WR's how they are looking (Especially Camarillio if he's out there, if not how he's coming with the injury)

Jason Taylor how he is looking (im sure he's better then last year, but is he JT of old)

and why not some info about the Chad's

(On a side note....there's a lot of Fins fans from Toronto on here...surprising)

New blog is up with updates. Wake made long look bad on 1 pass rush ,

talk stupid? some how? silly little Gopats...keep up with the great grammar skills while trying to make fun of the way someone speaks...and keep posting so i can keep laughing at you, freakin middle school reject.

Nj phin fan How tight are jason taylors pants looking does he tuck in or out?

First round pick Vontae Davis is being used as first-team nickel. Matt Roth is doing position drills with the defensive linemen.

TE David Martin has finally made an OTA appearance but isnt working due to groin. JD Quinn is working as the third team center. Brandon London is the slot receiver with second team. JT and Porter are finally working together. Surprising. Ernest Wilford is again doing drills with the TEs. Haven't seen him with WRs yet. Rookie Free agent signing Orion Martin is working as a inside linebacker. Joe Berger is working as the second team center. Wondering when he'll get into the right guard mix, if at all. Olineman Andy Alleman is sitting out the OTA session again due to back problems.
1 2 next
here u go mandito.

WR Todd Lowber is not working with the offense. Will check on the injury. Rookie WR Brian Hartline is at this week's OTA session after being forced to miss last week.

Pat Turner is running with the second team, playing ahead of Ernest Wilford. Cameron Wake is working as the second team SLB, and Jason Taylor is working as the WLB. DE Phillilp Merling is working with the starting group again, looks like it's his job to lose. DE Randy Starks is in attendance at today's OTA. Wonder if he will talk? Brandon Frye continues to work as the starting right guard. Dolphins must see something. Follow Omar Kelly at Twitter.com/OmarKelly.

Armando, I'll read your blog cause I am a Fin fan, but frankly what goes on in the OTA's is not of much interest to me, unless something really unusual happens, since they are just that, OTA's. It's pretty hard to translate anything that happens now to September. I'll be more interested when training camp starts.

Although i did like the mention of Tyrone Culver. I was not aware of him and it appears he will be in the mix for a secondary spot.

webster the great is the Cuban Menace. So sad.



How is our passing defense looking like, our rookies, Ted Ginn,,, who is struggling and who is catching the coaches eyes,,,and also the qbs.

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