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Polite signs 2-year extension with the Dolphins

By David J. Neal

Herald Staff Writer (making a guest post on Armando's blog with Salguero permission)

    The Dolphins have signed fullback Lousaka Polite to a two-year extension for the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

    Polite, picked up as a free agent last October, started five of the Dolphins remaining 11 regular season games. In addition to his blocking, he picked up first downs on six of his seven third-and-1 carries. Before signing Polite, the Dolphins had gone through Boomer Grigsby (waived after one game) and Casey Cramer (injured, then waived Dec. 20) searching for fullback play they felt was up to snuff.

    Polite began his NFL career with Dallas in 2004, where current Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells was head coach. His current contract, which will pay him $620,000 this season, was set to run out after the 2009 season. Agent Peter Schaffer said they began talking about an extension with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl.


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Expect to see Lousaka featured prominently in a revised Wildcat, to be named the PolCat.

That was the funniest post i've read in a while on this site

Why is it funny heirshouse ?

What a bargain for a guy who was, what, 90-95% successful on 3rd and short or 4th and short. He was money.

Isn't it nice to have competent management for a change?

Lousaka Polite was a first down machine last year! Look for him more in goal line situations this year too...

i love to eat eggplant Mousaka but not in front of this Rachel RAY ad on this page with ugly picture of stomach, can't they find a better picture ?

PolCat = funny

is heirshouse a raccoon name ?

Ok guys who can come up with the funniest poem on this one? Good sign.

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Of all the 2010 Fin FA's Polite's the first to be resigned. Seems he's top of the top in order of priority again showing BP&CO are on the ball, past regimes would have made his position last on the list of prioritie. Oh, my bad, with past regimes he wouldnt even be on the team! Go BigTuna Fish!!!

Good move by the Fins! But I still think Polite should change his name to Impolite,Rude,SlobberNocker,....

The thing I like about this move is that he is such a nice well mannered young man. Never speaking out of turn, always opening doors for ladies, and just being so polite.

Who is the other fullback?

Who is this David J Neal clown? I want Armando back. I'm so angry I can spit.

i saw ace bad poem just now, one thing about poem that you have to avoid, you can't just put what you want to say into a poem.it needs a person that has a gift not ace for sure but he can still do a sumer salt for us.

1- jet's coach said today that he's not going to give an inch to dolphins in defense and i trust he will do that

2- is it true that dan marino's last 4 years playing ,he did suck and he couldn't run or deliver the football ?

To Mr. David J. Neal:

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7) I then read Armando Salguero.

8) I then go to work.

YOU HAVE UPSET MY ROUTINE! This is extremely upsetting. My bowels are in an uproar. I don't have the motivation to run. YOU HAVE MESSED WITH MY SCHEDULE! YOU HAD NO RIGHT!!! Bring Armando back! Not tomorrow! NOW!!!!!

Your friend,
Nathaniel Dodsworth

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MiamiDolphins 13-3 1st In AFC East
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Gopats, you did not like Ace's poem because it hit home. The English you speak is very poor. I feel sorry for you.

Dfan, matter of fact i didn't hate the, i felt that ace or you started to have fun and started to take the venom he's famous for out of his posts lately and that's why i am very happy for him, now let's turn to ask you, did dan marino who never won any thing like JT sucked last 4 years of playing and many fans want him out but they could,'t say it loud ?

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>Why is it funny heirshouse ?

polcat= slang for skunk.

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I miss having Ronnie Brown convert those 3rd and short and 4th and short plays. He was money when Cam was here.

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Where did some (Gopats) of these people learn English?

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people on this blog should at least start talk football in the honor of cocoaje and his stomach in rachel ray ad

Screw Parcells, he left me at the alter and i'm stuck with son of bum.

people on this blog should at least start talk football in the honor of cocoaje and his stomach in rachel ray ad

people on this blog should start talk football in the honor of cocoajoe and his stomach in rachel ray ad

This was a great signing, its one less issue we have to go into next offseason. Great job trifecta!!!!!!!!!!

cassius---thnx for explaining my relatively simple joke to the humor-impaired.

More Skunk jokes please Scoops


I just read your article "No surprises ahead" in todays online Herald. Good article and well written. I have not been your biggest fan and commented negatively to some of your writing about the Fins.

This one is really good and accurate.

Jason Taylor is (still) good enough to make anyone's roster.

Smart coaches would play him as Miami plans to this season... designated pass rusher OR any down late in the 4th Quarter with the game on the line.
This guy has worked so hard throughout his career that he makes things happen,,,sacks, fumbles, ints, this is as much out of desire, determination, more than athletic ability.

Play Taylor as JJ did with Trace Armstrong,,, JJ did with Charles Haley in Dallas.

Bringing this guy back is a good move,,, he has EARNED the right to retire a Dolphin AND go into the HOF as one too.
You can never have too many pass rushers to compliment Joey Porter.

This coaching staff has some potential to cause havoc every week against every opponent.
Offensively--- they gotta worry about the WildCat,,,now with QB White this package can grow into something really great.
Defensively,,, Porter, Wake, Taylor coming from different angles, blitzes causing havoc there...Pay attention this yr at how many opposing teams get false start penalties worrying about these 3 moving around presnap.

I will Pound it like there is no tommarrow..!!

Im gonna eat your children.

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