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Polite signs 2-year extension with the Dolphins

By David J. Neal

Herald Staff Writer (making a guest post on Armando's blog with Salguero permission)

    The Dolphins have signed fullback Lousaka Polite to a two-year extension for the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

    Polite, picked up as a free agent last October, started five of the Dolphins remaining 11 regular season games. In addition to his blocking, he picked up first downs on six of his seven third-and-1 carries. Before signing Polite, the Dolphins had gone through Boomer Grigsby (waived after one game) and Casey Cramer (injured, then waived Dec. 20) searching for fullback play they felt was up to snuff.

    Polite began his NFL career with Dallas in 2004, where current Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells was head coach. His current contract, which will pay him $620,000 this season, was set to run out after the 2009 season. Agent Peter Schaffer said they began talking about an extension with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl.


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Lousaka Polite played a key bread and butter role in getting the tough yards when needed. Winning teams have those kind of role players that you hear little about, but get it done. He is also a FB that can catch the ball and do those little things like what the SB Dolphin teams had with Jim Kiick and what the SB Cowboy teams had with Moose Johnston.

I love the signing!

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