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Starks having a bad Memorial Day weekend

Randy Starks cannot be having a good Memorial Day weekend because he is spending part of it in jail.

The defensive end about to embark on his second Dolphins season was arrested on aggravated battery charges just after midnight Sunday morning for effectively using a Freightliner (a monster truck as you can see in the picture of a sister truck) as a weapon on South Beach.


Unwisely, Starks allegedly used that weapon on a Miami Beach police officer.

Starks was obviously in party mode as he was driving his truck with a woman sitting on his lap.

The Dolphins know about Starks' arrest which pretty much rules out the possibility it might have been a case of mistaken identity.

"We were only recently made aware of the situation," Dolphins senior vice president of media relations Harvey Greene said. "Since we're still in the process of gathering information, we have no comment."

Starks is immediately subject to the NFL personal conduct policy. Under the policy, anyone merely arrested is required to "undergo consultation and additional counseling as required."

If Starks is convicted of his charge or pleads guilty to a lesser related charge, he would be subject to discipline as determined by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Such discipline can include a fine, suspension without pay or even banishment -- which obviously is the nuclear option not on the table here. Keep in mind these are stipulations for a first-time offense.

Second-time offenders must be suspended without pay and can be banished, as determined by the commissioner. 


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Ouch!!! What an idiot!! Assault on a police officer will not go down well with Tuna or the league!! And we need him for depth also! Hope that u drafted acorn picks up his game..

Geez! did he go starks raving mad.

Complete idiot.

The cop wasn't in uniform. i'm sure starks didn't know he was a cop.

What an Ass hole !!!....cut him

maybe he thought it was cuban menace and was trying to run him over for all the bad things he say about dolphins

He must not want to play for the Dolphins. What an idiot he is. CUT HIM IRELAND!!!!

From what I know of the Miami Beach Police, the cop could have walked into the parked truck and decided to charge Starks with assualt.

an idiot off duty cop decides to play wyatt earp on the scene and be mr. in control take charge, decides that someone should do what he tells them to do even though no one knows who the hell he is, when he should have, if he did have a concern, called in some uniformed police officers, who were not far away. of course we do not know what the 'bump' was - my guess is it never happened except for what the cop made happen himself - the cop should be held accountable for inappropriate action - you know, remember the cop in texas who browbeat the [former?] nfl guy for trying to go see his mother-in-law before she died? i am giving starks pretty wide benefit of doubt on this one. remember "two wrongs don't make a right"? well starks may have had his vehicle overloaded, but mr. 'i am in control here' off duty cop did nothing to help the situation. fire the cop. i am not a person of color, just a skinny white boy, and i am generally very supportive of the police; this smells of an arrogant cop who thought even when he was wearing street cloths the world should bow to his will just because he is standing there with his mouth moving.

That's a cool truck. Starks drives it as a pleasure vehicle? I guess when you're 300 lbs, a Ferrari is out of the question??

Nj Phin if you respect people that work and don't take government handouts, how come you don't pay your employees for overtime so they have to get food stamps?

Rober. i agree. Starks probably did't hear the 1st knock on the door being in a truck like that , with so many people in it and on a loud busy strip. Then when he heard the 2nd knock on the window he might have accidently hit the gas. trying to control a monster like that with so many people in it. The sounds like a misunderstanding and a accident. I bet you the charges will be dropped. all of you who want to cut this guy for this need to get a clue !

I say cut him. He doesn't get paid all that money to make stupid mistakes like that. There is no excuse, I hope Parcells makes an example out of him. Btw, Robert, what the hell do you know about it?! Were you in the truck or what? I seriously doubt it, where the hell do you get off questioning the motives and attitude of the cop. He's just doing his job. And NJ Phin Fan, let's see if you drop the charges when somebody runs you over!

Roy. maybe you also want to bang that azzzhole off duty cop ( who probably has a god complex ) in the azzzzzzzz.

Randy Starks= Stupid Idiot

Well, we can put him on the list of players with something to prove. Randy Starks now has motivation to prove that he's not a complete dumbass and can behave appropriately off the field.

Mr Bunglito,
I'll pass on that one...you talk a lot of trash on this message board but something tells me you couldn't back it up in person. You probably have had your azz beat way too many times in life which is why you resort to talkin tough on the message boards. To bad Randy couldn't run you over and do us all a favor, then we wouldn't have to read your ridiculous posts anymore.

let's not forget this guy beat the hell out of his fiance back in 02...this ain't exactly his first offense, a hearty suspension is in order for this guy.

He will get suspended. It is unfortuante for the phins as he is one of the top 3 defensive lineman. No one knows what happened yet as we have only heard a news report. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. If I saw someone after midnight yelling at me while I ws driving or attacking my vehicle in todays world with all the crazy people I would probably bolt as well. He should not have been in that situation to begin with but everyone should wait to find out the truth before they pass judgement.
The way these comments all read everyone is already passing sentence.
Sometimes things are not what they seem.

Randy who? Seeyah, clown.

Slime balls(NJPHINFAN) don't have to pay overtime

All the Starks haters here are Jet fans. I'm supposed to believe he's guilty just cause he's been arrested--ask Castroneves about how reliable to cops are. Cops target jocks on South Beach--this thing REEKS of cop over-reaction and anti-Dolphin hatred. Can anyone confirm whether cop was a Jet fan or not??

I knew this "Hip Hop weekend" would come to no good....

sometimes things aren't as they seem, and sometimes they are. I bet in this case they are. If the team let's this guy slide, then it will only set a bad example for the younger players. They'll think they can afford a slip up or two also.

Yeah, the cop didnt ID himself. Starks could have been acting out of self-defense. The off-duty cop should have made his position clear instead of causing the affray. Hope Starks gets justice and no fane, or fine is needed.

That Storys very funny.

Roy. I can gaurantee that i can kick your f'n dweeb azzzzzz all over the place. that's a promise. Now go back to taking it up thw azzzzz from that pig boyfriend cop of yours.

roy. by the way i see alot more people agreeing with me over you and your boyfriend cop. azzzzzzzzwipe!

As punishment he should have to sit next to bill(the tuna) parcells next time he visits the golden corral and watch the tuna wreack havoc on the all you can eat buffet.

roy. i see your azzzzz is getting abused on the sun-sentinel in omar's blog . LMAO ! they don't agree with you over there either. Try the police blogs . You have a better chance over there. azzzzzzzzzzzzwipe !

These guys need to realize that going to the club is a mistake. It doesn't matter who's right or wrong... all that matters is perception. And anytime you're arrested while partying you put yourself behind the eight ball.

Good luck Mr. Starks.

Tommya. did you actually read what happened ? Starks wasn't going to a club. He wasn't drunk or anything ( NO DUI }. He was cruising the strip. In 1 night there was 181 arrests while there were 368 police officers called to duty for this weekend. Some from neighboring towns. You don't think maybe some of these cops are out of order ?


I read the blog post... I just assumed there would only be one way to load 13 people into a truck: after meeting in a club. But you could be right... he was just cruising around South Beach letting total strangers hop into the truck bed and into his lap. Either way, he put himself in a really bad position. Maybe he'll learn from this.

i just red few posts and after deep thoughts, roy is the dumbo of the day,he wants a guy who made a little mistake to be cut from the team and pile on guy when he's down, roy is a low life person piling up on a dolphin player who didn't harm any one and should be supported by all fans.

p.s...lewis of the ravens.

Roy is the cop from the Village people.

is car racing a sport ? if yes,tell me why ?
or another Q,

do you think any player owns a Pit bull should be released ?

red neck's sport, not for me.

yea, i guess bunglito can finally get a nut off tonight now that he has more people siding with him. we'll see what happens. And bunglito, i'll wipe the floor with you any time any place bub. Bunglito clearly was in the back of the truck b/c he has ALL the facts. regardless i am done with this debate and i'm not wasting more time responding to your ignorant immature comebacks...can't even have a healthy difference of opinion on this blog apparently. As for "gopats" i'm not supporting some dude for breaking the law just b/c he plays for the dolphins. I guess if I were an Atlanta fan I should have supported Vick to the end also? I'm a low life b/c I think the guy should be punished in some manner? Give me a break! Bunglito is on some cop witch hunt, screaming ATTICA, and all his nonsense. Maybe just maybe starks made a mistake. I know that might just blow everybodys' mind, but just maybe consider it instead of piling on me.

roy. the first thing always after a player gets in trouble the team comes out to support him b/c this is the way it's done in pro sport as long as it was not a criminal or hurting some one but in this case looks like a perfect time for the team and fans to support him since he was not drunk or hurting any one but if he was in the same as in the vick's case ,i will not support him and the team wouldn't and that's my point, you can't slam a player and call for team to let him go for a mistake happens every day for hundreds of people.bottom line,

1-support for every day mistake
2-no support for pit bulls or criminal stuff
3-we love,hope you having good time

we love you

Gopats you little wuss boy, I'll teach you some manners. Bunglito you better watch out.

that's all well and good if you want to support him, i personally doubt he gets more than a fine, but he does get paid A LOT of $ to be smarter than these types of screw ups. I personally think these guys should be held to a higher standard b/c of it. Also, you keep mentioning nobody got hurt? does the cop have to end up in the hospital in critical condition in this scenario for it to be wrong? and you can drop the sarcasm. in pro sports i like the guys i root for on sundays to stay out of these kind of situations, it isn't that much to ask when fans slap down the kind of coin it takes to attend the games.

roy, agree with you on last point,live and let live.bty ,do you like victoria secret magazine ? do you have a funny story about your first love encounter ?

Roy. If it makes you happy , i don't support vick. I think he's a scumbag ! he got everthing he deserved. also why don't you leave your e-mail address with armando and then he can e-mail me with it. then we can get together and i can kick the living shyt out of you. Believe me i will rip your head off and shyt down your throat. i'll wipe the floor with your azzzzzz !

you better watch out roy, this guy bunglito kicked soulj ass before you and he's like 5.6" tall and he knows Karate,he has the pink belt

roy. you said you wanted to cut starks not punish him in SOME WAY. That's a big difference tough guy. Tough guy ? LMAO !

roy, say sorry to mr bunglito and he will forgive you, he has a good heart


I will take your eyes out and stick them on your butt so you can watch me kick your azzz.
You cannot take me because at this point I really hate you and have this anger going for me. Do you live in Florida?

bunglito, roy can and will clean the ground with your dirty old ass.

Bunglito doesnt know karate squat. You gopats can stay out of this, woman.


What style karate do you practice?

what i think should happen to him and what will are two very different things. if this regime can find talent as well as most think, then he could be replaced easy enough. Ireland and Parcells are the ones that stress character after all, this isn't out of nowhere, starks makes them look bad and like hypocrites with this mistake b/c its going on under their watch. Somebody brought up that starks was probly targeted by the cop...i mean come on, who honestly would recognize starks in a crowd of people, in a car no less. he's not that popular. I'm suuuure Bunglito is a real scarcy dude in a steve buscemi kind of way. not sure why this debate has got so heated, we ain't exactly talkin about cutting marino.

roy,that's very funny about the eyes in the ass so you can see me kick your ass,this is new stuff fans,still be warned that bunglito when he gets in a fight he becomes blind .

p.s,,,you didn't answer about victoria secret

roy. i told you what to do Pu**y. you talk alot of shyt being that your the cop from the villiage people. your from florida ? You must be from south beach. You will fit right in with your villiage people outfit. Oh Yesssssssssssss. Tickle your azzzz with a feather . You must like getting your salad tossed on south beach.

"Bunglito doesnt know karate squat. You gopats can stay out of this, woman."

lol ok we got somebody posting for me now apparently? that comment wasn't mine.

what about the vic secret mag? i sure don't have one...not sure where you are going with that.

Roy. Parcells and company stress character ? correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't miami just sign JD QUINN . ? The same JD quinn with 3 dui's and got kicked of oklahoma for getting money from a car dealership he never worked at ? please get a f'n clue.

Ah Mister Bunglito, That was not me that said all those bad things about you. I do not want to fight. Please it was a fake roy who posted with all the bad thing about you. I do not want to fight you. You were correct in your views.

roy,marino was way over rated,never won any thing and should retired 1994 not 2000 after the big defeat 62-6 in jacksonville.

tuna and the coach know by now it was no thing, only dumb people try to make some thing out of it.

p.s...i noticed a fake rob in here but i can tell b/c the real rob is a gentleman

Gopats = Cuban Menace?? any comments from anyone....Wanna know why?

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