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Starks having a bad Memorial Day weekend

Randy Starks cannot be having a good Memorial Day weekend because he is spending part of it in jail.

The defensive end about to embark on his second Dolphins season was arrested on aggravated battery charges just after midnight Sunday morning for effectively using a Freightliner (a monster truck as you can see in the picture of a sister truck) as a weapon on South Beach.


Unwisely, Starks allegedly used that weapon on a Miami Beach police officer.

Starks was obviously in party mode as he was driving his truck with a woman sitting on his lap.

The Dolphins know about Starks' arrest which pretty much rules out the possibility it might have been a case of mistaken identity.

"We were only recently made aware of the situation," Dolphins senior vice president of media relations Harvey Greene said. "Since we're still in the process of gathering information, we have no comment."

Starks is immediately subject to the NFL personal conduct policy. Under the policy, anyone merely arrested is required to "undergo consultation and additional counseling as required."

If Starks is convicted of his charge or pleads guilty to a lesser related charge, he would be subject to discipline as determined by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Such discipline can include a fine, suspension without pay or even banishment -- which obviously is the nuclear option not on the table here. Keep in mind these are stipulations for a first-time offense.

Second-time offenders must be suspended without pay and can be banished, as determined by the commissioner. 


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well this has been reeeal entertaining, i'm sure we can continue this whenever the next dolphin player gets locked up, good thing this isn't a bengals forum. Bunglito, it's been a pleasure...and one last parting shot, i'm guessing your karate skills are up there with kip from napolean dynamite.


You like straight hand to hand fighting or with a weapon of choice? Are you Hispanic?

Roy. A 6-3 311 pound monster in a big expensive rig like that would be pretty recognizable, Starks was the #1 dl coming into games depth wise. He's very valuable. He will be fighting for the starting de position along with merling. there's not alot of experienced depth after starks. so what the fu*k are you talking about.

well the fake roy on here can carry this on i suppose...i'm done for the evening, as for the regime preaching character, if you actually listen to them bunglito they do stress it quite a bit...Quinn's mistakes did not happen under their watch, i'm sure if he were to screw up he'd be gone quicker than he could post bail. Besides, you are really comparing apples and oranges, Quinn is a long shot to make the final roster.

Roy. I knew you would wuss out you chickenshyt. It must be time for you to perform the village people set down there in south beach. do you have your cop uniform on ? ymca ! Ymca !. and in the navy 1 , in the navy !

You are immature Bunglito

ROY IS SAYING that tuna forgave Quinn after 3 big mistakes and can't forgive starks for only one mistake ,plus tuna paid money like that just to have the pleausre to know quinn and his family, now mr roy you earn it.
you are dumb


My girl wanted me to practice my Spanish on you. She helped me an pardon the spelling. I will try to compose it.

Roy--you must be super-pissed that Helio Castroneves won the Indy----after all,cops arrested him & the prosecutors said he was a horrible, big time criminal, and we know you believe cops never lie and never arrest innocent people. You are a fascist tool, roy, & likely a Jet fan. Can't decide which is worse.


Su madri es uno poota de Mundo and su padri es un maricoon. Tu no sabes peliar por que eres una mujer. Pretty good

roy. you got te be f'n kidding me. You to forgive a guy with 3 dui's because it didn't happen with the dolphins , but get rid of starks for this. now i know i'm talking to an idiot. i'm done wasting my time with you

roy, how did you know Bunglito was hispanic?


Bunglito just sounds like the typical stupid dumb p.r.

Roy/c. Since i got deleted i'll clean this up. Your mother is also a lady of the night and your dad is also a homosexual.


Did you actually say that, roy? Not cool bro.

Roy . you got something against P.R.'s. I'll kick your your F'N village people azzzzz.


Did you actually say that, roy? Not cool bro.

sensei aka fake roy aka tito is rexraynsucks aka dfan the racist

that was fake gopats at 12.46

What is all the hub bub about?

Get a room!

I am done with this garbage. I am out..too tired to mess with a dumb p.r. Hot tempered and not rational thinkers. That is typical with all of you.

all the new and strange names are the racist sensei aks rex

mexico = gopats


Man I guess he got you good. Though you put up a good fight. Better luck next time.

roy = village people cop. He likes to get his salad tossed.

is willi and romania are a red neck names new names for the racist rex

Bunglito = dumb azzz
Name Bunglito = dumb pr, lowIQ hothead

good night menace !

I cant belive the nerve of u guys telling the phins to cut my brother.

Big Pimpin at its finest.

So, you are in South Florida and some dude bangs on the side of your truck and of course you roll down your window and say hi. Yeah right. That is the way you get a punch in the head or shot.

If the cop wasn't in uniform, he shoulda minded his business and called his backup. Now it is worse.

None of this would of happend if he would rode me into SOUTH BEACH.

hey guys, I am sorry for getting so out of control on the forum last night...i am just frustrated b/c my boyfriend didn't come over last night to spoon with me.

First of all, Miami Beach cops are the fuc*ing the most biased police department in South Florida. I have personally got my ass whooped by a piece of shit black hatian cop while i was handcuffed in the police station. Then because i have blond hair and i am caucasian the mother fuck*r called me a cracker. Well little did the racist black piece of shit did not know was that i am latin. So i hate to hear this racist bull*hit. The frikin idiot SHOULD KNOW THAT THESE ASS*OLES ARE LOOKING YO GET PEOPLE IN TROUBLE, SPECIFICALLY HIP HOP WEEKEND. When your driving a freightlighner truck thru Ocean Drive with a more than 10 people, you know you are going to get pulled over. Also wasn't there OT'S the next morning. When I got charged with battery on police officers, little did the cop know I got a kick aas attorney. Well he found out that there were 12 similar complaints of police brutality, and boy when we were ready to go to court, he was no where to be found, and took our deal. Bottom line, white, black yellow, what eber color you are, don't stand out with a fricking rig on the beach during hip hop weekend with 10+ people in your car, especiall if you play for Bill Parcells. Do not cut him, get the complete stroy first.

Mr. Bunglito there is much i have kept from u..

Are you really a pr?

Depends if you are M.R

Roy's spending Memorial Day polishing police department's batons. Then snitching on his Mother.

OHH LAWD, who is polishing who?

I just woke up here at kerry rhodes house, we were haveing a party here in NJ and for some strange reason i woke up with an azzzz pain.

Stupid story. White people just loves to arrest us black people. HATE cops

I support VICK.VICK was a victim

The thing all these idiots for got was that it was bumper to bumper traffic the cop WALKED up to the truck and knocked on the door. So how slow was it going.how smart was the cop to get hit by the truck. Plus what happen to the car in front of his truck did he hit the cop also, being in bumper to bumper traffic going all of 2 miles per hour maybe the cop had a death wish.

Hey AFC East Champ,
You and I are kindrid spirits, want to come over and spoon with me?

BUNGLITO:Do us all a favor and just jump.Or walk in front of STARKS truck.

AFC EAST i will eat your children.

FLAMEING: I fight damn good.and have no problem ripping your F--king head off. Then Stab your mother in that bi--hes eye.Get my boyz to rape your wife and R-KELLY your daughters

Sorry ARMANDO for the post but he over stepped the boundaries.

I'm not a M Vick fan but I think what they did to him for dog fighting was way over the top. Now God ell, supreme emperor of the NFL, is not sure if and when Vick will play. All this while you have a accused murderers playing for a certain team in Baltimore and countless wife beaters and gunslingers playing in the NFL. Not to mention rapists and every other thing under the sun.

As far as Randy Starks is concerned let's wait and see what all the facts are. Maybe the cop was over the top maybe not.

Oh and I'd like to see Mando referee the fight between Roy and Mr B.


AFC i will drop kick u .. I will go ape SH*t On u.

Im sorry mandito for the post but he mentioned R kelly and that just set me over the top stallone style.

I want everybody to come over to my house tonight for a tickle fight!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Please post another article soon, the kids are bored.

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

Trueth be told.....Im bored

Nascar on Fox has been in a rain delay since 4pm yesturday.

SciFi channel is running a "Land of the Lost" marathon(looks like they had a $250.00 weekly budget)

Help me Mondo Im bored

Soiled :)

Lets flip a coin heads we host the fight at my house but... Id prefer a pickle fight instead.

Please Bunglito tell us if you are hispanic. If so what are you cuban, colombian, puerto rican. What are you afarid of.

Roy used to be a cop, he is astrong dude, beware Bunglito

Bunglito please tell us if you are hispanic and where? Come on hermano tell us.

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