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Starks having a bad Memorial Day weekend

Randy Starks cannot be having a good Memorial Day weekend because he is spending part of it in jail.

The defensive end about to embark on his second Dolphins season was arrested on aggravated battery charges just after midnight Sunday morning for effectively using a Freightliner (a monster truck as you can see in the picture of a sister truck) as a weapon on South Beach.


Unwisely, Starks allegedly used that weapon on a Miami Beach police officer.

Starks was obviously in party mode as he was driving his truck with a woman sitting on his lap.

The Dolphins know about Starks' arrest which pretty much rules out the possibility it might have been a case of mistaken identity.

"We were only recently made aware of the situation," Dolphins senior vice president of media relations Harvey Greene said. "Since we're still in the process of gathering information, we have no comment."

Starks is immediately subject to the NFL personal conduct policy. Under the policy, anyone merely arrested is required to "undergo consultation and additional counseling as required."

If Starks is convicted of his charge or pleads guilty to a lesser related charge, he would be subject to discipline as determined by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Such discipline can include a fine, suspension without pay or even banishment -- which obviously is the nuclear option not on the table here. Keep in mind these are stipulations for a first-time offense.

Second-time offenders must be suspended without pay and can be banished, as determined by the commissioner. 


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flameing kitz,

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Dear Mr. GoPats

This was yesturday.

"soiled, try to keep in line here in football talk ,we have to let people talk football."

This is today

"What kinda party do you like? I am not a big guy like most on here. I am 5' 6'' and 170lbs. Is that ok? I also bench press 170lbs five times too."

Sounds like your auditioning for a girls pillow fight.

You sir are crippling my ability to talk Dolphin Football.

Soiled :)

post at 3.12 pm is a fake gopats.

mr soiled, is the car racing crap a sport ? how can you sit and watch cars speeding for more than 5 hours ?

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afc east champs, i love for you to tell and teach me all you can about dan ' who never won any thing " marino last game when you lost 62-6 to jacksonville.


You should have had the music "America America the beautiful" playing in the background when you wrote your post

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Dear Mr. Real Gopats

I do not condem those who call Nascar a sport.

I am a casual fan.

Drivers in Nascar must have 100% total concentration for a minimum 3hrs, no lapse's or there is a real posibilty of death or death to others.

Besides mental toughness and stamina they also have Team mates(Pit crew)that effect there outcome.

Watching Nascar on TV you dont get the sense of how realy fast they are going.

If you have never been to a live race you should give it a chance, it may supprise you.

Nascar my not be a sport in the classic sense.
But it is Dam sure competative entertainment.

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and why car racing is big with the red necks only ?

Dear Mr. Real Gopats

"soiled, what if the driver wants to go the bathroom?"

Thats a good question.

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What a moron for every Pennington and JT there is a Randy Starks. I was proud to think we didnt have any idiots on the team. Why cant these people have a good time without involveing strangers espically the cops, thats not to say some of them cant be morons either ask Zac Thomas about that Texas cop.

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