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Starks having a bad Memorial Day weekend

Randy Starks cannot be having a good Memorial Day weekend because he is spending part of it in jail.

The defensive end about to embark on his second Dolphins season was arrested on aggravated battery charges just after midnight Sunday morning for effectively using a Freightliner (a monster truck as you can see in the picture of a sister truck) as a weapon on South Beach.


Unwisely, Starks allegedly used that weapon on a Miami Beach police officer.

Starks was obviously in party mode as he was driving his truck with a woman sitting on his lap.

The Dolphins know about Starks' arrest which pretty much rules out the possibility it might have been a case of mistaken identity.

"We were only recently made aware of the situation," Dolphins senior vice president of media relations Harvey Greene said. "Since we're still in the process of gathering information, we have no comment."

Starks is immediately subject to the NFL personal conduct policy. Under the policy, anyone merely arrested is required to "undergo consultation and additional counseling as required."

If Starks is convicted of his charge or pleads guilty to a lesser related charge, he would be subject to discipline as determined by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Such discipline can include a fine, suspension without pay or even banishment -- which obviously is the nuclear option not on the table here. Keep in mind these are stipulations for a first-time offense.

Second-time offenders must be suspended without pay and can be banished, as determined by the commissioner. 


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Concheto, Maybe Your right, i might be obsessed with every thing brady....b.t.w Did You guys see what ole tommy boy sleeps with?? he sleeps with the gods.


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Kid + Money = Moron

If you're an NFL or NBA player, staying out of South Beach on holiday weekends might be a good idea... Knowing what kind of attention these guys attract, they might be better served avoiding the entire mess... You just started this years OTAs and you play for one of the strictest regimes in the sport... Riding around in a paranoid police city with 13 people in your truck, including one on your lap, doesn't come off as too bright... You might just be the type of imbecile that asks for that type of trouble, and not worth the trouble yourself... How about he does this around New Year's Eve with the Dolphins in the playoffs...?


It is 720

i don't get why we would spend time commenting on something that so totally is NOT football related in a football thread. especially with such a promising draft and off-seaon. there's SO much to talk about. but instead, we all have these expert comments on something that NONE of us have any hope of at all of ever knowing the facts about. let's talk about pat white or the return of JT... or those stinkin' Jets.. now THAT would resemble football... unless we're talking about the Jet's game plan (joke!). GO FINS!

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