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Rosenhaus: Will Allen signs contract extension

Drew Rosenhaus is announcing through his twitter account that cornerback Will Allen has signed a two-year contract extension.

According to Rosenhaus, the deal is worth $16.2 million over the next three seasons, which obviously includes 2009. Rosenhaus has texted me saying the contract includes $10 million in guaranteed money over the next two seasons.

Allen was originally in the final year of his contract and scheduled to make $4 million in base salary, according the NFL Players Association figures. He is now signed through 2011.

The deal is a good one for both sides. Allen wanted a deal before the start of the season and obviously has that now. He can concentrate on football, knowing the Dolphins want him and he has relative security for the next few seasons.

Most importantly, perhaps, is that Allen doesn't have to wait for his free agency to come to get a big pay bump.

For Miami, the deal locks up a solid cornerback at a fair price. Allen will cost the team an average of $5.4 million per year the next three seasons. The best cornerbacks on the market last season were paid up to $12 million (Champ Bailey).

Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha signed a deal this February that pays him $28.5 over the next two seasons or a $14.25 million average in 2009 and 2010. That deal voids in 2011 unless the Raiders fork over at least another $16.8 million in 2011.

Granted, Allen is not in the same class as Asomugha, who is arguably the best cornerback in the NFL so comparing their contracts is not a good parallel.

A fairer comparison might be players such as Kelvin Hayden and Domonique Foxworth, both younger than Allen but probably not any more accomplished. Hayden signed a five-year deal that averages $8.6 million and Domonique Foxworth signed a four-year deal that averages $6.8 million per year. Both those deals included $16 million in guarantees.

Allen will be 31 in August so this may be his last big payday as he won't be a free agent again -- assuming he plays to the end of the deal -- until he is 34 years old.

From a sheer football perspective and leaving the economics out of it, it gives the Dolphins three cornerbacks they have faith in (including the rookies Vontae Davis and Sean Smith)  on the roster the next three years. Yes, I know Smith and Davis are rookies but that doesn't change the fact the Dolphins drafted them high which is the definition of having faith in a player.

Allen, a solid pro, can be a good example for both the younger players and this new deal should motivate him to reach out to the kiddies and help them along because he knows he's not going anywhere after the coming season.

Here's where you come in. I told you two weeks ago the Dolphins were in the process of signing players -- check the archives if you doubt that. They've signed Lousaka Polite and Will Allen since then. Who do you think should be next?

Among the players enterring the final years of their contracts are Anthony Fasano, David Martin, Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Jason Ferguson, Matt Roth, Davone Bess, Andy Alleman, and Ikechuku Ndukwe. Keep in mind not all these players can become unrestricted free agents and if a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached only players with six seasons of experience can become free agents.

So when you gauge Miami's priority for retaining the player coupled with signability, who is next?

My guess? Fasano.


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more great news! keep it coming armando. happy b-day to the wife.

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Dear Mr. Drew Rosenhaus

Can you please talk to my parents about my Allowance vs the chores I must perform.

Soiled :)

One thing you gotta admit about Tuna & co.--they are often most unpredictable. For example, the common wisdom is they only reward "their" guys---then they give mid-season contract extensions to Camarillo & Cobb; Common wisdom---they were unhappy w/ secondary & they draft to "pressure" established players to perform - - then they reward & assure Will Allen before any pre-season competition; they'll "never' reconcile w/ JT's ego, etc. I like it.

Thanks for the affirmance below.

No problem..

Hey soiled we should go out for dinner with Rosenhaus, to your local chineese buffet restaurant, i would like to see him battle it out with them.

Hey Armando Do u think we can ever get avatars for this blog? Also Armando if u have a twitter page or Myspace Facebook etc could u share the address please. Guys dont get at me to hard for asking these questions Peace.

resigning w. allen is great! it gives a veteran presence who can still play ball and teach the rookies how to play in miami s system. in 2010 miami will be able to focus on another need say dt or og instead of adding corner to that list.

How bad must the rookies be doing for them to have signed Allen right now?

Another good move by the phins. Allen along with the young guys that we drafted should form the core of a good defensive backfield for the foreseeable future. This also takes the pressure off the young guys to produce quickly which means they are less likely to become a bust like Jason Allen.

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Soiled :)

Drew Rosenhaus can sell used condems.
Not that ive bought any from him...ummm

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Soiled :)

Wow , we now got more defensive backs than Starks had in his Freightliner !
Lot's of ching-ching for Allen but a good guy to keep around for a long time !
Sean Smith may be a bigger and more time taking project than first anticipated.

I hope Brown is next to get a deal.

Good stuff! Good corners are not in abundance.

What is amazing to be me about this regime is that they do the exact opposite of whatever I think they are going to do in almost every single instance. I guess I dont know as much about them as I thought. They are so unpredictable it's amazing.

I thought 31 (Allen's age this September) is really old for a corner. I guess I was wrong.

Sign anthony fasano next. He going to have a big year.

Fake GM. Many good cb's including champ bailey ( who's also 31) play in their early 30's. 31 isn't to old for CB.

nj phin, since when you read the future ? if so,inform us, are we going to reach the playoff or not?

One of the best points made by Armando is the last: "Allen, a solid pro, can be a good example for both the younger players and this new deal should motivate him to reach out to the kiddies and help them along because he knows he's not going anywhere after the coming season."

Allen will be much more gracious to those 2 rookies after what the franchise just did for him. He'll feel gratitude towards the organization and wont view them as a threat. Thats good news, b/c Allen obviously knew what he was doing last year. A bit quietly, he had a sick, sick year last year. I know he didnt go to the pro bowl but he had that kind of year.

Agreed on Fasano, he's a nice young talent. For a first year starter, he had a really nice year. Absolutely love David Martin (what a great option down the seam), but I dont think they will be able to keep them both (too much money for a 2nd tight end). Nalbone was brought in to replace Martin.

please sign ted ginn before his price goes up , way up

The Dolphins resigning Will Allen doesn't mean the trifecta is not impressed with the rookie cb's. They are rookies and even though they could both be battling for starting spots by the end of the season, the dolphins still need some depth and experience at that position. Its not like Will Allen is getting paid the money that guarantees him a starting spot for the next 3 years. We have 4 cb's on the roster (not counting Jason Allen) that will compete for the starting position and the best two will get the job... I like this move, it gives us depth at the cb position to back up our new futute stars (Davis and Smith)... The Safety position is looking pretty stacked too with Bell, Wilson, and Clemons...

3 players on that list that the Dolphins MUST resign are Brown, Fasano, and Bess...

please sign chad.p before Henne sucks, don't sign Bess please,he's getting old.

soulja. it will take davis about a year and smith, who's still a bit of a project, about 2 years to become starting caliber CB'S. Miami will need allen for at least 2 years. this is a good sign.

Yeah, Fasano. Boldin fired Rosenhaus. If you children knew half as much.....never mind, you're idiots.

Nj Phin Fan,

You can't say definitely what will happen with either rookie... Most likely, Davis will be on the field this year. Eric Green might start at the beginning of the season, but if I could see Davis taking the job from him by the end of the year (like rogers-cromartie in Az last year). Everyone has been impressed with Sean Smith in rookie camp and Ota's so far. He has good cover skills and a crazy reach. If he is not on the field in some manner this year, I think he will definitely be on Will Allen's heels for the starting job in 2010. Like I said, I like this move, but I think its main function is to add depth and security at cb for the next couple years. You have to think the plan is to start Smith and Davis eventually...

I like the fact that Boldin fired Rosenhaus... I think it shows that he is getting desperate to get out of there and hopefully his price will drop more...

soulja. allen was signed to start now and not for depth. The rookies were drafted for depth and then to eventually start. Smith has a ways to go. He is pretty new to the position and was bet several time at camp. and for long ones at that. It took madison ( davis) the middle of his rookie year to start and surtain ( smith ) the middle of his 2nd year to start. and surtain was alot more experienced coming in at the cb position , then smith is now.


I never said that Will Allen's starting job is in jeopardy this year, I agree with you there. It was Eric Green who I said needs to be looking over his shoulder this year. But, from 2010 on I don't see Will Allen as much more than adding security (in case one of the rookies isn't ready) or depth (in case one gets injured... How is that so hard to understand? You are explaining the same thing I just said...

List of people the phins need to re-sign:

1)Ronnie Brown: He's coming off his 1st year back from knee surgery. Odds are that he'll have a better season this year than last. If he has a better season this year, he'll want more money than he'll get if they re-sign him now.

2) Anthony Fasano: He's not the best in the league, but he's in the Top 10. Again, he will most likely have a better season this year than last.

3) Davone Bess: He has amazing potential and amazing speed. With Henne coming in soon, Ginn and Bess will be able to use that speed, therefore have great seasons. Right now Bess will come cheap, once he can use his speed and catch deep balls, he will not.

4) Jason Ferguson: Don't give him a big deal. Give him a 1 year extension so that the phins can draft a nose tackle this draft and then have Ferguson for one more year to help him develop.

5) Ricky Williams: Again, if his heart is set on 2 more seasons, give him a deal for 2 more seasons. Using 2 running backs helps alot and is worth giving him the money for it, otherwise you'll pay another back to sit on the bench. At least you'll use him if you have him.

C, Are you pulling my leg , sign ted( opps i droped another) ginn, his clip board holding daddy, rufus(the blocking dummie) ginn and his sister tednisha(all the way) ginn.. l.o.l.....

C: What do you mean Bess is getting old??? He's 24....

soulja. will allen will also be the starter ( not security ) in 2010. How is that hard to understand ? Still playing good and 3 years 16 mil and 10 mil gaurantee says so. At least we agree the 3 top corners will eventually be allen and the rookies, i have my doubts about green.

Don't the numbers seem a little high ?

Is he THAT good ?

He's 31.

Jersey, yeah, I just think that Will Allen is an above average to good Cb, he gets the job done... nothing special. He got a bigger contract, but its not exactly guaranteed starter money as this article points out.

Green got his job taken last year by a rookie, 1st round pick... Lets hope the same happens this year... I was watching some highlights of Davis the other day and he is very good in coverage, but what impressed me the most is how physical he is! That is the biggest thing that Smith lacks is that physical nature (even though he is huge) and run stopping skills.

BTW, Can we trade Jason Allen for some extra shoulder pads and gatorade coolers? Those might be more useful than him when training camp comes around...

soulja . If that for jason allen. LOL

Allen, great signing for the price. Next to be signed should be Fasano and Ronnie. Behind this O-line and two years removed from surgery, he is going to explode like he did under Cam and then too expensive to resign. I think Roth is next, since he is everything this regime likes in players and should be even better this year with everyone improving around him and getting familiar with new position. the rest must be replaced in draft or free agency or signed cheaply. We need to draft a RB next year in the 3 or 4 rounds.

as to corners, they do top out at 30-32, like rbs (last a little longer), but they can still perform, and with our pass rush improving, allen will be fine.

Sign Ronnie Brown next.

thats good to hear. Green is new to the system and having Allen around for a few more years solidifies our secondary and gives him the oppurtunity to help Green learn the system better and to mentor Smith and Davis.
this will also be Jason Allen's last season in Miami, i.m.o., and they might go after another nickle or dime package CB in next year's free agent market.
On the next dolphin to re-sign, Fasano is the most likely candidate. Bess wont be going nowhere, as he'll probably re-sign next year, and Brown, if he stays healthy and plays well this upcoming season, should also get a new contract.

Fasano and Roth should be next with Ricky,Ronnie and Bess during the season. Ferguson is on his last contract and the rest of are just "guys".

cuban, i didn't try to pull your leg , the fact is to get WR to learn the system you need i full year and ted ginn has a very promising future .if you put him on scale of 1-10 , he did so far 7,be aware this team still a lousy team on paper.will see what happens .

C, Ginn hasnt proved anything except he is scared to catch and run up the field and possibly take a hit, although he surprised us a bit in few games. Ginn has the skill set to be as good a WR as other short recievers such as Steve Smith and Santana Moss, but he hasnt developed. If he doesnt improve on some things such as catch and run, route runnings and seperation, you can kiss ted Ginn and his family goodbye.

any one on this blog writing from JAIL ? when i see Rick on the beach , i wonder if he's really on the beach or in jail on the water.some names here sound like they could very good inmates, any one wants to take a guess ?

lmao at C's comments bout inmate sounding names

FROSTY, you had dan marino playing for 20 full years until the massacre in jacksonvill and you played w/ senior citizens with MR satan and you don't want to follow your master tuna to keep ted ginn who you never hear any thing bad about him

Dear Mr. Salguero

How many quarterbacks has Ted Ginn played with since he joined the Dolphins?

1-Trent Green

2-Cleo Lemon

3-Jon Beck

4-Chad Henne

5-Chad Pennington

6-Pat White

Is this right ?

Soiled :)

I Have to agree with frosty on this one,ted(wheres the side line) ginn seems to lack testecular fortitude when it comes to his play., what do you guys think ?

Whats Your point s. bottom?

Goodbye Fasano and Martin. Incorporate a big WR into the mix (the wildcat mix that is) and we have no need for a "NFL TE". This is all new too us but let's take a look at last years record and the Pat White signing. Ronnie Brown must be kept. MUST! Ferguson a must. After that? Bess??? If he wants out...goodbye. Nice loyalty and what did you do for us anyway?Keep Ferguson and Brown. The rest is history.

Dear Mr. Menace

I know theres 1 more for that list.

I am not saying Ginn is bad or good.

Im just saying thats quite a few Quaterbacks

Soiled :)

You could put joe montana, dan marino, and bob greise on that list , ted(i fell down coach)ginn is not good, i mean hes a good kid and all but hes not a good player.


Happy birthday to your wife hope she is having a great birthday today. Wishing her a happy, prosperous, blessed day. Feliz cumple anos!

The signing of Allen is good one because he can still play the CB postition and can mentor the rookies at the same time.

Very much so like back in 1997 when T-Buck was with the Dolphins and that year they drafted Sam Madison. The next year Dolphins drafted Patrick Surtain.

Terrell Buckley took them under his wing and helped Madison and Surtain become probowlers. In 1998 Buckley and Madison each had 8 ints. It was T-bucks career high and set Madisons' run the following year of 4 consecutive probowls. The year T-Buck was traded was Surtains' first year as full time starter in 2000. His run of 3 consecutive probowls started in 2002.

So Will Allen is a Dolphin for 3 more years. Perfect just enough time to help mentor these rookies, (Davis and Smith) lets see what kind of year Allen has I bet he has a pretty good year. It will be interesting to see if Vontae Davis who seems more complete at this stage than Sean Smith, can step up to the plate and measure up to Madisons' accomplishments in the next few years.

Madison and Surtain are the two best corners in Dolphin history. I bet when its all said and done that Davis and Smith are at least gonna be right there if not better. They are both bigger, stronger, and maybe even faster, than Madison and Surtain...time will tell.

oh no here we go with the mentors again!

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