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Rosenhaus: Will Allen signs contract extension

Drew Rosenhaus is announcing through his twitter account that cornerback Will Allen has signed a two-year contract extension.

According to Rosenhaus, the deal is worth $16.2 million over the next three seasons, which obviously includes 2009. Rosenhaus has texted me saying the contract includes $10 million in guaranteed money over the next two seasons.

Allen was originally in the final year of his contract and scheduled to make $4 million in base salary, according the NFL Players Association figures. He is now signed through 2011.

The deal is a good one for both sides. Allen wanted a deal before the start of the season and obviously has that now. He can concentrate on football, knowing the Dolphins want him and he has relative security for the next few seasons.

Most importantly, perhaps, is that Allen doesn't have to wait for his free agency to come to get a big pay bump.

For Miami, the deal locks up a solid cornerback at a fair price. Allen will cost the team an average of $5.4 million per year the next three seasons. The best cornerbacks on the market last season were paid up to $12 million (Champ Bailey).

Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha signed a deal this February that pays him $28.5 over the next two seasons or a $14.25 million average in 2009 and 2010. That deal voids in 2011 unless the Raiders fork over at least another $16.8 million in 2011.

Granted, Allen is not in the same class as Asomugha, who is arguably the best cornerback in the NFL so comparing their contracts is not a good parallel.

A fairer comparison might be players such as Kelvin Hayden and Domonique Foxworth, both younger than Allen but probably not any more accomplished. Hayden signed a five-year deal that averages $8.6 million and Domonique Foxworth signed a four-year deal that averages $6.8 million per year. Both those deals included $16 million in guarantees.

Allen will be 31 in August so this may be his last big payday as he won't be a free agent again -- assuming he plays to the end of the deal -- until he is 34 years old.

From a sheer football perspective and leaving the economics out of it, it gives the Dolphins three cornerbacks they have faith in (including the rookies Vontae Davis and Sean Smith)  on the roster the next three years. Yes, I know Smith and Davis are rookies but that doesn't change the fact the Dolphins drafted them high which is the definition of having faith in a player.

Allen, a solid pro, can be a good example for both the younger players and this new deal should motivate him to reach out to the kiddies and help them along because he knows he's not going anywhere after the coming season.

Here's where you come in. I told you two weeks ago the Dolphins were in the process of signing players -- check the archives if you doubt that. They've signed Lousaka Polite and Will Allen since then. Who do you think should be next?

Among the players enterring the final years of their contracts are Anthony Fasano, David Martin, Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Jason Ferguson, Matt Roth, Davone Bess, Andy Alleman, and Ikechuku Ndukwe. Keep in mind not all these players can become unrestricted free agents and if a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached only players with six seasons of experience can become free agents.

So when you gauge Miami's priority for retaining the player coupled with signability, who is next?

My guess? Fasano.


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maybe we should change the name to the Miami Mentors

the logo could be an acorn

chanchito de ranchito

Yes teams need mentors to help the rookies and younger players. Cmenace

C = gopats = menace

Davone Bess played great I'd sign him and try to trade Ginn. If a team thinking playoffs is down a top 2 WR's then they may come in for Ginn, (a la the Skins for a DE). We may be able to salvage a 4th or 5th pick for him max. The league knows he is soft and way to slow at the start of his burst, on routes and returns. Plus there is just no toughness there atall. Keep Fasano of course and maybe sign Pennington to a 1 year extension. All will become clear after Henne plays in Pre-season and if Chad goes down during regulation.

Ricky should finish a Dolphin really and Ferg has 1 more year I pray.

any mentor is only here to sabotage the young players and keep their own job.

"It took madison ( davis) the middle of his rookie year to start and surtain ( smith ) the middle of his 2nd year to start."
That's optimistic! Let's hope we have a future Surtain/Madison combo on our hands. Those were two pretty special guys playing together in the prime of their careers though....not easy to duplicate.

Cuban menace

I know you hate Ginn and his what did you call him?, his clip board holding daddy. Yeah thats right but this is the year Ginn breaks out! This is suppose to be the year where he puts it all together. Right? Lets just take the wait and see approach, I beleive that his third year will be the best so far, it sets up as such.

The wildcat/2.0, second go-round, but with a new caveat: Pat White, this will make teams play the whole field. And when they don't Ginn is gonna get behind some DB's for some long bombs.

If Chad Henne is in sooner than later I can see it now, teams playing the run: Bombs away again Ginn getting behind some D's.

Even with Pennington Ginn had a SOLID season and was good on most end arounds (playoff game exception) and this year with the addition of White and others some of these end arounds will be taken to the house!

So Menace give Ginn and his clip board holding Daddy one more year. Then let the bashin begin, I bet the only bashing will be Ginns' Daddy beating you with his clip board. LOL

Vaya con Dios Cubano

Ok D4life, Ill give him a short leash this upcoming year..

Well, you guys blew past the 60,000th comment ... 60,046 at this writing. Sorry but that kind of ruins the 60,000th comment contest that could have included a Corvette Z06 as a grand prize. We'll have to save it for 70,000th comment later this summer.

... Oh and I wasn't kidding about the number of comments so far, just the Z06.

"Miami Mentors" & "the logo could be an acorn"

am not sure why but that made me laugh out loud..

I just hope the dolphins to go this offseason without signing scorpio babers he is going to have a moster season.

I think this is a smart move. Not only does it help Will relax and focus on football, but it puts less pressure on the 2 youngin's from having to take charge right away. Sure, Vontae probably wants to start on day one, but now it will be his hunger and confidence that drive him and less chance of him buckling under the pressure.

dont go this offseason and bapers sorry.

armando. I had miami signing fasano as their next target weeks ago and earlier on this blog before you updated it. He's a must sign. Just coming into his prime.


Right you are about Fasano. He will have a very good year that is for sure.

Dear Mr. Salguero

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Go, go, go shawty(Mrs. Salguero)
It's your birthday
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1 Quarter 2 Dimes and a Nickle

Soiled :)

Wow ! Soiled. That was Corney as hell. Please, don't give up your day job.

D4life, i dont see where your optimistic about Ginn comes from. whats with all this talk of "breaks away with a bomb" stuff? he CANT or atleast he HASNT shown that "great speed" much and he cant seem to seperate himself from DBs when they are on him.

thats the same type of b.s. optimism people have had about Jason Allen and look at what he's manage to become. a "decent" special teams player... psssh. i always knew we should have drafted Cromartie instead of Allen and in 2007, i was hoping they would have traded down to maybe the 16-20th picks and gotten either Brady Quinn, Aaron Ross or Robert Meachem, all of which would have been betetr picks, i.m.o., than Ginn. personally i didnt have Ginn in any of my mock drafts untill early to mid 2nd round, but thats just me


Greg Cote is a tool...

Frosty. robert meachem ? Really ? LMAO ! Are you kidding me ! The same meachem who missed his entire 2007 rookie season with injury and had 14 catches for 289 yards in 2008. LOL. also what the hell has brady quinn done so far ?

will allen trade bait and 2 rookie starting corners

frosty brain, as a fin fan you should be optimistic for 3 reasons,
a-the coach staff of this team is pro people, the only thing they do is working hard to get this team ready to go and filling the making sure it's a team not salsa.
b- tuna and co sticking to one plan to get this team to be a great team for long time to come, some thing you don't understand since nick satan washed your brain.

p.s...i need to know NJ PHIN take and position on ted ginn

p.s..frosty ,leave the tuna think and direct and let T.S coach and you just go watch the game and stuff your face w/ pork hot dog.

p.s...when you have a question ask nNJ PHIN and follow his take.
p.s..if marino played 20 seasons with winning no thing, why can't ted ginn play for more years

" you just go watch the game and stuff your face w/pork hot dog " C . LMAO ! great advise.

the name JACKSIN sound like an inmate in a gail.a short guy with over sized pants who goes between the boss and his girls,the name is catchy and creepy at the time and he never gets a visit from any one

super man wins again, thanks to the sweety coach

mando what about that idiot starks? how long before dan lebastard starts making excuses for him?

guru this

El Guru, if you want to know whats going to happen with something, read Greg Cote's article about it and the exact opposite will happen, works every time...

el guru, just stick to some thing else, stark is a player on your team,he didn't hurt any one and he wasn't drunk either GURU AZZZZ

lmao@soulja. Yup!

soulj, orlando will reach the NBA finals and thanks to their sweaty coach.
did any one ever asked , why ugly looking coaches always do better than real looking once ?

le bron james, the most over rated player in nba history

Soulja. Did you read what starks and his lawyer said. It was 9 people ( including W.Kershaw ) not 13. the girl was on the console not on his lap. it's impossible to knock on the window because it's 15 feet uo and it was slow moving. starks said he pulled over to the right as soon has heard the cops knocking at the door and he didn't hit the cop. This case is dismissed !

15 feet up.

I hope roy and bunglito made up. I cannot stand their fighting, because I am alover not a fighter


Q for you. Where you been last two nights?

jackass sin is a good name for an inmate

Fasano and Ronnie Brown would be next.


and the cop wasn't in uniform... would you stop for some random dude in street clothes knocking on your car door? I would think he was trying to rob me or something...


Been busy, holiday weekend and what not...

soulj, would like to go out some time

soulj, orlando rocks, once they hired not so good looking coach, things turns around fast as with the dolphins

souja. i know the cop was off-duty and not in uniform. that was in the initial story/report. this was new stuff by the lawyer and starks. greg cote is a tool !

Very good job previously posting as C or frosty. I caught you this time my LB.

gopats, I though you would be rooting against the Magic since they beat your Celtics.


How is going C and or frosty. Pretty slick

oh i get it, you must be a fair weather fan like 90% of pats fans...

I kinda like the magic since they beat on my celtics, kinda like I will love the Yankees when they beat my Red Sox

and the fins when they beat your pats...


You like gopats posting as C or frosty? Why does he do this. Don't you worry because I will catch him again tommorow.

allright, I see the freaks are out... good night everyone...

DMC, loves men only and the must be dirty w/no shower for months

THank you for the compliment , gopats

one more name for the freak ace ,mdc

Ace Is Frosty,and gopats?

Tbone has it right on the money

Sign Ronnie Brown now B4 he has a monster season. Besides, he's our best player IMO

Sign Fasano & Bess.... Ronnie will want top back money which he is not.
Ricky will probably retire....study medicine!!
The rest we can replace in free agency!

If ur saying Ricky will probably retire, that's even more reason to extend Ronnie's contract.
Plus, Ronnie is a top back in this league. If he got more than 12-14 carries a game every1 would see that.

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