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Here is the plan for using Jason Taylor

Signing Jason Taylor was only the first step. Now the Dolphins must figure out exactly how to get the most bang for their buck. They must figure out how to make Taylor the valuable defensive weapon he was for many years but did not come close to resembling in a forgettable 2008 season with the Redskins.

Guess what? The Dolphins have a plan.

And the plan has been explained to me by team sources so this is it in a nutshell:

First of all, forget about whether Taylor starts or doesn't start. Coach Tony Sparano doesn't care about that and, soon, Taylor will probably be echoing a similar sentiment. The idea is not to give Taylor starts. The idea is to make sure Taylor finishes -- finishes sacks, finishes games, finishes the season.

Understand plans can always change given a change in circumstances such as injuries and individual game strategies, but initially the Dolphins plan to use JT as a situational player. That means someone will start ahead of him and play on obvious running downs ahead of him.

The way the Dolphins figure it, there's no sense asking a soon-to-be 35-year-old guy to play 60 snaps a game and find out he's effective in maybe only 25 of them. So the idea is to pick and choose the right spots to use Taylor. The idea is to give him maybe 20-25 snaps per game.

That useage of Taylor as a scalpel rather than a hacksaw will save his body, keep him fresh, and limit the chances of getting him injured. It will also mean he'll be full-throttle on every passing down because he'll be rested and because he'll be wanting to make the most of his limited opportunities. Rushing the passer is what Taylor has always done best. And that's what the Dolphins will ask him to do almost exclusively.

Taylor gives the Dolphins great versatility. At his core he is good odd-front player. He plays best on his feet so the Dolphins will use him exactly that way. Remember how Taylor came from every angle when Nick Saban was coach? The plan, initially at least, is to use him in a similar role again.

The idea is to limit the offense's ability to identify and recognize what the Dolphins are doing on defense and with Taylor in particular. The idea is to confuse the offense. The idea is to gain the greatest strategic advantage with a pretty good player executing the plan.

Taylor was terribly miscast in a Redskins system that didn't know how to maximize his gifts. Yes, he wanted to escape Washington for family reasons. But from a football standpoint, he needed to escape that 4-3 scheme the Redskins buried him in.

One more thing: All these plans assume Taylor earns the right to be used in this manner. Nothing is going to be handed to him.

He doesn't have to win a starting job because he's not going to be starting. But he's got to win the right to be that situational headache for opposing offenses. He has to earn those 20 snaps per game. He's got to beat out guys like Cameron Wake and Eric Walden and Matt Roth to earn his way on the field.

The Dolphins think he'll do exactly that. But that will be up to him. 


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first based on demand

Welcome home JT!!!
We were waiting for you!!!

Trifeca rules!!!


ps. I'm glad I can use my 99 jersey again!!!

Sounds like a pretty good plan. This year's defense should be much better than last year's against the pass. The question is how good will they be against the run in the middle.

Bra1n - ouch that comment hurt. We can only hope Langford and Merling have gotten stronger. I like what I saw from Starks last year and maybe one of our projects emerges at nose takle. At least we are truly in the thick of things again in the AFC!

That's so weird to even think that Jason Taylor won't be starting. I'm sure it's true, it's just strange.

Why isn't anyone talking about using Jason Taylor in the Wildcat? He's played snaps on offense. I think they should line him in up in the wildcat as an eligible tackle and just have drop his pants (Mike Singletary style) when the ball is snapped. That would confuse the hell out of the defense.

That is exactly the way I would use Jason Taylor. I dont think he's a better run stopper(at this age) than Matt Roth or Joey Porter, so it makes perfect sense for the Dolphins to unleash him exclusively as a pass rusher.

If the Dolphins decide to occasionally rush 5 guys on 3rd down this year (as opposed to the usual 4), this could be a scary 5:

Porter, Taylor, Wake, R. Starks, P. Merling
Merling and Starks would be the DTs in that package.

I think we should ask former nfl scrub joe rose what his sources are saying...

I think when Mark Sanchez sees those 5 lunatics lined up on the other side of the ball, he is going to run back to California into the arms of Pete Carrol

What Great News, My Favourite Dolphin is coming home to play for the Dolphins!!!

Turn it on JT and Dolphins D, now teams will have to contend with Porter, JT and Wake, notto forget the upcoming front line!!

Let's go get a ring!!!

I can take my 99 jersey out again, also the man has class, a 1.5 Million deal, it's not about the money but the love of his Dolphins and community and players who he regards as friends.

Man, I'd use J.T. as a long-snapper if I needed to in order to get him on the field. All I know is that when he's out on the field in an aqua (or orange, or white, you get the point...) uniform, good things happen to the Dolphins.

Let NO ONE question Jason Taylor's heart, as well as his love of the game. He turned down millions to come back to be a part of THIS team, instead of selling out to the Paties or the New Jersey Jets.
Go Jason!!

now lets go get anquan boldin and we will be palying a home game in february next year!!

I have been waking up,pouring a cup of coffee and heading for the computer for weeks now,hoping to read the headline I finally saw this morning.Jason Taylor signs with Miami.Thank you Parcels,Ireland and Sporano.And in your face Patriots.Thats where JT is going to be again this season.

Unbelievably good news! Yes we all kind-of expected it but we're still surprised and delighted that it happened...NOW we need to get him in camp and let the pundits hash out the possible outcomes. Dolphins are relevant again!

Come on Armando, you must of had some bad food last night. Jason Taylor will come back with an desire and passion and beat out anyone on this team. Matt Roth & Joey Porter start ahead of JT, I don't see it happening. When he shows he is still the best player on our defense, he will start and play all the downs period. You can take that to the bank, JT is not a backup, and he will prove that again.

Agree Armando. The limited usage of Taylor in specific downs will likely diminish his chances of gettingt hurt. Nonetheless, he will contribute greatly to our defense.

i wonder if jason can be a good back up as i question his love when left and came back when when he was done

Mando--you & the posters have missed it by a mile!

Jason is back to halp the Wildcat (shall we call it he JaCat or the TayCat?).

He's quick, has good hands & can tackle opponent if there's a fumnble or intercept! This is brillant---imagine Pat White, Jason Taylor & Paul Soliai (Wildcat FB) all in the backfiled at the same time. Whew--cannot wait till September.

The great Red Auerbach once said that its not who starts the game that matters, but rather the important thing is who is on the floor when the game is won or lost. That is why I expect us to win every game when we step on the court this season. For you see, in the game of chess, you can never let your opponent see your pieces.

Glad to have him back. I'm glad he's back on Bill's terms. I'm glad he wants to be with the Dolphins.

Jason Taylor is one of those rare defensive players who can and has simply taken a game over and "decided" that he wanted to win it. To be able to do all of this from a DE/OLB position is phenomenal and I believe he still has the gas in the tank. Clearly Bill, Tony and Jeff think so as well.

If only there had been a place in our scheme for Zach. Oh well.

this just feels so good. so right.

Big deal. JT never helped in a game that mattered, even when he was young. Now that he's old and washed up, he won't help either. Everyone saying it isn't about the money is ridiculous. JT squeezed another 1.5 million out of a Dolphins team that doesn't need him. I thought he was going to Hollywood to make movies? Thought he was going to a team that could compete? How'd that work out? That's why he's back. Parcells should have stuck to his guns and let him sign with the Jets.

Dfan,he has no clue, he's a retard fan az

Funny how JT left because he didn't want to be part of "his family's" rebuilding effort and wanted a chance at a championship. Now it's all about the Fins are my Family and he's glad to be back. The Fins fan in me is happy we have a player like JT available to help Wake and the pass rush but we could have really used him last year and he forced the hand by not participating in the same drills he will probably participate in now. I guess I will take what I can get because I think the Fins will ultimately need him but JT's bald head has lost a lot of shine for this Fins Fan.

I believe Taylor will get at least 10 sacks this season. If Porter can get like 75% of his sacks as last year we have already improved tremendously.

The thing that i am looking forward the most is putting pressure on the QB, making our secondary game much easier. If we can get to the QB fast enough, our safeties and CBs will have a field day.

The only problem with this plan, which makes sense, is that teams will use a hurry-up offense to keep Taylor from being substituted.

Ms. Salguero, your son is a thug!

Welcome back JT! One of the greatest Dolphins ever. MVP just 3 years ago. We just keep getting better all over. If any of these rookies work out to be real good then Miami will win another division title and maybe more.

Mando, I missed the part in your article where you said Marcus said the Dolphins were going to use JT like this yesterday, before I spoke to my sources.


The only thing that is comforting to me are the reports that the Tuna watched all the film available with the Dancing Fool in 2008, and THEN went ahead and signed him for the bargain rate. We are still rebuilding, fools.

when lars used the word greatest , does he know what that means ? it's breath talking with these dumb fans to act as if they are going to do better than last year. well keep dreaming and the more you dream the harder the shock will be and that will make this blog on fire very soon.

AFC EAST CHAMPS.....super bowl bound my foot

howard the fake super man will go home tonight

Gary you sound like your feelings was crushed when he left. like you needed a hug.it's ok he's back now. he was under contract and was sent to DC because Tuna questioned his loyalty to football. plus Tuna always go after the so called big dogs any where he been.

Mando, what about Vonnie Holliday coming back?

"For you see, in the game of chess, you can never let your opponent see your pieces.
Posted by: That guy"

What does that mean? That guy you know nothing of chess. Stick with checkers you loser!

Gopats you are a homo. Not that there is anything wrong with that...

Armando: How is Jason going to get into the game when the opposing team will resort to using a hurry-up, no-huddle offense on obvious passing downs? We play the Colts the second game on a nation wide Monday night game and you can bet that Payton Manning will use the hurried no-huddle offense against us.

that guy, last comment from a fake gopats.. i send you an apology for him.

For the guys that play for the other team... if you know what I mean. Call me at 1-800-4gopats

i saw that soulj got a new name ,the goat.is that true soulj ?

For the guys that play for the other team,,,if you know what i mean.Call me at 1-800-4Dfanaz

Any word on tednisha ( all the way ) Ginn being signed ?

Why do people keep asking if Taylor is going to be in the wildcat?
The answer: No.
The Reason: This Regime isn't mind numbingly stupid.

The -only- reason JT will be in the wildcat is as a novelty thing, we drafted people for the package, we're not going to say "hey well.. uh.. you rush the passer real good like, lets make yous a quarterback in this new complicated package"

Contrary to what people seem to believe, JT doesn't walk on water.

JT's back & Ross will love the extra asses in Landshark Stadium's seats because of it! Even if JT does not have a great season this year, it shows that the front office values what he brings (back) to this organization. I can only imagine the buzz that this is creating with the other players he knows so well, and the ones that don't know him will see how a true pro conducts himself (once he gets into camp). I'd love to hear Ricky Williams take on this as he too spent some time away from the team.

Who ever said they'll use the hurry up offence to keep j.t on the side lines is correct, then again i never saw an off. use the hurry up the entire game...

Ok Kids, the cuban is taking your calls.

where's the faucet nj and his photo

cuban, what's up with nj and you ,he thinks you are insulting him

Sorry guys. I'm a complete tool. I'm totally ashamed of myself for sweating Tom Brady's jock...literally. I hate Giselle. She took my man.

O line & D line look set. don't forget that we also picked up a monster of a man in DE tony mcdaniels, 6-7 310 #. that sounds like a vonnie replacement to stuff the run. all of these additions including the rookies sound much more promising now. whoever said it, it does feel right.

dfan loves the cuban assassin who loves ace and ace doesn't know but there's hope that soulj will tell him the truth that he's in love with soiledbottom

You got to love the move even with last seasons issues with JT. With the young cornerbacks nothing can help them more then a strong pass rush until they learn the ropes in the NFL.

A great pass rush solves issues in the secondary. Now if Davis, Smith and Gibril Wilson are the real deals then really watch out.

I am pumped. I think Boldin is a pipe dream however. I think we have to roll with our current receivers and hope for the best.

Big deal. JT never helped in a game that mattered, even when he was young. Now that he's old and washed up, he won't help either.

GARY, put the pipe away! Come down dude,come down!

Do not mess with me soulja. I will take care of you

Gopats is bitter b/c JT blew off his beloved Craptriots. This was a great move and will improve a team that was already going to win the division again. The Bi-planes will be boring and below .500, the Bills are mediocre and the Craptriots are old and broken down.

Miami wins it going away.

Nice job Mando. Trying to save face from coming in 2nd with reporting the JT signing with this "team source" nonsense. FAIL. I don't believe a thing and neither should everyone who reads this garbage. Your still fat.

souljahbeats......the last post wrote w/gopats is fake

Hey Armondo...Are you ever gonna apologize for that " Lets give Cam another year " article from 2 years ago? Until you do, everything you say amounts to Cote's " Lets sign Micheal Vick, gangsta QB crap" from two days ago. Please apologize so I can start taking you seriously again. Did you write that article as well under Cote's name???

Our front seven is scary to think about and will give opposing offenses fits. If our two rookie corners turn out the way the trifecta believes they will. This defense will be truly something to watch. I'm also excited about the offense, everyone is coming back healthy (camarillo, thomas,smiley) And with the addition of Pat white, this offense should just as fun to watch. I just bought season tickets. I predict they unveil a new package this year, just like they did the wildcat last year. come on SEPT!!!

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