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Here is the plan for using Jason Taylor

Signing Jason Taylor was only the first step. Now the Dolphins must figure out exactly how to get the most bang for their buck. They must figure out how to make Taylor the valuable defensive weapon he was for many years but did not come close to resembling in a forgettable 2008 season with the Redskins.

Guess what? The Dolphins have a plan.

And the plan has been explained to me by team sources so this is it in a nutshell:

First of all, forget about whether Taylor starts or doesn't start. Coach Tony Sparano doesn't care about that and, soon, Taylor will probably be echoing a similar sentiment. The idea is not to give Taylor starts. The idea is to make sure Taylor finishes -- finishes sacks, finishes games, finishes the season.

Understand plans can always change given a change in circumstances such as injuries and individual game strategies, but initially the Dolphins plan to use JT as a situational player. That means someone will start ahead of him and play on obvious running downs ahead of him.

The way the Dolphins figure it, there's no sense asking a soon-to-be 35-year-old guy to play 60 snaps a game and find out he's effective in maybe only 25 of them. So the idea is to pick and choose the right spots to use Taylor. The idea is to give him maybe 20-25 snaps per game.

That useage of Taylor as a scalpel rather than a hacksaw will save his body, keep him fresh, and limit the chances of getting him injured. It will also mean he'll be full-throttle on every passing down because he'll be rested and because he'll be wanting to make the most of his limited opportunities. Rushing the passer is what Taylor has always done best. And that's what the Dolphins will ask him to do almost exclusively.

Taylor gives the Dolphins great versatility. At his core he is good odd-front player. He plays best on his feet so the Dolphins will use him exactly that way. Remember how Taylor came from every angle when Nick Saban was coach? The plan, initially at least, is to use him in a similar role again.

The idea is to limit the offense's ability to identify and recognize what the Dolphins are doing on defense and with Taylor in particular. The idea is to confuse the offense. The idea is to gain the greatest strategic advantage with a pretty good player executing the plan.

Taylor was terribly miscast in a Redskins system that didn't know how to maximize his gifts. Yes, he wanted to escape Washington for family reasons. But from a football standpoint, he needed to escape that 4-3 scheme the Redskins buried him in.

One more thing: All these plans assume Taylor earns the right to be used in this manner. Nothing is going to be handed to him.

He doesn't have to win a starting job because he's not going to be starting. But he's got to win the right to be that situational headache for opposing offenses. He has to earn those 20 snaps per game. He's got to beat out guys like Cameron Wake and Eric Walden and Matt Roth to earn his way on the field.

The Dolphins think he'll do exactly that. But that will be up to him. 


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I think gopats is afraid of you. First he isults you, then he posts to say it was a fake guy. What a fairy.

Good addition by the Dolphins.... we should have a great pass rush this year. I'm not a big JT fan but the guy is a class act. Good to have him back and I'm glad he did not go to the Pats.....

rrs, your mama is on


You are right about gopats. He is sour about JT not going to the Pats. Did I call him a he?

Armando. Is there an echo in here. ? I said the same exact thing yesterday without sources. Jason taylor will be a situational player on obvious passing downs. He'll play about 20 snaps a game. That's about it . Very simple. Got that Jed !. Maybe not. . LOL

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So, my guess is he will be used whenever they need him.
Did you ever think that they are telling you what you want to hear? Why not announce the game plan to the whole world?
Pass rushing makes sense but so does dropping into coverage with a tight end that matches speed or covering a running play? JT was great but I want to see a player not a guy running past the ball.
But it is still an interesting read.

Armando this is excellent information. Thanks.

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Dare i say , props to marcus who i agreed with on his comments yesterday. Ouch ! that hurt.

Mr. Ebonics over at the sentinal is asking people how they think the Dolphins should use JT. Over here, you're telling us the plan.

Advantage you.


Why all jokes about plumbing? You do not really do that, do you?

nj phin, last comment was fake gopats,

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I told you about this fool. First he insults you then he posts that is was due to a fake guy posting. So lame.

Everyone seems concerned about the hurry-up offense keeping Taylor off the field. You guys never played football? Never watched? Coached pee-wee league?

First, the offense would have to do it in base look to keep Taylor off the field to start because if has passing personnel groupings to start a drive, Miami will insert Taylor in response.

Secondly, NFL rules allow the defense to substitute after every play if it wants.

The problem is not getting a player in the game. The problem is having a one-dimensional player. If he can't run-stop the offense can ran at him. If he can't pass rush, the offense can throw. That's the issue it creates, not getting him in or out of the game.

Your welcome.

By the way, enjoy reading you everyday Armando. Always informitive.

Don't forget that there are still some good players out there that are available. I would for the Big Tuna Crew to after any one of the following players:

Ebenezer Ekuban, La’Roi Glover, Morlon Greenwood, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Derrick Brooks

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Are you mad at me? I did not mean the plumbing joke.


The last comment was not me, fake gopats.

Wow we are all scared gopats. LOL

Great job on the JT story, Mando, not just yesterday but from Day 1. I have to admit I was skeptical when you wrote JT could come back to the Dolphins if he wanted. That was almost three months ago and it didn't look good for a while. But you were right.

He wanted to return and did it by accepting Miami's terms. Thank God the herald has you because Cote is clueless and Darlington is hit and miss at best.

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Real Gopats:

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Don't forget about J. Peezy comming off after the QB with him.

Joe Rose:

I didn't know you were an assclown. I always thought of you as a juggling clown. Thank you for clearing that up.

Jason Taylor is going to be paid $1.8 million, eh? I wonder - if Taylor is worth $1.8 million for his talents as a football player, then what would the following women be worth in terms of their ability to inspire my love and my lust?

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BTW, FYI I despise all racists, white or black.

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Hey Dodsworth:

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I may be a lot of things that you might not like, chief among them a Dolphan. But I assure you, I am not a racist.

RexRyanSucks, while I do not agree with your sentiments, I appreciate your passion. Someone once said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Actually, I think I was the first to say that. Well, either me or Cuban Menace.

Anyways, there's no doubt that Sally Struthers was not a classic beauty. (Although she really was very pretty and really sexy in the early 70s.) If I went strictly on the classic definition of beauty, then Jaclyn Smith would be earning the most money. But sometimes there's just something about certain women that get to you. It's indefinable.

Mickey Rooney! That made me laugh!


Nobody asked you to comment on the post. It is between me and Dodsworth. So butt out!

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I would also add that Audrey Hepburn had the permanent look of a woman whose shoes were too tight. She looked like Alexander Hague with tits. Nasty!!

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Armando, what is your prediction on what Taylor will do for the Dolphins this year. I see him with 9 sacks. That is a fare total in my opinion. Not too high not too low.

Also, excellent information about Miami's plans and the past few days. You are the best at what you do.

To the Bizzaro fake Gopats:

Did you grow up near a nuclear power plant? I can think of no other reason to explain why your testes are so small that you won't reveal your true identity. I'll decide when to get involved in a convo, thank you. I never thought I would say this, but I am actually starting to enjoy the give and take with Gopats. I still hate the Cheatriots though, make no mistake.

Pedroia, I was LMAO at the chick soup post.

I take it RexRyan made some soup for gopats.

rex ryan, i promise you never to get in fight with you and if you get insult your way using my name or the same way i write like just play if you want but i don't insult at random ,one more thing i starting to believe that JT signing was the wright thing to do base on the fan base response

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Now for some real football talk:

The only thing keeping Miami from being a real elite team is the lack of any consistent receiving threat who can stretch the field on a regular basis. Aquiring Bolden would be way too expensive, both in terms of compensation and salary. The better alternative, IMO, would be Braylon Edwards. I say we propose an even up swap of Ginn and Edwards. Teddy is a Cleveland kid, and Edwards played with Henne at Michigan. Both need fresh starts. I am not convinced that Ginn will ever be an elite player, but perhaps Mangidiot does, since he was dumb enough to acquire a bunch of scrubs in exchange for moving down in the draft and allowing the Wets to move up and take Pock Face Sanchez. Discuss.

when i see the name willi or jed ,the image of today's sally comes to mind,
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well it can't be viewed as a bad thing to sign jt i suppose. it was a real bargain. I'm sure he will play on third and longs if another threat (cameron Wake)does not emerge as an unstoppable force. this may well be the influence of Ross as an owner, this will help attendance on home games for sure, and may help the win loss record. I like the commitment to winning at any rate.

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