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Here is the plan for using Jason Taylor

Signing Jason Taylor was only the first step. Now the Dolphins must figure out exactly how to get the most bang for their buck. They must figure out how to make Taylor the valuable defensive weapon he was for many years but did not come close to resembling in a forgettable 2008 season with the Redskins.

Guess what? The Dolphins have a plan.

And the plan has been explained to me by team sources so this is it in a nutshell:

First of all, forget about whether Taylor starts or doesn't start. Coach Tony Sparano doesn't care about that and, soon, Taylor will probably be echoing a similar sentiment. The idea is not to give Taylor starts. The idea is to make sure Taylor finishes -- finishes sacks, finishes games, finishes the season.

Understand plans can always change given a change in circumstances such as injuries and individual game strategies, but initially the Dolphins plan to use JT as a situational player. That means someone will start ahead of him and play on obvious running downs ahead of him.

The way the Dolphins figure it, there's no sense asking a soon-to-be 35-year-old guy to play 60 snaps a game and find out he's effective in maybe only 25 of them. So the idea is to pick and choose the right spots to use Taylor. The idea is to give him maybe 20-25 snaps per game.

That useage of Taylor as a scalpel rather than a hacksaw will save his body, keep him fresh, and limit the chances of getting him injured. It will also mean he'll be full-throttle on every passing down because he'll be rested and because he'll be wanting to make the most of his limited opportunities. Rushing the passer is what Taylor has always done best. And that's what the Dolphins will ask him to do almost exclusively.

Taylor gives the Dolphins great versatility. At his core he is good odd-front player. He plays best on his feet so the Dolphins will use him exactly that way. Remember how Taylor came from every angle when Nick Saban was coach? The plan, initially at least, is to use him in a similar role again.

The idea is to limit the offense's ability to identify and recognize what the Dolphins are doing on defense and with Taylor in particular. The idea is to confuse the offense. The idea is to gain the greatest strategic advantage with a pretty good player executing the plan.

Taylor was terribly miscast in a Redskins system that didn't know how to maximize his gifts. Yes, he wanted to escape Washington for family reasons. But from a football standpoint, he needed to escape that 4-3 scheme the Redskins buried him in.

One more thing: All these plans assume Taylor earns the right to be used in this manner. Nothing is going to be handed to him.

He doesn't have to win a starting job because he's not going to be starting. But he's got to win the right to be that situational headache for opposing offenses. He has to earn those 20 snaps per game. He's got to beat out guys like Cameron Wake and Eric Walden and Matt Roth to earn his way on the field.

The Dolphins think he'll do exactly that. But that will be up to him. 


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I'm glad Mr. Taylor is back in a Dolphins uniform but he has a lot of fences to mend. Last year he wanted to play for a contender so he left town, now the Dolphins are contenders and he says he never wanted to leave. He definately makes the defense better but loyalty to the summer program is the only thing I see getting him back into favor with his teammates.


Don't worry, I'm on to the bizzaro Gopats. I can tell the difference b/c the fake gopats probably has an extra Y chromosone since he can't spell and his sentences make no sense. BTW, all these homo references also lead me to believe that whomever he is, he most likely is 40 something, unemployed, and living with his mom in her basement. In other words, he's a Jets fan.

Thank you. Out.


Don't worry, I'm on to the fake gopats thing. I can tell the difference b/c the bizzaro gopats has an extra Y chromosome which is why he can't spell and his sentences make zero sense. He's also probably 40-something, unemployed and living with his mom in the basement of her 400 sq. foot brownstone. In other words, he's a Jets fan.

Thank you Out.

Hot home games in miami... a "fresh" Jason Taylor rushes the QB off the edge up against tired offensive tackle in the 3rd & 4th quarters? I can't wait for the season to start!

JT is high value pass rush insurance and adds depth to D. Fins are going to need that depth next yr against the high scoring offense that they will face next yr.

To all Dolphin fans:

We now have a new media puke to loathe in addition to Blowhard Berman, that noted Bills, Jets and Craptriots apologist. He's none other than SI's Peter King. He had to have been drunk when he ranked the Phins 17th in his power rankings. Furthermore, he had to have just consumed the bong water when he ranked the Jets 16th. Is this guy for real? How can he possibly be taken seriously when he writes that kind of drivel. Citing the Dolphins so-called difficult schedule is a weak argument in explaining his reasoning. First of all, things change more year to year in the NFL than in any other pro sports league. Second, our schedule is almost identical to the Craptriots' and he has them at #2. A gimpy Tom Brady will not make them that much better than Miami, if at all.

The guy's an idiot, and his northeast bias is way too pathetic and obvious to be ignored. Anyone else see this?

im hearing boldin to the dolphins once again.. do you know anything of that new information


What is your source for the Boldin rumor? I would be shocked if this were to happen unless the Woodpeckers give him away, b/c I see no way possible that we give up a 1st for this guy, not to mention I'm not convinced Tuna will accomodate his salary demands.

The only problem I have with JT is that teams picked up his tendencies. He would rush madly up the field and the Off Tackles would let him go creating a large gap for the running backs. I saw it time after time. I just hope they find a way to use him that would avoid this problem.

not like the guy is 100 he CAN still play & will!!! he can be a leader & a mentor at the same time!!! I'm pretty sure he can still run down the likes of brady or the jets or bills worthless wonder QB's!!! Porter on one side J.T. on the other can't double team both!!! Defense wins championships & getting J.T. at a bargain is an excellent start!!! STILL the AFC east champions!!! GO FINS 2009!!!

Frankly, I don't believe The Tuna would accept any of the following salary demands, but it is my considered opinion that this is what these women are worth:

1) Melanie Griffith (1986) $27.8 million
2) Paulette Goddard (1935) $78.4 million
3) Mary Tyler Moore (1972) $37.3 million
4) Linda Gray (1980) $14.3 million
5) Jennie Garth (1993) $35,000
6) Emma Samms (1982) $10.2 million
7) Loretta Swit (1973) $39.4 million
8) Maureen McCormick (1973) $12.4 million
9) Suzanne Somers (1978) $5.2 million
10)Charlize Theron (2004) $3.5 million


What would Marlo Thomas (circa 1968)command on the open market? BTW, Loretta Swit isn't worth 5 cents. Another big-breasted fish-faced hag. Just my opinion.

Thank you JT. Welcome HOME.

Finally its happened after days of NFL total Farve some Dolphin news and news we have all been waiting for.If this pans out and Wake is the sort of player we hope there could be slaughter behind the lines but from past experiences when old boys return in any sport its never quite the same but Jason Taylor is a special player and he will be so up for it i've got a feeling this is going to be successful.JT commands respect on and off the field. The Dolphins seem to have an abundance of these type of players unlike some big time charlies on some other squads. GO Dolphins.


You are boring. Stop talking go hold pats hand. Jets will put it to you.

rexraynsucks,i love you in the day time and i love you in night time.

down with the magic trash

down with fins the gay team

mr dodsworth , he must be living in the home of his daddy at 67

rex, did you get enough money today for a drink

Sanchez will show jason and his gay team the way to push hard and destroy the pipe dream they have.

Playoffs my sanchito

the only think i don't like about JT coming back,is that will mess up the young players, i wish they didn't do it.
go dolphins

taylor in the wildcat??? yall gotta be smoking something

truth is most nfl players dislike the opposition... especially defensive minded players... they hate offense they job is to hurt the qb's rb's and take out wr's

why would u kill the excitement in the wildcat putting someone that shouldnt be there?!

i mean realistically i think pat white adds great support to it and instead of having ricky as the rb to come off in motion to take the hand off it would work much better with ronnie...he already has good hands white has proved at the collegiate level he very accurate with his passing i mean cmon bess fasano ronnie camarillo ginn all got good hands im sure white will up n catch that thing if u leave his azz open...

makes sense bring taylor as a 25-30 snap guy the teams that killed us last year all did it by air! (cards pats texans etc.)

not a good enough pass rush throw merling porter and taylor at the same time fukk it..its a wrap i dont c t.o. or moss no more!

'choose' has two 'o's, Mando. I'm glad to have JT back along side JP though, for the sack lead in 2009.

Fake Dfan posted at 6:37pm.

Nathanal, Here's a "Q" from the menace, the old "Charlie's Angels" ( Fawcett,smith,and I forgot the 3rd) or the new angels(lu, diaz, and barrymore) just wondering, drew seems like a dirty lil girl to me..( not that theres anything wrong with that)

Nathanal, Here's a "Q" from the menace, the old "Charlie's Angels" ( Fawcett,smith,and I forgot the 3rd) or the new angels(lu, diaz, and barrymore) just wondering, drew seems like a dirty lil girl to me..( not that theres anything wrong with that)

Its over for Orlando.

The idea that every team will run no huddle on us is a joke. While we say see it occasionally, every team in this league brings in it's best pass rushers on 3rd down, so I fail to see this situation being significantly different. If Taylor is such a terror this year that teams are willing to stray so far from their identity as to go no huddle, chances are we'll want to get him in the game before third down.

Even if teams do go no huddle, Taylor's presence would be forcing their strategy away from what they normally do, as few teams no huddle with regularity. That's a win for us.

I love to see Mark "Dirty" Sanchez try to pull that junk on us.

10)Charlize Theron (2004) $3.5 million
One of the hottest women of all time IMO.

Basketball still going on ?

After Flacco dismantled Miami's defense twice? Dont be so confident..

Jets In lube, your right about charlize, did you see any of her nude scenes, the drapes dont match the carpet unfortunitly..

Armando, do you really think you are telling us something we don't already know?

Cubes u couldnt be more right. But something about her in short black hair.......

spyerdercane - you make a good point, JT did indeed desert the Fins last year, guess he thought he could get a head start on his Hollywood career AND join a SB contender.

But give him a break, he's only human and you have to factor in that the 1-15 season was something he did not want to experience again.

He has redeemed himself by signing a contract that is certainly a fraction of what he could have got in New England. In my book, all is forgiven.

Funny how JT left because he didn't want to be part of "his family's" rebuilding effort and wanted a chance at a championship. Now it's all about the Fins are my Family and he's glad to be back. The Fins fan in me is happy we have a player like JT available to help Wake and the pass rush but we could have really used him last year and he forced the hand by not participating in the same drills he will probably participate in now. I guess I will take what I can get because I think the Fins will ultimately need him but JT's bald head has lost a lot of shine for this Fins Fan.

Posted by: spydercane | May 14, 2009 at 09:00 AM

can orlando hold on?

Did u guys see me in the crowd waveing behind mike fratello? In Orlando in the blue shirt.

Jets In Lube, i think shes hotter as a blonde, e.g the begaining of devils advocate , not at the end where she changed her hair color and style, and she even looked hot in her lesbo portrayal of that serial killer, though she was teamed up with that adams family girl, id give the nod to the " Black Snake Moan "girl For hotness

Again, New charlies angels or old ?

How many examples of star players can you think of that would take that kind of pay cut to return home.

Whatever happened last year, I think this shows how much he loves Miami and the Dolphins. This is where he is home.

This pass rush is going to make our secondary better - and will make all of these AFC East receivers less effective, because the AFC East QBs will have trouble finding time to get settled in their 3-step drop!

Will Guys i think iam going out to get a land shark beer and listen to a little jimmy buffet, till tommarrow kids, the menace wishes you a good nite and a great week end....

with this pass attack, fins will be 2-0 going to san diego. also, what's with this 72 year old nathaniel still screaming about big bushed 70's ex death bed hotties?

rather death bed ex hotties. sorry boy's.

JT is an old has been who is going to be nursing injury all season. He ain't what he used to be.
Armando, you don't know much about football.

It's only thursday !

it's still thursday?

last comment, f jim kelly!

jaksin. The menace said " have a good weekend " .

Ok, so the Colts offensive corrdinator... the only coordinator that Peyton Manning has ever played for has retired today, between him and Dungy leaving, the Dolphins home opener is looking not nearly as intimidating... Go Phins!

Oh, and where is my buddy gopats? What do you think about the Magic's win over the Celtics?

souljah, you thinking it to? it's very well a possibility, no? the falcons,i just do not see them (strong offense and all) strong arming this defense. even firing on just 6 cyl should be faily dominate.

the defense that is on 6,

I think our Defense is going to be dirt nasty this year... between the additions in the secondary, Cameron Wake, Jason Taylor, and Merling and Langford being in their second year... watch out!

Its being reported that Anquan Boldin is willing to play for less than 10 mil a year to get out of Arizona ( hopefully around 7)... you think he could be next on the list of players to take a pay cut to join the fins? (of course, only if Arizona is interested)

souljabeats, Your Magic got lucky. You will be crying next time. Boo hoo

im not jinxing that. so your magic pimped most of the second half. f the celts. go cavs!


Why you hate Jim Kelly? Atleast he went to more super bowls than lousy Marino. Boo Hoo

jaksin. The menace said " have a good weekend " .

Mando you punk you best quit talking trash about me or I'll sick one of my venereal diseases on you!


they are not "my" Magic... I'm not a fan of the NBA like I am with the NFL... I am rooting for them because they are the in-state and I don't like any team from Boston ( or New York)... but I do have to admit, the NBA playoffs are very entertaining this year (but the regular season is too long) ... what do you think?


I thought you like b-ball becuase well...you know..becuase you are..uh you know

game 7 will be great though!

because I am tall? lol

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