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Here is the plan for using Jason Taylor

Signing Jason Taylor was only the first step. Now the Dolphins must figure out exactly how to get the most bang for their buck. They must figure out how to make Taylor the valuable defensive weapon he was for many years but did not come close to resembling in a forgettable 2008 season with the Redskins.

Guess what? The Dolphins have a plan.

And the plan has been explained to me by team sources so this is it in a nutshell:

First of all, forget about whether Taylor starts or doesn't start. Coach Tony Sparano doesn't care about that and, soon, Taylor will probably be echoing a similar sentiment. The idea is not to give Taylor starts. The idea is to make sure Taylor finishes -- finishes sacks, finishes games, finishes the season.

Understand plans can always change given a change in circumstances such as injuries and individual game strategies, but initially the Dolphins plan to use JT as a situational player. That means someone will start ahead of him and play on obvious running downs ahead of him.

The way the Dolphins figure it, there's no sense asking a soon-to-be 35-year-old guy to play 60 snaps a game and find out he's effective in maybe only 25 of them. So the idea is to pick and choose the right spots to use Taylor. The idea is to give him maybe 20-25 snaps per game.

That useage of Taylor as a scalpel rather than a hacksaw will save his body, keep him fresh, and limit the chances of getting him injured. It will also mean he'll be full-throttle on every passing down because he'll be rested and because he'll be wanting to make the most of his limited opportunities. Rushing the passer is what Taylor has always done best. And that's what the Dolphins will ask him to do almost exclusively.

Taylor gives the Dolphins great versatility. At his core he is good odd-front player. He plays best on his feet so the Dolphins will use him exactly that way. Remember how Taylor came from every angle when Nick Saban was coach? The plan, initially at least, is to use him in a similar role again.

The idea is to limit the offense's ability to identify and recognize what the Dolphins are doing on defense and with Taylor in particular. The idea is to confuse the offense. The idea is to gain the greatest strategic advantage with a pretty good player executing the plan.

Taylor was terribly miscast in a Redskins system that didn't know how to maximize his gifts. Yes, he wanted to escape Washington for family reasons. But from a football standpoint, he needed to escape that 4-3 scheme the Redskins buried him in.

One more thing: All these plans assume Taylor earns the right to be used in this manner. Nothing is going to be handed to him.

He doesn't have to win a starting job because he's not going to be starting. But he's got to win the right to be that situational headache for opposing offenses. He has to earn those 20 snaps per game. He's got to beat out guys like Cameron Wake and Eric Walden and Matt Roth to earn his way on the field.

The Dolphins think he'll do exactly that. But that will be up to him. 


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does ricky still owe the dolphins any cash? i see him playing hard this year as he needs to think about where a pay check will be coming from with out a solid performance.

Jets Rock and Jets Rule:

That pock-faced migrant worker you drafted to play QB will be a joke. Now get over it. Miami will own the pathetic bi-plane for the next decade. Deal with it.

Paco Sanchez will be so putrid, he will make Vernon "the ghost" Golston look like a great draft pick. Tannenboob is a poor excuse for a GM.

JT is a big step for the Dolphins. Um, I mean a big two step.

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why couldnt they sign nutt zach Thomas for the minimum as well???

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I guess the Herald has become a "Weekly Magazine" as you guys are leaving the same headline 2-3 days. Is that all you can write?

carlos, you want Armando to make something up? Maybe an update on who is pushing who?

Hey Carlos, U are aware that this is the offseason and that the draft is over?

now if we could only bring back #54 for special teams reinforcement........?....and so he could retire as a dolphin as well......

Hey man i dont think john offerdahl can walk anymore. Didint he retire a dolphin already?

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JT would be fine as a full time starter because we actually have an offense now. The man lived on the field when he played here two years ago. cant wait till opening day....

>also the man has class, a 1.5 Million deal, it's not about the money but the love of his Dolphins and community and players who he regards as friends.

Don't doubt for a minute he didn't discuss his new 'role' with BP, and that's a significant reason for his returning,(along with his undying love for us).

>The only problem with this plan, which makes sense, is that teams will use a hurry-up offense to keep Taylor from being substituted.

Damn! Call Bill, I'll bet he didn't even think of that!

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I see you found my correction of 'choose' and instead of thanking me you deleted my post. Is that any way to act? If you disagree that JT and JP will be sack leaders in '09 just say so, jeez.

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Sounds likea good plan, to get Jt to perform. One thing bothers me. If JT is used on passing downs, wouldnt that make it easier for the opposing offence to know what the defence is doing? Wouldnt that make our defence, predictable?

Bummer....the little (lazyass one-dimensional) dancer is back. Why, Parcells??? The first time pretty boy skips a workout can him!! 260 my ass!! Soaking wet "Mr. skinny" doesn't go a hair over 240!

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