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The search for a No. 1 receiver [Updated]

Coach Tony Sparano was recently asked if he thinks the Dolphins have a No. 1 receiver on their roster. After an initial unreassuring pause, Sparano said that, sure, of course, the Dolphins have that guy on their roster.

But, Sparano adds in my column appearing in the Miami Herald today, he's just not really sure which receiver on the roster that is exactly.

Sparano suggests there are a couple of candidates that could step up and become that No. 1 guy. I would tell you there is only one candidate that can step up and if he doesn't, the Dolphins will go through another season without a No. 1 receiver.

Ted Ginn Jr. is that guy.

Look, no matter what happens, someone will lead the Dolphins in receptions in the 2009 season. But that won't make that guy a No. 1 receiver. I define a No. 1 receiver in the column so check it out and see if you agree with my definition.

But in short, guys such as Paul Warfield, Irving Fryar and O.J. McDuffie were No. 1 receivers. They were go-to guys. They were there in the clutch. They got open regardless of what the coverages were. And they had the other necessary attributes of a No. 1 receiver.

Outside of Ted Ginn Jr., there is no receiver currently on the Dolphins with those attributes. Some guys don't have the speed, some don't have the experience, some aren't healthy enough. All lack something.

Ginn? He's lacking route running excellence, consistency of production, confidence and respect. He's been working on his route running. Hopefully that addresses his consistency of production, and that would help his confidence and the respect he has among peers.

We'll see.

I don't know if Ginn will make the leap to being a No. 1 receiver. I do know if he doesn't, no other receiver currently on the Miami roster is likely to in 2009.

[Update: Todd Lowber will definitely not be Miami's No. 1 receiver this season. He was cut Monday.]


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We need Boldin!!!

Ginn will do it!

Got to challenge you on McDuffie as a #1 receiver though. He was very productive but did he ever possess that catch a 7 yard pass and take it to the house ability? I never saw that

i like ted ginn. he is always positive and works to get better. he had no coaching until last year and pennington wanted to help him. he had no veteran receiver to mentor him. he is young and still a rookie in experience. i see him working to improve. give him a chance! forget boldin; he comes with attitude and an "I" mentality. he argued with his O.C. during the middle of the super bowl. ginn over boldin anyday!

Get Boldin-now!

Forget trading for Boldin unless we somehow don't need to give up any #1 picks. How about considering signing the UFA Braylon Edwards NEXT YEAR. Go with what we got this year and then sign him as an UFA next offseason so we give Ginn one last chance to prove himself and then get our #1 WR in Edwards without giving up a single draft pick.

receivers don't really have to be fast this year unless penny gets hurt. penney dosen't throw the ball deep so we should be okay in that department for 2009. if he get's hurt then we will see the hurt and the lack of opportunity to strike fast with the deep ball from henny.

The other thing Ginn lacks is toughness. Just like speed, you can't teach that. We'll still be looking for a #1 next year, unless Marion pulls off some kind of miracle season.

So in a nut shell what you are saying is that Ginn is the only guy with the qualities to be that #1 guy? Thats kinda funny because right now Ted isn't even the best WR on the team. I don't know maybe the Phins can do it but isn't it kinda hard to make OJ with a lemon?

I wouldn't include McDuffie in the list of number one receivers. He was more a possession guy. Ginn has the potential to be a number one but if he doesn't do what we expect this year I think David in Nj has it right....go out and get Edwards.

I have watched alot of Edwards and I just don't think he would be the answer. He has great playmaking ability but drops the ball alot and it always seems to be at a crucial moment. He will make several nice grabs and then drop an easy one at the worst possible time, just not a clutch Wr IMO.

The word on the street is that Ginn is NIGHT AND DAY from where he was this time last year. I hope so but we'll see. The Phins have a young WR group that should only get better from last year. Bess,Hartline and Turner are the 3 guys I can't wait to see. If there is any truth to Teds improvement this could be a pretty good group of WRs.

Possession receivers can be No. 1 receivers. McDuffie had 100 catches one year with the Dolphins and had a 1,000 yard season also. That gets it done in my book.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"someone will lead the Dolphins in receptions in the 2009 season"

Repent....Repent now all ye nay sayers.
For he is comming to lead you to the endzone.

Soiled :)

Hey Armando, has Ted Ginn bulked up at all or is he still as skinny as he was a couple years ago??

first off,the majority of breakout receivers occur in the third year, like it or not i dont see a trade on the horizon. ginn will be in the 1 spot,bess, slot, and 2 will be up for grabs untill camm/ gets healthy. turner has the size and i got to beleive that the finswill do all they can to get him ready because the number 2 will almost always be singled up .if d's try to cheat, bess, like welker, will nickel and dime teams to death,and we also have ricky ,ronnie, and cobbs, out of the backfield, all with very good hands, if the o line stays healthy and we can have a ballanced attack, we will be fine with what we have

I too like Ginn I just don't love him yet.
He seems to cower over the middle to avoid hits and runs out of bounds to avoid contact.
IF he bulks up and becomes a true threat over the middle THEN he will be a #1 in my book

I too would like to see more toughness out of Ginn, the ability to run with the ball in traffic and catch the ball over the middle.

However, how many guys have been the "complete package?" Marvin Harrison was not a "tough extra yards" runner in traffic or an over the middle guy, yet he was Peyton's #1 for years.

If Ginn can emulate Harrison and step up the route running, get separation consistently and not drop many balls that will be enough in my book.

Guys like Jerry Rice who could do it all are rare, go deep, route runner, RAC in traffic, block downfield. Ocho Cinco, Steve Smith, Larry Fitzgerald, Boldin, Hines Ward, the kid in Houston, all appear to be the complete package to me. Are there any others in the league today? Maybe Moss?

On the list above only Moss posesses Ginn's speed, or comes close to it. I think Peene can chuck the ball 40 yards, so I'd like to see more downfield passes to Ginn to take advantage of his speed. That should open things up for him on his short and intermediate routes.

I like Devon Bess, he might not be a number one but he is a "Wes Welker" type, clutch receiver. Look for him to have a good year.

Ginn may never be a true No. 1 WR but he should get better at being a deep threat and breakaway guy.

Ginn is only in his 3rd season people and it's not like he came into the league as an NFL ready WR. He also did not come into a situation where the offense was set and he just had to play a role. The coaches, offense and QBs have been new each year. Finally it will be the same situation this year. The chemistry between Pennington and the WRs who were here last year should be improved.

My biggest concern with Ginn is that I am not sure he has the body to withstand the hits he would take in a 70 catch season. I wish people would stop complaining about him going out of bounds. If I was the coach, thats exactly what I would want him to do (unless he can get another 10 or 15 yards). But I wouldnt want him taking any unnecessarry hits to get 3 extra yards. He just doesnt have the frame to withstand that. Thats just not who he is. He is a skinny guy, and thats ok.

I know how far-fetched this is gonna sound but there is a big chance that our 3rd rd pick is matured enough to come in and be like a Houshmanzadeh type 1 possession receiver. Just look at his body of work at USC. He was steadily improving and even Carroll has said that Patrick Turner was on the verge of having a breakout year. I mean with all the FA Wrs and the ones in the draft the dolphins still said they got who they had been looking at beforehand. They didn't flinch... it could be a terrific compliment to our very particular skill set corp. Also is P White getting any play time at WR???

Marvin Harrison is one of the best 10 WRs to ever play the game. In his prime, he was uncoverable. But he always avoided the big hit (by going down or going out of bounds), and thats why he was so durable (until he was in his late 30s and his body just started breaking down). Ginn should play like Marvin and avoid the big hit so that he lasts the whole season.

ginn ," hands of stone "

I am not sure what Ginn is going to be become. But I will reserve judgment until after this year. As Armando has pointed out, WRs dont become legit #1 WRs until their 3rd or 4th years. We dont have enough tape of Ginn to say for sure either way. Lets see what happens this year. Marvin Harrison, Eric Moulds, Steve Smith, Roddy White didnt become players until their 3rd years, just look up their stats. Thats just the trend in the NFL.

cumulatively they make for an adequate passing threat to compliment heavy doses of R.Brown. They'll definietly improve as well. no worries.

Mark Clayton was our greatest WR

I'm of the opinion we won't truly see Ginn at his best until the other Chad takes over at QB.

Chad.P could turn out to be a bust , we better sign Chad.P for 2 more years

Chad.Henne could turn out to be a bust

6bucks7games, Chad is the QB. Ha ha!!!


Ginn has hands of stone? Just goes to show that you don't watch the games. Ginn has excellent hands. It's his route running and physicalness that needs to improve. Ginn had one of the better attempt/reception ratios in the league.

PhinSorm, i was only making a joke , cuban menace uses this phrase all the time, i agree w/ you.still think C.H will be a bust

Ginn will not get the respect, at least on deep routes, until Henne is chucking the rock. That is no knock on Chad P - just the reality we will have a power running game with dink and dunk possession football. Once in a while a long one up the middle in the seam to Fasano or a slot guy.

So long as Sparano is coaching here they will be getting big linemen who can make the push - I think our "go to guy" will be Ronnie running the ball with RW in support.

Ginn is a steady receiver and in spite of what some of you BOZOS think he is fearless in the middle.

i love it when some fans like y-not talks as if the dolphins are becoming the new steelers, go back to reality with your dink and dunk talk .

why woulndnt we go afer bureess if he does not go to jail espcially him saying he would be interested in us. parcells wouldnt allow no trouble happen he does not play that. we are facing dangerous WR so why not get one. the first time he acts up just let him go.

look in my opinion ginn did what he was asked to do and usually the corner on him had safety help so there was no torching anybody... he was raw when drafted higher than he should have been as long as he is getting better numbers each yr that means he is improving ...and if and when henne or white are in as qb we will surely see what ginn possess as a wr then .... until then we are going to have too see what he does with pennington at qb ... and yes i like ted ginn jr as a wr for the dolphins

Sounds like further evidence that Boldin is the answer.

Burress is a bad guy. He is Terrel Owens caliber disruptive. Whereas I think TO never grew up, Burress is actually a bad person (which is worse on some levels). If they talk to Tom Coughlin (a friend of Parcells), there is no way they sign him under any circumstances. He is that bad of a guy, and Coughlin hated him.

ginn will be allright he is getting better ever yr. he is not label as bust. he may not be a true #1 but he can get job done, like his ex college wr holmes

Fake GM, give Burress a chance, you have a heart of stone ,just sign him for 2 years and see if he will end up in jail.

I am not saying that he necessarily will end up in jail. I am not at all concerned about the fact that he shot himself (that was stupid but not wicked). I wouldnt sign him because supposedly:
1)He has supposedly been fined numerous times by the Giants for a laundry list of infractions.
2) He supposedly hated practicing and would sit out multiple practices with minor injuries as an excuse.
3) I saw him yell expletives at Tom Coughlin in the middle of a game in front of everyone after he dropped a pass trying to make a one handed catch when it wasnt necessary.

It's not the jail time, just how he carries himself and how he treats people. In my opinion, he is not a good guy. Not even a little bit. I know he's a sick talent, but he's such a bad guy, that hes not worth it.

In fairness, I have never met Burress. I am obviously giving my opinion on what I read and hear and the limited stuff I have actually seen. Maybe there is a good side to him (it's definetely possible) but i havent seen it.

fake gm, did you ever got forgiving in your life for a mistake you did ?
you sound to me that you got multi breaks in your life.

Ginn's problems obviously aren't his hands or his speed. He's got good hands and elite speed. The problem is that he isn't that quick and he isn't that good of a route runner. Plus, his football IQ is average at best.

He's fast because he worked hard at his speed. I wish he would work hard at his quickness. He's still so slow off the ball and his moves really aren't that good. I think that the Dolphins should put him in motion more often and move him around (like Carolina does with Steve Smith).

The Dolphins don't absolutely need a #1 receiver. Lots of teams win Super Bowls without a great WR. It's the running game and defense (especially pressure on the QB) that wins SBs.

Possession receivers can be No. 1 receivers. McDuffie had 100 catches one year with the Dolphins and had a 1,000 yard season also. That gets it done in my book.

Posted by: rolltidebaby |

One season doesn't make a career, O.J. spent most of his career primarily as a 3rd down possession guy, he had ONE season as a starter with 1,0000 yards & 90 receptions, NOT 100. I loved McDuffie, but he was NO # 1. Yes, he had the hands and could get open UNDERNEATH coverage, but that was it. He had lacked speed, size, and the big play ability that usually a # 1 brings to the table. Chambers was more of a # 1, he just had no one to throw him the ball.

I would probably say Davone Bess has the best chance to lead the WR's in receptions this year, IMO, just assuming that Camarillo isn't back to 100 percent (likely won't happen until 2010 given he tore his ACL) and that Bess almost did it as a rookie last year. Bess is going to do what Troy Brown and Wayne Chrebet did for prior Parcells teams: keep getting better and better each year. IMO.

rob are yo gopats? You sound like him to me. Always talking about Henne being a bust. You are such the fool.

Clayton and Duper were both number ones. You skipped right over them. It is Warfield and then the Mark Brothers in greatness. Why would you pick O.J. and not them???

FIRST off GINN has all what it takes to be great.Route running is his weakness but he's gotten better.CHAD can throw the ball deep he just never had that zip on it.This is a weak converstion because McDUFFIE wasn't what I would call a #1 or CHAMBERS or BOLDIN.All are GREAT #2s but not #1s. You may hate him but none of the guys that are mention are on moss or T.O.'s level.Just to name guys I like T.O, moss,ocho cinco,steve smith,fitzgerald,plexico. The difference between these guys and the rest are not numbers it's the simple fact that we know them not for their numbers but that they get the job done. if it's a past and a big play needed then they will produce. Why is T.O the only one in capitals I really like him. His swagger his work ethics and there is not one person playing WR is better.Even at 34 I would take him over every WR execept fitz. But that only because fitz is younger and can play for more years. But I see GINN as my fav on the FINS he is much faster than CHAMBERS and has better hands than McDUFFIE. I think he will get it together. FELLAS oh yeah my bad LADIES holla at your boy. I'm Baaack

PhinStorm are you ace ?You sound like him to me,always talking about pipe dreams.You are such the fool

Wes Welker wasn't a great WR until he had moss so stop it. He's good but without that attention that moss brings he would still be that WR he was on the FINNS.Lets see what howsyamather do in seattle now he doesn't have 85.

the point about Wes Welker is very important, until he had moss he was just average. AFC EAST has a great mind to notice that.

We don't have a no 1 guy.That's because we don't have me guys.We are building a team not a bunch of me guys.What that means is u get the stick no matter who we put in there.The finishing touch will come next year.If not before.How about we talk about depth not try to pick a no1 receiver because the truth is the no1 will be lined up no matter what.So this talk is useless.

Ted (where's The Side line ) Ginn....the Menace's favorite subject.

the soul of this blog is here in the cuban menace,hope the brain of this blog nj phin shows up to put his stamp of approval plus i hope D4life the positive voice of the dolphins comes soon too.

Misconceptions about Ginn; bad hands, won't make tough catches, isn't quick and has a low football IQ.

Okay let's take a look at it realistically.
hands: above average
toughness: average
quickness: above average
speed: elite
football IQ: above average

Ginn can play football. He can make plays in so many ways yet he's not a good football player. I don't get it.

PhinStorm, did you ever voted for any one in " dancing with star " TV show


Did I ever voted for any one in " dancing with star " TV show

No... did you ever take an English class?

What the hell was that?

phinstorm, don't get mad,i try again,

did you ever vote for any one on the TV show " dancing with the stars " ?
thank you, what do you think about bringing Z.Thomas back ?

Until Ted (my Left foot) ginn grows testicals he'll be a " B" list wideout.


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