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The search for a No. 1 receiver [Updated]

Coach Tony Sparano was recently asked if he thinks the Dolphins have a No. 1 receiver on their roster. After an initial unreassuring pause, Sparano said that, sure, of course, the Dolphins have that guy on their roster.

But, Sparano adds in my column appearing in the Miami Herald today, he's just not really sure which receiver on the roster that is exactly.

Sparano suggests there are a couple of candidates that could step up and become that No. 1 guy. I would tell you there is only one candidate that can step up and if he doesn't, the Dolphins will go through another season without a No. 1 receiver.

Ted Ginn Jr. is that guy.

Look, no matter what happens, someone will lead the Dolphins in receptions in the 2009 season. But that won't make that guy a No. 1 receiver. I define a No. 1 receiver in the column so check it out and see if you agree with my definition.

But in short, guys such as Paul Warfield, Irving Fryar and O.J. McDuffie were No. 1 receivers. They were go-to guys. They were there in the clutch. They got open regardless of what the coverages were. And they had the other necessary attributes of a No. 1 receiver.

Outside of Ted Ginn Jr., there is no receiver currently on the Dolphins with those attributes. Some guys don't have the speed, some don't have the experience, some aren't healthy enough. All lack something.

Ginn? He's lacking route running excellence, consistency of production, confidence and respect. He's been working on his route running. Hopefully that addresses his consistency of production, and that would help his confidence and the respect he has among peers.

We'll see.

I don't know if Ginn will make the leap to being a No. 1 receiver. I do know if he doesn't, no other receiver currently on the Miami roster is likely to in 2009.

[Update: Todd Lowber will definitely not be Miami's No. 1 receiver this season. He was cut Monday.]


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Wes Welker was great with the Dolphins. He had Joey Harrington throwing him the football (instead of Brady) and he was getting double-teamed almost every 3rd down. He was the best player on the Dolphins' offense and special teams. The coach knew it. The fans knew it. Unfortunately, the 1-15 morons didn't see him being part of their new supposedly high-powered offense.

It took an idiot GM (Mueller), a disgruntled ex-coach (Saban), and a team that was double teaming Welker nearly every play and still having him put up double-digit catches against them (The Cheatriots) to make that trade happen.

Without Nick Satan or Mueller, that trade doesn't happen. He still was never a #1 receiver. He was and always will be a slot guy.

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I find it bizarre that a list naming Fryer and McDuffie as number one receivers can get through all of these fans without anyone mentioning Duper & Clayton who were on the receiving end during the Marino glory years. How long has everyone been following the team?

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Marino had Duper, Clayton, McDuffie and Nat Moore to throw to and never got it done.
The Pats have never won a title with Moss and Welker. As a matter of fact, the titles Tom Brady has won, he did it with guys like Deion Branch, Troy Brown and David Givens at WR. Hardly HOF's.
This debate is kind of dumb as a good K and P are more important than a #1 WR and the Trifecta knows this. Zero chance they will ever trade multiple draft picks or even one high draft pick for any WR. To think it might happen is idiotic and to hope it might happen is insane.

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The Mark brothers weren't great MARINO just always put the ball where they had no choice but to catch it.(AFC EAST CHAMPS new name)

It is always total team concept that wins. And Peter Lacock has it totally right. You can have the best recievers in the game and still lose because the game is about ball control. The last 2 sb winners prove it.
He is willow but a willow has its strengths. In this case he is fast. But he needs to change speeds more to catch defenses off guard. Running to the outside works but everyone knows the move. So by adjusting to the speed of his blockers and then picking a hole and kicking in the afterburners might work for Ted.

Re-watched the Pats / Fins game over the weekend on the NFL Network. Can't wait to get a piece of these chumps again this season.

One thing that really stood out was how bad Jason Allen got burned by Moss. I would sincerely like to see him succeed, but that was embarassing! Granted he was on an island, and he wasn't receiving much help from the safety.

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With the way our offensive system works I don't really think you can pin point a #1 receiver. We play great offense as a group, I think looking for a #1 receiver will actually hold us back.
We have young athletic receievers who WANT to get better.
Ginn has his strengths, Bess has his strengths and Camarillo has his strenghts. Along with Turner coming on to add his size (that being his strength).
The ability to spread the ball around (even to our TEs and backs) will continue to confuse defenses rather than knowing that we will be going to that "number 1 receiver"on crucial plays.
At the same time, I do believe it is time for Ginn to take it to the next level by being more consistant and building his confidence so that he could use his gifts (the ability to take it to the house any time he touches the ball.)
And I think that he has the motivation and "want to" to do it.
Look for Bess to have a great year as well

Mando, can you really call Ted Ginn a disappointment? His rookie year he had no QB and he was a 21 year old 175 lb junior who had only played WR two years in college. Last year, he made definite strides and improvements in his game. He became more aggressive, he made a dozen big plays and teams came to respect him as a threat by the end of the season because defenses were starting to roll coverages to his side of the field. Not to mention, his best asset is kind of limited because his QB's arm isn't the strongest. You are right about one thing, Ginn's consistency will measure whether he becomes a #1 receiver or not. He must not disappear in any game unless its a blowout and we are just running out the clock. If Ginn catches 15 more balls this year and his yds per catch is around 15, I'll be happy.

I never called Ginn a disappointment. Where does that come from? He's been improving throughout the last two years. I would say this coming season is when the Dolphins expect him to break out, so I think it's fair to have the same expectation.

On my mention of No. 1 receivers guys (universal meaning), I would not argue against Clayton and Duper. But it was not THE COMPLETE LIST of FORMER DOLPHINS NO. 1 RECEIVERS. It was some of the guys on that list. So feel free to chill out.

I agree that Miami lacks a #1 WR. But any article that doesn't include Miami's #1 WR ever...Mark Clayton, during the pass happy, Marinocorps years, is one that is lacking. Otherwise it was a fine article.

I can't believe that it took so long for the Cuban Menace to weigh in on his favourite subject.

I do not think the Dolphins just have six potential #2 Wide Receivers. They have 6 #2 wide receivers...and an entire family.

When is the next round of ota's?

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Mando, in your article you say:

The hope, the plan, the prayer, has been for Ginn to be Miami's No. 1 receiver from the moment he was drafted in the first round in 2007. He is not there yet and that's disappointing, only because he has had two NFL seasons to make the climb and the mountaintop is still far off.

This is where I got it from. It sounds as if to you the progress made by Ginn so far is disappointing. I disagree.

Creo que le piden demasiado a Ginn, que QB ha tenido detras estos años, Pennington no tiene el brazo para aprovechar su velocidad, la ofensiva de Miami esta basada en rutas cortas y al centro no por la falta de un receptor #1 si no por las caracteristicas de su QB creo que para este tipo de ofensiva el cuerpo de receptores es el adecuado, Camarillo (sano)y Bess hacer el trabajo y dejar las jugadas grandes (usualmete jugadas sorpresa) a Ginn. A quien le importa si consigue o no mas de mil yardas si el elquipo gana?

Ya vendran White y Henne a darle profundidad a la ofensiva pero todo a su tiempo.



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Bolden is a good receiver, and we all wished we'd drafted him instead of Eddie Less. But Bolden isn't perfect. He has spurts where his hands are inconsistent (he dropped three in one game last December), and he would required a massive cap hit in addition to the cost of trading for him.

Matthew, no one should be worry about tuna getting boldin unless he gets a big discount for trading him back to florida plus don't forget dolphins will not give the future for any player, you saw that when they traded jt.

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Anyone have Don Maynard's phone #? We are looking for a #1 receiver too. Thank you.

I don't have Maynard's contact info, but I can hook you up with Stanley Morgan in exchange for film of your latest OTA's and a phone tap of your coaching staff's offices.

Please advise if you are interested.

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Look I wanted true number 1 wideout myself but I have been doing some thinking about it.We have done well last year without one and Chad likes to spread the ball around and we have (even though they are undersized)some guys who steped up for us not to mention you never know if someoen did Brady and New England really have a true number 1 before Moss came along dont even say Troy Brown was a true number 1 or Branch though Troy had a couple good years all in all 3 decent years out of 15 is not that great.

There is no reason that the Dolphins shouldnt be in deep talks with Arizona about trading for Boldin. We dont even have a clear number 2 receiver on our roster and I honestly do not think Ginn has what it takes to step up simply because he has noone to look up to for teaching him how to play receuver, a problem that would be remedied with the addition of a guy like Boldin. He not only makes the Dolphins a much much more dangerous offensive team but he ultimately makes every other receiver better. They can watch and learn from one of teh Leagues best.

Can anyone here tell me what the OTA and mini camp schedules are for the Dolphins? I will be in Miami from June 29 - July 5 and would love to go see one. Thanks...If you do know for sure please throw me an e-mail. jlozada@clearwire.net

OTAs are not open to the public.

Marcus, the disappointment of which I was speaking was that Ginn is not yet a No. 1 receiver. Nothing to do with his improvement.

Marcus, i do agree w/ armando on that one , he was talking about his disappointment of ginn not yet a no. 1 receiver.

I got it gopats was born in Haiti. That explains the weak English at times.

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