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The search for a No. 1 receiver [Updated]

Coach Tony Sparano was recently asked if he thinks the Dolphins have a No. 1 receiver on their roster. After an initial unreassuring pause, Sparano said that, sure, of course, the Dolphins have that guy on their roster.

But, Sparano adds in my column appearing in the Miami Herald today, he's just not really sure which receiver on the roster that is exactly.

Sparano suggests there are a couple of candidates that could step up and become that No. 1 guy. I would tell you there is only one candidate that can step up and if he doesn't, the Dolphins will go through another season without a No. 1 receiver.

Ted Ginn Jr. is that guy.

Look, no matter what happens, someone will lead the Dolphins in receptions in the 2009 season. But that won't make that guy a No. 1 receiver. I define a No. 1 receiver in the column so check it out and see if you agree with my definition.

But in short, guys such as Paul Warfield, Irving Fryar and O.J. McDuffie were No. 1 receivers. They were go-to guys. They were there in the clutch. They got open regardless of what the coverages were. And they had the other necessary attributes of a No. 1 receiver.

Outside of Ted Ginn Jr., there is no receiver currently on the Dolphins with those attributes. Some guys don't have the speed, some don't have the experience, some aren't healthy enough. All lack something.

Ginn? He's lacking route running excellence, consistency of production, confidence and respect. He's been working on his route running. Hopefully that addresses his consistency of production, and that would help his confidence and the respect he has among peers.

We'll see.

I don't know if Ginn will make the leap to being a No. 1 receiver. I do know if he doesn't, no other receiver currently on the Miami roster is likely to in 2009.

[Update: Todd Lowber will definitely not be Miami's No. 1 receiver this season. He was cut Monday.]


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Lowber will be prototype receiver in the NFL. I would wish him luck, but he doesn't require any. I just hope he goes back to an NFC team so we don't have to face him too much.

Anyone see that re-aire of the 2nd Dolphins-Cheatriots game yesterday?

Ted Ginn was brutal in the 4th quarter. After trying to reverse his field on a kickoff return, he got tackled inside their own 5 yard line. He proceded to drop two easy catches for good sized gains. Any false hope I had of Ginn being a true #1 was drained away when I was reminded of how can he play at times.

I remember the game well and if he makes the catches the Phins are back in the game. Instead it is the us kicking from our end zone. He let us down.
One bad game doesn't make a bad player. He will be real good this year,

Ziggy. i can think of $ 10 million reasons miami isn't in deep talks about boldin.

Kindry. it was the defense that let down that game.

I completly disagree with the argument. First off, what is a number one guy anyway ? A big namer? They drop balls as well. Do you guys realize that the Dolphins had one of the most producvtive recieving corps in the NFL last year? They dropped very few passed and for the fist 5 games or so lead the entire league. Did everyone forget about Camarillo? This guy caught everything and would drag people another ten yeards every time. Ginn is very capable. Remember the great catch against the Seachickens when he was smothered by two defenders in the end zone. I will however give some credit as well to CP10 as he placed that ball with lasar acuarcy. Bess ? Come on. He has as good as hands as anybody out there PLUS he has Barry Sanders like moves. How many times did Fasano muscle the ball away from a defender? What about Martin? For the big tall threat we need I know Patrick Turner will step up. We already have the WR's we need. Lets find a new topic-this one is worn out.

Nj Phin Fan,

Yeah it was the D in that game, specifically Andre Goodman and Jason Allen...

Soulja. And joey porter , who was totally shut down along with the DL.

Is Howard from magic your man now?

No, I do hope the Magic beat the Lakers though...

If I remember correctly you were the one calling Howard "fake superman" or something like that... So, I think the question should be, Is Howard from the Magic your man now?

howard is the super pimp stud in this final. period. go magic.

yeessssss , it's jackassin in da house !

Bunglito, speaking like a retard again. English your second language I take it. Leave jaksin alone. He di nothing to you punk




Right on the money; they went right at Goody, Moss shredded him!

In the playoffs Baltimore’s Mason went right to work against Goody and torched him up like roman candle too.

gopats works at capital one customer service. There is a call center in Haiti you know.

You say that Dolphins have no #1 WR?
And your readers jump all over Ginn and Start calling for Boldin for what would amount to a burden salary cap, and future picks, possible a 1 and other picks etc...

This is old news and not good at that. And the fact that we are still even on this topic, suggest you need a number one receiver more than all of us. Or you have nothing else to fill your platform.

This team has a style a mantra a way of doing things on all fronts. Wide outs fit a certain criteria and prima donnas need NOT apply. It’s the way they do things around here. Tough, disciple, hard working, and non attention getting etc, need apply. It will be a collective group that will lead. As far as the number one wide out...Ginn's to lose and that’s it! Ginns key though will be his ability to focus and that is all that is missing from his game.

That’s the difference in his game right now focus. That and the fact that we throw the short and medium passes more often than not.
Ginn's lack of focus is what leads to dropped passes and good route running and his inexperience two years in the league and starting his third is of no worry. I would be concerned if Ginn was five plus years and he was playing at that level but you can always make a case that most good receivers have their breakthrough season in their third year.

Focus is the diffenece in his game, I see it in his eyes when he runs before securing a reception or wanders when it comes to running a good crisp route at all times. So I let him do what he do so to speak...his third year will be his best yet to come.

bring boldin to the house!!!!!!!!

let´s get deep, bring Boldin and step in henne

Looking at the 2008 Receiving Data you can make some generalizations about what to expect in 2009.
Wide Receivers (WR)

The WR's last year (2008) ranged in yards from 550 (Bess) to 790 (Ginn). If we used Camarillo's Avg.Yds per catch and add in his missed 5 games due to injury he could have had 895 yards instead of 613. We have several good prospects to help us with WR improvement.

Tight Ends (TE)

Both Anthony Fasano and David Martin had about 450 yards. Fasano had 7 TD's , Martin had 3 TD's and Joey Haynos had 2 TD's in the Red Zone. We have three prospects this year to help us with TE receiving improvement.

Running Backs (RB)

Our RB's ranged from 220-275 yards with only 1 TE TD and that should be improved if we are going to have a better running offense this year.

The Receiving Offense should dramatically improve with the addition of our new personnel at WR and TE. More passing to our RB's out of the back field or out of the spread offense should improve the Dolphins passing yardage. I hope our Offensive Coordinator is really innovative this year using that spread offense and using the stronger arm and running abilities of Pat White.
We don't really need a #1 wide receiver just better use of our current receiving personnel.
It seems the 2009 season will never start.

Isn't the third season usual a breakout season for wide receivers? Too bad Teddy Ginn doesn't have an old veteran whos brain he could pick. Coaching can only take you so far, you need that veteran experience around you to really learn the job. I understand staying young, but the money spent on a veteran who's expendable to other teams might get our receiving corps over the hump.

Your kidding me right...Irving Fryar and O.J. McDuffie were great because of the man throwing them the dang ball. Chad Pennington under center to me is making it hard for the dolphins to have that "#1 receiver." What good does speed do u when the ball cant catch up with that speed or make it down the field...Watch in the preseason when Henne the true QB on this team gets to toss the ball around just like last year Ginn will look alot better! Like it or not Penne is holding back the developement of Ginn with his inablity to throw the ball deep!

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