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Sunday column: This bloke's got hang time

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Taking my mom to an early dinner this afternoon and I hope all of you are also doing something special for your moms today, if they're still with us. If your moms have passed, find time to remember the woman who brought you into the world or the one who took care of you in this world, or both.

If you want, you can leave a rememberance to your moms in the comments section. (No, it's not a football topic but some things are more important than football. Yeah, I said that.)

As far as Dolphins football is concerned, the column I wrote for today's Herald tells you about a bloke who discovered punting by accident and now has a chance to make the Dolphins. 

Jy Bond is an interesting kid. He's Miami's raw punting prospect and a longshot to beat out Brandon Fields in the coming minicamp.

But part of being raw also means Bond has a booming leg and much untapped potential. You should read what Bond did during his Dolphins tryout that got general manager Jeff Ireland's attention.

And you can also read about the difficulties of trying to make it in a sport played half a world away from his home in Australia.

As Bond would say, cheers mates! 


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my mom always wanted me to be a doctor but i came close.

Hey Mando not mad a t you but your reachin for a column today. The blokes sucks I hear.

Anyway, just wanna say Im pissed that the fins can sign a hundred offensive linemen but cant give JT a chance to show his stuff. Too many big F'N egos involved I guess.

Carlito, working at the CVS counter dont count.
Now go to Walmart and buy your mom some flowers.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I hope you kave a fine day with your mother.(give Mother Salguero my best wishes)

Come Monday morning I expect a nice article that my brain may suckle from the Busoms on Mother Dolphin Football News.

Soiled :)

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Hope you have a good one with you mom, Mando.

i like to know what soildbottom plans for this fine day .

Happy mother's day all of you ,hope you all toss your salad today

Dear Mr. Armando Salguero

Just a few quick questions about this Jy Bond fella.

1-Does he know Paul Hogan ? (Crocodile Dundee)

2-Did he know Steve Irwin ? (Crocodile Hunter)

3-Do they really THROW shrimp on the Barbie ? If yes is there a five second rule ?

4-Does he know if Crocodiles are stronger than Alligators ?

5-Whats a scrum like ? (Lotta groin pulls I'd imagine)

No rush on the answers but inquiring minds wanna know.

Soiled :)

soiled, if you really really love that movie { Crocodile Hunter }, you a zzz

Dear Mr. EMO

Crocodile Hunter was a TV program.

Crocodile Dundee was a movie.

No sweat on correcting your mistake. :)

Soiled :)

LMAO@EMO's post at 11:50

soiled, SO

MR. Cuban Menace. If you're out there ( LOL ) , wishing your mom a happy mother's day.

That goes for all the fellow dolphin fans mom's out there.

nj phin=mr bunglito=emo, happy birth day nj

Foolish is this.

Bunglito it makes sense that you found EMO's post amusing. You are both ignorant individuals of the same mind set. You cannot blame Bunglito because he speaks like a retard, but his grammar is improving.

I am a tough guy. Soiled are you tough? I don't think so. I know I can take you..punk.

Dear Mr. EMO

"soiled, if you really really love that movie { Crocodile Hunter }, you a zzz"

I Stand firmly on my statements

1-Crocodile Hunter was a TV program.
2-Crocodile Dundee was a movie.

I loved that movie, I cant tell you how many times I've said "Now thats not a knife, This is a knife" to complete strangers(While pulling out my own Bowie knife)
My parents thought it best we move away after that.

As to how tough I am ?

Thats a good question

I saw this Cowboy movie the other day called "Brokeback Mountain" Now those Cowboys were Tough.
They did stuff I had no Idea Cowboys did.
Are you Tough like those Cowboys ?(I know i'm not that tough)

Anyhoo Stay strong Buckeroo :)

Soiled :)

Mother's day is special to me only through memories. I had to lose my mother twice. Once when she and my dad divorced and the other when God took her away. Both times it broke my heart. How I would love to be able to visit her today and put my arms aroud her and tell her I love her. So if you have a mother please spend time with her. Tell her you love her. One day she will only be a precious memory. God Bless all the MOTHERS.



In the honor of J Exum'so mom ,this poem i gave to my mother today framed,
What are the songs the mother sings ?
Of birds and flowers and pretty things;
Baby lies in her arms and spies
All his world in his mother's eyes.

What are the tales the mother tells ?
Of gems and jewels and silver bell;
Baby lies in her arms and spies
All his heaven in his mother's eyes

What are the thoughts in the mother's mind ?
Of the gentle saviour, loving and kind;
Baby lies in her arms and spies
All his heaven in his mother's eyes

p.s, for ever, the only thing that always stays pure, is the mother's love.

I took my (dec.) Mom to a couple of Fins games at the Orange Bowl; she was genuinely stunned by the amount of beer I consumed, and the size of the xl beer cups there. She was a good sport, h/ever, & we laughed about it (no lectures at games, y'know). She wasn't a huge fan, but she totally "got" the way I lived & died with the Fins. Good times.

orlando magic....94

big baby davis !

Mr Bunglito. long time no hear, my lab zeus send you his respect.
Did you see the sweaty magic coach yelling like crazy at his players,and howard can't score the free ones like shack when he played w/ the heat

The fake Gopat wrote the poem about Mothers, I cannot take credit, thought you should know.

Becareful Bunglito, the fake Gopat is on patrol.

This is a football blog....

Becareful carlito,the fake carlitois on patrol.

this is a football blog

I proved to someone yesterday that it is easy for anyone to post twice at the same clock time.

i hate guys that use my name.

It makes me sad......

i hate guys that use my name.

it make me sad.......

Mando hasent started a new blog.

And that makes me sad.....

Im gonna morph out.

And that makes me sad.....

Im gonna flake out..

And that makes me sad...

A blog made about a punter?

DOes anybody know how to get blood stains off a bath tub?

Mom made me a Miami fan in 1970. God bless her
and rest her soul. Miss her especially when
cheering for the Dolphins loudly like she used
to do

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