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Taylor and Sparano forge an interesting bond

While much of the rest of the world is still digesting the fact Jason Taylor and Bill Parcells have resolved their differences from a year ago, most of you on this blog were the first to know of the disconnect over a year ago and the first to learn of the reconciliation about three or four months ago.

Now you will be the first to know of the strong kinship Taylor and coach Tony Sparano have inexplicably forged in the past 15 months. I say inexplicably because Taylor has never played for Sparano so it is odd that a player would get so close to a coach without having been on the same sideline with the guy.

And yet when Taylor was traded to the Redskins last year, he had one regret he shared with his agent Gary Wichard.

"Jason told me, 'The thing I regret most about all this is that I didn't get a chance to play for Tony Sparano,' " Wichard told me recently.


Sparano connected with Taylor last offseason when he reached out to the player who was not participating in Miami's OTAs or conditioning program. Sparano texted and called Taylor and the two communicated about a variety of issues -- including the Dancing with the Stars appearances that seemingly vexed Bill Parcells.

Sparano would congratulate Taylor every week he'd advance in the competition. (Don't know if he gave him tips on his paso doble, though).

I am told the two communicated throughout the 2008 season, although a little less often because there were tampering issues to think about. But it is fair to say the lines of communication remained open. And once Taylor was cut by the Redskins, the texting and talking resumed full throttle.

It got to the point, I am told by sources, that Sparano shared an outline of the Dolphins workout program with Taylor. Taylor then hired a trainer and followed the outline on his own so as to not fall too far behind his once and future teammates.

And yes, Taylor wanted to return to the Dolphins because Miami is home and his family is here. But the fact Sparano is the coach also made the Dolphins more appealing.

“Well, I think that it certainly plays into it, because at the end of this whole thing Jason had to feel comfortable with me and I had to feel comfortable with him and we really do feel good with each other that way and I think that was really important," Sparano said. "So communication, you know all those things taking place, feeling good about the situation and then going forward from there and it just wasn’t myself and Jason but all parties included. Now then at the end of this whole thing Jason has to play for me so I think that’s one of the things that was really important.”

One really important attribute of this relationship is that Sparano and Taylor are two straight-talking guys in private. In public they have the capability and ability to be politically correct. But they drop the pretenses in private. And both appreciate that.

“Man to man we’ll sit and he’ll tell me how he feels and what he thinks and what he wants and what his philosophy is and I can speak very candidly to him and tell him how I think, how I feel, and my approach on certain things," Taylor said. "That open, honest, face-to-face communication is the way it could be done in any walk of life and any business -- any sport, marriage, whatever it may be.

"So I think that was the genesis of our good relationship and we continued to talk over the year. And I told Tony last year when I was in LA that I wanted to play for him. I told him when I got traded that I wanted to play for him. I told him throughout the season. I know there was sort of an issue where you can’t really talk and all that stuff but I would congratulate the guys here and they knew how I felt about Tony and the team. That didn’t change when I got released.”


[PERSONAL NOTE: It's my wife birthday today. Want to wish her a happy, prosperous, blessed day. I know you guys don't know her. I am certain of that, by the way. But feel free to give a shout-out, too, if you like.]


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You often refer to me as a guy, but I am not a guy. I'm sure I'm not the only woman that follows your blog, so please open your mind. . . .

Happy bday Mrs salguero, i will never forgive u for stealing my man....

AO: I am not referring to you personally as a guy. I said "you guys" referring to the blog community. It is a common form of speech that covers both guys and gals and means zero harm or offense. I hope you know that.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Salguero.

Happy B-Day Mrs. Mando. Sorry if we keep him so busy, but at least you always know where he is.

"Happy bday Mrs salguero, i will never forgive u for stealing my man...."

LOL! That was funny. Good one.

AO, i am a women also,i support you totally ,nice to know there's another beautiful women to give me company.

OK, babe, I'll be there with the truck, now that Armando's in the office!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Salguero! You made a good choice marrying Armando. Probably the best choice you have ever made. It rivals the Dolphins choosing Zack Thomas in the 5th round. Thats the kind of value you got.
On a serious note, wishing you guys many years of happiness together.

Armand if your wife is a gemini that would make u a sagatarius or aries?

Hey bung, was it nude or fully clothed?

I am glad that Taylor is dedicated to coming back to Miami, buying into the system, drinking the kool aid, etc, etc

Oh boy, here we are, still early in the day and bunglito is already talking like Freddy Mercury.

MAN that lady has her panties in a jam... TAKE IT IN STRIDE! Just because Mando says "guys" in his writings, people see the need to voice some sort of displeasure and flex their muscles to get it fixed or to get an apology. Is it really that serious, AO???

P.S., happy birthday to the wife.

Sparano was robbed for Coach of the Year in '08.

AO, I think Jim from North Carolina like you very much. He just have immature way to show it.

jim, you are not nice, i wonder if you have a real woman in your life with your way of talking like an animal .

Maybe Jim is mountain man from the smokey mountaints in North Carolina. Not many womens there and alot of animals. Maybe this is why he talks in such a way.

Happy Birthday Mrs Salguero!

You must be very open minded to accept Mando's man crush on Anquan Boldin!

Armando, can you please tell your wife, AO, to refrain from commenting on your blog?

lol! Carlito, what is a mountaint? are there alot of those in Golfito?

Carlito, sometimes i feel that u are related to Walter Mercado, cause u are always soooo rigghht.

carlito,some times i feel that u related to jakass sin

No relation to Jakass sin. Fleningo are you related to bunglito? are you a azzz? Are you a mountaint man?

carlito got mad ,why you ask ? b/c he is all these names above ,from flameing to jackass sin to ranchito the ass man

:) happy birthday. thanks for all the info on all things dolphins

Flanimgo you think you very good at figuring out who is who when in real life you are very confused. What do you say about Tony Sparano and Jason Taylor BFF's?

Mando--I know that sometimes (often?) I'm no prize, but how long are you going to tolerate this baby-talking, barely-literate, spanglish homophobic gibberish that has dominated the past few days? Pleese mang, don be azzz.......

I hate playing blog police but Super Scout is correct. Please get away from the gay "gibberish" and get back to football. You guys (universal meaning) can interact all you want but can you please grow up and not talk about each other's sexual orientation or insult each other's mamas?

Think football. Think, for this blog, JT and Sparano relationship.


yeah just like I said, Sparano and Taylor, BFF's.

They should have a reality show like the Paris one on MTV were Tuna Picks out a BFF

The Tuna BFF show should have 5 contestants:

1. Pat White
2. Stephen Ross
3. Chad Henne
4. Jake Long
5. Vonate Davis

Just another example of how smart Sparano is. I'm sure he has plenty of friends and was not reaching out to Taylor just for social reasons. When you want a good player on your team you go the extra mile, and Sparano did that.

As much as Taylor wanted to play for the Fins again, would he have given up 7mil and returned if Cam was still coach?

By the way, this blog is 143 comments away from hitting 60,000. I estimate the 60,000th comment will come in sometime between today and tomorrow.

I will have a contest for the 60,000th comment as we did for the 30,000th a few months ago. MORE details to come.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Salguero and thanks for keeping Armando grounded because at times he can be...how can i say this and be politically correct....a little opinionated....lol...enjoy your birthday and please try to bear with us as we constantly deal with Armando's rants and raves about our beloved Dolphins...


Draft grade for Mrs. Salguero - picking Armando as an Unrestricted Free Agent.

Apparently he made the cut, but let's wait 3 to 4 years to see how he really grades out...lol

A special cameo apperance by Lawrence (white nose ) taylor would be good.

Hey Mando. I am very happy that Taylor is back in the fold with an real good relationship with the coach. It seems that Sparano can ask Jason to do anything and he will follow through. This can only mean good things for the Phins. Peace man.

Happy birthday to your wife Armando.

No comment on the blog. Glad to see that JT likes it here and hopes he gets 20 sacks and Porter gets 20. That would be one heck of a season.
Sparano could get along with anyone. Just do what he tells you to do and try hard. That is all he asks.

There is Will Allen news at the new blog posting

Dear Mr. Salguero

First off my best wishes to the Lady on her special day :)

Can we expect a movie from Jason and coach Sporano anytime soon ?(Like a "Lethal Weapon" or "Rush Hour" Buddy movie)

Soiled :)

vhat ... listen soiled id love to see a movie like Another 48 hours and taylor could play the murphy role of course and sparano the nolte role.

i love to to see the "lord of ring " ,OH no ....

no one has won any thing yet.

Comment #60K by my count. What'd I win?

you win rachel ray i mo free with that picture of the stomach framed

Dear Mr. Bruno

I was thinking more along the lines of a "Rocky" type movie.

1-Jason Taylor(Rocky) is a gifted Tap/Ballet dancer who wasted most of his best dancing years in the NFL.

2-Gets his shot at the Big Time when accepted to Dancing with the Stars.

3-Rocky, I mean Jason needs his coach Micky(Played by Sporano)

4-Mean while Jason falls in love with his friend Paulie's(Played by Zack Thomas) sister(Zack's Sister)

5-To make ends meet Jason does Collections for the Mob(That guy in the Catillac on the docks in Rocky 1)Played by Bill Parcells

Anyhoo it just might work

Soiled :)

I heard the gimp, Tom Bunchin, finally practiced. Cant't wait to see him get crumpled by Taylor this year and the look on Belimidget's face when it happens.

I'm glad to hear about the relationship between the two. Can't wait to see how Taylor does this season

Can't wait to see what we can does this year.....football season.....SO FAR AWAY!!!

It is good a veteran like Taylor and the head coach have such a good relationship. This can help this young team tremendously in its leadership role and the maturing of the young bucks on the defense.

It's rough reading these blogs at times. Jeeesh people...lighten up!

Nice to see Taylor and Sparano are bonding. But, I don't know if it matters much. What matters is what they do on gameday.

There were many players who disliked Shula, but yet they played hard for him.

It's MY BIRTHDAY TOO !! Happy birthday to the wifey fellow Gemini and it's nice to see Jason and Tony have been bonding over the last year.

Congratulations, Happy Birthday Mrs. Salguero.

The way Sparano follows communication with Jason Taylor is a big thing. This shows great leadership!!

As project manager, I understand how hard are the communication tasks, and who much of the workload is invested on that stuff.

Believe me, if he can create that ownership on the team, even when 2008 was great, this season will be somehow better.

Dear Mr Mandosugwaro
how are you I am fine. Happy birhtday MRs Mando sugwaro. DO you like cake? I do. Mando will you spank your wife? ad pinch her too also? They like it for birhtdays. I dont know why?
Did Mr Coach Sparano tell Mr Parcells to have Jason Taylor to come back for the MIAMI DOLPHINS FOOTBALL TEAM? I think so too?
Thank you
Juan Huron.
PS birhtday candels on cake? too?

I think it is great to hear that Taylor and Sporano have forged a great working relationship. Taylor is taking a big pay cut and probably a little less field time than he would like - working with a coach that would BS him through that would be crappy. This up front, no BS way of communicating is important always, but never more so when trying to manage expectations on both sides of this deal.

I hope Taylor has a monster year...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Salguero.

I hope asking us to wish you a happy birthday wasn't his way of getting a chance to follow the blog on your day!

Great info Armando, as always. I think coach Sparano respects JT for not only his play but his professionalism and class. And JT respects coach for his demeanor and no nonsense style. Should be a great combination for the upcoming season.

Feliz Cumpleanos Senora Salguero.

Happy Birthday Mrs.S.
My wife stopped counting after 35.


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