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Taylor and Sparano forge an interesting bond

While much of the rest of the world is still digesting the fact Jason Taylor and Bill Parcells have resolved their differences from a year ago, most of you on this blog were the first to know of the disconnect over a year ago and the first to learn of the reconciliation about three or four months ago.

Now you will be the first to know of the strong kinship Taylor and coach Tony Sparano have inexplicably forged in the past 15 months. I say inexplicably because Taylor has never played for Sparano so it is odd that a player would get so close to a coach without having been on the same sideline with the guy.

And yet when Taylor was traded to the Redskins last year, he had one regret he shared with his agent Gary Wichard.

"Jason told me, 'The thing I regret most about all this is that I didn't get a chance to play for Tony Sparano,' " Wichard told me recently.


Sparano connected with Taylor last offseason when he reached out to the player who was not participating in Miami's OTAs or conditioning program. Sparano texted and called Taylor and the two communicated about a variety of issues -- including the Dancing with the Stars appearances that seemingly vexed Bill Parcells.

Sparano would congratulate Taylor every week he'd advance in the competition. (Don't know if he gave him tips on his paso doble, though).

I am told the two communicated throughout the 2008 season, although a little less often because there were tampering issues to think about. But it is fair to say the lines of communication remained open. And once Taylor was cut by the Redskins, the texting and talking resumed full throttle.

It got to the point, I am told by sources, that Sparano shared an outline of the Dolphins workout program with Taylor. Taylor then hired a trainer and followed the outline on his own so as to not fall too far behind his once and future teammates.

And yes, Taylor wanted to return to the Dolphins because Miami is home and his family is here. But the fact Sparano is the coach also made the Dolphins more appealing.

“Well, I think that it certainly plays into it, because at the end of this whole thing Jason had to feel comfortable with me and I had to feel comfortable with him and we really do feel good with each other that way and I think that was really important," Sparano said. "So communication, you know all those things taking place, feeling good about the situation and then going forward from there and it just wasn’t myself and Jason but all parties included. Now then at the end of this whole thing Jason has to play for me so I think that’s one of the things that was really important.”

One really important attribute of this relationship is that Sparano and Taylor are two straight-talking guys in private. In public they have the capability and ability to be politically correct. But they drop the pretenses in private. And both appreciate that.

“Man to man we’ll sit and he’ll tell me how he feels and what he thinks and what he wants and what his philosophy is and I can speak very candidly to him and tell him how I think, how I feel, and my approach on certain things," Taylor said. "That open, honest, face-to-face communication is the way it could be done in any walk of life and any business -- any sport, marriage, whatever it may be.

"So I think that was the genesis of our good relationship and we continued to talk over the year. And I told Tony last year when I was in LA that I wanted to play for him. I told him when I got traded that I wanted to play for him. I told him throughout the season. I know there was sort of an issue where you can’t really talk and all that stuff but I would congratulate the guys here and they knew how I felt about Tony and the team. That didn’t change when I got released.”


[PERSONAL NOTE: It's my wife birthday today. Want to wish her a happy, prosperous, blessed day. I know you guys don't know her. I am certain of that, by the way. But feel free to give a shout-out, too, if you like.]


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Thank you all for your birthday wishes to the wife. We just sat here and she read them all. She laughed out loud at some of your posts. They were funny, I must admit.

She also asked me after one, "Do you think this person is being a smart-aleck or can it be he's really slow?"

Let you guess which one she was talking about. Anyway, she wants me to pass along the fact she appreciates the kind wishes from all of you. Thank you.

Best wishes to your Mrs. on her special day Armando. I hope you gave a wonderful gift to your "better half".
BTW,I'm a woman too and I wasn't offended. :o)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS MANDO !!!!!! Thanks you for letting us borrowing your husband to feed our addiction. Mando take your wife to Joe's Stone Crabs..We know you make the mega bucks.


I would like to wish my wife, oops I mean you wife a Happy Bday

Maybe some of you 'guys' need to look at a dictionary. And when I say some, I mean some of the ladies.

guy 2 (g)
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2. guys- Informal Persons of either sex.
3. Chiefly British A person of odd or grotesque appearance or dress.
4. often Guy An effigy of Guy Fawkes paraded through the streets of English towns and burned on Guy Fawkes Day.
tr.v. guyed, guy·ing, guys
To hold up to ridicule; mock.
[After GuyFawkes.]

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guy 1
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Dear Mr Mando
How are you I am fine
I am glad you wife happy birhtday wishes. SHe like? Good.
Hey Mr Mando it is to bad that some are smart alecks. I dont know why they do that kind. WHy?
DId you make favrite dinner? Is it spagettee? that is mine. My momm make it every birhtday for me.
Juan Huron


You are a brave man to announce you wife's birthday on your blog and invite birthday wishes. I feared for you because there are a lot of chuckleheads responding to this site.

But, either you are filtering the nonsense, or we can believe in man's greater goodness as the comments were all good.

So, Happy Birthday Mrs. Mando. Enjoy your day with family and friends.

Hey, how close are we to the 60,000 comment line?

Happy B-day Mrs. Salguero.

Very interesting to hear about the strong relationship Tony has made with Jason, who will no doubt be a veteran on the team, and given the hurdles this season has to offer, will be a welcome voice of reason to the boys in the locker room.

NOT 49th

That Rocky ideal was the funniest thing I ever herd!

AO...Get over it! I'm 100% woman and I truly don't care if I'm referred to as a guy in an article. Crawl back into the hole you came out of, freakin rediculous. Okay, for the important things in life. So glad Sparano kept in touch with JT, but he truly got screwed by Parcells. The Tuna strikes again, maybe we should call him "SHARK." The teeth come out when he doesn't like someone. I'm extremely happy he is back and doesn't need the money. May he'll kick ass this year and Parcells will look like a MORON!

Happy B-day Mrs. Salguero... Hope you had a WONDERFUL one!

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