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Taylor expected to join the Dolphins

Jason Taylor is expected to rejoin the Dolphins as early as today.

I have confirmed that Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and agent Gary Wichard have been negotiating since early, early this morning and the sides are very, very close to announcing a deal. The deal is a one-year contract.

In negotiating this reunion of the team's All-Time sack leader and the club that drafted him in 1997, Taylor snubbed overtures from a handful of clubs, not the least of which was New England.

Taylor's contract is very salary cap friendly. He walked away from an $8.5 million base salary in Washington and told the Dolphins he would play for whatever they wanted to pay him. It is unclear exactly what they will be paying him. The Associated Press is now reporting Taylor will make $1.5 million.

That doesn't seem to matter much to Taylor. He wanted to return to South Florida and the Dolphins because this is his home. He wanted to finish work and go home to his family. He wanted to sleep in his own bed every night. He didn't want to spend another season in a distant NFL outpost while his family stayed in South Florida -- that was his situation last year after he was traded to Washington.

In signing Taylor, the Dolphins add the kind of quarterback pressure they lacked outside of Joey Porter last season. Taylor, 35 in September, has 120.5 career sacks. Although he managed only 3.5 sacks last year, his lowest total since 1999, there were extenuating circumstances for that.

Taylor was injured much of the year, asked to play out of position, and asked to gain weight in Washington. In Miami he will be used as a pass-rusher in the team's nickel and dime packages and is expected to compete for a starting job at one of the outside linebacker jobs.

It is unclear how exactly the Dolphins will manage to get both Taylor and Porter on the field and comfortable at the same time in their base defense -- an issue that went unresolved when they last played together in 2007.

Taylor, a source tells me, never intended to play for any other team but Miami. "Miami is the only place I'm going to play," Taylor told friends and family after gaining his release from Washington.

After he basically forced his way off the Redskins by refusing to accept new contract language in a restructured deal, Taylor told Wichard he wanted to be in Miami.

Wichard met with Washington owner Daniel Snyder at Joe's Stone Crab and informed the Redskins of Taylor's intentions to depart Washington. Taylor also had Wichard turn down at least two movie opportunities so that he could spend the offseason training and the regular-season, well, playing.

Taylor has been in constant contact with coach Tony Sparano as the two have texted messages back and forth for some time. Sparano went so far as giving Taylor the basics of the Dolphins offseason workout program in hopes Taylor would follow its parameters on his own.

Taylor hired a personal trainer and has been doing the Dolphins program. Taylor will join the program as soon as he signs.

The addition for the Dolphins is a loss for the New England Patriots. Owner Robert Kraft actively recruited Taylor in the press. Coach Bill Belichick called Taylor and Wichard, his agent. The overtures were never rebuffed but at no point did Taylor or Wichard talk contract or salary with the Patriots. There was never a handshake agreement between the sides as has previously been reported by Boston-area media outlets.

The Dolphins and Wichard are ironing out details in the contract as we speak but there should be a deal signed by the end of the day, according to a source.


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WOOT! That trade with the Redskins is officially one of the best trades ever. We loaned them an injured Taylor for a year for a 2nd rounder.


perfect! welcome home dolphin legend!

Yahooo! Let's go get him a ring!!!

yahooooo !!

JT will play DE or OLB ?


Hmmmmm. Boldin next ?

JT will play OLB

Awesome! I've been logging onto to the Miami Herald sports page hoping to see this news. It's not surprising that Armando was the one to break it. Good. Good. Good. I think the Dolphins will have a legit team this year.

Yes, That is Great!!! We need Jason back...

yes..... JT a dolphin and not a patsy....
Boldin.. probably not happenin though.... but what about a second round draft pic in 2010, Ginn, and Solai for Boldin

im just glad he will not be going to the dreaded pats. porter JT and wake will be a force to be reckoned with!

Be interesting to see how dedicated he is to the tuna system. I hope no sparks fly.

Anyways, I think we should all welcome him back to contribute both on the field and with the younger player's technique. WELCOME BACK!!!!

I agree with mike. I've been saying for months now, if we re-sign Taylor, we basically got Pat White for FREE!!! It's like we didn't give up anything at all for that pick because JT had a down year last season anyway.

Today is a GOOD DAY!!! We re-sign JT and the LOST Season Finale is tonight!!! YAAAY!!!

(As you can tell by the exclamation points, I am pretty excited.)

awesome, welcome back JT. now get your butt in the offseason program this afternoon. nice for him to be able to retire as a dolphin & be in the HOF as a Fin.

good get mando.

Mando did not break it ethan did at sunsent first...
have to give props when its due.....


Yes !!! JT is back. I will now purchase season tickets, not the entertainment value but they are going to field the best team they can. With Henne at the helm we are superbowl bound.

YOU confirmed that Taylor was coming back to Miami? Sounds like your trying to take credit for reporting it first. Sorry, that honor goes to the sentinel for getting it up quicker. Too slow, fat so.

Great move; we are on the way to conquer the division and the AFC... thanks T and B

If they got him at the right price I think its a good move.... use him in pass rushing downs cause he sucks at run stopping.

What a class act. I'm glad he will be back. This shows what great character Taylor has. He will play for the team he loves in the place he loves and lose out on tuns of money. How many other players would do this?

But Greg Cote just got done telling us why Miami did not want him.

How can this be?

Mando, you need to get on Greg about his fatalistic article the other day! he as like oh jason taylor will be in NE next season and miami isnt going to be very strong this season. With ur re-aquiring Jason Taylors Services QUARTERBACKS BEWARE! Because the SACK ATTACK is on now! Between Taylor and Porter this season, both of which the outside pash rushers they should have close to 35-40 sacks between just the 2 of them. Throw in Cameron Wake, Matt Roth (who will learn a lot from Taylor at the OLB slot since Taylor played the hybrid OLB/DE in 07) and we will have a dangerous pash rush this season!

WELCOME HOME JASON TAYLOR!!! I knew he would never go to New England, because he stated he wanted to remain in his home state and closer to his family.

One year deal for 1.1 Million... great deal...



JT wants to play three more season's bring him on!!!

Nobody was "scared" of our D before this move. Now we can finally get some respect from the other teams.

J.T. just secured his legacy in SFLA for the rest of his life, regardless of how well or not he plays this year.

Friggin Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

NFL is a dirty business and its nice to see we have some very sharp snipers in the front office. Maybe we can trade him again after this season for another 2nd and 5th rounder, then bring him back for a 3rd time. LOL!

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1 year 1.5 million plus bonus to send Brady to brazil for rehab
Great deal Mr Ireland!!!

Awesome, we got someone who is old, has depleting skills, won't run defend and thinks he's above the team. I'm not as old as JT, never had football skills that could be diminished, never quit on my team and I'd surely try to tackle people. And I won't charge them $1.5M to play. They should have signed me instead.

When I heard the news I was so HAPPY I didn't know wether to $h1t or go blind! Well I just changed my pants! GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O yea.....Were moving on up.....2 new talented corners and a stronger pass rush....we have officially improved...

taylor is the patriot killer...tom brady is not a happy camper...

Its a beautiful day. The sun is shining. All is well in Dolphin land.

LETS GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all love you Taylor.

I was taking a final in college when I found out and couldnt concentrate anymore so I wrote down a couple numbers and ran out of class.

Great News...I again have faith in the Trifecta that they were smart enough to not let Jason go. I believe in my heart that last year was a combination of being injured and not wanting to play in Washington. JT is going to show all the doubters out there that he still has plenty in the tank and can play at a high level. GO FINS!!!

I'm here guys. I promised to join you at 1 p.m. but obviously I was a little tied up.

Cool stuff, hey?

Wow, MartinK way to ruin a party.

dont you think this a great move, given the chances of one DE or LB going down. Were would we be if Porter went down?

Also, do you think JT could play some ILB

This will be a great move until Celebrity Survivor comes calling.

Not my party!!! wooo-hooo

Mr. Culito, I'm not sure this is about insurance against injury.

This signing is about adding a veteran with a very specialized skill set to a team that has only one proven pass rusher.

Remember the Dolphins play in a division where other teams are going to throw the ball a lot. And the Dolphins have to find a way to protect their young corners. Sacking the QB or pressuring the QB is a great way to do that.

Hello fin fans. See you in the OTAs
Sellouts all year

first Ricky comes back to save my # 34 and now JT! get ready to bust out your #99's fellas

Silence, I am told Taylor turned down two movie offers to play football this year. It'll be his last go-round so I don't believe he'll be thinking about reality shows.

The return to Miami does show a bit of showmanship and drama, though.


Who gets sent to the Practice squad or who gets "Becked" by the FO to open a roster spot?

I don't know who gets sent packing, but if I'm Matt Roth, I'm not too thrilled all of a sudden.

The guy is in the final year of a contract and wanted to play big to earn a big payday. And now he's probably losing his starting job.

I have a growing concern that Camarillo will not be ready and will only see action maybe later in the year (week 5-6).
What have you heard?

Camarillo is on schedule to be ready for the start of the season. But I will say that if we are caught being concerned about whether Camarillo is ready or not, the receiver corps upgrade didn't exactly work out so great initially.

I mean, Camarillo is a good player. But we're not talking about Larry Fitzgerald here.

Damn, I need to join the Biggest Loser on NBC to resurrect my career.

Dont you think that the move "finally" gives Miami a superstar face to show the nation this year.

Mr. Culito, I bet one of the happiest Dolphins fans today is owner Stephen Ross. He loves having superstars on the team.

JT is definitely that.

But it will be interesting to see what leadership role JT takes in the locker room. Will he want to be back atop his old perch or will he come in a little humbled, knowing the team did quite well without him last year?

YES this is great. Our D-line will be Unstoppable. Man X-MAS came early this year.

Alex, I'm glad you're happy, but JT is not a defensive lineman in the 3-4 alignment. He's an OLB. Just saying.

This news deserves a poem

oh thank the lord JT is here
making the playoff picture clear
Brady will be runnin
when the d comes a huntin

I am freaking ecstatic about this news! I haven't been able to concentrate on work for the last hour. Good thing I'm not really that busy anyway.

And in response to Mr Culito, I hadn't even thought of that, but I would say that it certainly does. I am sure Ross is happy to have a player with a nationally recognizable face on the team to help him bring in the celebs, etc.

Armando, I don't post many comments but I do read everyday and I have been waiting not so patiently to open up the Herald web page and see the headline on the re-signing of J.T. I have always believed he can still play at a high level and last year was just...well a bad year. My day has been made and I can't wait for the season to start. Thank You for all your hard work!!

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